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RE: Today Max Keiser talks about Steemit and how it distributes crypto equity

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Is this the real @maxkeiser ?
If so, I admire your work and love to keep up with you when I can as I'm all over the place searching for knowledge(online).
Please do follow me back ;)


So @max-keiser is here already huh! Nice ;)

We are @steemstar

We are trying to give away celebrity account names to their real world identities as a promotion for the STEEM blockchain. The more celebrities we can convince to come here, the more our platform goes viral. Since Max is already here, we are giving this account away to whoever wants it most! We are thinking that maybe Stacie could use it to promote some of here favorite sites like:

Where you can vote to expose the search history of your constituents who voted to expose YOURS!


How many of you did this?

Is STEEM even working?

This type of viral marketing is what STEEM was designed for!

Our plan is to make @maxkeiser more popular than @max-keiser so that Max learns how to STEEM. We want to teach him how to STEEM. Next, we are going to get this account registered on @crowdfundedwhale so that it has posting power momentum!