10 Reasons for $10 Steem Price in 10 Months!

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How will we feel when the Steem price reaches $10 in 10 months? This price is possible for our community because of these 10 factors!

10. Google organic search traffic. For getting found online, being at the top of Google and YouTube when a user searches is the ideal solution for nearly everyone from local businesses to blogging to art and anything else imaginable. Steemit.com has a perfect formula for building a high ranking website because the financial benefits of making high quality original articles in exchange for money. When we put blog posts with the same information our website, we have to hustle for money with ads, products and services. With our generosity in voting posts up as we have shown on my first intro post at https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@jerrybanfield/our-steem-journey I have already altered my business model online to do away with making books and instead share everything straight on Steemit for the Google search traffic alone. Influential Steem users already seem to be prioritizing sharing here which will continue to attract more people to do the same. A rising tide lifts all boats which is likely to soon place steemit.com in the top 1000 websites just from Google search traffic. The higher the page rank of the entire website, the easier it becomes for every post to take first place like Wikipedia! It looks like to me we are about to hit a power curve up with the recent excitement in cryptocurrencies according to the data from alexa.com.

steemit global traffic alexa.png

9. Lower inflation rate with attract more buying and holding on exchanges. With the previous 100% yearly creation of Steem, many cryptocurrency investors were probably avoiding buying and holding any Steem because of the virtually guaranteed loss while others like me sold all my Steem after it kept going down and down without even knowing why it was going down. Many who once were interested and sold may not realize that the inflation rate is so much less now until the price starts going up on the exchanges which might motivate more research. After hours of researching Steem, I did not realize the interest rate was down to 2% or so annually until I calculated it myself even though the change was months ago and I had been actively trading on Bittrex, Poloniex, and Bitfinex most of the time in between including buying in on Steem. At first I was horrified to see my Steem Power would earn 2% yearly instead of 1% daily until I realized this meant the price of the currency would keep going up. As the market continues to catch up to the change over time, Steem will be a very attractive currency to buy and hold on an exchange along with SBD. See the recent graph from coinmarketcap.com.

steem charts coinmarketcap.png

8. Powering down prevents impulsive sales and quick exits. One day in May I sold my entire Dash masternode worth $87,000 at the time which I had bought for $11,000 and today is worth $150,000. The data looked like the boom was done for Dash and I unloaded everything after months of everyone in my life suggesting I sell. With so much of Steem powered up, these quick exits will make for less sudden market plunges as cashing out is spread out gently in 13 payments now over 3 months meaning any whales that want out will of Steem Power will not just cash everything overnight. Minimizing huge drops helps to allow the price to climb over time in any bull or bear market.

7. Higher previous market value with no bubble wave fully impacting yet. The price was at $4 once why not $10? While most all of the top 100 cryptocurrencies have hit a massive price spike lately where the current market value is anywhere from double to 100+ times what it EVER was in the past, Steem actually had the highest market cap currently as of May 24, 2017 in July 2016. As investors see that the profit has mostly been made in other cryptos, Steem will become very attractive for a big pump and dump which might boost the price up to over $10 in just a matter of days. When I invested in my Dash masternode which made me $75,000 profit in 4 months on an $11,000 investment ($50,000 or so after the IRS gets the estimated tax payment), the Dash market had the same properties. A year or so in the past, the market had went higher than it was when I bought in. Among top cryptocurrencies, Steem is the only one I see which this property currently which is why I invested more than $20,000 within my first week of signing up. Others are certain to draw these same conclusions as they review the data and try to make money. See for comparison the Steem market cap history and today from coinmarketcap.com versus the total market capitalization. Steem is not likely to totally miss out on the global cryptocurrency market capitalization spike!

