CONTEST: GROW with MoMoGrOw - It’s a WIN-WIN!!!

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Let's grow together here on Steemit!!!

I love all the contests, quizzes etc. here on Steemit. Therefore I decided to create my own. This challenge is to truly see how social we all can be on this social media platform. Should be easy - right?

I appreciate all Steemians who take time out of their busy lives to read or scan my posts. Those that take the time to get the gist of what I spent time putting together – then making a comment. These comments are truly appreciated and I respond to every one of them – out of gratitude.

I left Steemit for 9 months but I am now back!! I realize that engagement is the name of the game. However, I am spending more time on Discord that on Steemit. I love it there as I am meeting some great people. However, I would love to bring some of that chatter to Steemit. In my humble opinion, "conversing" more on the blogs is important for the continued success of Steemit.

WARNING This Contest is not for everyone. I know that this will not be the most popular contest because people often comment on post where they get a large upvote. Do not forget that you earn when you make a comment.
To entice you to engage with me –I do a giveaway for this contest and will do random giveaways in the future.

What you need to do?

Rule #1. Always respond to my posts with a legitimate comment. (nice post etc. - does not qualify)

Any other rules?

No - Rule #1 is the only requirement.
It might make sense to follow me, in order to know when I make my daily posts. I will make one post daily but sometimes 2 when inspired!! So it might be good to pay attention.
Upvoting and Resteeming will be appreciated but its not mandatory - however the more I earn the more frequently I can do a giveaway and the more participants- the merrier.

**What is the prize? **

The follower who engages the most with me for the next 7days will be the winner but the top 3 will be selected. The contest starts with this post.
🏆Winner – 1.5 Steem
🏆2nd place – 1 Steem
🏆Third place – 0.5 Steem

IMPORTANT - To keep things equitable – numerous comments on 1 post will still count as 1 comment - so first level comment only - the rest is engagement. 😄

BONUS - I will randomly give good comments an upvote if I have the Voting Power - so not always.

I am a humble minnow or red fish or whatever you call it – but just call me Momogrow; the point is that I would like to grow and so do you - we can do it together.
Ultimately, I would to have real followers - not the ghostly type who visits me for a contest and never again. I would like real followers who appreciate what I share and stick around.

I am looking forward to engaging with you!!!! 😄😄😄

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Wow! This is really lovely. If your contents catch your visitors interest you will certainly have a lot of genuine followers through this means. Your contest idea is truly innovative. Every one is trying to grow here so I will keep visiting.


Thank you for your great comment . I am happy that you like the contest and indeed I would like genuine followers and of course I will do the same.

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Thank you. Will visit your Discord

I agree, it's important for steemians to engage with the content producers, not just beg for an upvote or throw a lazy comment up without actually reading the post. Thank you for encouraging REAL engagement! Steem on!


@sardonic - yes we need to encourage each other otherwise authors will become discouraged. I certainly did before. It will take some effort but it will be beneficial for us all - if we all engage.

Is it just me or is this competition a smart way to improve your and everyone who participates, UA through encouraging real active engagement, hmmm well played! lol also nice post! sorry I could not resist


Absolutely @chekohler - it is a WIN- WIN as I mentioned. See u around. as the second person to comment - U receive my full upvote!!

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Hehheeheh This sounds pretty amazing, especially what your vision is about the whole thing "Growing together" Steemit is a platform or a community where the group of people you associate yourself with will determine how far you will go ob the platform. @momogrow Lol hehe not sure you are minnow, though your rep may look so but seriously in little time I have chat with you or went through your blogs, you have a heart of a whale and more also I see you attaining greater heights. I look forwards to see more of your post a better engagement in the nearest future. Shine on girl!


@segunreus - yes it works hand in hand - we all need to be authors, followers and curators - that is truly reciprocating - then we all benefit. Thanks for the compliment and I hope we all achieve higher heights together.

Beautiful challenge.
I'm going to go bring in my friends to join in
Engagement really is the way to go here on this platform

Cheers Momogrow


Thank you @julietisrael - engagement is everything indeed. Thanks for telling your friend about this - I appreciate it. We can all have fun and grow together.

Waoh, this is really a good way to spice up your blog and get users hooked here.
Am telling most of my friends about this.


#botefarm - it will be nice if followers come and stay because they like it here. :-)

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Thank u

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Thank u

engagement is the name of the game

I agree with this one. (For me) Sometimes you need to interact with the other steemians to be able to grow, and it also helps to meet new friends and people.


Absolutely @izaid - this is the true spirit of Steemit. We help each other to grow here and it will certainly be more fun!!

