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Do you think the very powerful steemit account is a problem? If so, why do you invest time or money on Steemit?

That account does nothing but make new accounts.

Of course I spend my time, and did spend my money, on this platform. I used to believe in it, and a combination of my investing money I had, plus the earnings I had from 6 months of posting mostly from the street, now I live in an apartment in bulgaria. So what do you think?

I still have about 2400 worth of steem power powering down. This will of course help me progress, but the chances are the amount of value I can draw from this will steadily decline, mainly because big accounts like dan, ned, berniesanders, etc, have been cashing out their pre-steemit.com stake, to the tune of well over 100 million in total, and I am probably being conservative.

Guess how the price went up so they could do that? Silly people with a lot of money who had no idea what these big stake accounts were gonna do.

You lived on the street? When did you write about that if I may ask? Interested in reading about it.

I started running a witness while I was staying at the Winter Shelter in Amsterdam back in December last year. I wrote extensively about it. They just put the cover image function into condenser now, you can see on mine a snap from the park that me and my russian homeless friend andrei used to sit and drink beer and feed pigeons at. I was starting to receive a welfare payment by January, I think it was, but I was saving it, and bought steem, which was a really good move and partly why I am not living on the street anymore.

You wouldn't catch me dead buying crypto to buy steem now though. Dash is going ballistic and I said 3 weeks ago it was gonna do well because the bitcoin hardfork highlighted the issue of governance (dash is the best governed crypto there is, currently).

Cool, thanks for the tip!

Beep beep. Hi @nutela!
You have used tip! in your comment - that`s my magic word for sending tips ;)
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Thanks and I have read about you. Nice service, I like it!

This is another scam run by the nextgencrypto gang. Be careful. The text of the message reads a lot like a lot of bernie's other bots.

For the first time in over a week, I agree with you, even if I stopped myself doing it for my posts with 0 votes, since these posts will not receive awards, and it will be an almost complete waste of my voting quota.

Hey man if you hate it so much here ;) I'm looking at DECENT check it out, maybe you'll like it more. It's based on Graphene. Here is an in- depth overview

looks nice but... well, with a crispy clean chain, and a lot of deletes and some changes and a couple of additions I think we can create a transition strategy that will be very appealing to the malcontents here, and then after that we build it properly, with the most robust distributed database design I know of (sporedb).

Also, graphene is nothing special. Dgraph and Boltdb are faster, and are written in a much more maintainable language, Go. I find it interesting to note that the developers are also based in eastern europe. Expect to see this a lot more in the near future. We are congregating here. The flame of freedom still burns here.

It should only be a couple of months. I got really waylaid tidying up the hardware and installations on my crypto miners, they are priority number one because they are the main way I pay my rent and bills. They are purring like smackdown-kitties now, and I can finally really focus. We have a forum now discussing the developments:


Come and join the conversation, and learn about what is planned. It's not a big leap from steem, but substantially recalibrated, towards a cooperative ownership structure, instead of a pretend cooperative structure that is in fact fully centralised.

I'm looking forward to a really good sleep tonight knowing my miners are fully operational, and tomorrow, I can finish the first task I set, which was to make the steemd server runnable on any linux with a binary, or on mac or windows using docker (hopefully we can get a binary build script specifically for mac in the near future).

It has been difficult to extract the talons of steemit's camerilla from my brainstem, it is clear now, and I am rearing to go.

You know when there is a war there are always casualties. War is loose loose. I'd rather pick a win-win situation :)

Also, graphene is nothing special. Dgraph and Boltdb are faster, and are written in a much more maintainable language, Go.

Cool, I'll look into it.

yup. Calibrae is focused on the win-win :)

As I said the whole time you guys were posting about self-voting, it is a legitimate way to grow your account and also a reason to hold on to SP.

I am for self-voting.

The project is still ongoing

Permitted in a system does not make it moral. Clearly also the dev team do not want to see this removed, obviously it would allow them to defend themselves against deserved attacks on their ongoing fleecing of the cryptocurrency community.

How is it immoral of me to use my own stake to upvote my own posts? I am very interested in this answer.

In here, in this den of iniquity, it is the least. I am even using it to counteract attempts to suppress the visibility of this account, while I continue to provoke the nextgencrypto gang into revealing who is who.

But you should realise that the reason why they will never change it is not 'because people can just self upvote using bots'. It's so they can protect their high stake high rep accounts, and continue to abuse the community with their power downs, walking away with the money that those who have been foolish enough to speculate on steem have bought.

I don't expect those who profit from this vicious system to even consider changing the very rules that ensure their control over it continues. But people deserve to know what is going on.

Hmm, you seemed to state that it is immoral to self-upvote and I consider myself to be a moral person, so I was interested in how it is immoral to self-vote

Well, you have a point about perhaps morality not being the issue here. It's how it looks, for a start, because using your reputation and money to promote your stuff upwards looks like you are abusing a social network system where your visibility is supposed to come from those who upvote it, because they like it, not because you were lucky enough to become a favourite of one of the people in the community who are using fraudulent methods to fund their development and pay for nice shiny things, at the expense of others.

And that's where the morality comes back into the picture.

Isn't it interesting that despite your relative popularity, I have got a higher reputation than you? But this means nothing in this 'money is everything' system, except that it's harder to shut me up.

Although I have bantered with you and I disagree with you on some points, I have never tried to "shut you up". In fact, I have poked you, argued with you and read your responses.

I have had many, many posts that did not earn well. I have said unpopular things to some people and I even upvoted your comment knowing it might make Bernie unhappy. Your higher rep proves that you likely have earned more than I have on the site. The difference is I was in a position that allowed me to power up what I did earn. Now my account has a decent vote.

Life's not fair, I wish you could have powered up all that you earned as well. However, I didn't touch my earnings and I reinvested them. I continued to post and I have always given myself a vote on my own posts and on some comments when it makes sense. I consider it a payoff on my investment.

It's doubly unfair in a system that is supposed to be about peer review when actually it's about a little oligarchy-review.

Yes, the correspondence is very strong between how much vote power and stake was applied to my posts, and how much it boosted the reputation. Because I am working on a fork of Steemit, and because the issue about whether bernie can hurt my reputation needed to be cleared up in my mind, I dug around specifically to find the code that sets these rules. So I now know with high confidence that he is gonna be flagging my account for weeks before it even drops below 50.

I was not in a position to not cash out my earnings, because at the time I stopped powering up, I was doing my best to not spend the small extra income I started getting from the dutch welfare agency, and the winter shelter was closing and I was going to be back to sleeping on the street in the cold, and that would have probably led me to squander my resources on coping with that instead of on more substantial beneficial expenditures that would help me continue to raise my position. That's why I bought miners. I still did not do so well with the purchases I made there, but I am still substantially ahead of my costs, so I have time to remedy this. The mischief of bulgarian customs is not making life easy, however. I cannot guarantee that anything order online will actually arrive, or will not incur a severe tax bill.

I wish I had moved back to Sofia instead of trying to get residence permission to stay in Serbia, I could have done so much more with my money here. The language barrier was big, and the administrative costs I was paying for that registration were costs that all came to nothing, in the end.

The campaign was to get the demand built to have it removed from the blockchain. Not the actual dealing with the dumb way it's designed. By practising it I was also showing I do what I say.

I think that this platform is tilting at becoming the next facebook, complete with centralisation, and not about empowering people. It used to be about empowering people, but steadily the design empowered the elitists and that's why I'm done with it.

Steem got me off the street, but I owe it nothing but to make sure there is a platform that is focused on this purpose, because I believe that empowering people to do the right thing and to profit at the same time is desperately needed in today's world.

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