Thank you, Manual Content Curators!

in steem •  7 months ago

This goes out to all the manual curators out there!

Even though the economic incentive has shifted to favor bots and self voters, there are a few of you still out there that diligently search for the best content to upvote. Hats off to you! This sort of thing is what keeps Steem afloat through the pumps and dumps.

Fostering Value Adding community is the Key to Growth!

@saysthankyou is a speck of dust in the grand scheme but hope to help a few authors find their way up. We do audit our members periodically to ensure they are adding value. We had to cut a couple off for abuse. As long as there is a way to exploit the blockchain, there will be those that do it. What can we do? Plenty.

  • Manually curate content irrespective of expected rewards.

We know that the bots control trending. It is sad but true. They don't realize the damage they are doing because they are blinded by personal gain. I would like to encourage people to think about the bigger picture. We have to work together to encourage quality on this platform. By doing so, we give the site a genuine appeal.

  • Create relationships with people.

They say it is important to engage. Get to know your followers. Matter of fact, I'm going to visit a few of their blogs after creating this post.

  • Add value to the blockchain through original and exclusive content.

We want to make content that you can't find on Reddit or Facebook. Find you niche for creating novel content whatever it is. People will visit Steem to see it. Maybe, they will want to go a step further and support it. That's how we get people creating accounts and buying in thus increasing value.

Below are the authors our appreciation network of accounts has voted on. Recommend giving their blogs a look. These comments have been vetted as coming from genuine people engaging their respective networks. Awesome! 😊





If you'd like to be part of our appreciation network for regular upvotes, all that you need is to drop an upvote at either 100% weight or one exceeding 2 million rshares (about $0.01). This will favor plankton and minnows but, if a benevolent whale would like further support this project's growth, we would be very thankful for that as well. The more rewards we receive. The more votes to go around using our Python powered appreciation script!

As always, Thank you!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Tbh, I don't even really understand how the bots work. I tried minnowbooster a few times, but it hasn't worked in ages, and that's as far as I got experimenting. So many seem like Ponzi schemes, I just say, eff it. Maybe that makes me unpopular and unrich, lol.


seem like Ponzi schemes

^ Pretty much this.

Thank you!


No no, thank YOU. 😉

Thank you for the Awesome service you provide to Steemit.

I have featured both @saysthankyou and @saysyourwelcome in my Featured Followers Blog


Thank you! That's really cool!