steem market cap higher previously.png

total cryptocurrency market cap may 24 2017.png

6. Attractive as an investment for influencers and new content creators in exchange for influence. Earlier this year I had a self-employed IRA account with Facebook, Google, and Walmart stock accounting for around $10,000 of my retirement savings. Along with this, I had $2,500 in a Vanguard solo 401k going to a fund that effectively held the entire market of stocks and bonds. What privileges did I get with that? An extra email maybe at most. My money was all but irrelevant to these massive companies worth billions of dollars. This same investment on Steem allows anyone currently to have one of the most influential votes on the website. On Facebook, I have been a user since 2005 and my like is still worth the same as a new user that signs up today. Steemit makes an insanely attractive investment opportunity for anyone looking to get started blogging and build an audience or influencers that already have an audience to bring them to the website to simplify the monetization process. As an author, why even bother publishing books anymore when I can just have me readers come here and read everything 100% free and then THEY get paid for making great comments! Established authors and bloggers will be tempted to try for the huge rewards per post as soon as they find out about our community. Immediately when they put the word out to their audiences their readers will start pouring in from other social media accounts and become our readers too. Meanwhile investors with no audience will see the opportunity to just pay to start one and make an investment that is much more fun than the current and exceptionally boring world of most investing. Stay at home moms and dads are likely to start even changing their retirement savings and ad spend from other websites into a Steem investment as a new blogging platform especially because ...

5. I am going to promote this like crazy! Most of how I ended up here falls into everything into this list and I am already starting to tell all my closest friends and family about this now. My wife was surprised at how huge the earnings were on my introductory post and I asked if she would start her own blog her. She said she would think about it. My friend Jordan is big into online marketing and making money online with AdSense, video courses, Facebook ads and ActiveCampaign. After a 30 minute sales pitch on a call with him today, the smile started exploding on his face as he calculated that the top 500 accounts on Steemit were likely to earn "real money" and the ability to get an account at that level of influence is currently wide open. After I allow a few more weeks to see if I can buy more Steem at the lowest cost and allow those taking my #1 Cryptocurrency Investment Opportunity May 21, 2017 video course time to make their investments, I am going to share Steemit everywhere for our mutual benefit. I am hoping through my efforts alone to bring 100,000+ new users to Steemit over the next 10 months because our community here is the nicest I have seen so far online based on the comments on my introduceyourself post and because I want this to be the investment of a lifetime for me as well. When Facebook was new, I had no money or opportunity to invest. Same for everything else up until Dash first and now Steem. Steem is my retirement plan and I hope an opportunity for me to help tens of thousands of us earn more money by being active in new stories and comments on Steemit.com. I have YouTube ads, Google display network ads, and Facebook ads already planned for Steem plus using email marketing from all the students on my video courses to make https://steemit.com/@jerrybanfield the exclusive place I respond to comments online. I am all in on Steem and I hope to make my contribution to the price of our cryptocurrency enough that it will be over $10 in 10 months!

4. Word of mouth marketing power to bring friends in to upvote and earn together. How did I first join Facebook? I was hoping to find a few girls I knew from high school which I did but then they unfriended me not long after ... 12 years later why am I still using Facebook for the majority of my business communications? Now everyone else is on Facebook instead of it being just me and a few friends from college. The more users sign up for Steemit, the more viral growth we will continue to get because of the HUGE incentive to bring friends and family to help upvote posts. The more users refer friends, the more we will keep pulling in whales, dolphins, and users active every 12 hours that do exceptional work curating the best content.

3. Higher earnings from the recent price growth provides strong motivation for the entire make money online crowd to test blogging on Steemit. When prices were much lower, seeing people make a few cents or maybe $100 at the top for trending posts was unlikely to attract serious commitment from people interested in finding a way to earn money working from home online which is likely an audience of hundreds of millions of people today. With trending posts today almost all making $100+ with the top posts making $500 to $1,000+, we are very likely to be signing up new users now that will be pouring their best time and creative energy into producing amazing posts for Steemit. It seems from Google search results that this was the case 9 to 10 months ago when the Steem price was high and according to the thousand or so users a day signing up now plus my own behavior, we are likely beginning what will be the most epic boom Steem has seen to date. Here is a screenshot of the trending posts on Steemit.com today for reference!

steem trending may 24 2017.png

2. Celebrities will be attracted to show off and monetize their following which will bring in waves of user signups. How would you feel if your favorite celebrity joined Steemit today? Wouldn't you instantly follow them and start upvoting their posts? Even just a small number of actors, singers, writers, musicians, politicians, and artists getting started with Steemit.com would generate a lot of press and might pull in hundreds of thousands of sign ups in a week or two combined likely with a huge bubble in the price of Steem. Our excitement is contagious and just through our continued efforts we will begin bringing in people that we have been following for years and finally get a chance to get recognized by them using the amazing upvoting comment system here. While Tim Ferris never has responded to any of my previous comments online, if he signed up here, maybe I would have a shot at getting an upvote.

