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RE: My Thoughts and Theory on Steem Price Sustainability

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Excellent presentation. The only part I would disagree with is the "everyone will power down eventually" mentality. I think this plan put forth by Dan does not include selling STEEM. I'm idealistic enough to believe we can create new mechanisms of value storage and transfer and keep that value within the community that believes in it. If the community doesn't sell, the price remains stable and can be used within the community for goods and services. The most important thing is the story we tell ourselves about the value tokens we hold. Even pieces of paper with dead people on them can be used if the story is shared by enough people.


Absolutely!! There should be a steem philosophy section where steemians can learn this stuff more readily. And people can just refer in knowing bad actors to this place to get themselves educated in the philosophy of steem

We definitely need a market place. Do u know if anyone working on such a project?

@steembay has been running successfully for quite some time. I'm surprised more people don't take advantage of it. I used it a year ago to get a silver steem coin.

Yes, I heard of this! I thought it had gone quiet like steembnb did a while ago. Do u know if they put some of their profits into steem? I’ll check it out further tomorrow

I don't know, but that's a great question.

@dstors is the latest attempt at a marketplace - it's certainly the most motivated and organised I've seen so far.