The Steem News @ 12 March 2021 - PLAY STEEM Release Imminent & SPUD4STEEM in 2 Weeks

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A new mobile Steem app is about to arrive.

The PLAY STEEM launch is imminent.

Today's Steem News also includes news and updates about SPUD4STEEM, Airdrop scams, the Venezuela Steem Census, the top Steem Power Holders, Steem Women's Club, Nutbox, Steemit Nursery, and the Italy Community Survey...

1. SPUD4STEEM on 1 April

SPUD4STEEM organiser @kiwiscanfly has posted an early reminder for the next Steem Power Up Day coming up on 1 April.

There is 21,000 SP of delegation in the prize pool for those with the biggest percentage powerups.

The prize delegations this month are being provided by generous supporters @xpilar, @steem.history, @hingsten, @bippe, @kiwi-crypto, @steem-supporter, @steemchiller, @kiwiscanfly, @randulakoralage, @adeljose and @mariana4ve...

2. PLAY STEEM Release Imminent

The release of the PLAY STEEM mobile Android app is imminent.

The source code for the app is now available on GitHub...

3. Scam Airdrop Warning

@steemitfoods has posted a warning about yet more scam airdrop links being spread through spam comments across the platform.


4. Venezuela Steem Census

@fjjrg has published another census of Steemians in Venezuela.

There are now 314 on the list separated by state.

If you are in Venezuela and not on the list yet do let @fjjrg know which state you are in...

Have any other countries done any similar censuses of Steemians in their country showing which state/province they are in?

5. Top Steem Power Holders

If you are curious to know who has the most Steem Power check out the latest list of the top 150 SP holders from @steem.history...

6. Steem Women's Club invites Delegations

@steemwomensclub is inviting more delegations to the Steem Women's Club, and offering rewards for anyone who delegates to the community.

So far 40 people have delegated over 8000 SP...

7. Nutbox Bug Bounty Program

The new front-end version of the Nutbox site has recently being launched.

@nutbox.mine is offering PNUT bounties for any bug reports...

@happycapital has posted an update on their Nutbox proposal for translating Nutbox material into Korean and promotion in the Korean community...

8. Steemit Nursery

@belenguerra has posted an update on the operation of the Steemit Nursery.

If you are new to Steem this is the Community you need to join...

@belenguerra has also posted about a new 'Favourite Season' contest in the Steem Geography Community that she recently founded. There is 20 STEEM in the prize pool and the contest runs until 18 March...

9. Italy Community Survey

@girolamomarotta has posted a follow up to the recent survey of members of the Italy Community.

Amongst the responses to the survey was one about monetising posts beyond the standard 7 day post reward window. It will be interesting to see if that can be implemented somehow...

10. Contests, Contests, Contests !

Contests closing soon include...

Make sure you clearly state the closing date of your contest in the announcement post if you would like your contest to be included in this 'Closing Soon' section.

Compilations of many current contests on Steem have been posted by Best of India Community leader @rishabh99946...

And by @masumrbd of the Bangladesh Community...

And also some more from the Italy Community...

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This is #308 (12 Mar '21) of this daily news service.

For more news about Steem check out @dmitrik's weekly Steemit News...

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