1. We will earn it by continuing to make this an amazing website to use, being active daily, upvoting what we like, and building deeper relationships with each other! The last nine reasons I listed are all reasons I think that what we contribute here will continue to snowball into becoming one of the world's top 100 websites with users finally getting paid for doing the valuable creative work which is currently done on Facebook and Reddit for free. Still, all of this depends on us making a website that wows people on the first visit. Everything written here is built on the assumption we will work well together to vote the best posts to the top and ensure creators giving the most get paid the most while the most valuable contributions to the conversation are rewarded with the most SBD and SP. Each decision we make here matters as with voting up posts that are really helpful or entertaining potentially bringing a smile to a new user's face and a commitment to invest in Steem for the long term. Ultimately if we want the price to go up, we need long term investments and those come from providing ongoing value. In the middle of a world of opportunity where I am grateful we have given me the ability to do nearly anything online, I am choosing to make Steem the foundation of my business online and my passion. Our love and support over my first intro post was so amazing I spend 2 hours of my most valuable creative time today writing this which I hope is helpful for us today through inspiring us to make our best effort on Steemit.

Thank you very much for reading this today! If you found this post helpful, would you please vote it up and/or share your feedback below?


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@jerrybanfield thnx for your near about more than 1 hour video about steemit . i joined steemit after watching it completely. Also visited your website. Its really cool. Just want to say thnx for your wonderful work. If possible please ping me on @amareshpanda13. Want to know a lot about steemit.


Thanks for a great explanation on Steemit @jerrybanfield I am definitely a new follower now and hope you will follow me back! I just have one question if I want to become a big investor where do I find that chart with the different level of potential rewards?


Followed and great question I will plan to make one!


And people will ask themselves later on: Stupid me; how could I miss this.


i was just about to write something like this.. haha


I felt that reading the post I wonder if he uses Drivver to make posts.


It is a software system which takes the rubbish out of your blogs and books etc to remake them into articles ,ebooks looks very good,


I've been in crypto for a few years, my completely biased and unscientific opinion is that BTS and STEEM have not even started pumping yet. There are a lot of shitcoins being pumped and dumped right now, but there are very few platforms with real utility. That is what makes both BTS and STEEM different - they do useful things real people actually want to do. I wrote years ago that Bitshares will become the first trillion dollar crypto and I still believe it. Steem needs to add facebook social media and reddit like organization to really fly, but even as it is I don't think $100-$200 STEEM is out of the question in the next two years. There is going to be an insane influx of fiat value in the next 12 months and it will find its way to the platforms that have utility.


I totally agree. When tide goes out we'll see who is wearing swimsuit. And we already know, do we?


Hello @oldtimer will you help mentor me?
Would you give me some constructive feedback on what I can do to get the best results on STEEMIT.

I have noticed that some STEEMERS are better at posting stories and others are better at connecting people, content, and adding value to existing content. I plan to put in the time to get to exceptional places. I just want to apply my time in the areas that have the most opportunity.


totally agree!

I hope you're right.

Jerry, can you please help with this? Steemit is in the finals, there are only hours left, would be nice if you can do a Video about it, we need about 10.000 Votes more to win this! Thanks for your support!



Sure voted for Steem there and am continuing to do more research and tests on Steem before I share it with everyone to help me make the best possible presentation!


Sweet :)


How is it going now jerry. it is like one day left and steemit really has chance at winning. the margin is close. One last push and we will win. i think the gap now from eth classic is like 4 percent.

