$5.93 Steem! What Will The Price Be Next?

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steem $6.png

Today we celebrate our highest price ever on Steem now at around $6 with a market capitalization record of $1,463,751,095 along with our first day ever trading over $100 million dollars within 24 hours! On Bittrex Steem is currently #6 out of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies traded in volume! Coincidentally, the price pumped about 24 hours after I turned on a huge wave of ads on Facebook ...

steem bittrex number 6.png

We are on our way to $10+ Steem price especially because every wave of excitement also pumps steemit.com which brings in more users which then gives us even more growth.

alexa steemit.com price.png

While some of us are quick to suggest the price will drop back down immediately, now is the best time ever to hold Steem power because of the ability to get an immediate return from voting bots. For example, in my post yesterday we saw how any of us can delegate 100+ Steem power and get daily payouts in SBD and Steem from my voting bot while also funding growth projects with @budgets. At an equivalent of 60% APR, this is an amazing return with some bots offering an even higher payout for delegators instead of funding growth projects!

As voting bots encourage the hording of Steem power the way masternodes have done on Dash, we are likely to see the Steem price consistently climb as the largest investors continue to double down on voting bots and new investors continue to buy in and delegate to start earning automatic daily payouts.

$10+ Steem

In my second post on Steem, I predicted at $10 Steem price in 10 months (seven and a half months ago) without knowing about Smart Media Tokens, linear rewards, or voting bots! Throwing these in we can have near certainty of a price climb to $10+ fairly soon and we have a very good shot at $100 Steem by the end of 2018 as everything snowballs into no one wanting to sell Steem and tons of buying interest.

There may be some downs as long time investors holding on for a return finally get to cash out. @dan just sent out about 200,000 Steem to @blocktrades and has 1,714,029.261 more Steem to potentially sell along with holding 323,848.522 Steem power for voting. If @dan was to power up and delegate his Steem power to a voting bot, he would get 2,500+ Steem/SBD equivalent back a day using my voting bot while funding that much in growth projects for Steem or even more than that using a different bot that gives everything back to delegators.

This huge payout for delegating to voting bots soon will mean that few holding Steem power will want to power down and instead will just want to cash out using bot payouts which will continue to lead to a higher and higher Steem price!

Thank You!

Our efforts on Steem over the last year and a half collectively are being rewarded heavily now with the SBD pump first and now the Steem pump. This may be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the total price increase and earnings to come. I am honored to be a part of this and thank you for celebrating these record breaking achievements for Steem today on the cryptocurrency markets!

Jerry Banfield

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I first got into steem thanks to an add from you on Youtube.

I invested when steem was at 1$ and I am now posting daily jokes on steemit. This is all thanks to an add from you Jerry, I am really thankful.

Could you send a link to your new ad? Or just post it? I am curious to see it.

This is the newest ad that explains what Steem is.

Most of the budget is still being spent on the older ads from https://airtable.com/shrXuoYTnODWA0QG1. New posts soon will continue to report all the ads and spending again as older ones have done already!

good work

I watch from training day 1. very good to learn in order to move forward. I invest few $$ in steem.Thank you for promoting steem..

Really nice @marc99 I got in at the $1.00 and $1.50 marks as well! Wish I got more now haha but still happy! I post daily here as well! Following you and your posts!


Great, nice to meet you! followed you as well.

It's getting crazy last days, what are we going to do with so much money earned on Steem and other Crypto's :)))

I am also curious over here. Mr Banfield is definite a genuis and a master of the crypto world. I absolutely downloaded all the videos he created on steemit on youtube. He is a blessing to cryptocurrencies lovers of this generation.

Good for you,
You have invested at the right time! Good luck ahead

can i send my you tube channel link???

$10! Then $10 Billion market cap :D

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

u will be billionaire :D

Hope not - that would be a nightmare!

Its really amazing.

Hmmm... I'll get to know more about this bots.

We also see a very good APR from bots on Golos, despite there are other economic model there.

nice man

I still remember your prediction of $10 per steem and now you have eyes on $100. Great.

