MMORPG on STEEM -- STEEMPUNK-NET -- Weekly Update 3 -- Wöchentliches Update 3 -- Closed Beta at 27.11. !

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|english first, scroll down for german|

Hi all,

and welcome to Weekly Update No. 3 from the STEEMPUNK-NET team.


Most important things first, iam super proud to have an official date for the start of the closed beta !
The closed beta will start at Cyber Monday, on 27th of November 2017 and will run during the complete cyber week!
Details will be given out to all closed beta participiants in a short while.

Apart from that, we again made good progress and are closing in on our minimal viable product, we are really excited how this is evolving.

Today we are going to have an update on the following topics:

  • Development
  • List of testers for closed beta
  • Artwork and storyline by @asperger-kids and @bronkong
  • Communication channels
  • Screenshots
  • Next steps


Development team focused on the following tasks this week:

  • Translation and implementation of ingame messaging (revamp)
  • Revamp of messaging concept
  • Building up the website, 90% done, only legal texts are missing
  • Revamp of item concept done, items for beta defined and drops beautified
  • Translation for all texts checked and new texts implemented.

Moved items to next week: Language selection within the welcome window

List of testers for closed beta

I will simply list all the testers that are going to take part up to now, in alpabetical order:

@aaronmcheong @ahorn @akashas @alanman @alcy @asimshahzad @ats-david @chuazm @cmduncan94 @cobalus @creativetruth @danile666 @danno528 @dksart @dragoonkite @eirik @felixxx @flamo @flurgx @free999enigma @havok777 @juicy-shark @kabeem @kekssideoflife @kodieamos @kranoras @lanmower @lennstar @maple-thunder @mys @paolobeneforti @plushzilla @quocvietle @rahvin84 @reggaemuffin @relationtrip @schlees @shaka @sighmanjestah @simonjay @stayoutoftherz @steesam @virusa @vladimir-simovic @zombebyte @gregory.latinier

Needless to say that @dehenne, @asperger-kids, @bronkong, myself and most of the developers will also be taking part!

I put this list together taking comments and direct messages to me or to @dehenne. Please do not take it personal if i have forgotten you or made a mistake, just message me and it will be fixed!
We decided to have no more than 50 testers in closed beta, since there are already 45 on the list, the counter for available places shows 5.

Artwork and Storyline

We are super happy to have quite a few artists contributing to STEEMPUNK-NET, here are the most recent posts they did, centering around the artwork for the game.

Communication channels

You got multiple options to get into touch with the team behind STEEMPUNK-NET. Currently there are :

  • Steemit Chat, either direct messaging or for instance in channel Deutsch
  • STEEMPUNK-NET Discord Server
  • Comments under this or other posts from the STEEMPUNK-NET team

Getting in contact with you is really very important to us, we invite you all to join our discord !


Today two new Screenshots, one from the initial Welcome screen and the other from the character window.

Battle History
Welcome Screen

wohoo jedigeiss for the win :)

Character information

can you see the crate containing valuables that is hovering over the article of sumsum?

Next Steps

  • Language selection within the welcome window (spillover from last week)
  • Finishing the website
  • Implementing the Beta Items and the new dropping mechanism
  • Implementing new artwork

Thats it for this week! Thanks alot for supporting us, it is really much appreciated!

We are so excited to get into the closed beta with you!


Hi all,

und willkommen zu unserem dritten wöchentlichen STEEMPUNK-NET Update.


Das wichtigste zu aller erst, ich bin überglücklich und stolz einen Termin für den Start der closed Beta mitteilen zu können!
Die Closed Beta startet am Cyber Monday, 27.11.2017, und wird die ganze Cyber Week hindurch laufen!
Details werden an alle closed Beta Teilnehmer innerhalb der nächsten Wochen verschickt!