Oh my god. Thats one of the best posts I have seen so far. If I could, I would upvote it with 1000%+. So glad your spending all of your experience with us. I am insanely hyped right now and got the biggest FOMO ever!! :D Keep it up Jerry <3


If you said that to me I'd be like, "ok, I'll reply to your comment 10 times and you can upvote each of them at 100%"

reply 1: Thanks:) upvote this at 100%
reply 2: ditto
reply 3: ditto
reply 10: ditto Thanks for the 1,000% upvote :)


But then I wouldn't support jerrys blogpost ;)

Just following your advice joined seemit.Its really wonderful.I have even invested a lot on steem on poloniex.

After reading your post, which you devoted 2 hours of your valuable time to, and seeing many of your youtube movies I can only say this!

Donald Trump step aside, Jerry Banfield for President!!! Then instantly we would have the most known celebrity on the Steemit community.

I'll start printing your campaign posters right away ;)

Have a nice day and remember.. Gococonuts!

I agree with you my friend @jerrybanfield except it is a possibility to occur prior to ten months and right before Christmas would be most likely with a continued surge afterwards and folks get Christmas money or set aside money for projects they wish to do. An excellent post please keep up the great analyses

Hey Jerry I thought I would say a quick hello and thank you for introducing me to Steem. I went through your latest course on your site the other day I'm now full on board with Steem and mentioned you in my 1st intro post. Keep up the great content and make Steemit awesomer :)

Sounds great! thanks, Jerry

What's best here is that your followers are with you across platfroms! SteemQ, chainBB, Zappl, etc! A gold mine for brands!


don't forget about Polish @strimi :)

Thank you for effort.❤

I got it bad... STEEM FOMO!


@robert-call THANK YOU for sending me 10 STEEM and recommending I mention the free micro payments and easy crowdfunding here! I will make sure to do that!


Awesome. One more thing to note is the addition of Community Tokens in the future. Here is the link to an interview with Ned Scott about the subject. Have a good day!

I agree :))

Thanks jerry!
Im investing when i get paid this weelend!

thanks for a very good post...steemit has a great potential to become a success story...

I got competition in being the one to predict the Steem price... I see I need to go back to work fast, as else you will take the whole market... $10 is only the start.



I predict 100 million billion dollars by 2197 AD!


Surely you meant $10k?

I was searching on what to invest and saw this post. I bought discounted steem during the crash.


Nice you got it cheaper than I did!

Considering the site development isn't even done yet, communities are still a few weeks away, and the sign up procedure will be smoother in the future, we are in a good position for some massive growth once the pieces are in place.


That will be the game changer. Groups had a similar impact on facebook.


Really, communities are only a few weeks away, that so awesome to hear!

muchas gracias!!!!, Thanks a million for the post.. I'm talking to lots of my friends and family about this amazing opportunity!!! :)

@jerrybanfield excellently written and detailed post - you have made a lot of valid points.

I do, however, feel like you've overlooked one huge advantage of STEEM / SBD: that any of us can transfer value to one another exceptionally quickly and without any cost.

If we compare that to some of the other Cryptocurrencies with larger market caps then there is an obvious benefit that I don't think has been correctly priced in yet.

My belief is that in order for a Cryptocurrency to really take off then the value has to be really obvious - and extend beyond it being a one-trick pony of helping to monitise content creation (and content moderation).

What we now see is that people are already starting to list services on Steemit instead of other platforms like fiverr (the community has already started the initiative #steemgigs) because people are starting to realise that they can pay someone anywhere in the world for carrying out some work for them in seconds without anyone charging a fee for it.

For me, that's a huge plus for STEEM.


I love you for sharing this because I made an entire video saying this is the one feature a crypto currency really needs to make it to the top and now I am humbled to find the marketplace is already thriving here!


Cool - glad to hear. I don't think that the point can be over emphasised enough =)

great pointers

End of Year.

$100 Per Steem


That's my prediction too.

Thank you for optimistic prognose.

Hopefully it will be like that.
Last night, I wrote a post of a valoration of Steem based on the increase of active monthly users and in which steals market share to Facebook. You can find it in my profile as "Cryptocurrencies Analysis # 4: My target Price for Steem is $ 2.93".

Seems reasonably it's a great idea 💡

Jerry, thank you once again for such interesting content. While reading through the FAQ I came across this:

"Will 1 Steem Dollar always be worth $1.00 USD?