That's a great idea, and a lovely post to boot. Win win with momoGROW... Something tells me that this congruence between attitude and name, this is bound to be a success! ;-)


Aww thank u @zyx066. As my blog describes - I love meeting people and learning - all a part of the growing experience. I hope to see u here and on your blog - thanks again.

Cool contest ... would be nice to have a less sterile comments and more engaging comments for sure ... great idea. Did I win yet ? :)


@vladivostok - yes so much better - then the usernames become real characters with personalities - much more fun. Aww - I will tell you if you have won after 7 days. :-)

This is indeed a briliant idea,everyone can benefit from it !


@dawnformento - yes - it is indeed a Win/Win - let's do it. See you on your blog and mine.

Having a dedicated following in steemit is quite difficult mostly if your sp is small. though I'm not saying it can't be achieved. If your posts are the type that are helpful and stirs discussion you will get regular visitors to your blog. I just gave you a follow.


I totally agree with you @resuscitate - one has to be quite lucky or work hard for it. Thanks for following. I hope my posts will live up to your expectations.


For as long the post is interesting and informative, it will certainly gain attention.


Indeed @resuscitate. I visited your blog - you might like a post I made prior to this one called " Adam speaks...."

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Hmmm... I must say that from my experience on steemit, most steemians are not after real engagement, but the profit they would make at the end of the day.

When these set of people post comments like, "nice post, good one, you wrote well" and others like that, when they are warned to stop spamming, they would leave a very lenghty but ungenuine comment that might not be related to the topic at all. This brings me to my next point.

Some steemians dont read, but in order for them to be able to make cool comments, they would read the topic, read in between the lines and start typing.

Genuine steemians are rare, and I appreciate them whenever I see one.

That aside, this is a very cool contest and I really like the incentive!!!


You are right @chiknows - let's start here with some genuine feedback. It takes effort but it is more rewarding. Maybe now that User Authority(UA) is all the buzz - steemians will begin to see the value in making decent commnets. I am happy that I find some people willing to engage - that makes it so much more fun. Thank you.

Wow! Seriously, out of curiousity, why did you leave steemit for 9 whole months???

I am happy I stumbled across your post, because I must confess, I was one of those spamming posts (lol) But then, I saw that it did not pay because apart from the fact that people were always warning me, I did not gain anything from it knowledge wise.

Thank God I am now a changed fellow (lol)

I have discovered that instead of following many people, commenting on all their posts and spamming, the right thing to do would be to read and understand, then leave a good comment if need be.

I love your write-up, and having followed you, I would want to be one of your most consistent followee.

Note: I am not happy you left steemit for 9 months o... If you had not gone, you would have been a whale now


I left because - I got very little views although I tried a few ways to keep my blog interesting. However it was not enough. I was sort of lost too - it must have been apparent from my blog. Life is busy as you know so I place my energy elsewhere. However I kept an eye on Steem and sometimes Steemit. I missed it - really. I am now back and learning that engagement matters.
Happy that you are a changed fellow. I find that leaving comments on random people's posts does not build a "relationship" - then I think what's the use. Hence I have also changed my ways. I hope you will become a consistent followee (lol) - I will be yours too.

You actually drew me in to out your place towards the end. I met this nice guy on here with a gentle and loving soul. I will have a look.
I'm recently back from a long break with a slow start to pretty much being active again.
I misunderstood at first, I thought you meant it was because you GOT engaged.


@proto26 - I am confused -please explain.
I understand about the slow start - but if you are liking it again - just start engaging or creating new posts.


I mean when I returned I didn't start posting or engaging that much right away. I sort of just explored my feed and commented a little here and there. I'm still trying to post more often. But yes, I'm enjoying it. I hope you are too!


Ok - yes I am enjoying being back - hope to see u around.

Whao this is a good initiative, i remember you saying this in the city sometimes last week...was just going through the linkshare now to drop comments and i saw this...Truly engagement is everything and sometimes post get lost in the feed and it skips our mind to search for it..But constant interaction stamps names in our head and we wouldn't want to miss that person's post..Thank you for taking your time to remind us again what steem is about..Interaction and friendship


@ifeoluwa88 Thank you - indeed we need to continue to be social and engaging here on Steemit - that is what it is all about. Soon usernames become character - it gets more fun.

You have started a very unique and great initiative dear! This will help grow not only you but all the steemians who engage in your program. We all are forgetting one thing that only posting good blogs or upvote others are not enough to grow yourself. we have to engage, chat and get in touch with each other! We have to share our thoughts, discuss our common goals and thoughts.... and automatically we will climb the ladder! together wee can grow!


Absolutely - together we grow - says MoMoGrOw. haha Hope to see u around @mango-juice