Sorry, no, we do not own shapeshift.

@steemstar is a team of 2 entrepreneurs who saw the potential in STEEM but did not have any money to invest in the base equity. We see the potential value in the naming layer if STEEM goes viral, and figure that we can earn money as a small business by helping bring celebrities to STEEM by making their account names highly valuable commodities before they even hear about STEEM, so that by the time they come to our community to sign up, they will see that we have already reserved them a front row seat that is all powered up with not only ownership equity, but also reputation points, and crowdfundedwhale-type automated posting rewards boosting power! That's why we are follwing everyone who support us both on our @steemstar account and at all our purchased celebrity accounts like @maxkeiser

It did not work that well for Max, because we did not actually help bring him here, but just wait until you see the names we have lined up (6 total so far!), and how far we are willing to go to get their attention in the social circles they swim in.

Right now we are working on the logo, but are not good at graphic design. Any help would be appreciated. We were planning our launch soon, but could not resist letting the cat out of the bag early because of such high profile promotion by Max Keiser had to be screamed from the rooftops. When you are trying to go viral like STEEM is, your ego has to take a back seat to the needs of the universe (big hint!). Sorry, but we don't want to spill too many beans. We need to save some proprietary secrets for our launch!

We figure that once we create a buzz to help STEEM go viral and bring in the first big fish to STEEM, then the community will start upvoting our posts, and we will have our business up and running to use the money to buy MORE celebrity account names so we make more money to buy more names, and by that point, the momentum makes STEEM viral.

But just like Steemit, we are trying to do many things behind the scenes at once, and our progress is never fast enough for the general STEEM population. Do us a favor and resteem!

That would be bad ass if you got Max Keiser here, I love that guy, one of the few people in the MSM I like.

Are you still active? If you're willing, we can pass this account to the real Max Keiser.

Sorry to hijack this comment, but I don't know any other way to contact you.

Are you interested in helping with the million tx campaign? It might come very soon, so I'm trying the get things ready for that.