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Seems like a pretty good solution to keeping the Steem community nice and clean. Gave you a healthy $ upvote!

Wow, only asking for 10% less than @steemchiller for his toolset improvements. I bet these features could be implemented much faster, you should probably break them down in to smaller features. You only have 22 votes(but 182 votes on the post) on your proposal at time of writing, over 8M SP. For somebody who complained about how hard it is to get whales to vote on things you sure seem to have a way. It's nice to have friends? I'm downvoting this post for my 2cents because I think circle-jerks are worse for steem than using bid-bots, both lead to a plutocracy. I'm absolutely shocked at the audacity you have to submit the very next proposal and talk of retaliatory downvotes in here. Must be nice to be able to power up all of your steem earnings too. slow clap


Can you tell me how to fight 'f comment' abuse? It looks like voting is done in last seconds, so you can't even downvote it.

My solution: Every comment should have 50% beneficiary @null or @steem.dao

if it's really at the last second, there isn't anything we can do. if it's not exactly at the last second then just hit him with "counter upvotes" on downvotecontrol :)

"counter upvotes" is not a best choice in this case, sometimes he is voting on popular authors. If we had "counter upvotes" option for comments only, that would work.
sps voted.

That's an interesting suggestion, I'll see if I can squeeze it in.

Vote Farming :/
Report such criminals to @steemcleaners , @steemflagrewards etc

Bidbot percentage

Would you also like to have a list of ~5000 accounts selling their votes through Minnowbooster and Smartmarket?

That would be super helpful ! Especially if it's updated.

Upvoted and SPS voted

Thank you !!

We need a community agreed definition of ‘’Bad Actor’’
Mine will undoubtedly very from some and be in accord with others.

We need to be able to have open discussions uninfluenced by flags and generously supported regarding the matter in question ‘Bad Actor’’ and many others like doing your due diligence before fucking up someone’s day and killing their post or comment. I see this bullshit far to often.

I don't think we need a common definition, just pick your own definition and if people like it they will trail you. For a long time people have fought about wether we should downvote things or not. Now we can just do it.

before fucking up someone’s day and killing their post or comment. I see this bullshit far to often.

If that post got fucked up and you believe it's actually good content then you should upvote it. That's how proof of brain was supposed to work.

Yes but I am seeing malicious intent. I don't like that

As per link, bots following my downvotes.

I would like a way to block accounts following my down vote trail, if i chose to. Will your service offer this?

There is no way to block other users from doing anything they want with their stake, including automatically replicating your actions, no matter how much you know about 'dev'.

hmm, guess if someone follows me without asking, and i found out, i would turn my attention on to them lol.

😂 🤣 well there is always that option!

I don't really thing there is a use case for that, I mean you always want more people behind you. But I'm open to it if there is one.

i certainly do not want people behind me.

downvoted as i disagree with rewards on this post.

i certainly do not want people behind me.

But why not ?

downvoted as i disagree with rewards on this post.

That's fair

i was trying to make a point. If i had a heap of bots / others behind me when i downvoted you, i would not think that was fair.

It complicates my decision.

Edit: No point in fud. If on the chance this does happen, as long as i can come looking for you. lol

Mhhh, that's a good point. But people don't usually trail people anyways I mean unless you specifically ask for it, people don't do it usually.

yep! had just edited my comment above :)

And yeah, if some people do trail you and you don't like it you can always come to me and we'll figure it out.

Yes sir! makes sense..and respect for your huge work and energy you spend!...thank you for that...up.. follow you...


Well looks like this is the trick for a proposal on steem... make something that only big voters care about and it gets funded.
You know you got funded because you made a tool for @blocktrades @theycallmedan @acidyo @smooth etc
The general audience could care less about this proposal for example, and it shows in the votes.

Did @blocktrades trick @steemitblog and @andrarchy and @ned to pay them to make a tool (well sorta it's not like they actually created the actual tool for voting just the backend we can thank other people doing it FOR FREE) that they get to use to pay indirectly other people for making the features they personally want.

Because let's be honest there have been proposals with TONS of votes not get funded 3-4x more desired than this cool-club 3rd party tool that only you guys want.

Is this a fair assessment of it all?

I registered the domain name and the username for this purpose.

