The Top Apps for your Steem Experience!!

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If you want the best information that can enhance your experience with Steem(it), you are going to need to check out these Apps. A few months ago I created a huge directory of all the websites related to Steem. This time, I'm going to share which sites are essential for every Steemian. Information is the name of the game. Without the best information about what's going on around here, we can't make the best decisions. If you want to find out which are my favorites, please read on!

Top Steem Apps

This List is not Entirely in Order. They're all my Favorites!


Gina doesn't have her own website, yet, but she is my absolute favorite tool in all of Steem. She offers Instant Notifications for almost any activity on the blockchain. Get a direct message in discord for comments on your post, replies, @mentions, resteems, and much much more! See This Post for all of the details. Thanks to @neander-squirrel for all of his hard work.


Vessel is a desktop wallet for your Steem Account. This is the most secure way to make transfers. You can use this wallet to manage delegations, witness votes, and all kinds of stuff. Vessel Wallet is in active development, and continually being improved upon by @jesta.

This is an incredible new site for an up to date directory of all steem tools, apps, extensions, bots, etc. Designed to be maintained and expanded with community interaction. Thanks to @noisy for taking steemtools to the next level!

Steemworld is a one stop shop for all kinds of information about your account. It lets you know your rewards for the past 6 days, how much your vote is worth at your current vp, it can calculate upcoming rewards, delegations. The Works! Thanks to @steemchiller for this indisposable app!

This site supplies you with a live feed of who is voting on any of your content. Maybe it's not necessary but sometimes it is nice to watch after you release a post. Or if you see your post jump up in value, this site can tell you which vote gave you that extra push! Steemworld also tells you about votes, but this site is fast, and simple. We can thank @penguinpablo for Steemnow.

Steemd is a block explorer that can tell you about every transaction related to a particular account (type There is tons of information available on this site. I won't go into detail about everything available, but there's a lot. This is great for investigative work, or if you are trying to find out some information that's not easily found elsewhere. Thanks to @roadscape for creating "the original" Steem Block Explorer.

Steemdb is quite similar to steemd, except there is even more information available. Particularly about witnesses. My understanding is that @jesta has big plans for steemdb in on the horizon. Besides the fact that steemdb is under active development, steemd is frequently down for maintnence. Similar tools, but I sometimes prefer the simplicity of steemd. Steemdb, however, is hot to trot and good to keep on your radar! (again, you can type for detailed information about any particular account.) Besides the usual details about your account, I can see that there are a lot of new features here since the last time I checked it out.

If you're ever investigating, and trying to find out more information about accounts, such as voting habits, this is the place to go. There are a number of tools available on this site that can be very useful for a deeper knowledge about accounts. My appreciation goes to @andybets for steemreports!

This site will tell you about your most loyal, and most influential followers. This can give you an idea of who you might want to send a thank you note to :)

This is a cool way to show off to your crypto buddies about how the Steem Blockchain is #1 in transactions and performance. You can see, here, ranked by amount of transactions, which are the top blockchains to date.

You can use SteemAuto to support your favorite Steemians by voting on all of their posts. You can create a curation trail to can make sure you vote on all of the same posts as another account, and even schedule posts for publishing at a particular time. All Free! Maintained by @mahdiyari.

If you want to give your post an extra boost, use this site to figure out which bots are voting next, and how much has already been sent in for that bid window. Thanks to @yabapmatt for this one!

I use this site if I want to get some BTS or trade Steem for another currency besides bitcoin, such as Ethereum or Litecoin. They have a number of other features, such as account creation, and delegation leases. is the best resource that I know of to find information about Steem Witness ranks and stats. Including which witnesses are disabled, who votes for them, price feed info, missed blocks, etc. Maintained by @drakos witnesses and the rest of us are grateful!

A Wiki for Steem that rewards you in Steem for updating its contents! Thanks to @steemcenterwiki and all it's contributors.

Chainbb is a forum style front end for the Steem Blockchain that has a communities feature, and more to come by @jesta. You can create your own moderated forum to choose which posts from a particular tag stay in the forum, which is a useful function for community building. The reason it's indispensable for me is that it makes it easy to go over a users post history without resteems and a simple, clean interface. Doing a feature about a Steem user that covers the history of their blog would be very difficult using any other Steem Front End.

