You've made many strides in the time you've been here.
I'm impressed.

The masses have been brainwashed to live paycheck to paycheck.
It's easy hard to blame them for having $0 to invest.

Real adoption comes when, instead of requiring investment, we offer real jobs that pay real money. Right now real jobs are only given to programmers. It's up to the programmers to lower the bar for everyone else.

Thanks. It has been a long journey in the short time since I began looking into the "scam" of crypto a little over a year ago. If you would have told me a 15 months ago I would be collecting it and even investing I would have laughed at you. And now here we are.

It's hard to understand something that all of the reference points we have accrued scream is wrong. Like the horse tied to the plastic chair who equated the rope as a prison, it will take a lot of unlearning for many like myself. I give kudos to Dan for creating this chain where the barrier was indeed low enough I dipped my toe in. He was right, and now the burden has shifted to those of us coming behind to show the way to the next waves of people who need to understand what this can be for them. And as I mentioned, many are already here who aren't getting it.

The masses have been brainwashed to live paycheck to paycheck.
It's easy hard to blame them for having $0 to invest.

In the last 8 months, I have moved across the country, lost most of my residual income, lost both vehicles and am now without a truck, had to take a job for crap money that barely covers my bills that is within walking distance. A job that would be physically demanding for a young man. I am not as sympathetic with the excuses.

Many broke people have money for pizzas, video games, weed, whatever. I have done without and scramble to free myself, so can they most likely. Maybe not all, but many could if they can just see it. For the ones who really can't, if they are not jerks it is my hope that somehow those of us who see it can help them through the inflation that is here. But honestly, I would guess many I come across here that bitch and moan could invest, but they want a free ride and they whine because they don't want to invest, just take.

Crypto is smart-money that is attempting to weed out the takers.

Great and insightful thoughts on the journey this far. I really like the thought of allowance for my family’s future! I will need to think about a good way to make it work!

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Every day most wake up and spend all their energy on building someone else's dream for crumbs.


Gifting steem is like gifting happiness. In fact, I also thought about it while joining steemit, to gift it to my friends and family members.. but have been unable to do so till now, because indian govt has banned the crypto transactions here.

They are working on the legislation before legalising the cryptocurrency. I just wish they do it before the price goes up again.

This is a practical step on how to invest the liquid steem and I will give this a try. This is a great write up bothering on different topics.

This is inspiring, kudos to you. I have been thinking of gathering to invest in steem also and this post has made me really conclude that i would. Even if its little, little drops of water they say makes an ocean.

Hello, thanks for the comment and yes, you are right. Even a little adds up over time. I hope you don't mind, but I took a look at your blog and have some insights to share to make sure you find your interactions here go smoothly.

  • Don't copy/paste others articles. I saw you were called out on this when you posted this

which was taken from this

  • Target areas of interest to you and find others who post on those topics. You will find relationships develop if you not only comment on those posts, but also comment on some of the other comments on those posts. And by comment, I mean real comments that are deeper than the standard "great post" type. If you do just this one practice, you will find within weeks to a couple of months you have a foundation here as you bond honestly with others of similar interest.

In the above post I mentioned that you had plagiarized, you also took the picture. There are free alternatives (that I should also use and quit burning up my photo subscription). I would recommend you read this post to understand sourcing, and know where to get them for free.

As a newer member, you can learn a lot by following @pifc, and the account that began that vision, @thedarkhorse . They work with newer accounts to help you learn the ropes and build your account. It is a great program that would benefit you greatly, plus you will probably meet some of those who you could build a foundation here with.

Best of luck, and thanks again for weighing in.

To be honest, i didn't know the post was from that site. I just saw a friend post it i his blog and i decided to share it on steemit.
Thanks all the same, i appreciate it

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