📈 Daily Price Report Steem, Steem Dollars (SBD), Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) April 04, 2018

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Detail of STEEM, SBD, BTC & ETH

Price in USD2.10518 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.00028385 BTC
Price in IDRRP 28,988.99
24 Hour Volume60,520,700.0 USD
Market Capacity540,959,274.0 USD
Available Supply256,955,806.0 STEEM
Total Supply273,939,900.0 STEEM
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours2.42%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours27.94%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days20.01%

Price and Data Source: Coin Market Cap

Price in USD2.62177 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.0003535 BTC
Price in IDRRP 36,102.6
24 Hour Volume120,288,000.0 USD
Market Capacity29,643,655.0 USD
Available Supply11,306,734.0 SBD
Total Supply11,306,734.0 SBD
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours4.2%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours59.7%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days49.63%

Price and Data Source: Coin Market Cap

Price in USD7,475.4 USD
Price in Bitcoin1 BTC
Price in IDRRP 102,938,603.5
24 Hour Volume5,456,580,000.0 USD
Market Capacity126,755,214,725.0 USD
Available Supply16,956,312.0 BTC
Total Supply16,956,312.0 BTC
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours0.28%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours6.34%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-5.98%

Price and Data Source: Coin Market Cap

Price in USD416.627 USD
Price in Bitcoin0.0561748 BTC
Price in IDRRP 5,737,084.51
24 Hour Volume1,360,650,000.0 USD
Market Capacity41,078,343,748.0 USD
Available Supply98,597,411.0 ETH
Total Supply98,597,411.0 ETH
📈 Price Change in 1 Hours0.36%
📈 Price Change in 24 Hours8.51%
📈 Price Change in 7 Days-8.75%

Price and Data Source: Coin Market Cap

Daily Price:
April 01, 2018 | April 02, 2018 | April 03, 2018


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