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Starting today I aim to resteem more posts than I publish because while I have been receiving a lot of resteems on my posts, I rarely have returned the favor. This has been one of the least effective ways I've been giving back and going forward I hope to collaborate with many more of our authors on Steem to resteem posts! Now the question becomes how to help me find a post and resteem it?

How to Help Me Read Posts?

First, let us talk about my limitations because this will help us understand how to work together most effectively. I have on average about 4 hours a day 7 days a week I can spend doing everything related to my business online including reading posts on Steem, posting on Steem, filming videos, etc. The rest of my time is spent with my family and going to AA meetings. This means I am lucky to have time to read 5 or 10 posts by other authors on Steem each day giving me a very limited ability to find the best posts to share.

Second, let's look at what I contribute by resteeming to see the responsibility I have when it comes to clicking the resteem button. When I resteem a post, it has one of the largest potential audiences on Steem which today is over 26,000 followers. Resteems go through my Facebook page as seen on this resteem I did with David Pakman recently that went on automatically on to my Facebook profile that has a 2+ million people following and consistently reaches thousands of people reached in the first 24 hours.

Then, it's the same thing on Twitter, all of the resteems go directly to my Twitter account too. This one tweet has 22 retweets and about 700 impressions in the first 24 hours.

I also have an email list that goes out to thousands of people and posts from Steem are able to be featured there. I have about a hundred that get every single post or resteem, and then the list of thousands that get the Steem post of the week and the highlights.

Given the amount of people likely to see my posts combined with my limited ability to reach posts, I choose to set clear boundaries to prevent the majority of requests getting through while allowing the best to be resteemed.

Best Way to Reach Me?

For those of us that want to build a relationship with me and ensure I consistently follow posts, the easiest way to immediately get in the door is through my partner program and the chat access on discord at

If you'd like a resteem, if you'd like to build a relationship with me, and a relationship is a big part of a resteem to me, then being a partner is the easiest way to start building a relationship. To make this simple, being a partner costs money. Because 99.9% of people who want to talk to me are not willing to spend any money, this allows anyone who puts down the $49 a month on Patreon or the $999 for a lifetime payment, the opportunity to essentially instantly start getting my attention. Note that payments via Steem can be sent to @jerrybanfieldroi. I wish the authors of the books I buy and have loved had systems this simple and transparent in place because I would definitely participate.

While I have a Discord server that I'm monitoring where anyone can post, partners gain access to an exclusive channel that I check daily before I check anywhere else.

If you want to become a partner, this is the best opportunity to get in touch with me, to get a resteem, and to get consistent support. Several of the resteems I've done have been with my partners already.


You don't have to be a partner to get a resteem. Any existing relationship whether you have been upvoting me, you are a witness voter, whether we met at SteemFest, any existing relationship, you are welcome to ask for a resteem as well. If you just want to interact through upvotes and comments on Steem, I try to read the comments that come through my posts as often as I can. You are welcome to get to know me as I've gotten to know lots of us through just comments on my posts. The challenge there is that often there are hundreds of comments on posts and I often miss the majority of comments after 24 hours.

For those already upvoting my posts, I prioritize giving back to those who have given the most to me. One of the easiest ways for me to find resteems is to click on top upvoters on my newest posts and see what they have published lately. I found two awesome posts this way in less than 10 minutes just before writing this post.

If you have a post that is just amazing, that you really want to share and you don't know me at all, going through someone who already does know me, an existing partner who has easy access to ask me to resteem a post, or someone else who has a closer relationship with me, is a good way to do it.

Transparently Imperfect!

This isn't a perfect system of course and it does make clear exactly how to collaborate with me to receive resteems. Up until now it's been almost impossible to get a resteem from me unless you were a partner, in which case it was fairly easy to get one resteem, but not more than one.

Today, I'm grateful that I've been willing to look at it, "You know what? I have the chance to do better by resteeming."

