STEEM PRICE TO GO UP IN 2018 - I know users of steem are maturing. That is helping everything!

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As users get more experience with steem, collectively we are gaining experience and trust in this blockchain. The good news is that in 2018, the price of steem could increase quite a bit.


The signs of the price of steem increasing to new highs in 2018 are everywhere. @ned knows already too I bet..

Can't see it?

Ok, let's look together..


Youtube like system called DTube comes to steem August 2017

Now watch the first sentence of that DTube announcement:

"I am really excited to finally bring this project to the public"

It clearly reminds us that it takes time to build awesome apps like this, and it was done while most people didn't even know it was being made.

While you read this, other things are being built for the steem blockchain RIGHT NOW and you won't know about them until the next few coming months either. Keep in mind there is only 4 months left of 2017.

You can fully expect that in 2018 we'll have all kinds of neat steem-related apps and features to explode this blockchain even more. What happens as a result of that? more demand for steem. higher prices for steem

But there's more...


International Business Times reaches over 55 million people every month in seven global editions and four different languages. International Business Times is owned by Newsweek Media Group

A recent story written by Leigh Cuen titled "California Lawmaker Targets Sexual Harassment Among Venture Capitalists" (link) quotes Leah Stephens which is @stellabelle on steemit:

"Stephens said Steemit co-founder Dan Larimer took action to create solutions on his tech-centric social media platform after women reported the abuse. Offensive content was flagged and abusive users muted then shunned. “People with high reputation in [the] community can change things,” she said. “I see the entire issue as a problem of economic power. When women don't have economic freedom, they don't have a voice."

Well congratulations to all of us for these reasons:

  • Steemit user @stellabelle was quoted on International Business Times
  • Co-founder of Steem, Dan Larimer was also mentioned in the article
  • News stories like this have the potential of reaching 55 million people in a single month

Steemit users and steem is being mentioned on mainstream media

This is just getting started!

What do you think will happen as 2018 approaches? We're a noisy bunch. This whole platform is about creating content, writing content, and publishing content.

Want to know some other "content rich" places?

  • Facebook
  • Reddit
  • Twitter

Ever hear of those? What do you think is going to happen as more people hear about steem and steemit?

QUESTION: Ok, what if people don't hear about it often enough on mainstream media?

ANSWER: They are still going to hear about it by word of mouth. How do you think this place got this busy already?

...and also:


Special thanks for this post goes to experienced steem users @stellabelle for being noticed by as well as @heimindanger for DTube.

What is the benefit of having an experienced and maturing community?

  • They believe in the system and hold instead of selling everything
  • When price dips, experience shows users it is time to buy
  • Our bottom lows are going to keep incrementing higher each time
  • Experienced users put forth greater effort in participating and engaging
  • Mature users will spread word-of-mouth advertising
  • These same users can help onboard new users, and the cycle repeats.
  • They attract followers, and media of all types has no problem quoting them as important figures
  • Experienced users help curate content which is scalable and works for minimum cost.
  • They keep the place alive and attract developers who want their attention
  • The investment opportunity increases. So does the price, and the long term value for everyone

I'm on day 5/30 of my positivity challenge.

So I ask you:

STEEM PRICE TO GO UP IN 2018? Sure... of course it can and I personally think it will!

SO HANG ON TO YOUR STEEM. Only sell what you absolutely need.

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Great post, refreshing to see a bunch of real reasons for why Steemit price might grow instead of brainless shilling.

You have my full UV!

@intelliguy I saw from your wallet that you're lending out about 1000 of your 1500 Steem power. Why do you choose to do this? Where do you go to lend it out?


Look at my blog. It's only 4 or 5 posts down that explains everything. Read about @voiceshares. I even explain how to do it.

"You can fully expect that in 2018 we'll have all kinds of neat steem-related apps and features to explode this blockchain even more."

Do you know which apps these will be? How did you get this information?


BeyondBitcoin show aka Whale Tank put on by @officialfuzzy every Friday. I know what people are working on. They often discuss it after the show during the afterparty.


Can you tell me the ones you have heard about already?

I bought a whole bunch of steem a while back because I wanted to blog a lot on this platform. Recently my investments have been taking higher priority but I believe in this platform nonetheless.

I think that for the next major Steem price pump, Steemit has to become simpler to use and have a user friendly mobile app which is fast.


