SteemCampUK 2 is coming to Leicester

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I'm very pleased to be hosting the second SteemCampUK our unconference for people interested in the STEEM blockchain and its applications with @shanibeer in Leicester on 6th April from 10am to 4pm.

We'll be at the Phoenix Cinema & Arts Centre in the middle of town, a short walk from the railway station.

And again we'll be talking about whatever is most important to you in the STEEM ecosystem. Bring your questions, hypotheses and bugbears along to thrash them out with other Steemians.

Tickets for the day are £10 including booking fees and available at

I will provide full transparency on where the ticket money is going as with last year's event - if there is anything left over at the end it will be turned into STEEM Power on the @steemcampuk account and used to upvote your posts on Steemit throughout the year.

Although we've only just started organising, I'm already really grateful to @shanibeer for finding the venue, dealing with things on the ground and nudging me along to make sure it really happens :)

More will be revealed as we get closer to the day.

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90% says I will be there, unless something gets in the way like a derelict bulding floating in front of my eyes while driving the M6 muttering.., 'come and investigate me'.. in a female voice.

blimey, and there's a 10% chance of that happening? Mind you, I haven't been up the M6 for a while...

Got my ticket :) This will be my first visit to Steemfest, and my first visit to Leicester! yay.

great! thanks for being the first ticket purchaser :)

Number one - woohoo! I had a feeling I might be.

I'm looking forward to it already. I've been to Leicester a few times recently as daughter is studying there. Hope we can get a good crowd to come along

then we shall rely on you for the really up to the minute youth stuff in the East Midlands!

Not sure I'm really down with the yoof

That sounds really cool, I just got to the UK by bicycle and I'll possibly stay here until then!

Welcome to the UK, you've arrived at a really interesting time! :)

So interesting that even some bastard stole my bicycle on the first day \o\

yikes, I'm really sorry to hear that.

Yeap, I am in. Still no idea where is Leicester, but I have time to find it until April :)

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Travel North and every fifty miles ask someone if you're in the north yet. When someone says "yes", you've gone too far, so retrace your steps :)

Is not that north, direct train for me for just 1.28h :) totally doable

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I'll be there!

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have a great time! resteemed!

thanks Phil :)

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Sounds good but think I'll be at coin fest all the best though 💯🐒

Going to wait for the Brexit results before booking anything, but if all stays within reason I’d love to join!

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Please let me know if you produce any update posts or if any of the details change. Thank you.

Hoping to make it! It's the wife's 40th birthday weekend so has gone down like a fart in a wetsuit but she hasn't kicked me out yet.