The market value of a Steem Dollar is dictated by the supply and demand of the token. Therefore it is possible for 1 SBD to be worth more or less than 1 USD depending on market conditions. However, the network's SBD conversion feature serves as a mechanism to hold Steem Dollars within a small margin of the value of USD."

What do you think of this quote and how is it possible for the price of steem to increase with such mechanisms in place?

Steem on!


HIi @craigemslie - the FAQ question is about "STEEM Backed Dollars" (SBD), which are technically different than the STEEM coins. The price of STEEM can go way up or way down, but the mechanisms of the blockchain are designed to try and hold the value of a "Steem Dollar" at approximately one USD.

It should also be noted that SBD has been trading for closer to $2 instead of $1 recently, so the mechanisms to hold it 'close to 1 dollar' haven't been perfect.


Thank you so much for the info!


That's such a great question I am not sure of the exact answer!

Maybe more than 10$

I am Web Developer and a search engine expert and i can tell you - Google is falling in love with steemit !!

Steemit can become the new Wikipedia !!

It's all on you - keep writing good articles.


@digitalplayer love your words of encouragement here as right now I am operating almost completely on faith that with consistent articles everyday on Steemit instead of my website I will get a much better return in organic search traffic not just for me but for all of the Steem community as well!

If steem hits $10, our votes will be precious then. :D

I agree that we will break new all time high in steem this year. Cheers Jerry!

$10? pessimistic. $700 in two years bro ;)


I believe you. You have vision!


That would be so incredible. I'm glad every single one of us is getting in on this early. Everyone deserves a wonderful life.

With you on board, I am confident that steem price will increase. Thanks again for being part of this amazing platform.

Just started to follow you. This is a crazy write up but a good one.. gonna be learn alot from you i think.

It'll go to 10 dollars because... JERRY BANFIELD! Readers, this is the same guy that helped DASH move the way it did. Follow this guy!

I hope the price will come today for that

Pretty sweet @jerrybanfield! Great work :) I like the fact that you pointed out the popularity of Steemit.com! Digging into all the resources on the web! Love it! Chat later my friend! :D

This is just amazing Stuff, very well done, you should be the marketing guy from Steemit. Upvoted and re-steemed !

oo you give me goosebumps jerry! great post my friend :) following now. This is a great list of reasons why it is likely to go to 10 and I agree.

Nice post. Any major competitors on the horizon? Akasha on Ethereum


Awesome question I looked at the competitors and the one place they won't be able to catch up is community!


At the moment, steemit is one of a kind, solely because of it's community approach. This is the most polite and helpful crowd of people I've ever seen in one place on the internet. I had to learn to turn down my inner Twitter to get a handle on this place. The value is in the community.


@wakeupsheeps you said exactly how I am feeling this is the most polite, kind, and loving community I have seen online so far!


I agree... STEEMIT really supports positive content.


I hope that steemit developers are going to invest dollars from current hype also to design and marketing to bring real crowds to steemit. Ordinary people, not nerds. Bigger pictures and more social "gossip" info between people. If we want to make money on this project, get "advertisers" to buy steem to promote their products.


Plus akasha posts won't rank on google in the way steem does. No doubt!

Finally Jerry Banfield comes to Steemit, two great posts already on fire. If you don't know him you're in for a regular treat.

will see, thanks for a post

I love it! Thank you for this. And yes, ★ WE ARE GONNA BE LEGENDS

Cool! I like this vision for steemit.


i have seen almost all your youtube videos

Hope you are right. I will be dancing in the streets.


I just started steaming i would like to learn how to post these kinds of videos .


Just copy and paste a gif url from Giffy or somewhere

Damn! Its really you, right? Instant follow!

Thanks Jerry, i bought Steem a couple days ago after watching your youtube video. I researched what you said. I came up with Steem but I also bought XPM Primecoin because it fell into many the the same specs but a smaller community.


Nice! Thank you for commenting here!

