What the...Help!? [My First Steemit Scammer Encounter!?]

in steem •  10 months ago

Hi there Steemizens!

I think I've encountered my first scammer since I joined the network about 40 days ago. Just the other night, in the middle of my work, I got a direct steem.chat message


After some back and forth (this guy's English was not very clear), he shared a link to his account wallet, so I could see he is quite powerful on the network. Then,


To his surprise, I asked him to clarify this chivalry of his.


He responded with a call to action


I'm not quite sure why I kept the conversation going. This stank like a scam, besides, I need to send 1 SBD to this guy's account so he can later upvote my stuff. Seems like a lottery, with the difference that someone guarantees that you'll win. It's clearly a scam.
I tried to make him explain why the 1 SBD (I couldn't get to a straight answer), while at the same time checking his transfer history, and he's making, what seemed to me, a ton of transactions at the moment of our conversation. Somehow this made me believe he is legit, and that he'd help out sometimes. Of course, I never took the amount literally, but I've been playing around with some of those upvoting bots and thought this could work in a similar fashion, a little boost can't hurt.
Wat do I do?
Long story short, I did this


So yeah, with about 30-days-old account and 1 SBD earned with sweat and excitement, I decided to invest it. Then, of course, this happened:


And after a short time, this:


And still, I wasn't fully convinced he's a scammer. The deal was upvoting posts, and I hadn't had posted anything in couple of days at that time. The first moment I could, I posted some stuff, but the support was nowhere to be seen. :)

So, while I do feel bad about my hard earned 1 SBD, the point for writing this is, to actually ask you guys a question:

What could be the reason he did this, as I really fail to see any significant benefit that he may have. But then again, I'm quite illiterate when it comes to understanding all this decentralized-crypto feature of the www. For now. Also, I'm not sure if I should - and how to - contact this person and ask for some clarifications?

Please advise the n00b.

Thanks in advance.

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Shit too many of them

Seriously, dont trust anyone with lousy English with sweet promises

So sorry that happened, but at least there's a lesson.

Should state his name, btw, so others can watch out

A friend almost got scammed as well. Someone pretending to be xaero1, saying gonna delegate huge, but just to send him a steem/sbd first.

Careful, my friend 😐


Lesson definitely learned :) I wasn't sure whether to expose his name, so I'll do it here.
The user is @lifewordmission, but he told me to send the SBD on his other account, @blocktrades, so people can recognize it.


The problem with users on chat (especially on discord), we can make account using any username, so by pretending to be a known account with high SP, this is how they trick people

So just keep it mind, it might not be the real lifewordmission/blocktrades/whoever famous that you chatted with

What a bummer, hey


Ok, so you mean they can provide a fake name even for a SBD transfer?

Either way, better smarts next time :)

I didn't know they are already all over the place. Thanks @thekitchenfairy for the educational words! :)

That definitely looks like a scam. As to what s/he has to gain, think of this way: If s/he can scam 20 people into send him/her 1SBD, then s/he’s made off with 20 SBD s/he can cash out and jump to a new username to begin all over again.


Well yeah I get that, but his account was quite powerful, and making transactions both ways, so I thought he could be legit. Still, I'm glad I did this with only 1SBD, even though I was really proud of it! :(

I guess congrats to the guy :)

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