Technically analysis indicating that steem will hit at least $15 in this breakout. Lets wait and grow together

I'm so excited. I invested in Steem because I believed in the Steemit community that backs it. There is so much value here and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.


7.5 $ would be awesome, @chance777 <3


Yep, $10 will be the next target for sure. If the $10 can be a solid base, that would be great for Steem as assets typically stair-step up in a bull market.

The SMT is planned to be rolled out early this year, I'm curious to know which social media sites will adopt the monetization of their platform.

I speculate that this would give a nice bid for Steem since the SMT's are on the Steem blockchain.

$ 10 target is easy....
Next target is $ 20 to reach 1 % of facebook market cap !

Wow, this is awesome. Thanks to the system my steems are locked for 3 month. No bad trading decisions possible ;)

exactly what I was thinking ;)

Good work. Thanks also to all community members making this possible.

Now it's aproaching $10 easily

Jerry, you are a Steem-evangalist :)

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Jerry, you are making a lot of people millionaires!! I'll send you a tip once Steem goes to $1000 ;)

Steem goes bro!

I think you deserve to continue. @jerrybanfield Good I was following you on Youtube. Is it possible to ask you how to become like you. Wait your answer eagerly

Steem is on the rise. Glad I took your advice from the August meet up and invested $1,000 @jerrybanfield I don't nearly have as much as you do BUT....it's way more than totally sitting on the sidelines and not acting. Great post. Thanks.

Hopefully not as low as Deeeeeez Nutsss!

good job :)

To answer the question posed in the title - $8 and beyond!


It already hit 7USD so 10 is easy.

In this rate we will hit 10$ soon! The crypto market is doing great right now, and in my opinion we are not at the top yet. 2018 will be a great year for steem, steemit, and of course the whole crypto market. Anyways, great post Jerry! You are doing amazing!

SMT tokens and... booom to $20. I am sure.

I think this year we will reach top 20 in coinmarketcap!

I am sure it has the potential to mark the No. 3 -10 spot in the coinmarketcap.com ranking at some time.

Using @eSteem since Oct 17 still didn't know how to earn money. @jerrybanfield would you make another detailed tutorial video. We definitely need that.

I’m looking to buy when it dips!

I am not celebrating until we get to at least $90.

This was a minor move on the long trail to much higher levels. 😁

haha, wow... dude got to set the bar high ! let's do it !! (-:


haha, sound is good

Dang $90 per coin count me in ill retire that year for sure!

Considering I have a $100 price on STEEM by the end of 2018, you might want to look at property in Florida or Arizona for your retirement.

you will get your aim soon,i pray for you...

To HODL SBD or to sell for STEEM. That is the question....

Yes it is an amazing celebration! Thank you @jerrybanfield for inspiring us all and sharing this amazing community with us!


Thanks Jerry, you make really good job here! And your projects are one of the best.

That was the best morning for everyone who woke up and take a look at the price of steem and whooooo! it was $6 , ATH.
The new year gifts starts coming here.Thanks jerry for sharing your analysis and informative post.

This will grow big like CNN with a totally new way of seeing things. Thanks Steemit. I have been searching for something less sneaky and manipulative than fucking facebook for years. Go steem go.

wow congrats on the high price of steem and i resteem your post


This is amazing @jerrybanfield. 😱😄👍

$10 Steem would be amazing. The adoption of this currency is really fueling the growth of it. I am doing everything I can to grow my Steem holdings as I see this currency continuing to grow organically due to how it functions. Thank you for everything you do @jerrybanfield. Here is to $10 Steem!!!

I was trying to convince​ my friend to use Steemit and I showed him the price of SBD and Steem and I wasn't expecting this much of the rise I was blown away when I first saw this..

Hey Jerry, Just a quick post to say thank you for all your Crypto stuff I've been following them all and that lead to me signing up here because of your video. Also lead me to Suppoman and he is great too, so thanks :)

Hi Jerry, I bought 178 steem at $1.78 and now( jan 3) it is $7.40 . Thanks for posting about what Vice will do in near future.I am glad I found your YT vid

I am a new user. And I'm very happy that I got to know your videos...
I hope to collaborate until the end of time

I love you Sir Jerry Banfield. You are a real inspiration to us all Steemians. Steem will definitely hit $10 and climb on like the Mount Everest. Your post is very true and you are a cryptocurrency genuis too. Rock on Boss. Nice post.

