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Thanks for the post Jerry. Didn't realise how high can the earnings can be by delegating steem power to bots!

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I am not sure if I understand,
What happened if I delegate Steem Power to @jerrybanfield, for example, I earn anything with his upvotes and curations?

This question is for you... Please answer

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So many bots to choose from, so lil time ** hahaha**

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Jerrybanfield is the most inspiring teacher 👩‍🏫

how do you post a photo?

When you are writing your comment , you will find under it a green link “sekecting them” look down here. You just click it and 1305D782-9C70-4C36-B6CF-597522815DC8.jpeg choose from pictures stored on your phone or computer.. wait to upload 100% then post

thank you very much u helped me a lot xoxoxo

Welcome 😎

Follow the instructions at the bottom of the box that you type a reply into.
CPostma 1-16-2018.jpg

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And where do I find web space to store the picture?

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Does that also work to select a profile picture? I don't see any link for selecting a profile picture.

For posts I do see this link, so thank you!

Hi Jerry , new to steamit , would appreciate your guidance

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nice one bro,you are truly a God sent.

Thanks for helping 👍🏼.. I added sth more easier for him

thank you, i'm new here it's easy for me now

Thank you for making this free. This will surely help those seeking to prosper on Steemit and those who are caught up in all the technicalities and jargon involved in starting a Steemit account. Upvoted and following you for awhile now.

Ah, I think you mean inspiring right?

Haha ... yep .. I fixed it then I saw your comment lol

Jerry is very inspiring and very knowledgeable about steemit

Yes he is Epic really !

You are the best Jerry, thank you for all of your hard work!

Resteemed to BestOfSteem!

Purely in terms of returns, I'm curious how this stacks up to just selling your vote to minnowboosters?

thanks for the inspiring post

Hi Jerry, delegated some SP to you but I messed up somehow by upgrading it to the max I got. Now when I try I cannot sign in with when I delegate the wheel (at SIGN IN) just keeps spinning. Anyone else has that problem and/or a solution? Thanks!

Hey there friend.
I am new on steemit
I wish you would follow me . erm...can i get your follow?
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Thanks for your post, do you know how to lease steem power?

Thanks for this information. Can we also lease steem power from you?

You thanks for giving the possibility. I finally found the solution. (I used the wrong password ...)

very helpful post all yoour post is helpful for me

I haven’t tried it yet... but I may think of it

i Delegate Steem Power from minnowboster it's helpful service

Keep up the good work Jerry, I have used your bot many times and also mentioned the peer to peer project in posts, best of luck with that one...i know that peer to peer app could be a game changer...I'ma trying to get the word out everywhere bcuz i like the idea :))..I'm also taking the steemit platform more seriously & long term investment savings because i see huge potential for the future.



Thanks Jerry. As always you share lot of important stuff. though its a known topic, its kind of revision.

Jerry thanks for your insights into the many aspects of Steemit. I have a much better understanding how users who delegate Steem Power are really reaping the benefits of this powerful tool.


Thanx for sharing.

Another great tutorial from @jerrybanfield ...!

I like the short ones though 🤔

must get more steem power ....

hello anyone can give me 220 sp for delegation i really need that bcz by this i can 500 sp and i can upvotes more 1-100% voting power use now its very difficult to vote all who comment and like my post soo plz anyone can give me sp i ll pay for that

Great tutorial @jerrybanfield I learned a lot I didnt know about Delegation! Also, you can delegate your Steem Power using steembottrackers website and click the tools tab! Something I do not think a lot of people know about either yet :D


Yeah man ... you are a great blogger too .. birds of feather flock together 😀😎👍🏼

Hi was bedeutet das über Steembottrackers-Website delegieren.
Habe zurzeit Minnowhelper

Thanks for your really nice comment. I like the idea of delegation but also leasing steem power, because then you can get the benefit of more SP for your posts. You've got a new follower!

Good job bro

Thanks for your information @jerrybanfield.

You’r welcome ! 😀

Thanks for explaining this, delegation is one thing about steemit I still really do not understand, and I had no idea you could get that kind of return on bots!

Hey Jerry thanks for the post. However, down the road wouldn't this kind of a system result in Steemit being full of posts that don't actually contain value but just had the most capital to bid? Doesn't that defeat the purpose of steemit?

hello @jerrybanfield i just so you video on youtubeand its the any calculator to see how many steem i will be rewarded if i delegate you 200 steem p i really like you work i'm interested to help you to make the p2p exchange on steem platform.thanks


Did it Jerry !!! Now lets see how it works out ... :-) Thanks man!