I also value your feedback on this because I realize one of the reasons I've not done this so far, is that it's potentially annoying for me to resteem other people's posts. If I pick posts that don't match well with my readers and audience, I could potentially lose readers on my own blog, although it'd be hard to argue I'd lose more than what I already do with my own posts.

Update the Interface!

I find it annoying on when I want to read posts by one author and the author has resteemed three to five posts for every one they have published.

It's very difficult to locate posts by that author, which is one of the main reasons I have not been resteeming much because it is annoying as a reader to have to deal with that.

I trust that the witnesses submitting issues and the Steemit.Inc team are aware of this and are working on ways to help us sort our blogs and customize our blogs more thoroughly so we could share and have options.

I'm just going to start resteeming now and trust that there will come more user interface improvements that will make it easier for readers that just want to see my posts, to exclude all resteems from my feed.

Thank you very much for reading this post on Steem or watching the video below.

I value your feedback on this as well because this is part of a relationship. I do something, I see what you think of it. Based on what you think of it, I modify my approach going forward.

It's been brought to my attention that resteems are something that might be very valuable for me to start doing more of, and I might be wrong about that though.

You might say, "Look, I just want to read your stuff. If I want to read someone else's stuff I'll go to their blog."

Therefore, I leave it open to you to help guide me as to how to effectively serve you.

Thank you.

I love you.

You are awesome and I hope to see you again soon.

Final words

Thank you for reading this blog post, which was originally filmed as the video below.

If you found this post helpful on Steem, would you please upvote it and follow me because you will then be able to see more posts like this in your home feed?


Jerry Banfield with edits by @gmichelbkk on the transcript from @deniskj

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Well it's very nice to see that THE great Jerry Banfield is going to resteem more posts. And nice to read that you will have the chance to get to know more people. I would love to build a relationship with you, but unfortunately for you and me, I am not able to pay ... since I have an empty bankaccount, and I'm just a newbie here on steemit. But I came across this post ...But in the safety of my own home, with my dogs lying next to me, I have found the guts to respond to this post despite my lack of self-confidence, and kindly ask you to read this blog ... And why should you have to read this blog? Well as human-human, you also want more attention for Bullying, and what bullying you can do with someone. It happened to me, and I wrote this blog about being bullied. What it did to me, and the consequences stretch far out.

I only can hope you take the time to read, respond and maybe even resteem. Every bit of awareness is so required in this story.

Very great opportunity given to the masses. Thanks for this idea, God bless you

Great idea! Here’s a resteem for you! Thanks for the post!

Brett thank you very much for resteeming!

Hi there Jerry...we had a relationship....I translated some of your posts into Portuguese but I am out of steemit for now....but I would want you to resteem the posts of my friend @christianchannel he is inserting the bible on the blockchain...and I think he or fromportugal defended you when you were unfairly attacked by berniesanders, etc...all the best

Since you brought me to Dtube and you replied to my first post I only saw it as fitting that you should be my first resteem. Kind of you to help people out like that...

Yes - agree that a resteem is more valuable than an upvote.

Hello @jjcali - I agree with what you are saying about a resteem being more valuable than the upvote, but one thing I’m noticing is that unless you have a large upvote like in a thread like this you run a huge risk of never being able to break through to folks even if you have an idea that might help create a potential solution. One of the later points Jerry mentioned is how hard it is to visit an author’s blog roll and then try to find the work from that author in amidst the resteems. Now I’m a total new guy here (3 whole days) but I’ve already begun wishing our blog rolls had something like three frames. One for my content that I’ve created, one for things I would like to resteem and support and share with folks who have decided to follow, and maybe a third frame for things that I know I want to reference or return to. It seems to me that with something like this kind of interface change, folks would have a great deal more freedom to resteem without running a risk of “dilution”which as a puny small fry like me... that is a real concern. Do you think something like this could actually balance the value that is created by both upvotes and resteems?

I like the concept of being forced to view new information. The key is to not follow people with bad content and resteems. I think having subsites such as Dtube, Utopian, Dsound, etc. will help add a level of focus to the content.