Thanks Jerry. I just created my profile. Will need some tutoring on this :)

If steem get in touch more exchange markets its price can skyrocket to much ( 200 or +) it is really possible. We can see more like steemit social medias soon....

I just checked, it's already at USD8.14!!! No way! :)

Awesome!! I was wondering when we would see a price surge! Its gonna be crazy when it reaches another crazy all time high!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi congrats on the high price of steem
@jerrybanfield do you think steem will not down again? ????

Steem has what it deserves.
This must go up even more since little by little people are realizing the potential that is hidden here.
Happy new year!

this is really important ,my dear @jerrybanfield,thanks for sharing with us.

could be big. I still suck with this so far. but i see where it could lead. :)

steem is the new king

please please please vote my post this month is very important for me to
I have to earn $10. this is a personal request from bottom of my heart

it's really good...

it is years off steem him become +20$ very easy

100+ Dollars :)

Upvote and resteem done done.


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I totally agree that Steem will increase in price and i think it have the potential to pass $10. What really confuse me a lot is SBD... what do you think about it... it will grow as well togheter with Steem or it will go back to $1 as it's stated in the wallet section.
I will really appreciate your replay and i bet there are a lot of us asking them-self the same question!
Happy New Year and let's have a rock and roll year in the crypto world worth to remember!

If the platform continuous to rise like this and a lot of members post quality content we can see 10$ in a month

I am confused and won't deny it..just keeping the faith..

I agree with your prediction: "I predicted at $10 Steem price in 10 months"

It hit about $7.34 USD and shows signs of a continued climb from its current price of $5.85 USD. As many analysts have projected, it's likely we will see Steem climb up around $17.50 USD this year and in all likelihood, beyond. :)
Steem on my friends! We're on the ground floor of internet history.

this post very nice..steemit is a great social network..thanks for sharing this post..

@jerrybanfield when you run Facebook ads what are you targeting? Are you merely running ads to get people to join or are you asking them to follow you? Do you get anything for bringing people to steemit or are you doing it to raise the value of the platform?

Thank you,
Spencer Coffman

Thanks so much Steemians and Steem! Made my New Year! Burned up some value in transaction fees being skittish about converting 290 in Steem to BTC in 4 transactions, but worked like a charm and fast. Thought maybe Steemians made a New Year resolution to Steam harder and it would fall in the short term like my New Year resolutions of wanting to get in shape and burning out in the gym day one and not going back right away :-) Sure it will go up some more though this year, but expect a little dip as people take some gains. Might be wrong... Social media is blowing up on Steem right now. Lovers praising Steem and haters who are missing the boat making claims that it has no value. Helped get a few skeptical people onboard today. Quick video demo of converting Steem to BTC with some of my music. Linked in Article I wrote this morning about Steem's price surge and the conversion process: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/first-time-experience-cashing-out-steem-bitcoin-6-spike-moffett/?published=t

steem is on high pump..thanks for your info sir..you always educate us on the current trends and future changes..they are really helpful to us..thanks alot :)

I am really curious about the timing of some of these jumps and drops. I know Steem is getting big in Korea as well and a whole slew of other countries. I wonder how much variance is caused by regional influences? Things seem to drop overnight often, but shot up late yesterday. I'm sure the holidays make things weird too.

To the moon and beyond!

I can tell you are a very happy man.

Today had the same euphoric feeling, yes, yes, yes, i told you so, look here what the crypto currency Steem is doing. Today was a great day for Steem Especially because a lot of acquaintances and friends do not share my enthusiasm for Steemit.com and Steem. However, today when I wanted to show my colleagues the increasing value of my Steem Wallet. I noticed that the value of the wallet was not equal to the number Steem multiplied by it's value. Please could you explain to me what i'm missing!!!

Weldone post @jerrybanfield

It is crazy to see how far Steemit has come in just the last 6 months since I've been on the platform. Can't wait to see what 2018 holds for Steemit!

