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6 months ago today I sold some STEEM for the first time and found a BTC exchange centre in Ubud where I sold the BTC for IDR, the local currency here.


I was surprised to find this exchange centre no more than 15 mins drive from my home in central Bali and even more pleasantly surprised when the exchange happened quickly and without any problems at all.

Two years prior to this moment I set myself the goal of finding a way to travel the world forever which did not take me away from my family.

At the time I believed the answer to be YouTube and the monetisation of my films. But how wrong I was!

After meeting an amazing developer here in the jungles of Bali I learned about Steemit for the first time and immediately felt as if this was for me.

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I focused all my attention upon learning how this platform worked and pushed myself to NEVER GIVE UP regardless of the value of Steem, posting & reading every day without fail, always speaking from my heart with the intention of helping others.

Below you can see the final film I posted on my YouTube channel which documents the day everything changed... because since then I have not wasted my time with YouTube at all.

Here are the sites I look at in the film:

To avoid the 3% charge and retain your anonymity use LocalBitcoins to find your nearest person willing to buy Bitcoin in exchange for cash. Or visa versa!

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What is my Steemit system?

I have always been drawn towards documenting my life and Steemit has become a kind of diary, bank & therapist for me!

My articles are a clear reflection of that which I am thinking about TODAY and to attempt a breakdown of categories for you now would be futile.

So I give you my last week:

(Abraham is the name given to a non-physical collective consciousness which speaks through a woman called Esther Hicks.)


What else has helped me achieve my goal?

Steemit is a SOCIAL platform and as such we must do our best to interact with people. I am consistently reminding my Steemit students here in Bali to respond to their comments and take time out every day to read the work of others. I have learned so much this way and become friends with so many wonderful people, some of whom support me consistently now, and for this for family and I are eternally grateful 🙏🏻

The platform rewards those who seek to help others and it has been my great pleasure to give a 2 hour live presentation to a group of crypto enthusiasts at Bali's first Steemit Meetup a few months ago and do my best to help a great many more onto the platform with a collection of free video tutorials and a Steem Masters training system. See the trailer for this initiative below:

Look for people with the same ideals as you

Check the hot & trending feeds to see if anything resonates with you and do specific searches using tag words which you feel connected with.

How to do this?

Simple. If you are looking at conspiracy for example, just enter the following url addresses:

fo ACTIVE - https://steemit.com/active/conspiracy

for TRENDING - https://steemit.com/trending/conspiracy

Take the time to read & interact, building your network of like-minded people, always supporting them when you can.

It may not be instant but in time you will find your team if you are consistent with your efforts.

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In Conclusion

To say that I have been living on STEEM for 6 months is not 100% accurate as I have invested my Steem into mining and many different alt coins which are all making me a little extra on the side.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not as difficult as it may sound! Remember that I knew almost nothing about crypto a year ago.

I would like to thank all those who have supported me here on Steemit. My promise to you all is that I will never stop producing quality content written from my heart, and I will never stop telling people about steemit... and if they are interested, I will always do my best to help them.

This is what my old Facebook page looks like today, in case anyone is confused about where I have gone!

Screen Shot 2017-09-21 at 07.48.49.png

The effect of helping more and more people onto the platform is naturally only going to lead to an increase in the value of Steem. So, I suggest you all get out there and do the same!

I leave you now with a few images from that magical moment six months ago when for the first time in my life I scanned a QR code with my ipad and a few moments later was handed a lovely big bundle of money ;)

manifesting steem.jpg

banner surf blessing.jpg


This is so awesome to hear - living on nothing but steem, your passion, something that you can do freely and from anywhere in the world, and still support your family with it! That's what steemit is all about!
Keep it up!

Hi Sirwinchester! Great to see you here under one of my posts :)

Thanks very much for your support and I feel truly blessed to have discovered Steemit at this time in my life :)

Hope this post has inspired a few people!

Hey I just wanted to say that's a really nice post - Steemit as my bank, diary and therapist - cool quote!

I like the way this post links the general (develop a genuine attitude, which you need to 'succeed on Steemit) and the specific - use the searches and find like minded people

And interestingly the advice you give is pretty much what I've just realized about how to make Steemit work and hence why I found you - looking for like minded people.

And I honestly never heard of local BTC exchanges either... you've given me something to research.

Seriously, one of the best, densest, interesting posts I've read on here. Wish I could give you more than a 002 cent upvote!

P.S. what I like about your posts is that you seem somehow calmer and less frenetic than pretty much everyone else I've looked at with a 70+ reputation. Keep it real!

Awesome to meet you here! I am touched by your words and encouraged by them too :)

I have noticed that many of the higher rep numbers people seem to focus on detailed news articles and this seems to work very well for them. Check out @teamsteem who is really an awesome guy.

My system as you observed is much more specific to me and the way I live my life now. And that's okay! Even if it doesn't always reward me as much as I would like it to ;)

I believe if we are not enjoying the writing process there is something wrong.

Feel free to PM me on steemit.chat if you feel as if you have produced a quality article and would like a resteem.

Hi thanks for the encouragement! I'm pretty reliant on @curie for any serious revenue at the moment, but know that won't last, so thanks for the tips - I may catch you in the chat sometime...