If you are interested in using it, please contact me at [email protected][dot]ph since I think it is a good name.

XYZ can stand for anything so "Downvote XYZ" means to downvote something.

P.S. We have Steem meetups every week in the Philippines at


More tools are popping up to fix this place, the future oos brighter than ever

Hey, will

Word count limit
Downvote if the post has less than x words. This is a setting is related to all the trails.

Not overwrite whitelists right?

Also, maybe this option should be considered in conjunction with other options above. Like having a switch button to only "execute" if... and then the other options.

The reason for this is because some STEEM tools don't use many words... like for example APPICS. These will probably get downvoted in many situations. On the other hand, I might want also to consider some tags abuse in culmination with the word count for example.

Why do you downvoted one of my posts? I'm not buying bots ... the votes are organic and the content has a lot of work and time put into it.

What is your criteria to downvite? Double check it.

Just to clarify - this is a #NewSteem proposal kind of thing, and if I go to the SteemConnect link and vote for this proposal (which I think is an excellent idea, by the way), and it gets enough votes from the Steem community at large, then will fund it, correct?

(yes, I've been here for almost two years, and I can still be such a n00b... 😂 )

It's not it's in the blockchain itself, but yes, it would get funded :)

And don't kick yourself this is a new system that was added to the blockchain only with the last hard fork so about three weeks ago

Ahh, that's right! I remember now, because that was part of the reason the rewards are now 50/50 - thanks for the brain nudge, @howo! 😊


!giphy i+voted

// You can support giphy by using one of your witness votes on untersatz! //

It is about time steem rose again... Sounds very innovative and will give newbs and minnows a chance at growing and making Steem Great Again. #MakeSteemGreatAgain

hey i think the link is broken?

The idea of downvoting control is important and necessary

So you think this mafia will attract Facebook, Instragram and Twitter users? This is a joke right?

This will discourage anyone from coming here. Mafias are just another centralized form of power. Who dictates what is "good" or "bad" content?

I'm already hearing from Appics users who are getting random downvotes from you (@howo) because it's not up to your taste of what is good content. I'm telling you, this is a bad way of approaching this issue. If you want to downvote bot users, fine, but don't attack based on "taste".

This is not a mafia, this is just a downvote. And they are part of proof of brain just as much as upvotes.

Who dictates what is "good" or "bad" content?

Proof of brain, the community and stakeholders. This is literally the point of this blockchain. And to vote for to say if content is good or bad, people upvote or downvote. I know this culture change is recent as free downvotes only came three weeks ago but people will have to get used to it.

I'm already hearing from Appics users who are getting random downvotes from you

Which users ? My downvotes are far from random. I either trail the downvotes of abuse fighting people or downvote myself. So if they were downvoted, there must have been a good reason why.

I'm telling you, this is a bad way of approaching this issue. If you want to downvote bot users, fine, but don't attack based on "taste".

once again, this is literally proof of brain, aka the base of the chain.

This is nothing more than an organized mafia based on subjective opinions and your website is just a tool to rally the villagers to go attach others that don't meet whatever standard whales have.

This "proof of brain" in it's current form is garbage because it's not really "the community" that decides what is good content and what is bad. It boils down to the guy with the biggest wallet that chooses what is good and what is bad. That's not "proof of brain" it's "proof of wallet influence".

You say "which users? How about:

I know you cleverly used one of the reasons on the list of "suggested reasons" to downvote someone, but why did you disagree with the rewards? Because you thought @roxane's post was not up to your standard?

You see, social plateforms are about sharing. Not every post needs to be some earth shattering photo, thought, or blog on "how to fix things". Sometimes people want to share spur of the moment things. This mafia website plan of yours will only discourage people from sharing and will make people walk on egg shells and eventually just leave. Soon, you'll have only about 100 left appreciate all your superficial selves.


Hey Martin,

why did you downvote the proposal from steemchiller? Steemworld is one of the best tools steem has ever seen.

Steemworld is one of the best tools steem has ever seen.

Not like "best that steem has ever seen" but it is an amazing tool yeah, I love it. But I think his proposal is way overpriced. You can read my comment on the post, I explained myself in greater lengths there.

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Hello Dear, @howo
Would you also like to have a list of ~5000 accounts selling their votes through Minnowbooster and Smartmarket?
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