Animated Follow button for you and celebrating a upcoming small(big) milestone of 100 Followers! :)

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Just a button for you to use on your blog posts, that people can click and get to your profile! :)

There are 2 versions of it

Version 1
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Version 2
Toned down the color a bit, a more subtle style
<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" src="" /></a></center>

Simply put your steemit username in the code of the button version you want, copy it and paste it at the end of your blog post! Now you have a neat follow button :).

I was thinking of making this button free for reuse, but after some thinking of it and biased on the past experience, especially here on Steemit. I've decided not to do it, but instead If you wanna use the button simply send me Any amount of either Seem or SBD and your good to go! I didn't want to have a set price and I have decided to leave the value of it to be subjective and I think that's fair!

But, since I'm very close to having 100 followers, what is a big milestone for me, as a Thank you!I'm giving permission to everyone who follows me to use the button for free! No need to send anything!

If you have your own button, or want a different one you can find a button online labeled "for reuse", for example like this one from
You can donwload that one, resize it, upload it to your favorite image hosting site and change the following it in the code:<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img alt="" border="0" src="http://yourbuttonlink.jpg" /></a></center>

Note: Thanks to @stellabelle , I've realized I forgot to mention this: Make sure that 1st image in the post has <center> in front of the image link and </center> at the end, or it might change the thumbnail of the post, It's some sort of bug if you are putting the button in a post that has been published already, I hope that will be fixed in the future. Also that command centers the image/gif. If it still changes the thumbnail of the post, include it in the next one, it will work.



This is a great idea, I'm totally gonna use the first one most likely! I'm already following you, but I might send you some SBD when I get some more as thanks anyway!

Your welcome!

Really nice work. I like them a lot.

Nice work. Thanks for sharing

nice one!! gonna use it

Good work, though maybe you will also consider making a darker version as well... :)

I don't see it fit in this very bright whiteness, It would've been a too much contrast and really eye popping in my opinion. But I might make one in the future! :)

Well, at the moment, the second one especially, is way too light in my opinion and even a bit hard to notice... I'm not suggesting to make them dark blue all the way in.

thank you. i am going to use them :D

These are great minon hope you reach the 100 soon

Thanks man, that's pretty cool.

Awesome button. I liked. Thank you. We are waiting for more buttons.

Thanks,In the future I 'll use your follow animated buttons:)

Thank you

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