I expect you are right about the subsites adding some way of sorting things. That will help, but I’m hoping someone out there in Steem app land is thinking about ways of putting more configurable sorting into the hands of users.
I can’t help but think that if I and others had an option to resteem other peoples contributions while yet still being able to not clutter our own work that would go a long way to addressing at least a portion of what Jerry was identifying as a point of frustration. A point I too share even this early in the experience. It’s no way a deal breaker, it just seems really suboptimal to me. Thank you for responding to me. Thanks also for such a generous upvote. It was kind of you.

Keep up the good work Jerry! Upvoted!

Your first resteem after this post should be mine. I give my opinion on the whole Trevon and Bitconnect situation in my most recent post.

when i open y account and see first their post and every time he will post new things with new strategy <3 i really love and appreciate him<3 thank u soo much @jerrybanfield for this informative post:D keep posting <3

Heh, I look forward to viewing your post. That guy's gotta feel awful...that's assuming the guy has a heart.

WHO would not love a resteem by you !! 🤷🏻‍♀️

But obviously you need a good reason to resteem those posts ! Well I recently wrote an AMAZING post and I have some genuine reasons why you should choose my post over others !!

  1. It tells how steemit changed my life completely!!
  2. It tells how can steemit change every steemians life !!
  3. Since you are one of the most popular person promoting steemit on other sites, this resteem will help you promote steemit a lot more.
  4. This post will help people find reasons other then earning money to join steemit.
  5. It will motivate those who aren’t earning that much here.
  6. It will show people what all are they missing in the long run !!!
  7. It will help steemians see the positive side of steemit.
  8. Most of your videos and posts are about steemit and so my post won’t be out of context or out of the genre that you post about.
  9. It will help promote reading on steemit instead of just writing and spamming!!
  10. It will make people to make genuine conversations and engage with each other and build strong relationships and friendships which would thus act as a big support for the community as a whole !!
  11. It will help people improve their writing skills.
  12. It will help people no themselves a little better !!

WELL THERE ARE MANY MORE REASONS but I think it would turn out to be a long list that way !! So I believe these reasons are enough to help the community and resteem my post !!

Hope you would give it a chance . :D

Thank you :)


your blog is nice which is helping most of the newbie to overcome with the problems which they were facing during their first run.nice work

Thankyou. I am trying my best to return the favour i have received from steemit. I will have a look at your posts :)

Liked all the reasons you stated you want resteems. You seem very organized and I wish you well in your continued journey on Steem. I personally have just begun.


Thanks a lot 😃

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

w00t! Got resteemed without being your wife! Thank you so much!!!

I've been using the resteem function for posts I want to keep somewhere I can find and I also posts that are REALLY worthy of the attention of my 2000 followers.

In the first hours after you resteemed my post I got a LOT of views and upvotes and a TON of comments which are my favorite (because engagement). The upvote values I got were not high, but that's hardly the point for me. The comments and new followers is what I want and I got it.

So again THANK YOU!

Quick suggestion: you should accept SBD from partners. Why Patreon if you have Steem? You may have answered that before and if so - sorry for missing it. :)

(Self upvoted for visibility)

congratulation you got resteem from jerry banfield.

YES! I did! And I didn't have to marry him either! :D

@techslut thank you for noticing and yes I am accepting SBD from partners through @jerrybanfieldroi!

Of course I noticed! Had a bit of a double-take moment when Ginabot suddenly announced I got a resteem from THE @jerrybanfield . You should probably mention accepting SBD from partners in the video and text as, well, that's the currency in these parts. :)

Thanx for sharing your ideas and guiding us how to help the community grow. I am going to resteem your post.

Thanks for sharing this @jerrybanfield. Recently, I have been reaching out to people for delegated SP (and will be doing a large post next week) in order to find high quality content for new users to the platform.

Steemit is currently growing exponentially, and many new users who post quality content are not getting the rewards that they deserve - I am aiming to have SP delegated to myself in order to find very undervalued posts on the Steemit platform every day of the week - I am also running a journey to Steemit Success Series, where all of the payouts from these posts will be converted straight to SP.

