Is "Golos" good or bad?!

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Golos in short is the Russian version of Steemit that will run on it's own side chain.

The response for Golos is very mixed, but from what I see mostly negative, so here is my objective take on it with a personal note on the bottom, analyzing the Golos project and stating it's pros and con's in no particular order.

The golos team is "unrecognized"

Unlike Steemit, the golos creators are mostly unknown people in the crypto community, unlike Daniel and Ned, with Dan specifically as someone very well known from the early days of bitcoin to the bitshares community and etc... making him very reputable and trustworthy. The Golos team lack's in this, so general people acceptance might be low and building trust will present a big problem for them. They will also face great problems, such as rising money for their project, they will need build trust first for people to invest in them. You can see this by asking yourself if you had 1000$ that someone gave to you would you invest in Steemit(Steem) or Golos?


"Markets" like Golos, add competition that is healthy. In this particular case this will push Steemit to support other languages even more, or might even result in not supporting at all and making Steemit and English only community what is again not bad since we (Steem) will gain from those networks directly or indirectly. But it also creates, both less and more pressure on Steemit.


Other countries have way different cultures, what might be acceptable thing in your county might be negative in others. This could cause unwanted problems.

Dan's Vision

As mentioned in Dan's "Evil Plan" I have previoulsy made a picture post about, he mentions the creation of side chains, so no wonder why Steemit inc. wouldn't support projects like Golos. He's vision expands way beyond Steemit...

The "Steemit challenge"

They will face the same challenges Steemit faced in the early days, with It's a scam, spam, plagiarism, abuse, with their own rules, users etc...


Further decentralizing, this would create a new platform for Russian users with their own separate rewards pool, giving the Russians more money to be made. This could also cause users to seek translators, translate their English posts from Steemit and post them on Golos, providing more opportunity for money to be made, also vice versa, Russian to English. It's the free market, after all...

Personal note & Conclusion

I don't think that Golos would spark other projects like it to be created, for instance a community for each language, but what I could see created is a Chinese platform, I don't think that other language specific platforms will rise. This is the open market and it will respond in according ways, if something is lacking the market will react to it and provide it so Golos is a expected response. I haven't seen many Russians succeeded here on steemit, with success I mean that a Russian was able to gain 5000+ Steem over a period of 1 month. The same way the Chinese community isn't successful as well facing a another problem, being the sign up. As a steemit member and someone who's on Steemit to stay for the next 10 years( yes I do mean it), I'd like to see Golos switching from creating their own currency and essentially reinventing steem, to instead build their site on top of Steem block chain, the way did it. This would let someone as me switch easily from platform to platform while keeping my influence( Steem Power) across all platforms. This way I can share my power across platforms what benefits everyone using those platforms.

Will this make Russians leave, most of them yes, but not everyone will leave. People will have more options, who knows a Russian whale might rise and give rewards to Russian language written content and cause people to leave Golos and join Steemit. The possibilities are endless and trying to predict the market behavior would be tricky. Another problem this might represent is if for say someone makes and English post on "Golos" and how would it be accepted there, the same problem Russian bloggers face on Steemit now.

The decision is ultimately yours, what I presented on there was some pro's and con's I've identified for Golos and my personal opinion at the end. Thank you for reading! :)


Concerning recognition of cyber•Fund team. We do not claim the title "Worldwide recognized team in blockchain space". But its better you to know some interesting facts about the things we have achieved working hard more than 3 year in the space:

  • We pioneered russian blockchain community
  • We are one of the most recognized team in Russian speaking segment. You can check participation in professional conferences (Moscow, Kiev, Minsk) for the last 3 years. At least 3 members of our team are regular speakers there.
  • We are the first team who offer evaluation methodology for cryptographic property and implemented it
  • We are managing the biggest public blockchain investment portfolio with proven 2 year history.
  • We have demonstrated without hype 3 working prototype of autonomous beasts based on Ethereum smart contracts: smart socket, vending machine and lock.
  • We helped every team of every successful public blockchain you are using now (including Steem) by investing as early as possible (either crowdsales or early non liquid markets) and by promoting best public blockchain projects across russian community.
  • We are doing a leading free of charge blockchain investment report Blockchain Boom half year already. Read it. You will find a lot of interesting there.

No offense. I am sure there are a lot of awesome teams in a space you have never heard of :-) Industry is growing really fast.

Thanks for your article. Negative response from English audience to be honest is not the thing we are worrying. Golos is for russian speaking. And in Russian we have so much positive response. Check that. May be then you'll understand why we are doing that. That is what really matter.

Now that's great, thank you for making my post better by presenting that data and as you say it, negative response from the English speaking community really doesn't matter, since you won't be targeting them. The Russians will love Golos, I just found out from my mother since she knows some Russian that, Golos is "voice" what is a really nice name for it. With this all said, I do support your project, as everything it ha's it's both pro's and con's and I wish you guys luck with it! :)

As mentioned in the post, the Russians weren't satisfied with the situation here on Steemit for a long period of time and nothing impact full was done to solve that, so a market response with a new platform aimed at Russian users/speakers is the solution. Since Steemit wasn't able to provide a "quick fix". You guys did well for taking that responsibility for yourself and respond to the needs of the market.

fuck i was lost 0.3 bitcoin cause beliave to website minning russia
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I look forward to golos.

Some ppl are just Russophobes

This was the first English content I could find about Golos, so thank you for sharing it with us.

One thing that may help you, as far as your writing is concerned (I'm an English teacher so maybe I pick up on this too much): "it's" = "it is" its = belongs to it. Also "he's" = "he is" and "his" = possessive of he.