Davon abgesehen haben wir sehr guten Fortschritt innerhalb der Developments erzielt und uns dem minimal viable product weiter angenähert.
Heute werden die folgende Punkte behandelt:

  • Entwicklung
  • Liste der Tester für die closed beta
  • Artwork und Story by @asperger-kids and @bronkong
  • Kommunikationskanäle
  • Screenshots
  • Nächste Schritte


Diese Woche standen die folgenden Themen im Fokus:

  • Übersetzung und Implementierung der ingame Nachrichten (revamp)
  • Revamp des gesamten Nachrichtenkonzepts
  • Aufbau der Website, zu 90% fertig, rechtliche Hinweise fehlen
  • Revamp des Gegenstandskonzept erledigt, Beta Items definiert, Dropalgorithmus definiert
  • Übersetzung aller Texte geprüft und neue Texte implementiert

Ein Topic haben wir in die nächste Woche verschoben: Sprachauswahl im Willkommensfenster

Liste der Tester für die Closed Beta

Hier hab ich alle Tester aufgeschrieben, in alphabetischer Reihenfolge, die sich bisher gemeldet haben:

@aaronmcheong @ahorn @akashas @alanman @alcy @asimshahzad @ats-david @chuazm @cmduncan94 @cobalus @creativetruth @danile666 @danno528 @dksart @dragoonkite @eirik @felixxx @flamo @flurgx @free999enigma @havok777 @juicy-shark @kabeem @kekssideoflife @kodieamos @kranoras @lanmower @lennstar @maple-thunder @mys @paolobeneforti @plushzilla @quocvietle @rahvin84 @reggaemuffin @relationtrip @schlees @shaka @sighmanjestah @simonjay @stayoutoftherz @steesam @virusa @vladimir-simovic @zombebyte @gregory.latinier

Selbstverständlich nehmen auch @dehenne, @asperger-kids, @bronkong, @jedigeiss und die meisten anderen Entwickler an der Closed Beta teil!

Ich habe diese Liste aus den Kommentare und direkten Nachrichten an mich oder @dehenne zusammengestellt. Sollte ich jemanden vergessen haben bitte ich das zu Entschuldigen, das ganze lässt sich mit einer Nachricht über die angesprochenen Kanäle lösen :)
Wir haben entschieden nicht mehr als 50 Beta Tester für die Closed Beta zuzulassen, derzeit stehen 45 auf der Liste, 5 Plätze sind also noch verfügbar!

Artwork and Storyline

Wir haben wieder eine Menge Updates in der "Art of STEEMPUNK-NET" Ecke erhalten, hier sind die Links zu den jüngsten Artikeln von @bronkong und @asperger-kids


Es gibt eine Menge Möglichkeiten direkt mit dem Team hinter STEEMPUNK-NET in Kontakt zu treten. Immoment sind das folgende :

  • Steemit Chat, entweder direkte Nachrichten oder z.B. im Kanal Deutsch
  • STEEMPUNK-NET Discord Server
  • Kommentare unter diesem oder einem anderen Post des STEEMPUNK-NET Teams.

Eins der wichtigsten Themen für uns ist mit EUCH in Kontakt zu kommen und auf eure Fragen und Ideen einzugehen, besucht uns einfach auf unserem Discord!


Hier zwei aktuelle Screenshots des Clients:

Kampf Historie

wohoo jedigeiss for the win :)


seht ihr die Kiste mit wertvollen Items, die über dem Artikel von sumsum schwebt?

Nächste Schritte

  • Sprachauswahl im Willkommensfenster (spillover aus letzter Woche)
  • Fertigstellung der Website
  • Implementierung der Beta Items und des neuen Drop Verfahrens
  • Implementierung neuer Bilder und Icons

Das wars für diese Woche! Vielen Dank für eure Unterstützung, das bedeutet uns allen extrem viel!

Wir sind extrem gespannt mit euch in die Beta zu starten!


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Cool cyber monday sounds good I will probably be busy around that time due to work but looking forward to testing this out @jedigeiss


Nice post! What will happening, if someone resteem your post?

Wir sind extrem gespannt mit euch in die Beta zu starten!

Das bin ich auch. Ich freue mich auf den 27. November. :-)

Ich bin schon so gespannt :D

Jaja, du cheatest doch, immer am Gewinnen hier -.- aber warts nur ab, ich zieh mir die geilen Waffen und dann MUAHAHAHAHAHA

Wird diese Kiste über dem Post permanent angezeigt, oder nur kurz eingeblendet. Mich würde es stören, wenn die Bilder dadurch permanent überdeckt sind. Vielleicht könnte man die Kiste auch wo anders platzieren. Nur so als kleine Anregung.


Klick drauf, dann sammelst du das Item und sie ist weg ^^
Aber solche Anmerkungen sind super. Wir können hier gerne auch eine Einstellung mit reinbringen (Keine Items droppen)

May i help test,(I want in)


hi and good morning, sure this makes 4 places left ;)

Extremely interesting, do you think this could conflicts with another steemit plugin? does this plugin change something in steemit website code? works with busy, etc?