This post excites me. lol And with the breather cryptos are taking right now, I'm all the more excited!
Steemit has incredible untapped potential and I'm positive if we speak loudly enough, Steemit will be the biggest innovation in social media history. ;)

Thanks Jerry your post was very insightful and i really think that it'll start up sooner than we think.
I really have to thank you for showing this website. I really love this community and i am very curious as to what it will be in a few months or even in a year

Thank you Jerry for a great post!
This is going to be one hell of a ride 😀
Your article alone made me go and buy more Steem right away 👌❤️


Awesome I bought another thousand today and I'm really holding back not dumping everything I can in all at once just in case I'm wrong about the price going up right away! I'm hoping to buy everything before I start putting videos up on YouTube about it


Thats going to be crazy when you start talking about it on youtube 😀
Really looking forward to it 👍
Wish I could buy more Steem 😆


Hey jerry follow me ! Lets makes some music!!! this is cryptocorey on youtube

Glad one of the youtube sensation is together with us now!
buckle up.JPG


... and no smoking! ;)


hahaha...Smoking is prohibited by international regulated commission...

Lets see what happen now, I have lost more than 130 000$+ BTC Value in 2014-2016. Now I am back and now I give free information for all with the highest possible level in the Blockchain Area! Good Job also Jerry! Best Regards from Germany! Your Selfmade Boss

Great post man! I've referenced you in my latest article. You may want to check my blog. I thing it will interest you a little. I look forward to more great stuff from you!

Congratulations @jerrybanfield!
Your post was mentioned in my hit parade in the following categories:

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Great post Jerry. I think you are right about it. I missed out on many opportunities, but I most definitely will not on this one!

I just recently saw one of your video's about Dash masternodes. You made a terrific call about Dash there!

Great to see you here!

Great post Jerry! I wrote a post a while ago regarding your point 2 on celebrities joining Steemit, PewDiePie with 53million youtube followers would be awesome to see posting on steemit! Maybe one day he and others will join lets see...
As always keep up the great work and spreading the word about Steemit.
Full Steem Ahead! @jerrybanfield
Best regards,

I'm glad you made it here to steemit. We need more people like you to help grow steem. :)

yes man every thing is possible in the net with good publicity and reputation

Great post! I hope it will indeed continue its upward climb to the top :-)

The upside potential is great. Do you worry about what this platform will become if starts filling up with Justin Bieber fans?


Maybe I should worry more about that because it is so nice just as it is now!

Great Post Jerry, You really put it into perspective nicely.

then SBD will become also $20

All fine and dandy, but did you get better at league?!


LOL I had to give up playing league of legends in order to start investing in crypto currencies! The first day I started investing in my dash masternode was the day after I played my last league of legends game!


Well I have played only 2 games since I have been on Steemit for the last 3 weeks. I guess becoming good at crypto is more useful than being good in league ;)


Sweet comedy happened here. Something to talk about in a video. Would be hilarious really! Gamers fit steemit too. Let's retire all the gamers and turn them steemians for crypto sake. What do you think @jerrybanfield?

Jerry, I think you are spot on with this post. I also think due to the community, social nature of the platform and overall insulation created by Steem Power we will be the least effected from the dreaded cryptocurrency bubble popping.

Follow me for anything art and interesting things from around the world.

great post 10 10 10 - makes absolutely sense^^
I also believe that the further apps build on top of Steem will enrich the platform and the amount of users:
twitter > zappl
instragram > steepshot
youtube > steemq
others > ...

Thank you for spending your valuable 2 hours to educate everyone of us. Nice post!

welcome my friend!! great post and I as may others do see steem hitting 10 bucks a pop! we cant wait.

I just read all that when is the book coming out awesome read

We'll see. I'm not entirely sold. However, what's nice about being on the fence, I'm still earning it.

I can only hope you are right

why 10$ in 10 month, $10 in 3 month look reliable to me...if you know the acoount growth every day..i read it in some one post...steem it will be the biggest blockchain for blogger...


I think it will be a lot faster as well but the post title sounded so nice with everything being 10!

Very nice post and great points. A few rap videos and there will be an explosion of urban steemers.

yeah i also hopt to be your idea

nice...rs and upvote for you...

Brilliant article again! However, I hope one thing will not happen. Celebrities. I can only imagine Justin Bieber joining. Suddenly we will have your 100,000 new users, but then 50% of ALL steem users will be Justin Biever fans and I DO NOT want to know how the site's content will look like then xD


We'll get communities soon. That will solve the problem. At least I think so.


