Hey there friend.
I am new on steemit
I wish you would follow me . erm...can i get your follow?
Please say yes because i dont want you to miss the good stuffs i have for you.
I will upvote you anytime i come across your post.
That is when i buy more steem power and am planing to buy steem power tomorrow or Wednesday so take a second and follow as i have and you will truly feel me😂😂😂
Thank you friend

I follow you! Follow me back and upvote my posts ❤️

Please follow me back and also vote for me...

I upbutt you you upbutt me?

also new here bro,will be glad if you will follow me,lets be partners please.....

Please follow me back and also vote for me...

Please follow me back and also vote for me...

please fellow me back and also vote for me..

I am not sure if I understand,
What happened if I delegate Steem Power to @jerrybanfield, for example, I earn anything with his upvotes and curations?

This question is for you... Please answer

@introvert-dime thank you very much for your upvote and comment, I am glad that the post is useful for you.

On SteemD I see you are not voting for any witnesses yet which is normal with about only 5% of users on Steem voting for a witness. Meanwhile, witness votes are the most important we make on Steem because witnesses create our blockchain in real time and are our chosen community leaders.

The easiest way to fully participate is to choose one person we trust as a "proxy" to make all of our witness votes for us. Will you please either add me to your witness votes or set me as a proxy at because this will empower you to indefinitely support me for witness and increase the funding for @budgets?

You've got my vote right now. It my first vote for witness.

Oh, pardon me. It's the second;-)

I voted for you, you might as well be my first witness vote since this gives me a bit better idea on what's actually happening here.

I just joined Steemit. I wrote an article on facebook copying crypto.
How do I vote and witness?
Please follow me and vote for my article.

Please follow me back and also vote for me...

So many bots to choose from, so lil time ** hahaha**

Hi friends I am new here on steemit. Is there anyone who can vote for me.

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