@jerrybanfield thats really valuable stuff thanks for sharing it

@jerrybanfield Remember the good old days of sub-$1 steem? This type of growth has scared some out of crypto, while encouraging others to get in.

Thanks for not making comparisons to Facebook/Twitter on marketcap, the world needs to know that Steemit (and the associated ecosystem) can stand on its own.

Thank you for everything Jerry! You've been so generous with this community. Thank you for all the dedication which is starting to pay out. We Steemians believe in YOU Jerry

again, thank you for all of your hard work

i am realy happy because steemit change my life.

the next price will be base on your upvote to my comment lol.. just kidding.. but it will be more than we can imagine. , I still remember your video posted in facebook saying steem will reach $10 last year. but sbd made it instead of steem. who knows what will happen next.

Thanks for the informative post. I started buying Steem in the summer, when I started getting into the crypto world. I learned about Steemit through reading about EOS. I truly think Steemit has the potential to outgrow Facebook and the likes over time, since the whole structure is very good in securing that the users have the right incentives. I will only add to my Steem holdings and “power them up” for maximum benefits. Really looking forward to be part of the community. Thanks.

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i think steem coin future is lucky...i invest it ..

well i agree on it and u say right the steem price will on 10$ maybe in next month and also the 100$ in the end of 2018 bcz u say true that the many person want to hold it and wait for good price and this thing gain its price and when price gain this will more attractive and also this gain the price more and hope the end of 2018 it will go to 100$ @jerrybanfield


Hi,i am Asger.Please like this post 100% upvote.Thank you for the goodness :)

Hey @jerrybanfield

It's because of influencers like you who believe in Steem community. Wheneve someone says Steemit is a scam I show them your account.

I ask why this guy would be holding so much Steem power? he is earning from various other sources like Youtube, Udemy, etc but he is also investing his time on Steemit just because he believes in it and me too.

Thanks for being an inspiration Jerry. Keep up the good work.

With the way things are going, the next stop - $10 - cannot be far away.

I'm new here. Need support. I subscribed to your excellent blog, please subscribe and you are on mine. Thank you!

Excellent thanks for sharing, I had not heard about you before, I see that you are a person who has good knowledge and have given good contributions to our community, I which share the same feeling of gratitude that you speak, I started in July 2017 and I am Beginning to see the first fruits, I know that I still have a long way to go. Sorry my bad english

Always enjoy your posts. I'm still wrapping my mind around the whole delegate process. Not clear on what it is or why to do it. Or how for that matter. But it sounds interesting...and profitable, so I need to dig deeper. Still new at all this!

@jerrybanfield thanks for introducing me to this community. This is my first day on steem blockchain. I do not know more about steem but i know with time my friend @polaleye50 will explain more. Thanks for spreading the good news, I will replicate that also to friends.

Awesome post @jerrybanfield

I can totally see steem go to $10 pretty quickly. I've been watching your videos and listening to you and I like what I hear and I believe steem is going to be huge.

I'm getting more excited for steem to go higher even more this 2018! Hope us, newbies, could experience the success you have right now! Happy New Year!

Am I too late to get my steem.. i have to wait on pay cheques 😭

It is helpful for me. thaks.

hello @jerrybanfield, i'm new here and I am inspired by you

Jerry! Thank you so much! You are awesome!
I am so a believer that this is only the beginning !! I even made a song about this for open mic. I have been here for only two months, but i do really see the value on this amazing platform! I have a YouTube channel with almost 8 thousands subs and sbout 35 thousand views a month!! I make about 12 dollars a month from it, while here on Steemit with only 350 subs i get so muchore that that.. not to mention tjat I learn stuff everyday day.. amd i get to Do what i like amd share it with the world!. On top of that i get paid real money! It is unbelievable how amazing this place is! And people like you make it even better!

Happy new years by the way!

This is the best platform and it’s so worth it! Cheers to a sucessful 2018🎉🎉

More steem power would guarantee a more prosperous Steemit experience. Powering up now is a wise decision one can ever make

It will surely touch $20 mark in the coming 4-5 months.

That's awesome.