This is a very informative post. I'm going to resteem it so that I can see it in my blog. I'm not there yet, but I can see myself possibly delegating voting power at some point down the road. Gotta work on finding those trusted curators who see things pretty close to the way I do :)

good point

Sure why not, also leasing SP can be very helpful if you post a lot. Following YOU!

Thanks for the information @jerrybanfield
great blog

It is really a good thing to give and it is good to help others thanks so much for the video it was really helpful

why has this video not been working for a few days. Anyone else having the same problem?

passive income 👍👍

I agree with u boss, delegating allows the minnows have a taste of the goodies of steemit, whilst working for the good of the community. I wish everyone knew the good delegating will do the the community at large

So far so good .. if no newer rules come to change

Hey everyone, I'm new to steemit and I'm a writer
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Thanks @jerrybanfield +100 Delegated - Aloha!

thats great and really helpfull for all of person who still dont know how to delegate steem power good job @jerrybanfield
also wait your wonderfull app for steem to usd

dtube is really very good
your tutorial is great i see
for sharing thanks to you
i hope you will continue it on steemit
go ahed wish to you

hi @jerrybanfield,I am totally agree with you,but I have applied lease request from minnowbooster two times,but I didn't get it.Do minnowbooster does not fill the request who pays less steem?Then how could I survive in steemit,I have only 70 sp.would you give some sp to me as a rent,I will pay your fees and what do you mean by "36% APR in Steem for delegations",please explain me if you read my comment.Thank you @jerrybanfield,upvoted and resteemed.

At a time where questions are springing out on comment sections and on different steemit communities on Discord, whatsapp and telegram on how to delegate steem power to others expecially the newbies who are constantly experiencing bandwidth issues, I believe this tutorial will greatly help in answering those questions and it is easily comprehensible too.

Thanks for sharing this wonderful tutorial with us @jerrybanfield. It really came at the right time.

Hoping to see more tutorials and quality posts from you.

Happy Steeming

I agree, leasing steem power is also a great option for those who post a lot. If you don't post, better to just earn interest by delegating.

Thanks for doing this video, @jerrybanfield. I feel like once I figured out delegations, it was like seeing the Matrix.

Jerry, Awesome content as usual. Will send you some steempower. Thanks a million for all you for the Steemit community..

How can I delegate SP to you as an investor and earn benifit from your upvoting bot??

he just show u how already, didnt u watch the video?

Hi @jerrybanfield. You are my steem hero. I've voted for you as a witness and resteemed your posts. I've also delegated 50 SP to you. But, did I do it the right way?

thanks for this informative video, i wish the whole steemit community can see this and do same

So Jerry, I have to say it is predominantly you that brought me over into the Steemit platform. Your videos and clearly your passion for this endeavor is contagious. Steem may be one of the few crypto - endeavors I've found that has a truly hands on use-case building for it to exist. Thanks so much for your hard work and helping us "micro-minnows" even have a clue in how to get up and moving in this thing. Peace. Resteemed.

Yes I Agree, a hard worker and promoter of STEEMIT! Thanks for your nice comment @genxrev, following you!

Thanks for the follow. I'm beginning to understand all the words, videos, etc. of what a "steep hill" it is to climb in just starting out on Steemit, but I am confident with a good amount of perseverance and old fashioned "elbow grease" I'll see this thing light up. May your endeavors on Steemit be blessed as well. Peace.

You know what Henry Ford said about doing things?

wow , this is helpful for someone who is brand new to this , when everything is so confusing at the start its good to see people like you helping out

For an investor simply hoping to hold and earn without taking time to read posts and upvote every day, delegation to voting bots provides a transparent and simple system to get automatic daily payouts.

So, you mean you are able to benefit from the system that was put in place to incentivize meaningful content and thoughtful curation without actually having to contribute to the community? Honestly, sounds pretty crappy.

That is a very important part of steemit. The most effective way to use bots and the steem adquired have been wanting to look for that info for a while.
Thank you. If you know more tutorial on the subject please share

Thank you so much are making our Steemit community better and better ! learned lot from your posts

i have a large portion of my sp delegated. wanna help a lot of people especially the ones with the bandwith issue


You're outstanding bro... Your post helps me too much to understand steem... I'm following you👌👌👌👌👌 again thank you

I have been following you on YouTube and just recently started my Steemit journey. I hope to start understanding this platform soon. You have helped me quite a bit, thank you. Keep your positiveness and smiling.

need it hardly. thanks for Tutorial

Thnx Jerry for such helpful post.

thanks for this very important information ,its very useful post for new comers

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i watched your videos on youtube and became interested about steemit. you are my inspiration sir

Thanks for the post... Very useful for newbie like me... Following you from now on. Keep it up fella

Lol.. i have nothing to delegate .. it is my ist day on steemit community.. @jerrybanfield

Good post for help other

Good information!! :p
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I will follow Jerry's footstep and learn as much as I can. Jerry's post are always inspiring!

