Tips From A Steem Guru: 2 Challenges On The Steem Blockchain- Take Action And Get A nice Upvote

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Hello dear Steemians


Do you have problems with less Upvotes?

In the meantime I am nearly 4 years on the Steem blockchain and have build up a Rep 74 which means that I have a so called "Guru" status.
So I would like to share from time to time some tips with you.

Easy Peasy and Gain Followers too

The new Steemit Team tries to engange with us Steemians and that will help you to grow your Steem account too.
They have two weekly challenges on which you should take action.

  1. Post your best " Pets Shots " use #photographychallenge04

  1. Write something about " The Street where you are living" use #writingchallenge04

For the newest updates check out on a daily base the @steemitblog account.

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..sehr schön, vielen Dank!..bin dabei..resteemed eh...
.. enjoy...

Klasse. Danke für den Resteem :-)

Muchas gracias por la información lo estaré realizando.

This is pretty good contest and i will be in this community participation by posting some blog.

Cool I will keep an eye open for your entries :-)

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