Steem RPC library for javascript: steem-rpc

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First release of a simple RPC library for Steem websocket communication.

I've made available a basic RPC library that lets you connect to a Steem node using websockets in Javascript. The library can be used in Node.js and in the browser. You can find the library here:


A simple websocket wrapper enabling RPC communication with the steem client steemd for node.js and browsers.


An npm library might be made available once the library matures. For now, clone the repo, do npm install, then require/import the library.

git clone
cd steem-rpc
npm install


By default the library will connect to Steemit's public websocket api at wss:// If you'd like to use another server, simply pass it in the options object:

const options = {
    url: "ws://localhost:9090"

The library needs to initialize a connection and retrieve some api references before it is ready to be used. A simple init and use case can be seen in example/example.js and can be launched with npm run example

const client = require("../index");

const options = {
    // user: "username",
    // pass: "password",
    // url: "ws://localhost:9090",
    // debug: false

var Api = new client(options);

Api.get().initPromise.then(response => {
    console.log("Api ready:", response);

    Api.get().dbApi().exec("get_dynamic_global_properties", []).then(response => {
        console.log("get_dynamic_global_properties", response);

This library borrows heavily from James Calfee's websocket RPC implementation for the Bitshares GUI which can be found here:


hey, remove the additional dots from your links else people may get confused when opening them.. :)

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