Hey Jerry, I have been trying to send you a bid on steembottracker to upvote my post, however I keep getting an error even though I am using my active key. Any help here?

Let's get on that Steem train & ride it! Make Free Money Bitcoin & other Cryptocurrency w/ Steemit & Dtube

Thanks for all your awesome tutorials. I wouldn't know much about Steemit if it wasn't for you. ~Cheers

Such beautiful content that inspire me. Really great work

Thanks Jerry. I'm a newbie and this is great stuff! I'm from Cape Town South Africa and we are about to become the first city in the world to run out of water, so any ideas on how we can prevent that would be gratefully received by any in the Steemit community.

Really like the layman way you explain the delegation process. It helps explain a lot for me. I can't play the video it's buffering for me but hoping in a few hours I can do.

How can i lease steem power from @freedom plz?

Very helpful post, thank you!

Wow, I actually didnt know about delegation, i joined just recently, thanks Jerry!

Thanks for the tutorial/explanation I will pretty sure try this when I have some more steem

Thanks for the tutorial ! :)

Thanks for the information...

I think the biggest motivation to delegate sp is becuase you can't do your work of upvoting others. But for someone with low sp (like me for example) i don't think is a good idea....

Great to see you doing these sorts of tutorials @jerrybanfield, thanks for sharing this with the community. I will be sure to delegate some Steem Power when I have some more - looking to get 1.5k SP before I delegate!

I'm wondering, is there any resources you know to find SP to be delegated? I'd love to get some delegated to myself as I find a lot of great content that I would like to reward more to.

Pioneer content creator of steemit. Your videos provide great information about how steemit and it help new new steemit user.

Well explained as usual! Jerry's posts are always outstanding.

Very well explained so anyone can understand expecially for beginners like me.Thanks

Pioneer content creator of steemit. Your videos provide great information about how steemit and it help new new steemit user.

Great post @jerrybanfield. This was my first video of yours and while im skeptical about videos that are educational or a benefit to the community by self powering themselves you did not do any of that. I feel confident with your objective information and would greatly appreciate it if you were interested in delegating 500 power to me. I will be doing a radio show every 2 weeks along with an online dtube post for the new Celebrity edition of CBS Big Brother and could use the additional bandwidth assistance for my posts. I was on season 8 in 2007 and lost on the last day. Please add me and i would greatly appreciate it if i could get my account accelerated before my first episode on dtube as the new show will be airing in Feb. let me know and great post.

Nice post @jerrybanfield
I am new on steemit so can i get your follow?
Please say yes because i dont want you to miss the good stuffs i have for you.
I will upvote you anytime i come across your post.
That is when i buy more steem power and am planing to buy steem power tomorrow or Wednesday so take a second and follow as i have .
Thank you friend

Thanks for the post @jerrybanfield, I'm looking forward to learning more guys like you. Keep that shit up, I love it.

Thank you Jerry for sharing your knowledge :)

I really like the DTube idea, gonna explore more on it! Thanks for sharing!

Am I missing something? It doesn't look like you're delegating right now.

thanks a lot... u are the boss of streemit

Still digesting the information. Really useful. Thanks.

Thanks Jerry! :-D

Cool tool you got there! Personally, I use as it has an option to delegate and view current delegations. I've delegated to newbies with low bandwidth, good curators and local steemians with potential in my community.

Fixed! :)

BTW, if you ever want to discuss steemit promotion on social media and such - chat me up on discord. I can probably help. <3

Nice video man!

Thanks for this, Jerry. I recently started looking into this. I want to try and delegate some steem power to others and see how it goes. Also, I'm interested in trying out the service to upvote my own posts as well. I thought about using minnowbooster.

Alright. Voted for you. I'll be sure to keep my eye on witness voting in the future as well.

Very helpful video. I have some investments in alt coins and I'm considering on selling them and investing on steemit. Thanks for the information

Thanks @jerrybanfield, btw delegation steem need confirmation form blockchain???

This is really useful Jerry!

Thank you for the useful guide. :D

Thanks @jerrybanfield your post so helpful and great information you give us thanks a lot ((( resteem))))