Announcing Contest: A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 02| 5% to SL Charity

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Hello dear steemians,

So… we are in for the second week of Steem Sri Lanka 3G contest series host by the third generation of steem sri Lanka community. It’s my utmost delight to handle this week’s contest so without any due, let’s see what’s it all about.

WhatsApp Image 2021-03-06 at 9.47.09 PM.jpeg

A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed.

Friendship, one of the most beautiful bonds and a feeling in the world. They were by our side when the things were tough, they were always behind us when the things were good. Always cherish the people in your life because after all, it is what really matters at the end; good people and memories. So, mention your friend in the post and write your story about him/her. It could be a funny thing; could be something serious no matter; a story worth sharing is the only matter.

But let me remind you few points for your convenience.

You can include

• A story regarding your friend
• When it happened
• How it happened
• How was the impact of it to your life
• A picture or two would be nice.
• And don’t forget to mention the friend in the post ( not necessary to be a steemit user).

Rules of the contest

• Resteem this post
• All entries must be your own. No plagarism.
• Make sure to put your entry in steem sri Lanka community
• Your post must be a minimum of 300 words.
• Add #myfriendstory and #steemexclusive tags in the first five tags.
• The title of your post must be

Steem Sri Lanka 3G contest series| week 02| A Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed

Post your entries before 8.00 pm on 13th March 2021.


1st place = 50% upvote from booming04
2nd place = 50% upvote from booming04
3rd place = 8 Steem
4th place = 5 Steem
5th place = 3 Steem

The Judging Criteria will be Quality and the creativity of the post, Relevance and the Content

Please don't forget to engage with other participants by voting and commenting.

Winners will be announced before 8.00 pm on 14th March 2021.

Bring up your stories worth sharing to steemit and I’m eagerly waiting to see them. Cheers to all our friends! 🥂

Cc @steemcurator01


Mi entrada al

Thank you for the entry @santamorillo! You're blessed to have each other 😇
This the Entry No: 05

Gracias por dejarme participar ustedes tienen sus normas y reglas pero hablar de un gran amigo y respetar las normas cuesta, ja,ja,ja,ja,ja, tenemos mucho que decir de esas personas que forman parte de nuestra vida, y que están en todo momento y hasta en la peor de las situaciones no nos dejan solos.

Great.. now the question, who is the friend I am going to select.

Take your time 😀. And thanks for the immense support! 💗

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This is so sweet!!. I have so many things to write about..Thank you for this nice contest💚

Thank you Prasadi! your initial post helped a lot too! 💗 And looking forward for your entry.

Good Theme 😍 and Love it...

Thank you @Sandupi! Looking forward for your entry! 💗

A nice concept ❤️

Thank you Roshi! waiting for your entry!💗

Would love to participate 💖💗❤️

Hello @shohana1 ! What good start to the contest! ❤️
This the Entry No: 01

Thanks dear 😊

Hi my entry 😋😋

A lovely article as always Randula ❤️. I think I've seen her as well. Surprisingly why isn't she here yet?🤔
This the Entry No: 02

methana daala hriyennne na comment eka😅😅. Post eke epai danna.

She is so busy🤭🤭🤭

harii ithiri tike damma 😁

Congratulations ! Good luck with ur first contest

Thank you @madhumunasinghe! hope to see your entry.😇

Another beautiful contest! Love to participate in this 😃

Thank you Thisarini! looking forward for your entry! 😍

Great #Contest and good luck to everyone taking part.

Upvoted and resteemed.


Thank you very much friend! 😍

Lucky to have a friend like that 😍, Thank you for the entry @charjaim !
This the Entry No: 03

The title is so nice🤩
But the question is which one to choose as I have few best friends and all are equally important for me☺️ But I will chose one and definetely do an entry here

Thank you very much Nangi! looking forward for your post! ❤️

nice concept ayye....

Thank you very much malli !❤️

Maravilloso concurso, me emociona mucho!! Lista para participar

Thank you very much @scarleet! waiting for your entry! 😍

Superb! 😍
Love to participate this contest ❤️

Thank you Anusha! waiting for your entry 💗

Just posted ❤️

The title is so attracting. Feel like this contest would be a great beginning for me as I am still new to steemit.

Thank you @inshi! Looking forward to see your friendship story. 😇

 last year (edited)

Thank you for the entry my friend!😍
This the Entry No: 07

Thanks you!

 last year (edited)

Thank you @thisarani96 !❤️
This the Entry No: 12

Here is my entry. Guess, I'm not too late!
Thanks for the contest :)

Thank you very much for sharing my friend!❤️

. Guess, I'm not too late!

Not at all!
This the Entry No: 17

17! That's a good number. I have gone through some of the posts and will read more.
Thanks for the amazing contest.

Thank you very much for sharing my friend!❤️
This the Entry No: 20

I came across this contest in Sire @stephenkendal's blog and I hope I'm not late.
Here's my Link

Thank you very much for sharing my friend!❤️
This the Entry No: 22

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