Would YOU like to become a part of a #STEEM POWERHOUSE?

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I would like to invite the TRULY passionate #STEEM individuals to submit an application to join our Power House Creatives community on Discord. #Steem needs more people who are prepared to go the extra mile, bend over backwards and put in the extra hours - No matter your content genre - if you are someone that GIVES YOUR ALL then we would LOVE to welcome you to our team! I will open the comments of this post to the members of our community and that will speak for itself.

I would also like to take this opportunity to HIGHLIGHT the ENORMOUSLY POSITIVE IMPACT which our members have on the #STEEM blockchain!



As most of you already know our community is closed. This does not mean that we are trying to keep people out or that we ignore those who aren’t members – it simply means that we are focused on keeping our standards of content high and our member commitment higher.

I am not going to sugar-coat things for anybody, because it would not make any sense whatsoever, nor would it serve anybody fruitfully - long-term. Our community is incredibly proactive - and DRIVING the success and growth of the people within it is our FUNDAMENTAL PURPOSE, because this is how they are able to do the same in return for other individuals in communities beyond our own! Our reach extends WAY beyond our own walls and this is one of the primary reasons why it is important to ALL OF US that each of our members are able to hold our flag high wherever they may roam.

We work hard, we play hard - we support one another through thick and thin, we know whats going on in our "3D" lives and no matter what it is - we are there for each other! Yes, there are daily responsibilities and obligations. Yes, there are things that fly within our walls and things that definitely don’t. Yes, we require quite a bit from you as an individual but you get it tenfold in return and ANY ONE of our members will gladly testify to this. Absolutely EVERYTHING is catered for and considered… including those times when you will NOT be able to fulfill your obligations. It simply requires the following of our procedures, which once you have grasped – are not complicated at all.

Everybody in our community jokes about my “boot” because they know that there are certain things that never were and never will be tolerated within our walls… and when they surface, those people will very quickly meet my infamous “boot” sending them out the door – or at least showing them that it is open. A few such things would be the likes of: not doing what you promised to do when joining, not being a team player, plagiarism, spamming, causing trouble with other members etc. These are all no-brainers really, so should not be much of a shock or challenge to anyone who is actually on Steemit (or any other platform) to make it a better place for everyone!

We may be a relatively small collective, but we have approx. 118 members from over 30 countries and that continues to grow. Most of our members are also key players in some of Steemits other highly regarded and supportive discord communities and initiatives - and all of us at “home” know without question or doubt that every single one of our members will make us proud with whatever they do – wherever they go – and that is precisely how we intend to keep it. Simple as that! No, this kind of “ethos” does not work for everyone – and that is perfectly fine - Each to their own. The people who have done the “putting in” are the ones that understand what they “get out” of it all ;) We are a team that is here for the long haul! We are here to give #STEEM our ALL and if that resonates with you, then we would absolutely LOVE to have you join us!


We are all really excited to open our doors and arms to some fresh talent – so looking forward to seeing what you peeps will dish our way ;)





These are just a FEW of the initiatives that our members have founded. As we have ALWAYS said... The WINGS of the PHC community spread FAR and WIDE!

Initiated by @xcountytravelers and with the helping hands of amazing individuals such as @thekittygirl and @brittandjosie, it is a place where Steemians can gather, get answers to burning questions, and learn about all the wonderful communities, front-ends, projects, and oddities of the Steem blockchain. Our goal is to provide some basic education regarding the Steem blockchain and the Discord app, and then help newbies connect with other communities and projects where they can feel at-home and thrive


conceived by Ren & Scott of the @xcountytravelers account. For over six months, they have been welcoming new Steemians and trying to point them towards resources that will answer their questions and help them feel more at-home here, as well as introducing them to the rest of the Steem Community. Currently on the team to assist @xcountytravelers in their tireless efforts are the following awesome folk: @brittandjosie, @brisby, @derekrichardson, and @jamerussell.


Founded by @mariannewest - this is a true home for all creative writers, to not only explore and enjoy the beauty of your talents but to push and test their boundaries. With regular challenges you will NEVER be at a loss as to what to post whilst you grow as a writer.


The brainchild of @cheese4ead, @nickyhavey, @wales, @plantstoplanks and @foxyspirit - In the Power House Creatives Discord, we love to talk about and rate our favourite movies, music and various other cool things. Many a time has been spent listing out our top picks but then we thought, “Why not expand this and let everyone have a go?” After much discussion about how we can expand this to the rest of the community, we decided to create the PHC Top 3 Monthly Contest, where you can join in the fun and win prizes as well. Each month, we'll start a new contest where we'll be asking you what your top 3 picks are for the chosen topic of that round by writing a blog post along with an entry fee. This entry fee is not only to make you eligible for the contest but to build the prize pool as well. The entry fee will be clarified when we start the contest but if your 3 nominations score the most points you can win a brilliant prize!