I know that what I am doing is not the same as resteems, but my following is much smaller than yours and I feel like I should grow it before posting a lot of other people's content on my page, unless it is really helpful for the community. Instead, I will post weekly with a link to every post that I upvoted over the past 5/6 days, once I manage to lease some SP off of some people who are also looking to grow the community.

I am going to be promoting Steemit through multiple social media platforms very soon, and I aim to bring in people who post excellent content! Then, I will definitely start to resteem more often.

Thanks again for sharing this, please get back to me if you are interested in this, or can point me to people who are!

Thank you. Reading this would encourage the beginners like me much. Sometimes, I am quite disappointed because I am a newbie. I dont have much power, much reputation that people around wanna spend time on my posts, though some of them deserve more views. So sad! ....p

Jerry, have you actually seen this post from a newbie asking you to be her mentor? ---> Jerry Banfield would you like to be my mentor

It was your idea to introduce the mentor-student-concept (during your interview with David Pakman) and she perfectly acted on it. Now, it's your turn I think :-)

Resteem me maybe

Nice that you have decided to return the favour to the community.

This is great! I will definitely check out your site.

I really like how you are always looking for a way to give back to the community - people like you really are an inspiration and the reason I have confidence that Steem & Steemit will not fail.

A resteem by you to someone struggling to get noticed here could go a long way.
Keep up the good work!
Heep up the good work

thank's for the information..

I don't know but you remind me so much of Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang theory when you talk. Lol.. I mean, it's not a bad thing or anything

Really nice :D thank you for that advice too ^^ Following you both on youtube and steemit now ^^ Your guides have been really helpfull to me. (please make ads less infomercial on facebook it defeats some of the messages you spread on steemit about investing in the platform when you make it all about making money on facebook ads, i know the intent is well good and in a good place but still, it defeats the real purpose of steemit and what you believe in ^^) When i mean it defeats your message, you kind of show the bad habits in kind of a bad light that makes it almost look like it's a scam, i know it's not intentional and you are very optimistic and motivated, but, i don't know, showing the masses you can just gain money by upvoting your own content ( when you need to have a huge level of steem power for this, that you can only achieve maybe in 6 month to a year ) is a liiiiittle bit defeating and the message is a bit confusing, not to the point, it would catter to the dark side of the usage of the platform when i use it for visibility, to maybe make projects i'm working hard on a reality someday and showing what i do out there mainly while it allows me to also help my mother with bills.


Thanks Jerry for that huge oportunity for all of us! I am sure if you check my blog You will find it interesting) I will hope that someday You will resteem some of my post aswell) Best Regards!

As example, take a look on this one)

Great post and thank you for being so into helping the community to grow! I really want to become a partner, but I still have not enough money to do this 😂😂😂 but I will still follow the information you are giving to the steemit members! ☺️☺️

Great work and idea you are hereby resteemed - feel free to Resteem my posts - thanks @jerrybanfield

As a complete new comer to steemit, I have quickly come to discover how generous and thoughtful this community is, which is something especially rare on the internet. I really believe in this platform and all of the support from people such as @jerrybanfield and @joyparys encourages the growth of a well informed, passionate, and tight-knit community. It is important psychologically that people feel rewarded after putting in effort at least occasionally, or else they will have a tendency to quit. Thank you for helping this platform reach its potential by supporting people like me who are still getting a feel for things.

this is the great idea to repay the followers but its very hard to catch your eye for the small steemians who have reputation of less than 50 so can you please do something to filter the newbie from the upvotes because they are the only people who wants to get resteem i hope you got my point thanks.


*people in comment section be like *


Hey Jerry! thank you for your passion and eduacation on STEEM, I have went all in and havent looked back. I am a local illustrator and designer by trade and would like to offer my skills to your business. I have upvoted a few posts of yours and would love to have you re-steem some of my art posts. I'm trying to spread out my art here in the great community. Thanks so much for the help!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

This throws me off a little. "Because 99.9% of people who want to talk to me are not willing to spend any money, this allows anyone who puts down the $49 a month on Patreon or the $999 for a lifetime payment, the opportunity to essentially instantly start getting my attention."

