**Having a rough 2019 so far?**

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Wow can you believe it? 2019 is moving along so fast, and life is moving equally as fast. You turn on your phone and wow! Wedding pictures of your friends and relatives on social media flood your timeline. Some are celebrating their child’s birthday, while others are getting engaged. Perhaps someone just landed a new job or bought a car and you look at your life, and you’re like “men!…same old story.”


You’re wondering why your life is not measuring up to people’s lives on the gram.

Perhaps the job interviews all seem futile, your home environment is so frustrating, and your housemates are getting on your nerves. Maybe your rent is almost due and money seems to look like a stranger these days. Do you feel alone, and feel like nothing is going well for you?

Yes, you made resolutions as the year was beginning “this is my year, I’m moving into another level" but you are asking yourself lately "is this year really my year"? Nothing seems to be working”

Well, I’ve got good news for you. Hang in there! The fact that the year is starting on a rough note doesn’t mean that things will remain the same way. You only need to be strong and understand that life is not a competition. You are moving at your own pace, no matter how slow. Eventually you will get to your destination. Everything will be fine.

Here are a few ways to help you stay strong doing these trying times. This worked for me, and I hope it works for you too:

Remember if you are still breathing, it isn’t over yet. Appreciate your life no matter what your situation may be right now.

Celebrate with others when they are happy about their milestones. This is not the time to get envious and bad-mouth them. Your time will come too.

Understand that there are seasons in life. This trying season too will pass.

Surround yourself with happy, grateful and positive friends. Remember, you are the company you keep! Please make sure you are in the right circle.

Be yourself, no one can be you and that’s your superpower. Hold on to your moral values. Don’t go changing who you are because you are in a rush to attain some societal ideal.
Work hard and Pray harder
Hey, you’re gonna be just fine!



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I do not understand, whose post did i plagiarize?

This is inspirational! It is important to remember that when things seem to be at their roughest, the storm can't last forever! it is all seasonal, we have good seasons we have bad seasons!

When we encounter these issues it builds character, and always remember the kite doesn't rise with the wind it flies against it!

Great POST!

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Great writing!!!

I can see you a newbie here.. welcome, if you need to use pictures you should source it or credit the images use in your content... There are free pictures sites.. eg. Pixabay.com .. keep the good work!