Today Max Keiser talks about Steemit and how it distributes crypto equity

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  • All STEEM POWER in this account will go to Max Keiser or Stacie Herbert whoever claims it first.

At 20:40 he not only mentions Steemit, but talks about it in depth!

This is not the first time that Max has mentioned STEEM on his show.

Here are some more facts:

  1. This account (@maxkeiser) has been available (and all the STEEM POWER in it) for Max Keiser to claim for almost a year now.
  2. Max Keiser has admittedly been following STEEM since the beginning joining our community as @max-keiser last June.
  3. Most major community members here have more than one account.

From these facts, we can deduce that Max does not want to own the keys to this STEEM account, and therefore, we will be extending the offer to more and more people until someone eventually claims it (yes, the next offer will be to an actual Steemian).

So who are "we" you must be asking by now?

We are @steemstar - a non-profit marketing STEEM engine whose business model is to purchase famous names from anonsteem (the easy part) and give them to that person in the real world (the hard part). We have already purchased several names of people whom we think would be interested in claiming them (we thought that Max would have been interested in claiming the keys to his real name by now!), but eventually we hope to pursue more challenging targets.

Anyway, hats off to Max for again promoting Steemit on his show, and since he doesn't want to represent himself by his real name in our community, we can only assume that Stacie Herbert would be more than happy to use the STEEM blockchain to promote her employer to gain a wider audience and make more money for her cause:

Today's cause that Stacie brought to our attention is:

It is a crowdfund to purchase the internet search histories of the politicians who were bribed with only $1 million to allow your search history to be purchased. Yes, you read that correctly. For those who are unaware of the recent law passed that allows your ISP provider to sell your search history, then please WAKE UP!

If you are too cheap to donate to this cause, then don't worry, your broke voice can still be heard, as you can still vote on that site for which politician's history should be purchased and made public first. Currently Paul Ryan is in the lead, but Marsha Blackburn is in a close second!

Come on Steemers! What are you waiting for!

More on @steemstar and our future promotions as time and funds allow. As you can tell from our posting history, we have been beating this dead horse (@maxkeiser) for many months now, and are going to start allocating our resources on a different celebrity soon. We will never give up. eventually, one of our major celebrities will cave! The final promotion of this @maxkeiser (before we move on to our next celeb) account will be to send the 100SP (if we reach that level) to the @crowdfundedwhale to add more permanent value to it (maybe then Max will bite!).

So who do you think will claim this @maxkeiser account (and all the STEEM POWER in it ) first?

Max or Stacie?


I love it! The blockchain revolution is happening VIVA Free Speech!

PS: I am new on this platform and will be writing about my home country, South-Africa. Feel free to follow.

I will have people remember that Max Keiser was promoting BTC before it really took off....maybe Steemit will have a similar story.

@lukestokes random question brother - is there any advantage to me not claiming rewards straight away? - do my rewards sit in the reward pool as long as I dont claim them? - do you see this "claim rewards" button as a benefit health wise to the payout ecosystem as a whole?

Hey @thejohalfiles. Looks like @acidyo got you covered here. Sorry, I missed your comment because it wasn't a reply to one of mine. The browser mention notifications aren't that reliable.

I don't know the details of keeping the rewards in a pool until they are claimed, but I assume it helps with performance and might also have an impact on the interest rate of newly created VESTS given to Steem Power holders, but I'm not really sure. It's complicated stuff.

is there any advantage to me not claiming rewards straight away?


do my rewards sit in the reward pool as long as I dont claim them?


So if I wanted I could let my rewards build up and claim them all at once?.. Or have a set schedule where I claim it once per week/month. ... I sort of like this.

So if I wanted I could let my rewards build up and claim them all at once?

Yeah that's how I've understood it so far. I like it too, gives it a more natural feel somehow and appreciation of the rewards than just automatically receiving them.

Yes, it keeps your attention on certain things. I like it. Thank you for your reply brother @acidyo

I now have come full circle. It was through Max Keiser that I first learned about Bitcoin 4 years ago, and from that, through a long "chain" of connections, I just recently learned about Steemit, and am back to following Max.

Is this the real @maxkeiser ?
If so, I admire your work and love to keep up with you when I can as I'm all over the place searching for knowledge(online).
Please do follow me back ;)

So @max-keiser is here already huh! Nice ;)

We are @steemstar

We are trying to give away celebrity account names to their real world identities as a promotion for the STEEM blockchain. The more celebrities we can convince to come here, the more our platform goes viral. Since Max is already here, we are giving this account away to whoever wants it most! We are thinking that maybe Stacie could use it to promote some of here favorite sites like:

Where you can vote to expose the search history of your constituents who voted to expose YOURS!


How many of you did this?

Is STEEM even working?

This type of viral marketing is what STEEM was designed for!

Our plan is to make @maxkeiser more popular than @max-keiser so that Max learns how to STEEM. We want to teach him how to STEEM. Next, we are going to get this account registered on @crowdfundedwhale so that it has posting power momentum!

Hi @steemstar , do you own @shapeshift ?

Sorry, no, we do not own shapeshift.

@steemstar is a team of 2 entrepreneurs who saw the potential in STEEM but did not have any money to invest in the base equity. We see the potential value in the naming layer if STEEM goes viral, and figure that we can earn money as a small business by helping bring celebrities to STEEM by making their account names highly valuable commodities before they even hear about STEEM, so that by the time they come to our community to sign up, they will see that we have already reserved them a front row seat that is all powered up with not only ownership equity, but also reputation points, and crowdfundedwhale-type automated posting rewards boosting power! That's why we are follwing everyone who support us both on our @steemstar account and at all our purchased celebrity accounts like @maxkeiser

It did not work that well for Max, because we did not actually help bring him here, but just wait until you see the names we have lined up (6 total so far!), and how far we are willing to go to get their attention in the social circles they swim in.

Right now we are working on the logo, but are not good at graphic design. Any help would be appreciated. We were planning our launch soon, but could not resist letting the cat out of the bag early because of such high profile promotion by Max Keiser had to be screamed from the rooftops. When you are trying to go viral like STEEM is, your ego has to take a back seat to the needs of the universe (big hint!). Sorry, but we don't want to spill too many beans. We need to save some proprietary secrets for our launch!

We figure that once we create a buzz to help STEEM go viral and bring in the first big fish to STEEM, then the community will start upvoting our posts, and we will have our business up and running to use the money to buy MORE celebrity account names so we make more money to buy more names, and by that point, the momentum makes STEEM viral.

But just like Steemit, we are trying to do many things behind the scenes at once, and our progress is never fast enough for the general STEEM population. Do us a favor and resteem!

That would be bad ass if you got Max Keiser here, I love that guy, one of the few people in the MSM I like.

Are you still active? If you're willing, we can pass this account to the real Max Keiser.

Sorry to hijack this comment, but I don't know any other way to contact you.

Are you interested in helping with the million tx campaign? It might come very soon, so I'm trying the get things ready for that.

Looks like the real Max Keiser, @maxkeiser and @max-keiser will all soon be united together at last. Don't-cha just love a happy ending? Like when the white hat hackers saved the day with the multi-sig wallet vulnerability?

FYI it's Stacy not Stacie :-)

very cool. Hes a man to listen too, ever since he started mentioning BUY bitcoin way back in 2010 when it was $5 a BTC!
Wish I took action all those years ago, would be a millionaire :-)

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