So you want people to pay you for your attention. I'll have to mull this over for a bit.

I have you on auto upvote, following, and voted for you for Wittness, but paying for your attention?

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Nothing comes for free, but you are striving hard to make Steemit a better place everyday. I have resteemed your post.I am

A post for your consideration: I'm a political scientist adn this post is on how Socialism ended. It's quite a niche field but excellent researched answer.

Thanks, Jerry!

Hey Jerry, I wanted to mention that I've been learning from the values that you've created on this platform specially in Steem contents and I truly appreciate all that and keep it up please!

Keep up the good work Jerry


Every body want you to resteem him or her. Please start from post.

Thanks for helping.

Can you explain what resteem means and invites and Steem power to me. I don't have a clear understanding yet and would love to hear from you.

Great idea! I am new on this platform. What is resteem?

You are crazy, but is the best in steemit) thanks Jerry for usefull post

youre a good man @jerrybanfield. I follow you on YouTube and you always provide helpful information. Could you simplify this voting for “witness” thing. I’m fairly new and I’m trying to read up on Steemit but it’s information overload. Trying to post everyday , read others stuff, gain followers and trying to figure out Steemit all in about 3 hrs a day is a headache. Keep up the good work.

Hi, I saw this early on and since it seems like it is open season for self promotion, I am really proud of my Privacy Workshop series and I think it si some of the best content on steemit this week:

These are deep essays on privacy, technology and current events with relevant technical information including charts diagrams and original dank matrix memes.

Looking at the things that you like, which appears to me very professional, I believe these deserve consideration and further study will be rewarded more than any amount of coins I could pay to be a partner.

If you read these and you still don't want to be my partner, then that is ok too. But the world needs to hear this stuff either way and I'm not going to stop.

Best wishes, thanks for your consideration. Upvoted! @mindhawk

New partner :D

It's timely that you wrote this because just this morning I was thinking about how I barely ever resteem anymore. I used to do it all the time when I started out here. Keep up the good work.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hi haushinka, if I may offer something I’ve come to after only my third day on Steemit... on my first day I resteemed several things at least in part just so there would be something’s on my blog roll and also frankly there were things I knew I’d want to find later. I then began focusing on the things I wanted to create and put a couple out. By day two what I began to notice was that if Inlooked at my blog roll with the eye of a potential follower... what I saw was an incredible amount of confusing mishmash that didn’t seem to have much rhyme or reason to it. Now by day three in my journey on Steemit, I have almost an aversion to resteem things and I find that sad because I really WANT to be able to help others got seen (though my puny following wouldn’t help much right now) but I’m really concerned that visitors to my blog might miss the work that I’m trying to place out there and might then miss the value I’m hoping to create for the platform. I wonder if this rings true in your experience?

I don't think you should be resteeming everything you see just to fill your feed but resteeming a quality article that took time to write or something you really found interesting is a great way to get the word out and increase followers for them and in the end for you. I would just be selective with your resteeming and I think you'll be fine.

That was kind of what I’m beginning to see. Thanks for the reply. I appreciate it.


I think you should resteem every new person who has recently started following you :)

something is special in your post... that is impresses me highly... thanks for sharing... i waiting for your next post...

Very good
Ask to help me vote

Hello Jerry, great job on this brilliant idea, which enables you to get bonded with upcoming steemians; so as to help them grow also. But i am of the opinion that on the patreon partnership platform where we are to pay for the monthly partnership. Shouldn't you consider a much milder approach for newbies to enable us benefit from these great ideas of yours. Thanking you in anticipation of your kind response.