An equivalent to Facebook groups? Not a bad thing!! I was wondering how we could manage 100 Million users. The 'new' page would be a stroboscope. That would be more on busy.org and not chainBB, right?


Not sure. I'm not familiar enough but they'll promised communities in a month or so.


Yes! Communites are coming :)


@donkeypong said in a matter of weeks. I wonder how that will work. Will every steemians users be able to see up his own community or will requests to create a community be subject to approval?


Yes you're right everything has its ups and downs some of the growth might be obnoxious as well!

excellently-written post.

it is content like this which adds value to the community validating a price increase for Steem. :-)


@rok-sivante thank you very much for voting on this post and my new post today as well as your kind feedback here! I just followed you and am looking forward to your new posts!

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TOO SOON JERRY! Let us Steemers buy some more Steem before you go getting Steem to $10 :) Let us breath first!


You're right we better buy all we can before it becomes too expensive!


I think he's saying you're going to drive it up by yourself and people like us need some time to invest first. :)

Jerry I am glad to see you here. I followed your youtube videos when you were in udemy. They banned you then you got into skillshare I was a witness of your amazing and motivational journey and never ending energy to learn work and teach. I am restreeming your post. Just wanted to say hi and thanks for all your contributions. Cheers!!


@tamsguitar thank you for continuing your journey with me from Udemy to Skillshare and now here!

Hey Jerry, welcome to Steemit! I enjoy your videos. Are you going to post them here too?


Yes because you asked I will post them here too!

my time, as i'm sure yours is precious. think you make a great point about the standard 'investment' routes that people have took which actually bring little to no real 'feedback' on they just sit in the bank for years with minimal return. i think once people realise that they can make a good return on cryptocurrencies they will start to shift their investments.

Phew.. Glad I got in now!

Thanks Jerry!!

Great points @jerrybanfield! We all have a say in the success of Steem/Steemit. I think $10 is possible. It won't be as easy as the past couple of weeks, but we can get there. It takes getting more people to participate and growing the user-base. Such a great community.

Awesome post jerry


Awesome and informative post you got here @jerrybanfield very informative and in depth discussion. I love it. Followed you... Keep posting and stay rocking!

Awesome post! Thank you Brother Jerry for your efforts, together we will prosper - STEEM On !!

Very good :))

I hadn't thought about the slow exit that Steem Power provides. Great point. Thanks!

I'm in, only recently, but I'm in and looking forward to the journey. Thanks for posting Jerry.

In the end it is about value creation. By monetizing each other as opposed to being monetized ie Facebook ALL Steemit users can share in the wealth creation process. And great post by the way : )


I absolutely agree. The parasitic model of social media platforms replicates the rentier class income strategy, while the comonetization model Steemit creates parallels nascent technological progress in the various fields revolutionizing society, at least in first world countries. Desktop material additive manufacturing (3d printing), CRISPR, solar roofs, personal drones, etc., all drive a new paradigm of decentralizing capital and decreasing income disparity.

While at present income disparity is increasing, technology, including cryptocurrency, and Steemit's model of coproduction of wealth in particular, are creating mechanisms that will reverse that disparity. Adoption rates and market penetration to nominal degrees of these wealth vectors vary, but, given continued increase in amplitude, cannot fail to create a reversal of wealth disparity.

I am no dismisser of merit, however, the relative merit between any two people is not accurately reflected in current wealth distribution, and a world that calms the eccentricity of profitability will produce reduced incentives for corruption, war, and financially motivated crime, from muggings to black markets.


Thank you, Jerry!!!
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If I could make a suggestion, it might be helpful to also point out some of the weaknesses of the Steem platform. It could make a nice counterbalance, and actually strengthen your position...
Personally, I find articles that acknowledge both sides of an position, then make the case for their choice...
Regardless, this is a wonderful post!!
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Exactly and thank you for encouraging me to consider that! Our Steem price might drop if the crypto bubble bursts and Bitcoin tumbles because the STEEM to BTC conversion may remain close to the same or only go up a little bit. I personally am sold and if the price goes down the SBD will continue to be really strong for investing further!