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We're on the 2nd day of the Steem Marketing Initiative now!

  • Check the POST to know more about this initiative.

The main motive is to reward people who engage with the contents created on twitter and Instagram. All they need to do is like, share, and comment on the content. Only 2 posts are created on Twitter and Instagram daily so that we are not considered as spam.

Todays Impact:

  • Although i am sad that no steemians are even participating in this initiative. I will still continue to do it. Currently only my existing followers have been interacting.

  • The rewards have been the same. 1 to 10 steem a day distributed as per the ingagement. The engagement means liking, commenting and if possible sharing.

Instagram impact.

Post LinkEngagementFollowers
Post #1Post #2


Tweet LinkImpressionsPicture
  • Near 500 Impressions today. I hope more steemians participate. We even 10 participate, we can increase the impressions to over 1000 easily. I request all the Steemians reading this to participate.

Today's rewards:

  • There was one like that was a day ago. I will send him the rewards of 2 steem within 4 hours. The users is @bigtakosensei
Big thank you for Participating!

This post earned a total payout of 6.977$ and 5.246$ worth of author reward which was liquified using @likwid. To learn more.

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