This guy is soo amazing.
I mean you @jerrybanfield
You literaly bring me vigor and inspiration.
Anyway i am new here and you are my witness
I follow you all over (youtube,facebook,twitter and here on steemit.)
You are so smart and i really love you Jerry #mysteemGodFather
I will love to get u at my back boss.
Please i love you❤❤❤❤💓💓💓💓❤❤❤

Great idea for a service. I probably won't get into it to much, but props!

I really like your way of building a community and a tribe and been reading some of your articles. I will definitely look in to the partner program since I'm a community builder myself and I just started a series of blogs to help other independent artists to start earning some money from their art.

Just one question. As mainly a musician and music fan would the partnership work well for me as well?

Looking forward to stay in touch!

Thanks dude !!! You always provide us a cool and helpful stuff!!!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for favoring the resteem option. Its so nice of you. May be my post have the fortunate to be resteemed by big guns.

Anda sangat beruntung punya banyak teman yang meresteem postingan anda. Semoga anda semakin baik @jerrybanfield

Great post as always, sharing and giving back to the community is important.

nice posstingan @jerrybanfield

awsome video ... thanks for sharing <3

Marketing genius‼️ Thnx to Trevon I’m following your content, because he mentioned you in one of his YouTube video’s 😃. Too bad What he is going throw at the moment with “bitconnect and here on STEEMIT” 🤯😕

yeah man bitconnect made most of the good leaders to think twice about the programs which they were promoting.

They sure did‼️

You are just an inspiration for new steemians or called minnows like me . Thanks for sharing approved as witness 👍👍👍

I really enjoy your content, vote for witness!

This Steem system is a little confusing at first but I am getting the hang of it thanks to you!

Wooww, I like your post

Well, to be honest I won´t rave about how awesome this decision is, but I have to say instead:
It´s about time! Finally! Why? To be honest, this is what I most dislike here, that the "resteem-culture" is nearly nonexistent! People simply don´t resteem, because they don´t get paid for it. This is something that is hurting Steemit a lot more as many believe, because it´s shortsighted.
I think we all should resteem A LOT more!

Good job man!

Wondering the kind of people who make steemit magical!
I will be learning arround ;)

Thanks @jerrybanfield

Its a good suggest video thanks

You are an awesome person too. I have already upvoted for witness for you yesterday. Because you are the first Whale I met through one of a post.
You provide important information for us specially the minnows. You got a lifelong supporter mate. Thank you for being there for us @jerrybanfield.

I’m still a minnow and I’m trying to figure out the true value of resteems. As far as seeing other people’s content on someone else’s feed, I think that’s a great idea. For one it displays that you care what others are posting and helping them get exposure. Also it gives a fresh perspective from someone other than yourself. So you get a double win by visiting a person’s blog that has resteems. Just my $.07🤷🏻‍♂️😄

UpVoted, as usual. You re-STEEM me if you want, I re-STEEM you no matter what 🙂😎

i like ur post

I vote Witnesses and Delegated to you. Can you explain more about Delegation? I`m interested about it. How and when I get payed and how to check how much I can earn.

Jerry, you are a very busy man and I do appreciate your content. I see you are doing great things and trying to be fair to everyone which is a very laudable endeavor. Keep up your good content and I am sure you will continue doing your best to help as many minnows as you can. Keep up your fire man!

It's a crear idea, You can grow up more. And help another people showing other works! Excelent!

This is not me begging for the resteem for the upvotes. I try to improve health of steemit community with my posts and I think that more people need to see them because it will help them. I don't think that steemit is only used for the money. Community here is amazing and we need to give something back to it. :)

Thank you for offering this up to your followers. What a great way to give back and help grow the platform. This could be viewed as your "service work" on Steem and outside of the program (2 1/2 years here 😉).

Thanks for making up your mind to start resteem our post .i really appreciated it .

I dabble a bit writing fiction or posting poems which could do a little better with your resteems :)

Hey jerrybanfield,
I am a bit shocked becuase I just searched an e-mail adresse on your youtube account a few minutes before you posted this advice :o
Because I wanted to ask you if you could have a look into my project xD

well I think I have to try to contact you via Discord now :p

Cheers from Germany

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-31 at 17.10.46.jpeg
(here is the prove 16:44 german time ;p)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Great idea, I'm glad you're thinking about helping others, you're great.

