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So @aggroed just released this post announcing the ND SCOT project(I see what you did there ;) and this is pretty big news for us all.

So this is basically SMT's. It's actually going farther than SMT's as they're shooting eventually for a full smart contract platform. For those not technically inclined that basically means programmable tokens. The easiest example I've heard is a vending machine. If a dollar is put in light up available selections and wait for user input > user makes a selection > poop out the right snack.

On Steem, this could be the beginning of some amazing features we'd only dreamed about, like making a Steem like fronted that has a paywall.

If user upvotes or transfers amount x > then let them see the content. The possibilities are endless when you open up that can of worms, but forget that for a sec. The first iteration will be their version of SMT's so it's basically you being able to create your own Steem like token. It would function like Steem, but be it's own thing with it's own frontend, and not be visible on the main Steem faucets, or it could be, it would be up to you.

This is also extremely powerful because this opens the door to a lot of different social applications that don't really work with the current UX of Steem, like a proper Twitter clone, I know we had/have one, but again, with everything coming through the Steem faucets it really doesn't work. This is absolutely necessary for us to move to the next stage of our development because what people need to understand is that the UI/UX is what determines peoples behavior on a platform. Technically you can write blogs on Facebook, but the UI/UX isn't really designed for that so people typically don't. Sometimes they do, it's technically possible, but to write a blog, people use a blogging platform, to write a tweet, people use twitter, to post video content, people tend to use Youtube. You can do all these things on all the formats, but typically there's a thing that they're designed to do.

This can dramatically improve the user experience here on Steem, and we need to make noise about it and get the word out.

Congrats to all the people involved, I don't want to go tag crazy, buy you can see who all was involved in @aggroed's original post. Thanks guys, we needed this.


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Saw the post too, quite interesting development, so my question is, where does this leave SMT's now? I wonder if they would still have any edge over the ND-SCOT by the time it arrives, because these guys don't seem to be slowing down in their developments anytime, they've basically covered the SMT white paper, what then will SMT's come to do, what's your thought?

If SMT's were technologically superior in some way any project could do a token transfer over to that, so there is no risk for people that want to launch tokens. But if I'm keeping it 100, SMT's are not coming. If you go to Youtube and look at Steemfest videos from 2017, SMT's were right around the corner. These guys are proving that it's not a time issue, Steemit can't do it. I'd love to be proven wrong about this, but I'm a realist. At this point if Steemit Inc can keep the ship from sinking and maybe fund OTHER people doing work with the DAO, I'll be happy. Just do that. Let other people like this group and blocktrades handle the feature additions.

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