With the value that Steemit provides, the rise in price of the Steem token is inevitable.



You said your "investments have been taking higher priority", but isn't your Steem you bought to blog here also an investment? I'm confused. Or I suppose you meant the straight up "trading"type of cryptos, like when you buy an ICO and hope to double /triple that within a day, then sell it for some quick cash? (Or buy and holds, either way).

Steemit and its very core is easy to use, but when you want to do some other things like un-delegate (not sure if that's a word?) Steem Power, it's really tough to figure out! After trying everything I finally wrote a "Help!" post about that yesterday and got the answer.

Using fancy markup, while it isn't "hard", also isn't exactly dead simple to do - like posting on FB or Reddit - and takes some practice as well.

I'll stop rambling... my point is that while it's easy to jump in and start swimming in the Steemit pool, there is a bit of a learning curve to truly master the platform.


Yes it is an investment in Steem. I expect the value of my Steem to go up in time whether or not I post. The value of all my other investments will not go up if I don't work on them.

I invest in ICO's, have some long term holds in undervalued coins and also do some scalping.

I know the fancy mark up in annoying, takes a while to figure out. When this learning curve is made smaller for newcomers, as in a LOT smaller as it should be, then I foresee that to be a big step forward.


For sure, agree re the learning curve. The trend seems to be the simpler, the greater the mass adoption. I hope that day comes sooner than later.

Best of luck to you and your ICO/long term holds!


Oh they know. They're doing it. Stability, security, and performance always comes first. Then UI and features come next.


haha as long as it comes at some point :) works for me!


I'll convert a bit of SBD to Bitcoin once in a while, but Steem Power is a long-term hold and acquire.


Golden words.

I agree, Steem is going up in value in 2018!


And beyond!

With the price this low use the opportunity to accumulate more steem over time ! I believe LONGTERM steem will top $50,000,000,000 marketcap which would prep only 10% of FACEBOOK! As the platform of steemit grows improvements to the platform will act as catalysts to push the share price higher and higher. If you missed buying Facebook when it I POD at $37 this is your Second chance! I buy accumulating more and more shares as the price is low will pay off exponentially as as the price increases !


Mining Steem is also possible and less expensive! But definitely, if the owners know how to enter Wall Street, this could be a great chance to do what we did not do with Facebook. But buying shares is one thing, and investing on the coin is another thing. Right now, with the growth of cryptomoney and its different variations, I would not dare to buy shares of a new company if I can go to invest in ICO.

so great! I am going to also invest money on Steem because I know it's going to succeed!

combination of crypto and social media it's genius!!!

I think this year we see steem up 3.10 $

My last post was about achieving success through an optimistic approach and this is exactly what I meant. You have given it a new meaning in a beautiful form full of hope.

People complain about low earnings but they do not see the value of Steem and neither the massive appreciation that it will go through in the coming year. It is poised to rise especially with a mass validation of what it has to offer the world through Steemit, which is an amalgamation of a content system and a social platform.

Thanks for the great post!


Steem+mass adoption=wealth in my pocket.

I hope this really works..waiting for next year!!

I'm hanging on tight to ALL of my cryptocurrency...not just STEEM. Buy and hold and buy and hold.

Your post is filled with such wonderful sentiment and overflowing with information. You drew me in with youthful banter while filling my head with valuable knowledge , thank you. Your article gave me information that I found extremely valuable I can't wait to read more. 😂

The way is going... it is very possible to reach a value between $10 and $50 very soon. And in about 10 years... I think it will be around $1,000. Social sites are very popular now a day, and more people will be knowing Steem from visiting Steemit!

Monero (XMR), a month ago was below $50 and today is above $125 and growing. They are announcing a fork that could probably increase more its value in September.

But the main question, that probably the owners of the program or a financial mind can answer, is how to help this coin, STEEM, grow. If it is investing on the coin, if it is trading the coin as many time as possible, or just keeping the coin in our wallet.

Few months ago, a group of investors tried to buy BItcoin from one of the miners, they were rejected, but it looks like they got their bitcoins through trading platforms. Did their 43 million investment made the coin jump from below $2,000 to close to $3000? It looks like it did it. Then the fork, which created an almost double amount of coins with Bitcoin Cash (whatever you had in Bitcoin was given to us in BTC Cash -by the way even faucets and exchanges that did not support this type of wallet, are now paying what they owed us, at least I had two cases where I received BTC Cash) also made Bitcoin to increase its value. So, we have to know how to act in order not to hurt the value of our favorite investment.