Good question. the plugin integrates a kind of frame into the page and communicates with the current page. so there should be no conflict. we have set up the whole thing, that we can unlock further pages :-)

in the future we will be adding more pages, (eq:
if you want to know more or know more details, we look forward to meeting you in the chat room ;-)

I am excited!!!


oh believe me we are at least as excited as you are :)

Whoohoo! This month is getting exciting.


The year was exciting ... and the next year is gettin exciting :D a lot of new projects are starting now on steemit. that's so awesome.


yep it will be great, very much looking forward to it


Yup, very Well said!!!

Looking good :)


Thank you :-)

So is this a game you play alongside browsing steemit then?


yes. for the first time it was meant to be like this
in the coming versions we would like to make real quests, too


Nice! I'll give it a try when you guys release it for sure :-)

COOLES PROJEKT!! 100% upvote


vielen dank !

Saubere Sache, freue mich auf die Beta!


wir uns auch !

Looking forward to this ;-)


me as well ! be sure about that :D

I'm very excited about what it is you are developing and wanted so badly to put my name in as a tester. I figured you would have a big line-up so didn't bother because I know I don't have a lot of free time to put into being what I think is a GOOD tester. However, if you still have room and want someone who will only work part time at testing, I would be willing to give it a try. If you have others who are willing and able to put in more hours, then by all means give the spot to them and I will look forward to joining when the closed testing is done and it is time for open testing.


can take you in was well, i think you are number 50 :)


Sweet! Thank-you!
I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with and hope I can contribute something worthwhile.

I am so stoked!!!!! Looking forward to the beta! :D


beta beta beta :D we are super excited !

This sounds extremely interesting. Would you guys might think about adding visuals to the game? For example maybe 16 bit avatars or customizable ones that can be represented on a game board like map to represent the stats and the milestone made with progress of the steemit game? This was just a random thought. I know this is development, just instantly started visualizing it's potential. Dare I say even interested in being a tester? Definitely will be on the look out @jedigeiss .



can take you in if you want to! i think that we are almost full now :)


Well if you happen to have any more space, I'm interested. Please let me know.

I love this Steem Steam MMO idea :)

Is there a place to subscribe email-wise for the open-beta ? (or any free spaces for the closed-one left ;) )


i think we got 3 places left, iam going to add you then its 2 left :D


Just read all the comments, if there's still one of those 4 spaces left, I'd love to help !

I've beta-tested a few small games, and alpha-tested one too, so I'd love to help find bugs, give suggestions on gameplay, etc...


iam setting you on the list, i think 2 or 1 places left :)


Great !

This'll be fun ☺

Nice work :D Denkste an mich? ;)


oha ... ja klar denk ich an dich !

This game looks awesome, it's a very interesting way to use Steemit ! Is there any possibility to join the closed beta ?


yep, we just decided to keep the list open until the next weekly post, so wednesday.
If you want to be in i am going to add you :)


Yeah, I would be very pleased to try it, thanks you :D

Hey guys, I came across your site and I would love to be a part of this in some form or another. I would love to be a beta tester if that is an option, I also do art as a hobby (you can check out my page) and I would love to contribute that way too! Let me know!


hmm honestly our list is full, but having a quick chat with the team we decided to keep the list open until our next weekly post ->Wednesday :)
So you made it and are on the list :)


Steempunk it's really interesting


it really is ... :D


Hahahaha you are right

I would like to join the Beta testers.
I wonder if there is any sit left for me.

But the fact that I don't know what to do as beta testers :)

I appreciate everything you and your team are doing for the MMORPG.
I really like to play RPGs.


spontaneous reaction from my side.. you are in nevertheless we are most likely already 50 ...


Haha. Glad to hear that.
But what should I do for the testing ?

Makes me remember an anime called Sword Art Online from this MMORPG. :p
Sorry if I am being childish :)

Great stuff guys. Cant wait for cyber monday. I am now idling your discord when im home too. Looking forward to it!


happy to have you there, already saw you entering :D

Added @gregory.latinier to the beta list so 4 places left.

Calling @originalworks :)
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Mal schauen wie es wird!

Outstanding post and narrative. Thank you for sharing!

like it brother

Yeah its looking good @jedigeiss

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Na, das klingt doch super! =)

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)