You sir, deserve a big up vote from me, thank you for the corrections, it is something I haven't noticed in my writing and means a lot to me, since English is not my 1st spoken language :)

I see this mistake almost every day by born and raised Americans;)

Insightful write up. And I agree I don't really think this is a great thing for Steem at the moment. Russia seems to be very involved with crypto however so they might not have to hard of a time of it being adopted... what really caught my eye was that dope "steem follow" button how did you do that!? lol anywhere I'm following you now please follow back id really really appreciate it!

I have a follow button for my followers to use on their own posts! :)) You can check that here

Generally it seems bad for steemit that the want to run their own chain, however I do see the benefit in having another project doing experimentation and if they are successful in addressing the numerous issues currently prevalent here, some of those same concepts could be ported back into main Steem.

If they nail the rewards distribution English speakers might take over there. I guess their whales will mainly vote for Russian posts.

we (Steem) will gain from those networks directly or indirectly

Can you elaborate on this?

As a steemit member and someone who's on Steemit to stay for the next 10 years( yes I do mean it), I'd like to see Golos switching from creating their own currency and essentially reinventing steem, to instead build their site on top of Steem block chain, the way did it.

Yes, this is essentially what everyone is upset about. Rather than building on top of the Steem blockchain and creating an "Russian Steemit" like interface, they are forking and creating their own currency and blockchain separate from Steem.

The gain elaboration from a Steemit benefit standpoint( no offense to Golos), as @hipster mentions it, a set percentage of coins will be given back to the Steemit community as a direct impact. The golos community can test stuff instead of us, so we can learn from their mistakes and they can learn from ours as well leveraging both platforms to become better. This one is a bit controversial and mean In a way so I'm sorry for that, but this would mean that there are more rewards left on the Steemit platform to be distributed to "non Russian" users. Also people like you and me, we can hire translators to translate our steemit posts and post them on Golos, profiting on both platforms, but again Golos users can do the same. Also you can use the Golos earned money to power up more Steem...

While the translation bridges can and will happen, one of the things they are aiming at is to make Golos unattractive to non Russian speaking investors. While they will likely still participate, the idea is to have a more level field, where the rewards are more even. Steemit is slowly going in that direction, and I have no reason to doubt Dan's words that by the end of this year the problem of skewed payouts would be solved, but for niche communities like Russian one, that seemed to be insufficient, especially with that huge hole in the Russian marketplace. Other than Chinese another clone that could be expected is Indian. While most of the Indian internet users do speak English, they do prefer Hindi & their local languages.

And yeah, as far as I understand from talking to them, that a lot of innovation that would happen at Golos would be sent upstream to Steemit Inc, and that means all of us here. So while the move is controversial, I beleive it would benefit Steemit in the long run. While I will participate in Golos, my main attention would still be in Steemit, and I would be investing part of my payouts there (however large or small they would be) into Steem Power, and I am sure that there would still be a sizable community of Russian speakers here. That is why @rusteemitblog (of which I am part of the core team) is going to continue our efforts at translating the changeloks, and most interesting texts by @ned, @dantheman, @infovore, and whoever else gives us their blessing and is interesting to the Russian speaking community. I suspect it is time we do some work on translating some of Golos related things into English.
Sorry for this shameless plug. ;-)

Great comment, I think that Golos will benefit both platforms and that not all Russian speaking people will leave Steemit, but many will, again as I mention before, who knows, at one point in time a Russian whale could be born that would reward the Russian written posts here on Steemit, that may cause people to leave Golos. On both sides, Golos means more opportunities, better platforms for everyone, more investment options...etc Thanks to the additional info @hipster provided, I might toss a coin or two on project Golos, since I think It has good potential from a investor standpoint.

Interesting points. I like how you covered this from a balanced and objective perspective. Upvoted :)

what is estimate of current # of Russian steemians?

Nice post!

Actually Golos will not be on a sidechain of will be on a totally different blockchain. Also if it's good or bad it doesn't really matter, the technology is open source and anyone could try a clone of Steem. They decided to make a clone so they will have to asume the risks of their project.

You cannot clone Steem without violating Steem open source license. cyber•Fund has legal license agreement with Steemit Inc.

I didn't realize that you are on the Golos team. No offense intended...good luck with your project.

That's why they had in agreement with Steemit Inc....but techincally what their doing is a clone.

I would consider this a soft-fork with big chances to influence the main blockchain (STEEM). There is absolutely no problem to fork, you guys need a place to experiment features for your russian people and all that learning will be helpful for people in other languages like spanish, mandarin, etc. Maybe we end up having a multi-chain language based blockchain. Just keep going :)
-- @develcuy

it will be like facebook vs Vkontakte . . . Most of the russian are now on Vkontakte . . .

Only the russian who never travel, FB is international, VK is local. Personally I have friends all around the globe.

How can I GPU or CPU Golos? Are there any resources in English.

I think don't ignore Golos

Golos I just recently visited and most of the things that people have talked about needing done here at have already been created at Golos. Odd how much cleaner the feel is even though it is almost an exact replica.

I was googling Golos to see what it was about and it brought me here. Thanx for the article.

I would like to comment regarding your statement that most of the Russians from Steemit would leave - I don't believe this will be the case at all!

Those Russians who speak English will continue using Steemit, as it gives a great opportunity to get good content from all around the world.

And those who don't will leave Steemit anyway soon, as it's too difficult to get around here, not even mentioning the rewards, if you can't provide good content in English (or bilingual, like most Russian authors do).

The vast majority of the country not only does not speak English, but wouldn't even bother to sign up for some English-based platform, no matter how well the language filter is set up on Steemit and how cool is the Ru-interface.

Golos will help attract those Russians, that would otherwise not even consider joining some foreign platform like Steemit. And if they get interested in it, some might start joining Steemit later!

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