The Steem News @ 4 March 2021 - Play Steem, World of Xpilar and the Healthcare Community

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There is always plenty going on across the Steem Community.

@etainclub is about to launch the PLAY STEEM mobile app, the World of Xpilar is expanding its community support projects and a new Steem Healthcare Community has been launched.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates from Nutbox, the Italy Community, SteemAuto, SteemAlive and contests from around the world.

1. PLAY STEEM - Mobile App Launch Date

@etainclub has announced that the Android APK (Android Package Kit) will be released by 15 March.

The iOS version will follow later.

@etainclub has also posted the app icon designs...

2. WOX Community Support Projects

@stef1 has posted about some of the projects that the World of Xpilar Community (WOX) is currently supporting to help the Steem Community.

These include the Power Up Game being run by @dobartim, and the daily post nomination system for votes from the World of Xpilar curation trail...

World of Xpilar also supports @stef1 and the @art-venture project that promotes artists on Steem...

3. New Steem Healthcare Community

@imamalkimas, @mudajuli and @lidiasteem have set up a new community for people interested in Healthcare.

The Community aims to...

Provide a forum for writers on medical-themed writing categories, and knowledge related to medical, health, and the science of how to maintain health so that we are not easily attacked by diseases, and knowledge related to these things.

The founders are all from Indonesia but the community is open to anyone from any country, and posts can be written in any language.

4. Nutbox Weekly Update

@nutbox.mine has posted its weekly update.

The APY of its SP delegation mining is currently 83.2%, and the total delegations it now controls is 3.55M.

Nutbox aims to become a Y Combinator-like incubator for the Steem community by raising funds through the delegation mining to support new startup dApp development projects.

5. Italy Community Survey

@girolamomarotta has posted the results of the Italy Community Survey.

The survey showed there is broad support for the activities of the Italy Community and how it is being run...

6. SteemAuto down for maintenance

Developer @steem-supporter has posted that SteemAuto, the auto-voting tool, is offline for updates at the moment.

Normal service will be resumed shortly...

7. SteemAlive PLUS1kSP Club Members

The SteemAlive Community run by @focusnow has posted the updated list of members of the PLUS1kSP Club.

The PLUS1kSP Club is for members of the Community with at least 1000SP. The Club's 22 members now total 93,000 SP.

More about the PLUS1kSP Club can be found here...

8. Contests, Contests, Contests !

New contests spotted recently include...

@shemzee's Eastern music dance contest with 100 STEEM in the prize pool.'s One Lucky Day writing contest with 10 STEEM in the prize pool.

@steem-ghana's '3 Things to Promote Steem Strongly to Increase the Steem Price' contest with 20 STEEM in the prize pool.

Compilations of many current contests on Steem have been posted by Best of India Community leader @rishabh99946...

And by @masumrbd of the Bangladesh Community...

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This is #301 (4 Mar '21) of this daily news service.

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So good to see you posting again 🤝

I'm very happy to see you back.

Very informative and insightful report. And for the mentioned contests. That's great so thanks for sharing.

Good post the daily steem news.

Excelente proyectos para ayudar a la comunidad steem. Sigue creciendo y mejorando cada dia. Me siento orgullosa de pertenecer a su comunidad.

That is great news to here. Thanks very much for this updates.

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