Having one of my post resteemed by you would be so much more than expectation that I am not even expecting in my lifetime :)

Hi @jerrybanfield,

Hopefully, this comment gets your attention and the others, because is a good opportunity to gain followers and votes as a witness:
(feel free to open the link, it's not scam)

Who of you will show your engagement to the community and will support those people?

Yes ive seen this. But please dont resteem too much.
Thanks J

i will try to get resteem from you , even thought i know my luck is not that high...

Thanks for sharing.

Interesante el articulo y veo la razón por la que los artículos en ingles generan más botos que los artículos en español, definitivamente a los de habla hispana nos falta más organización y cooperación mutua

Hi @jerrybanfield I can see you good heart and hardwork to support steemians. That's why I upvoted you as one of the good witnesses. May you continue to support us! @jejes

I read your posts daily and learn many things from it.Thank you very much

Already have voted for you as a witness and follow your blog!

Your post very very important and amazing and good luck your chanel very best

Thank you

Hi Jerry,
I found one of your final insights one that really closely echoes one I have after only my third day on Steemit. I’m trying to follow yours and other peoples encouragement to first commit to creating great content, but I also encounter things I find interesting AND I also find things that I just want to remember as a point of reference for myself. I’ve already begun wishing that on my blog roll I had like three frames and could allocate articles between them. The first only for things I’m creating, the second for things I would want to share specifically with folks that might be following (all 9of them currently) and a final frame for things that I would want to be able to revisit later. I have no idea how a change like this could be made... I certainly don’t have the “clout”around here, but maybe you do. Since it appears it bugs you too, I thought I’d share the idea with you. I really WANT to resteem more of other folks content, but I really don’t want to cloud the case for why someone might want to follow me specifically. I hope you see this... as I’d love to hear any thoughts you might have about something like this. Peace to you

Way to go Boss.

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It's probably too far down the chain so it won't get noticed. But I was on a discord and they were talking about you and how much you do to bring people into the platform and support steemit. Updoot from me...and I've voted for you as witness. Keep being awesome!

I think I'll.make twitter to follow you. Woaah it's surprising that a big fish resteem my post (dreaming). You have a good heart Sir. Thank you.

Well This Is something Very Unique sir,

I really love the fact that you are allowing people and your supporters to get some support back through your valuable Resteem and i also want to give my entry for this Resteem opportunity,

Because you are the one who brought me on Steemit that's why i always respect your work and supporting you and recently i posted an post about How I Came To Know About Steemit (My First Crypto Trading Loss Become My Biggest Profit Later) in which i shared my true real story and how i found Steemit through your videos and how this platform changed my life,

So a Resteem from my introducer on Steemit would be very special for me,

Thanks for the opportunity sir.😇😇

That's a great idea to reach out more steemers. I joined steem few days back through your facebook. I'm sure I'm at the right place. Here goes your resteem & upvote @jerrybanfield

Terimakasih banyak atas informasinya .
Sekarang saya sudah mulai mengerti bagai mana cara posting .
Terimakasih banyak @jerrybanfield (y) .


I totally agree that the interface needs some serious changes. That is actually one of the reasons I have kept my blog free from resteems. Now, I have decided to resteem just a couple of authors I really enjoy reading - and actually, it's just particular artwork they have produced. witnesses and developers need to get on this. We need an additional tab or something - "blog" and "resteems" or "author posts" and "resteems".

Upvoted and resteemed.

Take care.


This is great idea thanks for sharing with us it give us a chance to develop our posts) (((((( resteem))))

very interesting information

i like your works, cause it's fair enough, oen resteem from me keep working jerry cause u're good at this :)

Your head is more brighter than my future :D

Great idea, i've just got into steemit following your youtube video a few days back and just made my first blog post. It was about VEN, as I like staking coins and Steem seemed a good opportunity I was overlooking.