The Steem News @ 14 September 2019

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The Steem Proposal System is running well, @gadrian looks closer.

The price of STEEM is always with us, @liberosist gives the low down.

NewSteem gets ready for the outside, @whatsup leads the charge.

And there is news about @curangel, Vice Token, @clicktrackprofit, SportsTalkSocial, Creative Coin, Votovzla and

1. The Steem Proposal System

The Steem Proposal System (SPS) has now been running for a couple of weeks and has already provided funding for a couple of projects by @inertia and @steempeak.

@gadrian has written more about how the SPS is working...

He has followed this up with a discussion about @gtg's 'gatekeeper' Return Proposal...

The Return Proposal 'threshold' currently stands at 11.17 million SP. Next in line, all on 4+ million SP, are the proposals from @steempeak, @steemchiller and @jga.

New proposals are being added regularly including ones from @anyx ( API Infrastructure Recurrent Costs), @howo (Downvote Control Tool) and @techcoderx (Steem hardware wallet application on BOLOS).

2. What's up with STEEM price?

Former witness and @curie mainstay @liberosist leads an interesting discussion on the factors affecting the current low price of STEEM...

@jrcornel picks up on the impact of high inflation rates on altcoin and STEEM prices...

3. Taking NewSteem to the Outside

NewSteem originator @whatsup picks up on where NewSteem is now and where it needs to go next - to the outside world...

Steem numbers master @abh12345 releases more stats to track #newsteem progress re bot usage and downvotes...

While Blockbrothers co-witness @exyle's regular fortnightly Powerup Statistics show another climb in the amount of powered up Steem...

4. The Power of Curation

Steem commentator @tarazkp discusses the power of good curation for #newsteem, citing @pharesim's new @curangel project...

SteemSTEM Manager @mobbs picks up on curation further by considering the question of what is 'good content'...

5. The Return of Vice

@taskmaster4450 looks at the impact of the return of Vision Industry Token (formerly Vice Token) to the Steem ecosystem with the launch of their VIT token on Steem-Engine...

6. Juicy Mastery from @clicktrackprofit

Affiliate marketing focused tribe @clicktrackprofit have released details of their new CTP Mastery course...

7. SportsTalkSocial Community Guidelines

Steem sports community @sportstalksocial (STS) lays out its Community Guidelines...

8. Promoting Creative Coin on social media

Co-founder @isaria highlights some of the videos being developed to promote new Steem tribe Creative Coin on social media...

9. Votovzla begins a new stage

Venezuealan Steem team @votovzla have announced plans for the next stage of their project...

10. SteemTribes new website

@sumatranate has launched the first version of the SteemTribes website...

If you would like your tribe to be added contact @sumatranate.

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KEY DATA [ from CoinMarketCap & @arcange ]

(change on previous day in brackets // n/c = no change)

Steem price US$ 0.161 15 Sep '19 00.18am UTC
SBD price US$ 0.796 15 Sep '19 00.18am UTC
CoinMarketCap Ranking #79 (+1) 15 Sep '19 00.18am UTC
FCAS Score 802 (n/c) / A / #20 13 Sep '19 10.50pm UTC
No. of Whales 38 (n/c) 13 Sep '19
No. of Orcas 343 (+2) 13 Sep '19
No. of Dolphins 2135 (+2) 13 Sep '19
No. of Minnows 9255 (-14) 13 Sep '19
Alexa rank ( #6,840 (-68) 15 Sep '19 00.18am UTC
Unique visitors ( 191,730 / day 15 Sep '19 00.18am UTC
Page views ( 469,737 / day 15 Sep '19 00.18am UTC

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Your blog is a great find! What is the purpose of burning rewards?

~Smartsteem Curation Team

Thank you.

Excellent choice of covering @gadrian.

He is an excellent writer and says important things..

  • I for one would welcome more coverage of his posts in the future 😊

Yes @gadrian is on my follow list.

Nice news! It’s actually nice reading posts about good news, as we already have enough negative sentiments on here poisoning the platform

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