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Thank You <3

First, I want to say thanks to @heymattsokol for submitting my post about PGP & Keybase to @curie. It turned yesterday into one crazy ride. I also want to thank everyone who commented and upvoted on that post. Trending third under the technology topic was the last thing I expected to see for that post.

This leads me to explain some things that I have been seeing around the steem platform and that others in the communities I take part in have discussed. There is and always has been an odd aspect when it comes to content creation, no matter where you are creating your content.

The Issue

The issue when creating content is what many of us call 'the grind'. This is the main thing that kills people's motivation and probably the single reason why everyone is not a content creator. Whether it's writing a post about something technological, writing poems, or creating videos.

The definition of grind is as follows:

To reduce something to small particles or powder by crushing it.

So how does this relate to content creation? You are the something being crushed. Your creativity, your moral, your motivation, your determination, will all be crushed. This happens constantly, over and over again until you get to the point of wanting to give up. You must realize this going into content creation online and everyone deals with the grind.

In the past, you needed to go to a publisher or raise a bunch of money to get your content out to the world. This put some of the success of your work onto the shoulder of the people or company that bought into your idea.

They would help you promote the content and did their best to make it a success. However, with the internet, we don't need them anymore and this puts us in a very weird place. With no help means that most of our best work will go unnoticed. I know this very well.

My Past


I have been blogging for over a decade in some form. I have been on many platforms writing about many things including a personal diary, technology, faith, and live streaming. Over the past decade, I wrote hundreds of thousands of words and hundreds (maybe thousands) of posts. None of this took off.

Did you read that? I said none.

I would spend hours and hours each day looking for other bloggers on social networks to meet them, form a relationship, and help them where I could. I would leave good comments on their blog that contributed to the conversation they started. If I could not add value to their site I would not comment, that simple. Networking a was another grindy thing I had to do and it showed little results.

Enter steem. I joined steem in early to mid-2017 after I saw that there was a blockchain based blogging platform. I love cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Add in blogging and of course, I'd be on board. So I started posting articles here. Moving some over from old sites and created new content. Every post was met with the same issue, no views, no upvotes, no STEEM funds. It's discouraging.

So What Am I Getting At?

Steem is no different than blogging other places in terms of how to grow and become successful. I'm still not a successful blogger by any means but I know what it means to grind and keep pushing forward.

I read posts, I comment only when I can contribute to the conversation, and I work to create relationships with people on Steem. Too many people are simply commenting shallow and meaningless comments or worst commenting just to ask for upvotes.


Trust me, even when you do all the right things it will take you a long time to make any traction. Even when one post blows up your next has no guarantee to be even half as big. You will write, you will comment, you will upvote and no one will see it.

But you have to keep going.

If you make posts and comments asking for upvotes you are going to hurt the way people see you. I can't begin to tell you how many times I choose not to comment or engage with a post (or comment) because of this let along follow. People are not going to follow you just because you ask.


People follow when they see consistently good content. I'm in a group chat where someone asked what makes a good post with which @heymattsokol responded:

Take a look at jrswab's last post, his was PERFECT
his was like Curie Bait

Why is that? It's those ten years I told you all about, experience pays off. I spent my time writing that post to give whoever read it value. My goal with every post is to have the reader walk away knowing something more than they knew before.

My focus is the reader, not the upvotes or Steem funds. The internet is a give, give, give, then maybe receive kind of economy when it comes to content creation on free platforms.

Then there is also grammar, spelling, and formatting. This stuff is important along with making it easy for the reader by adding easy to digest chunks. If enough people are interested I can make another Steem exclusive post about best practices in formatting. I'll also add tools to use to check grammar and spelling.

Keep in mind that the easier you make it read the better off you'll be. Not many people can read the Bitcoin whitepaper an understand it but your post is not the Bitcoin whitepaper. Check your grammar and make sure it's not a difficult read.

Stop asking and start giving.


My post was upvoted by @Curie and hit the trending page in the third spot because I spent the time to make that post the best I could. I also networked, met new people, gained friends, and was patient with the process. If you read this and start doing the right things today you might not have to wait ten years to get a post to go (somewhat) viral.

However, you still need to work. Steem is not a get rich quick kind of place and you will be avoided if you act like it is. Start giving people good content and good comments. Then and only then will you be in a place to make content creation something worth your time.

Remember, at first all your hard work will not pay off. Be patient, keep working, and engaging in a meaningful way. This is Steem and it's still early for this platform. You don't have to get on page one of Google anymore for your blog to have that killer post you spent eight hours working on to go viral.

With much love and gratitude,

<3 J. R.

PS. If it was all about the money I definitely wouldn't be doing this.

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People helping people and Steem providing some levity, impact and quality of life. How does Steem better still create this value? How can the SMT be incorporated into the specialty forums and specialty forums sidechained into Steem... Can current and new users get some bonus SMT for sharing to other current non steemers... Post was so good got me on a roll.. Here's my typical problem dense writing and comments that could be their own post. I guess that's contributing. Being new and being patient!


Here's my typical problem dense writing and comments that could be their own post. I guess that's contributing.

First off thanks for the comment <3

Yes that is contributing. I find that since I've been doing this kind of stuff for a while I am able to expand upon my thoughts in written form. That makes my comments longer than average as well as my post often over one thousand words.

Practice is all we can do so keep working hard and creating value!

Nice work, as I always say;

Hardworking always pay, if not for anything, it helps flex your muscles

You deserve it, your post kept me reading to the end and definitely wouldn't leave without and upvote.

I hope to catch the curie wave one day and also get my grid on spot. That means I have to work harder, currently I don't see that at the moment.... But one day........


