$5.93 Steem! What Will The Price Be Next?

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steem $6.png

Today we celebrate our highest price ever on Steem now at around $6 with a market capitalization record of $1,463,751,095 along with our first day ever trading over $100 million dollars within 24 hours! On Bittrex Steem is currently #6 out of the hundreds of cryptocurrencies traded in volume! Coincidentally, the price pumped about 24 hours after I turned on a huge wave of ads on Facebook ...

steem bittrex number 6.png

We are on our way to $10+ Steem price especially because every wave of excitement also pumps steemit.com which brings in more users which then gives us even more growth.

alexa steemit.com price.png

While some of us are quick to suggest the price will drop back down immediately, now is the best time ever to hold Steem power because of the ability to get an immediate return from voting bots. For example, in my post yesterday we saw how any of us can delegate 100+ Steem power and get daily payouts in SBD and Steem from my voting bot while also funding growth projects with @budgets. At an equivalent of 60% APR, this is an amazing return with some bots offering an even higher payout for delegators instead of funding growth projects!

As voting bots encourage the hording of Steem power the way masternodes have done on Dash, we are likely to see the Steem price consistently climb as the largest investors continue to double down on voting bots and new investors continue to buy in and delegate to start earning automatic daily payouts.

$10+ Steem

In my second post on Steem, I predicted at $10 Steem price in 10 months (seven and a half months ago) without knowing about Smart Media Tokens, linear rewards, or voting bots! Throwing these in we can have near certainty of a price climb to $10+ fairly soon and we have a very good shot at $100 Steem by the end of 2018 as everything snowballs into no one wanting to sell Steem and tons of buying interest.

There may be some downs as long time investors holding on for a return finally get to cash out. @dan just sent out about 200,000 Steem to @blocktrades and has 1,714,029.261 more Steem to potentially sell along with holding 323,848.522 Steem power for voting. If @dan was to power up and delegate his Steem power to a voting bot, he would get 2,500+ Steem/SBD equivalent back a day using my voting bot while funding that much in growth projects for Steem or even more than that using a different bot that gives everything back to delegators.

This huge payout for delegating to voting bots soon will mean that few holding Steem power will want to power down and instead will just want to cash out using bot payouts which will continue to lead to a higher and higher Steem price!

Thank You!

Our efforts on Steem over the last year and a half collectively are being rewarded heavily now with the SBD pump first and now the Steem pump. This may be the tip of the iceberg in terms of the total price increase and earnings to come. I am honored to be a part of this and thank you for celebrating these record breaking achievements for Steem today on the cryptocurrency markets!

Jerry Banfield


I first got into steem thanks to an add from you on Youtube.

I invested when steem was at 1$ and I am now posting daily jokes on steemit. This is all thanks to an add from you Jerry, I am really thankful.

Could you send a link to your new ad? Or just post it? I am curious to see it.

This is the newest ad that explains what Steem is.

Most of the budget is still being spent on the older ads from https://airtable.com/shrXuoYTnODWA0QG1. New posts soon will continue to report all the ads and spending again as older ones have done already!

good work

I watch from training day 1. very good to learn in order to move forward. I invest few $$ in steem.Thank you for promoting steem..

Really nice @marc99 I got in at the $1.00 and $1.50 marks as well! Wish I got more now haha but still happy! I post daily here as well! Following you and your posts!


Great, nice to meet you! followed you as well.

It's getting crazy last days, what are we going to do with so much money earned on Steem and other Crypto's :)))

I am also curious over here. Mr Banfield is definite a genuis and a master of the crypto world. I absolutely downloaded all the videos he created on steemit on youtube. He is a blessing to cryptocurrencies lovers of this generation.

Good for you,
You have invested at the right time! Good luck ahead

can i send my you tube channel link???

$10! Then $10 Billion market cap :D

u will be billionaire :D

Hope not - that would be a nightmare!

Its really amazing.

Hmmm... I'll get to know more about this bots.

We also see a very good APR from bots on Golos, despite there are other economic model there.

I still remember your prediction of $10 per steem and now you have eyes on $100. Great.

Technically analysis indicating that steem will hit at least $15 in this breakout. Lets wait and grow together

I'm so excited. I invested in Steem because I believed in the Steemit community that backs it. There is so much value here and I can't wait to see what this next year brings.


Yep, $10 will be the next target for sure. If the $10 can be a solid base, that would be great for Steem as assets typically stair-step up in a bull market.

The SMT is planned to be rolled out early this year, I'm curious to know which social media sites will adopt the monetization of their platform.

I speculate that this would give a nice bid for Steem since the SMT's are on the Steem blockchain.

$ 10 target is easy....
Next target is $ 20 to reach 1 % of facebook market cap !

Wow, this is awesome. Thanks to the system my steems are locked for 3 month. No bad trading decisions possible ;)

exactly what I was thinking ;)

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