How exciting good sir! Thanks to you I am gathering STEEM !!


Yes, yes, gather steem. GATHER IT LIKE CRAZY.

Awesome Analysis Sir! I do believe that as word travels, new users join and more new content is created and shared, the world will soon realize that our platforms here do have the ability to rival, and dare I say, compete with Facebook and YouTube, as time goes on! Bravo :)


Let's see what will happen after the feast from Lisbon.

Good info, I'am agree to price Steemit gooo pump... And posisi Market down trend. Signal buy..hhh. check post me. .
good luck trader

I sure am maturing, I feel the steem wrinkles growing. Whatever man, it'll rise for sure, whenever is ok with me

Hanging On


Space Suit is ready :D

The way is going... it is very possible to reach a value between $10 and $50 very soon. And in about 10 years... I think it will be around $1,000. Social sites are very popular!
By the way, do you know that one of the developers is launching a token (Pocket) from here and is giving away a million tokens to each person? If you don't know it, I have the information in my posts and I think you might be able to see it.


Sounds as a pretty realistic and plausible analasys...

Just talked to one of my "techie" friends about it in the grocery store today.....He seemed excited to hear about my new blogging platform. I'm also sharing some of my work here on "wastebook" so my friends can see what an amazing place this is. We all own Steem and need to work to promote it.....I know it's going to pay off in the long run! Building a new environment that is user friendly, wallet friendly, and positive in every way!


You have the right mindset, that's great.

If one of your techie friends ever goes rogue and tries to cheat the system (probably the furthest thing from your mind) be sure to steer him/her straight.

The only reason I'm bringing it up, is that a lot of new users, when they get acquainted with how things work, they think they find loopholes, which they actually haven't. Cheating is a heavy path that's been tried many times before and it always ends up in a dead end and a waste of time and effort. :)

True way to success in this system is to work at it legitimately and work hard.


@intellguy, I see what you mean......need to stuff some newspapers under the bridge and light them on fire. There are people out there that are so unhappy, failing themselves, and grasping at whatever they can to make themselves feel better. Whether it be drugs, alcohol, judging others, or cheating. What they really need to be doing is taking a good, long look at themselves and heal what is broken inside. Really, when they are cheating here......or trolling....they have just found a new temporary high to soothe some sort of pain......take away their source, they eventually go away.......


Well said @kimmydee2! Although not popular and largely frowned upon as narcissistic, you have to love yourself before you have the capacity to love others. Self knowledge is so important and so overlooked. Perhaps a better known example is the admonition when you fly that first yo uput on your own oxygen mask and then you help others.


Very good analogy!!


I agree wholeheartedly!

This post was very informative thank you for sharing
you have my upvote
Keep smiling, reading, writing and voting!!!


hold onto steem


yup, I will love it here :)

thank you for the information, now I add to understand how to make a good steemit and high value

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I hope that you are right :)

Steemit is the future 😊

The community aspect on STeemit is what is driving this platform and blockchain forward. People find each other, develop together and get financed from the crowd. I don't think that there are many other places in the world with such economical backup and hive mind possibilities to push a thousand ideas at a time forward. We beraley see the tip of the iceberg of what is all coming for Steem.

The tricky bit is trust and patience.

This is good news! Keep on rocking steemians!!

Great post with lots of information. Thank you for sharing.

I fully believe in Steemit and why I have been blogging daily for over a year. But I believe it needs to become far more fungible, before it really begins to gain greater value.

It is optimistic writing. We will see.

Join the movement. Posting Rewards Earn STEEM every time you post content valued by others. Curation Rewards Earn STEEM by being the first to upvote ...

bitshares is going to role core valuable coins and its going to adopted later by steem. so definately steem has great future and will prove better than facebook.

Follow me and upvote I will do same back 😘😘😘

do you know if there are any crypto competitors to steemit that have a similar business model or is steemit the only one in this space currently?thanks

Nicely written post i like where STEEM is going!

Well explained, the more the merrier, the better for the early adapter. 2018 Steem will go up!

Just got on the STEEM bandwagon this week. Excited to see all the hype surrounding it! :)

it good plateform for earning againgst posting.thank you very much for posting.