STEEMIT FRUITS AND VEGGIES MONDAY COMPETITION - The brainchild of @plantstoplanks - Take and post at least 3 photos of fruits and vegetables. (It can be variety or just one kind from the garden, supermarket or anywhere you wish, PLANT BASED RECIPES ARE WELCOMED). 1st PRIZE 7.00 Steem - 2nd PRIZE 4.00 Steem - 3rd PRIZE 1.50 Steem


#learnandearn - the brainchild of @matkodurko and taken over now by @brittandjosie - Tell US what YOU learned this week, minimum of 5 things and 7 things is the maximum Use the tag #learnandearn


Created (on January 20, 2018, to be precise) by @traciyork as a way to bring together all Steemians with an interest in Tarot and tarot-related awesomeness.


Another AWESOME initiative by @traciyork - I decided to take part in NaBloPoMo (an offshoot of NaNoWriMo, which is the reason I have about a half dozen manuscripts gathering dust on my hard drive), and it helped me kickstart my WordPress blogging again. Something about being accountable, even just to myself, kept me focused and posting, even after the month ended. And thus, the idea for Steem Blog Posting Month was formed! It wasn't too difficult to come up with the acronym, SteemBloPoMo, after that. And really, that's all this is - a hash tag and a goal of writing new content for my blog & cryptoblog every day

Until next time...
Much Love from Cape Town, South Africa xxx

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@theluvbug regularly supports the Steemit community with upvotes and resteems of great content which is really adding value to this platform, but in order to grow and be able to offer MORE SUPPORT, @theluvbug needs your help - with upvotes and resteems of the latest curation announcements on that profile.


#Powerhousecreatives is pro-creative! This is an awesome community of devoted creative people. So proud to be in their company. Did I just say creative four times???

Oh, yes!!!

!tip of the day!!!!

Thank you so much for the positively creative feedback hon xxx hehehe :D

I promise to learn a new word tomorrow. ;)

@jaynie. Thanks for this great opportunity. I have sent my application.

Thank you.

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Thank you :)

@jaynie, I want to bring one photographer to your community. She is a friend of mine @aleksandra. mart and she is new to Steem Blockchain. May I talk with you in Discord?

Hi, yes sure you may (jaynie#0038) - however I must just make mention of the fact that everyone has to go through the same application process in order for it to be fair across the board. :)

Keep up the good work guys :)

It’s wonderful to be a part of #powerhousecreatives! There are so many great people to connect with, and so much mutual support!

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Thrilled to know you are happy hon x

🎁 Hi @jaynie! You have received 0.1 SBD tip from @dswigle!

Check out @dswigle blog here and follow if you like the content :)

Sending tips with @tipU - how to guide :)

WHOO HOO! Thanks a million-and-two times over for both shout outs, @jaynie and the amazeballs #PowerHouseCreatives community!

I can't even put into words (a rarity for me) what this community's support has meant to me since I first stumbled upon the Steem blockchain all those many months ago.

In fact, I'd even say you were 99.99% of the reason I'm still here, blogging & hodling like crazy. You guys & girls ROCK!


And thank you for everything you do sweetie xxx

#powerhousecreatives rocks!

Not my initiative but posting and supporting in the name of steem.


Lets give steem a little nudge and increase our stake at the same time May 1st.

awesome! Thanks for sharing x

I have found PHC to have some very dedicated members that are also loads of fun!

So happy to hear that you are enjoying our little space x

One of the best communities on Steemit. Amazingly talented people.

If it were not for the #PowerHouseCreatives (formerly @steemitblggers) would not

  1. Be on the blockchain
  2. Be having fun on the blockchain
  3. Have made new friends from all over the world
  4. Discovered new communities such as @pifc and @ghsc

Thank you for all you do for our communities @jaynie xxx

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And thank you too!!! xxx

I am a proud member, this has been a fun and friendly ride. Thanks for the shout out !

pleasure sweets xxx

As a charity in South Africa, a lot of PHC members support our posts and it is a pleasure to belong to this caring community.
Blessings to all!

And we are loving having you with us!

As sort of a renaissance scatterbrain with a sigma personality I really don't do communities. Well unless there is a truly talented cat herder pulling the strings and then, partly for the sake of the cat herders sanity, partly for mine, I'm only passing through. Your post has me interested though. Really interested. How are your cat herding skills jaynie?

hahaha @pibara - I think perhaps our members should answer that :P ;)

How about you pop into the applications server... take a look at what we do and how we operate and then decide if you want to submit an application :)

The real community when it comes to Steem

.where everyone stays together and make everyone feel.so.comfortable.... #powerhousecreatives

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So glad you feel that way @steemflow xxx

Wow... Hello, nice to meet you @jaynie. I From Indonesia. I want to join !!! 😍

Thank you for the application @ponpase. :) We will go through them soon.

The #powerhousecreatives encompasses everything a passionate content creation community should be and in fact is vital to keep Steem at its core value. A community driven platform. Thank you @jaynie for all that you do putting so much effort into building the #powerhousecreatives into where it is today.

For those of you who wants to be part of this incredible community, do drop by and apply!

Hi @jaynie!

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Thank you for all you do!! This is an amazing community full of highly committed people!

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Right back at you hon xxx

Recommending #Powerhousecreatives is second nature for me.

This is the footer on all my posts:

"Power House Creatives - Superlative Member Support and the Supreme Welcome Party for all new Steemians!" - JaiChai

Namaste, JaiChai

Wou... it really seems like a strong family🤗 I would like to join this beautiful community and do my best!🥰 How can I apply?

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