Can't beat those wads of SE Asian money! I'm in Thailand and always have to change cash for visa related travel to the surrounding countries. Sometimes I feel like I need a body guard with all the bills. I have a secret agent vest to carry it all :)

I am just at the point of wanting to try to convert some sbd to thb. I feel overwhelmed with the idea. I came to steemit for the Alexa ranking to get my content to rank. I was planning to ignore the crypto side of it - I was so innocent when I got here!!!

If you can get your cash in Bali - I can get mine in Bangkok. Thank you for the inspiration. I upvoted, resteemed, and tweeted. I hope more people will be motivated by your story too! Enjoy your paradise.

Thanks very much for the message here!

In response to your words I would say that it only feels daunting the first time. And yes, I'm sure BK must have a BTC exchange centre... or people near you (found through localbitcoins.com) willing to sell cash for BTC.

Great work with the secret agent vest! We also have one ;)

Hey, if you're still in BK in Nov... we will see you there!

We will be hiring a car there and driving to Chiang Mai to revisit the place we first met :)

Aw! how romantic! I'm planning to still be here until April 2018 and then I don't know :) I would love to get together if we can work it out.

I'm just excited to have money to even take out of a social media account at all! I've been in this crazy world pushing my natural weight loss message for about 7 years now and steemit is by far the most lucrative site right out of the gate. I have a lot of balls in the air and steemit makes it look like I might be able to drop some of them now.

Sorry to say that I was not aware of your core message till now. And I will have a look immediately. Having lost a bunch of weight myself through 100% natural methods I resonate with this deeply. Did you catch my explainer on these methods a few days ago?


Let's keep in touch and hopefully will see you soon!

I did read that post and you and I are on the same wavelength for much of it except that I am eating paleo for Rheumatoid Arthritis. Organ meat, bone broth, gelatin, and that type of thing. I have a lot of pain, inflammation, and joint deformity and this diet seems to work the best for me.

I wish I could be in bare feet! Lucky you! I know how much difference that makes from times I have been able to do it. My feet are about the worst of all my various troubles. I can barely get around in Bangkok with shoes on.

I'm on the 7th floor here and I wish I was grounded. I do gaze at my lovely sunsets at least.

I hope we can meetup. I just recently found the thai tag and apparently that's where the thais are - not the thailand tag (tourists! lol). I think this city should be able to support a good get together if we can find each other.

Stay safe over there and keep posting about your volcano - very interesting to the rest of us.

This is great @samstonehill what a wonderful thing steemit as given you and the opportunity for many of us, I cant wait to get some more power behind me.

Thanks for the support my friend! I can't deny that the amount of Steem Power behind me is gradually being reduced but the amount in the trading account is looking much more healthy after six months in the markets.

And at some point I will have to sell a bunch of the alt coins I invested in to pump it back into my Steemit account!

You look happy, healthy and your helping Steemit succeed while be rewarded/compensated for it!

Thanks for your support here! I am feeling happier than ever these days. It has been a goal of mine for the last few months to improve my overall health and confidence... and to create empowering relationships with all those whose lives I touch. And this all seems to feed back into increased happiness ;)

FYI - You also look very happy & healthy in all the awesome images I've seen of you! Perfection personified :)

So great to hear brother!

I feel the same way and am grateful to share such profound truth with you!

Thanks for the love and the support bro. May life continue to get better and better!


I love this post Sam. The steemit community needs to really grow fast, so people from all over the world can see the potential and make money doing something they love doing :)

Thanks very much for the comment. Yes, I agree people need to see Steemit working.

I was lucky to have made a bunch of Steem when the price rocketed from $0.07 to $2.30, at which point I sold a few thousand and put most of it into trading & mining. These are things that seem to run well alongside Steemit posting.

Thanks very much for some good advice. It seems along road to get there, but once I am will certainly invest in trading on other cryptocurrencies :)

The road is not so long. This time a year ago I knew almost nothing about Steemit and crypto.

Steemit is a great source of information to help us move forward quickly in these areas.

Thanks Sam. I am now following you. I find you very inspirational and gives me the lift to carry on as would love to have the freedom you have... Look forward to seeing more post from you :)

Hey Sam :) nice to hear! The heart knows best ;) beautiful post!

Thanks bro! Hope all is great with you :)

Awesome! Please make sure there is room for me in Bali someday. Keep living the dream.

Any member of Steemit is now a member of our family... so you are welcome to join us any time!

Though we will be moving to Thailand in Nov ;)

"To say that I have been living on STEEM for 6 months is not 100% accurate as I have invested my Steem into mining and many different alt coins which are all making me a little extra on the side."


This is really not as complicated as you may imagine. Bear in mind that I didn't even know what Bitcoin was in August last year.

Trust me. You will pick it up fast :)

You have had better luck than me with it. I lost with gox, BFX and hard big with hashocean. hashocean investments- today would totally pay for me to meet you in thailand. I have many instances of losses.. Now shellshock is my biggest enemy.

Please do tell of experiences with mining as I am very interested..

Very inspirational! Thank you @samstonehill!

Am pleased you found it inspirational. Steem on!

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