The Steem News @ 5 April 2021 - Steem Feedback & Steem T-Shirts

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The Steeming Community has posted the winners of its Steemit Feedback contest.

Stephen Kendal is offering to sponsor a Steem T-shirt design contest.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about Steem Advertising on Facebook, PLAY STEEM, Steem Ghana's Double Meetup, Steem Sri Lanka's SL-Charity, SteemFoods, some Guides & How To's and many more contests...

1. Steemit Feedback Winners

The Steeming Community (formerly Steemingcurators) has announced the winners of the Steemit Feedback contest they ran last month.

@xpilar came first in the contest. Among his suggestions was the need for a regular news service on Steem just like Steem News !

@alejos7ven took second place, @chekohler took third, and @randulakoralage and @tomoyan 4th and 5th respectively...

Contest organiser @cryptokannon posted a brief summary of the feedback from the entries...

2. Design a Steem T-Shirt Contest

Long time Steem promoter @stephenkendal is offering to sponsor a 'Design a Steem T-Shirt' contest with a prize fund of 100 STEEM.

He is hoping @saracampero will be willing to organise the contest...

3. Steem Advertising on Facebook

@arie.steem is now on the last couple of days of his 10 day Facebook advertising trial.

It will be interesting to hear his conclusions at the end of the campaign...

@vipnata has joined the campaign by producing promotional posts about Steem for Facebook, as well as for Telegram and Instagram. She plans to connect with @remlaps for his Facebook advertising campaign...


Developer @etainclub has now added improved push notifications to his PLAY STEEM mobile app...

He has offered a swipe option for one handed operation...

@wakeupkitty is testing out PLAY STEEM to see if it will improve access to Steem on her very slow internet connection...

5. Steem Ghana Double Meetup

On Monday Steem Ghana held two simultaneous meetups in Navrongo and Kumasi.

Country Rep @njaywan and @tymes2 posted reports from the Navrongo event...

While @nattybongo and @collinz sent in reports from the Kumasi event...

6. Steem Sri Lanka's SL-Charity Update

Steem Sri Lanka's SL-Charity run by Country Rep @randulakoralage has reached its initial funding target and is now moving on to start funding projects.

For Phase I the projects to be supported will be in Elpitiya, Balangoda and Monaragala...

@madhumunasinghe is leading in the Balangoda area with a project to donate equipment to a local school...

7. SteemFoods seeks Philippines Moderator

The fast growing SteemFoods Community is looking to expand its team by recruiting a new Moderator from the Philippines...

8. Guides & How To's

@fucho80 has produced a useful Spanish language introductory post for Steemit...

@stefano.massari has posted a step-by-step guide on how to change your account passwords...

9. Contests, Contests, Contests...

As an offshoot of Steem News @pennsif now publishes a daily listing of the 'soon to close' contests on Steem...

@habercitr who runs the Steemit Contest Club Community has produced a compilation of current contests on Steem...

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This is #329 (5 April '21) of this daily news service.

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Great Steem News, thanks a lot!


Ohh! great news. Thank you very much to share this with us.


Thank you very much for mentioning me in your informational post. It's a great honor for me @pennsif.

You are welcome.

Good luck with the Facebook promotions.

Thank you so much, @pennsif

Congratulations to all winners

Excelente noticiero! La verdad está muy completo, que bueno contar con él para mantenernos actualizados sobre Steemit. Buen trabajo amigo. Éxitos!!

Thank you


Thank you. It's nice to hear that Steemit steel alive.
I've decided to return here.

Who could share with me a list with all activities? I mean challenges, quizes etc

How to know when contest like these starts?

No matter how old you are and where you come from, one always deserves love and happiness. As for senior, it’s a bit offensive for me that older people are considered as second sort when it comes to love matters. Our soul is always young, and even now (I am 65) I am looking for my soulmate after my late’s wife deceased.

I am happy to see this sort of initiatives taking place on Steemit...keep it up and we will slowly change the social media scenery!

Thank you

Just back 2days and seeing this is beautiful.👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 🎉🎊🍾🥂

According to steem history it was 30-50 position in the CoinMarketCap Ranking. I hope this year it will regain the place again.

Great info friend @pennsif very good news feedback!!!

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