Any of Steem-Engine Tokens/dApps Wants to Run Giveaway with Me ?

in #steemlast year

At end of every year i count all freebies/giveaway i posted and how much people could make in them and i also make giveaways from Xmas till end of the year. I also wanna run giveaways more till end of the year and i welcome all STEEM dAPPs to this. Read below.

For example people who are on my Discord (link on the bottom) just by reading Airdrop channel in 2018 could make average of 211 USD a year for almost nothing.

This year i will sum up the channel too but also every year i run some giveaways, last year we had coins like XZC, FTC, EXCL and even STEEM to share for some easy actions.

Now that we have and loads of dApps maybe you guys want me to make some promotion/giveaway ?

The 30 000+ followers of mine surely want it. And yes im aware i have them since 2016 so many are not alive but still its a big community.

If you want to make me your dApp review/promo/giveaway for users on STEEM ping me ie on my discord or find a contact on

As every year im already in talks with some cryptocurrencies but i see no reason why not giveaway Steem-Engine tokens between Steemians.

I do have tokens i love but i just mention most i found here below, if you want - contact me and we can think of some cool action for Xmas/End of the year.

CC: @aggroed @smokenetwork @dlike @steemstem @memestagram @steeveapp @partiko @dtube @btcmyk @tasteem @trips.teem @steemhunt @steemhunt @steem.leo @letseat @dpoll @esteemapp @appics @dporn @nextcolony @steemmonsters @actnearn @dclick @wherein @steemauto @yoodoo @travelfeed and others who i didnt/forgot/didnt find to mention. All dApps on STEEM are welcome.


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@kingscrown I would be open to sponsoring a giveaway with some Splinterlands booster packs or DEC tokens. Get in touch on discord and we can discuss.

Hey @yabapmatt, here is a little bit of BEER from @eii for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking.

Nice, is their anything I can do to help? All I do is giveaways. Let me know what kind of giveaways your looking to do. Thanks

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hey man i just checked your profile, indeed you do so!

Thanks for checking me out, lol sounds funny but seriously I run at a lose but it's all about giving to the community. So I continue to do so. Let me know

good stuff man, i will let you know if needed! :)

Hey man i just checked
Your profile, indeed you do
So! will let you know

                 - aizensou

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Dear @kingscrown

maybe you guys want me to make some promotion/giveaway ?

I value your efforts, however I'm not sure if I support idea of airdrips and giveaways since that form of marketing strategy isn't really efficient and isn't really bringing valuable traffic.

Not to mention that as an investor, who is purchasing some token I expect that business launching this token will use some of those resources to proceed with marketing. Airdrops and giveaways are nothing but "cheating" investors.

So from my experience - if you want your token to have value, then stay away from giving away those tokens in form of freebies. After all most of giveaways end up being sold (creating selling pressure) and current investors confidence is being killed.

Of course that's just my personal impression only. Obviously I'm sure many will appreciate your suggestion.

Upvoted already,
Yours, Piotr

replied to you on discord!

Hi @kingscrown

replied to you on discord!

Lovely. Will check it out right away.

Could you please spare few minutes of your time and have a look at this discussion/proposal that I'm brainstorming with few other guys from "project HOPE"?

Perhaps you would find it worth to join our curation trail. I could "pay back" by helping you to promote your project sometime in the future within my followerbase and some solid upvote.

I strongly believe that by collaborating we can both benefit. (win-win situation)

Let me know what do you think,


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i assume people from #steemengine tag should see it

indeed, thanks

We don't have a token yet - We're waiting until SMTs are fully functional.