Thanks for the kind words <3

I have put a lot of time into creating content and hearing that you did not get bored half way through is very motivating. Curie has a reputation limit so I would look into that and really put effort into any post you make.

If you have any questions or want to chat I'm always happy to connect!

I have not come across you before now. I followed my absolutely awesome friend @kristyyd to your page and I found a gem costlier than all the time I spent on Steemit today.

It appears that following Kristan pays off every time. You have posted the absolute truth about success on steemit. I find that success on steemit is much like success in life: you have to give and give your best paying little attention to receiving, and when you have given all you can, magic happens and the success is sitting there for all to see.

Sometimes, the mere fact that you are giving will help you receive little successes along your way to the big break but high expectations will make you unable to notice these little successes, therefore, it is only through low or no expectations and gratefulness that one gets to see these little blessings.

Writing about this, I thought about one of my awesome friends @ogochukwu and all he has been giving out of the magnanimity of his heart, all the work he has been doing without being asked. We see him but this is not necessary because the results are clear for all to see without any real exertion from him.

Thank you @jrswab for the love for it is only through love that giving is possible and thank you for reminding us of what matters. I look forward to reading more of your posts when time permits.

All the best.


Thank you for the well thought out replay. I am glad you found value here and I hope to meet more people like you as I continue to put more effort into this platform <3


Thank you for taking the time to reply. All the best

Excellent insights and observations. I am glad you came here to Steemit and how awesome you made it to trending with that post! You'll do well here. Patience pays off and your experience is welcomed.


Thanks you for your kind words! Happy to have met you and am looking forward to see what you create here <3

I think you already know...but I LOVE this! You're such a great writer and this will help people so double awesome. This is great and thank you for sharing love! 💋💖 see you soon!


Thanks for the comment and such kind words! Helping people is what it's all about. The other stuff is just all extra perks.


Anytime sweetie 💜 Keep that awesome positive attitude and beautiful kindness!

Thank you for this post, it was definitely a great reminder of the kind of mindset/mentality I should have on this platform. I definitely approached it from that mentality, but it's always nice to have this reminder from time to time because I'm not immune from falling into the discouraged mentality, either. I was shocked to read that you've been blogging and creating content for ten years now and none of it has taken off yet, but the determination in your post is truly motivating. The fact that you keep on pushing forward no matter what, even when it seems like you're not successful, is inspiring. I hope I can keep this resolve up throughout my time here, and if I can master that for Steemit then I'll be able to apply that mentality to life in general, hopefully :P


Thanks for your comment! Yes a decade of creating with some small wins but nothing to the point of it supporting me and my lifestyle. If you even want to connect and keep the motivation flowing feel free to get in touch. As I said at the end, if I was doing this for the money I would have quit a long time ago. I like to create and that's what keeps me coming back and trying again.



Consider yourself "Followed" lol! I really look forward to seeing more of your content in the future! Let's keep on growing and improving together :) Nice to meet you!


Sounds like a plan, I'll make sure I'm following you as well!


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BOTTY hopes its another Curie bait.

Wish you luck brother :]


Haha thanks man, I think I can't be nominated again for a few days though.

When someone's baffled with the idea of making money through writing, they try to manipulate the system, and this also happens when you don't have an innate passion for writing - otherwise you would never jeopardize your online image in front of people you hope to inspire and learn from. It's a slow process and perhaps true passion is the only thing that will help you forward.

You've stated things above that I have personally been through ever since I've been here. Yes,its great that you can earn from steemit, but let's not forget that it's not just a money making machine. It is a wonderful place to meet people, amazing ones at that, learn about them and actually let things out the way you can't otherwise! It's so liberating! Being a newbie, I don't get a lot of response either but the act of writing and posting itself is so therapeutic!


Thanks for the comment! It takes a lot of effort that people just don't want to put in or don't know they need to.

It's a slow process and perhaps true passion is the only thing that will help you forward.

This is so true! Money is not enough to stay motivated in creating content. Steem has been great in that we are able to make some money doing this but it's never a guarantee.

Well said. Just found you through a post on Map by @wandrnrose7
I think many come here with the idea to make money quickly and have the follow me attitude.
I do believe that most figure out after a while that it is not going to take them anywhere.
And the grind is real - no matter what we do. Even though it is fun most of the time, sometimes, it just is not.

Well said. Just found you through a post on Map by @wandrnrose7
I think many come here with the idea to make money quickly and have the follow me attitude.
I do believe that most figure out after a while that it is not going to take them anywhere.
And the grind is real - no matter what we do. Even though it is fun most of the time, sometimes, it just is not.


Oh my, the grind is super real XD

Glad you found this and thanks for the nice comment.

PS: @wandrnrose7 is awesome :D


just saw you in discord radio with Aggroed :)


woh! DM me when you can so I know you're username there!

Excellent post and observations! I would totally be interested in your thoughts on formatting blog posts. I've been on and off blogging for a few years (mostly off because of what you said in this post) but I'm trying to get back in to it. I'd love to hear your thoughts on breaking up content to make it easily digestable for your audience.


Hey @kslo sorry for the late response!

I'll add that to my list. Formatting won't make a turd shine but when you have great content formatting can tip it over the edge. A good tip with formatting is having the goal to make it easy to digest for your readers.


Great post. I hate that I missed the payout window.

I think this is something every new Steemian should understand. A consistent approach of building relationships and encouraging others will produce tangible rewards over time. Here, it's actual STEEM, but you'll also gain knowledge, experience, and perhaps even some friends.

Like your latest post about compassion, I believe this to be valuable insight for people who are new to the platform. I will most likely be sharing this post with new members in the future.

Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for checking this one out as well! Another awesome comment! I agree, we should always look to gain more knowledge, experience, and friendship over money and fame.