The Power of a Community-Driven Token

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As you have most likely witnessed already, Steem rightfully earned 1st place in the Netcoins competition promoted originally by @oracle-d and then other larger accounts such as the amazing @blocktrades, smooth guy @therealwolf, and the ferocious @acidyo.

Truthfully, I was extremely impressed with the level of commitment Steemians had to winning this competition. Every day there were a multitude of new posts encouraging users to get involved in helping Steem win the top spot which earns us a free listing on Netcoins which is worth $30,000.

I had a lot of fun promoting this initiative, along with personally voting multiple times. I even told my wife to throw in her vote because every single vote counted towards the end result. INS and Verge did their best but in the end had no chance against us.

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Why did we win?

What was the main factor that led to the success of this initiative? Was it luck? Were the moon and stars aligned in such a way that it caused the gravitational pull of the earth to shift in our direction? Not quite.

We won because of one word... UNITY. We all came together as a team, put forth the consistent effort, and drove the win home. INS thought they had us beat, but a team is unbeatable when they are unified with a single mission.

This win to me proves that we as a community can do anything. The future looks even brighter for those who are in this thing for the long term. Who am I hugging in that photo? That is @larrymorrison, one of my good friends and fellow Steem Creator.

What makes this platform successful?

It's not only because of the cool Dapps such as @partiko or @steemhunt. It's not only the interesting blogs and videos being published. It's not even only because of the value of the Steem token itself. You know what it is?... It's the people. We the people make this platform a success. As for me, I don't want to do this entrepreneur thing alone. I don't want to be the lone ranger for the long-term.

To be able to have a place to go, a home base to return to, is invaluable. This win on Netcoins is proof in the pudding that we are capable of amazing things. That's the power of a community-driven token is that we are indestructible. We can move mountains if it came down to it.

I believe that everything happens for a reason.

Steem is a one-of-a-kind token and community that can't be ignored. Soon people will be seeing Steem listed everywhere as it becomes mainstream. People will wonder why it is so widespread. Do you know what they'll discover? They'll discover the 100's of thousands of users that are passionate about this platform and who fought rigorously for it's success.

I know for a fact that you and me are in the right place at the right time. Steem winning 1st place is just the beginning of something incredible. Something magical. Something unshakable.

Here we stand... in the middle of a beautiful marriage between blockchain technology and social media. Two industries that are on fire with innovation and astronomical growth potential. We are literally witnessing the most unique moments in history flashing right before our eyes.

Toronto 2.jpg

There's no other place I'd rather be right now.

This is it. There is literally no other place that I'd rather be pouring my time and energy into. The power of a community-driven token is strong. A blockchain-based social media platform has arrived that is kicking butt and taking names.

I am 100% confident that the next opportunity to unite is when we will show up even stronger and even more passionate than ever before. The power of a community-driven token knows no limits. Anything and everything can and will happen when the right moments appear.

I hope you are looking down the road my friend. The long, patient road that leads to success. Nothing is going to happen overnight... but everything will happen over time.

Never quit and always believe




P.S. Join us in Austin, Texas this coming April 2019 for the Steem Creators Conference. Hear from successful Steemians who are passionate about what they do as they share invaluable information that will 10X your Steem experience.

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you know what’s so true...this community is absolutely unstoppable when we have a common goal.

showed me so much. drama aside. flag wars. whatever. look at what happens when steemians put steem first.

huge!!! so honored to be a part of this blockchain and community.

Posted using Partiko iOS

YES 🙌🏻 We are blessed to be here and to contribute our talents and abilities to the community

Posted using Partiko iOS

This is great news for this community. It goes to show how walking together can make is great.

Posted using Partiko Android

Absolutely right, @ketcom 💪🏻

Posted using Partiko iOS

Fantastic post man. You did an amazing job. The time, energy, and care you put into this really demonstrates how much you Love Steem. @kenmelendez. -resteemed-

Thank you, IJ 😊 You have played a major role in my wins on Steem and for that I am truly grateful

Posted using Partiko iOS

everything is going virtual but your skills. so your skills must be real to succeed in virtual world.

Steem is here to win no question about it ;)