Great News for Steen Dolar positioned at $ 1.45.

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Today there was great news for our beloved currency Steen Dollar The morning began with an 80% growth, with the running of the hours it was fluctuating, as we can see in the image.

For a long time, it has stabilized below US $ 1.00, now it is quoting at US $ 1.45 dolar, more than 45% growth.

El día de hoy hubo grandes novedades para nuestra querida moneda Steen Dólar Comenzó la mañana con un crecimiento del 80 % , con el correr de las horas fue fluctuando, como podemos observar en la imagen.

Durante un largo tiempo se estabilizo por debajo de U$S 1.00  ahora está cotizando en bittrex U$S 1.45  más del 45% de crecimiento.

What opinion do you have?

  • It will go back down and stabilize at less than $ 1.00
  • The trend is bullish and will reach US $ 2.00 to then continue climbing.

Que opinión tienen ustedes.

  • Volverá a bajar y estabilizarse a menos de U$S 1.00
  • La tendencia es alcista y llegara a U$s 2.00 para luego seguir escalando.

It is notorious that our community is growing, every day we meet new partners who come to our platform, for this reason I want to put the foot of my post with some useful information.

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I would like to be able to give you more information of the users but as I said before there are many of them, then in time you will discover for yourself.

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I'll wait for you tomorrow to enjoy another account of my land in Corrientes.

José Luis Fernández
Corrientes Argentina

If it was to your liking, please help spread my channel, reesteemit. This action can be the big difference and make my work known more

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The time is ripe for it to go have a visit with the $2.00 mark and, as you mention, its growth will eventually continue as the bar will have been either brushed or crushed. Thanks for the information, keep on Steeming and namaste :)


let's hope their predictions are fulfilled, it's time to start raising the steem.
Thank you very much for your time in visiting and leaving a comment in my post
I wish you a wonderful day dear friend @ eric-boucher


In deed, it has been my pleasure and thanks,have a wonderful day too! Namaste :)

This is very good news! Thanks so much for sharing this my dear friend @julfer!


let's hope it is the continuous growth of our currency.
thank you very much dear friend @maruharraca for this pleasant visit



Good news its moving the right way :)


We hope that this increase motivates the compensations of our publications, thank you very much dear friend @ karenb54 for this pleasant visit
I wish you a good night


Now that would cheer me up :)

good topic resteem


thank you very much for the support you give my work dear friend @hassanbenali


youre welcome bro

I think that was just a taste, once we run out of circulating supply of Steem it will go up IMO.


thank you very much for this nice visit and your point of view dear friend @ embomb701
I wish you a beautiful day


Thanks for the response friend, following.

Great news , thanks for sharing .

Yes amazing i hope that steem will be at 2$

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Good news jlufer