I had to include @dsound because whatever else I'm doing, I enjoy listening to the music created by other Steemians! Thanks to @prc for all of his hard work. I really look forward to the future of Dsound.

That's all for now!

Let me know if there is some essential tool that I've left out of this list. Or even if it's not essential, and you have a favorite I didn't mention, please tell me what it is and why you love it!

Feel free to check out the original post with an Exhaustive list of all websites that relate to the Steem BlockChain.

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Thank you for the detailed description of such useful tools for users. But I would like to know what you think about SteemPlus?


I kind of felt like I should include it in this list, however, I've never actually tried it. I used to use "Steemit More Info" which is the extension that came before it, and ultimately decided to stop using it after experiencing conflicts with the main site. Ultimately, the best thing that could happen is for these features to be submitted as a pull request to improve However, even that wouldn't ensure that all the features became available. I suppose I'll have to give SteemPlus a try sometime soon.


The application is not bad, I tried it, but I constantly needed to connect it again. This was inconvenient, so I do not use it now. I use the tools listed in your article. By the way, I learned about them from your first post on this topic. For which I am grateful to you).


yeah, that post was fun to make! and a lot of work :D

thanks for the update on steemplus

I think ginabot steemd and steemnow rocks it for me, I got to know about them like two weeks after I got into this platform, and the others have scared me in the sense that I totally don't feel too awesome using them.
I hope people who doesn't know about them can try them as well

Thanks for compiling all the tools,sites and sharing with us , I like steembottracker, though it's a little bit difficult to grasp and understand ... I used steemd when I was having bandwidth issues , used it in checking my bandwidth allocation
Thank you for shining light on some more !!!

I am using ginabot for mentions but she has some other cool options (that I don't need) Check it out, it's pretty cool


ginabot is the best! :)

This is amazing.
Information truly is power. I never head about some of these if not now. Thanks for this wonderful information. It's time to start making use of these.
I just tried out VESSEL. I love it.


thank you for this information.

Great post @inquiringtimes. Thanks for all the resources.

Some I already use but I'm going to look into, and as that one keeps coming up. I've looked at it a couple of times but haven't been able to work it out.

Will try again tomorrow. 😊


I'm glad you found this post useful.

These are amazing options to enjoying the steem blockchain. To be sincere, I have only used only two of the above mentioned.

Guess I'll be trying the others soon

And... Steem Supply!
Just love it.


what do you get out of steem supply? I see upcoming rewards from steemworld... not sure what the hype for steemsupply is about.


Check all the tabs once there.

I prefer the interface, steemworld isn't so intuitive in my opinion, plus you get what you want right away as soon as you go to steem supply.


Plus, you have to wait on steemworld.


Thanks for backing me up on, lol.
I just love the way things are displayed at that site...

Great list you have there. Although I try to stay up-to-date about necessary SteemIt tool, you managed to list sites I hadn’t seen before. :0)

One of my favorite ones is, because it gives you a clear overview of earnings that are coming your way ...

Another one is, which allows you to save links to posts you want to go back to later in lists you create yourself. I couldn’t find that one in your huge list of tools, but it is really worth checking out. (I saved your list of tools to my ‘SteemIt tools’- list ...)


I'll have to check out steemshare... as far as, I'm not sure if I really would use it, since I get the earnings report from steemworld


I use both. I just like the visual representation on ;0)

Thank you for sharing this maizing info!

My personal favorites so far were Steem Bot Tracker, SteemD, and SteemReports, but I will definitely add Spectacles to the list. : )

I wanted to ask you is there a way to manually check mentions? I know that @ginabot does that for you, but I would prefer to check it manually without notifications and I'm not using Discord.


I'm not 100%. But I think the Steemnow browser extension has that feature. I would very much recommend using discord, generally. It's a great way to develop relationships with other steemians :)


Thank you, I'll check it out. : )

Hey there @inquiringtimes! What a great list you compiled. I use so many of these, but there are so many more for me to look through now. Thank you..I think ;)

I have steemworld and ginabot going all the time, and I couldn't live without either. I just read in @steemchiller's recent newsletter that he will have the "notifications" tab running on steemworld very soon. It might give poor gina a run for her money :)

Thanks again for doing the leg work here for all of us! Cheers :)

good support and good management of the tools to improve what we do when facing our work plan.

I have two additions:
steemdunk by @steemdunk: autocurrate 20 accounts for free
mysteemitfriends by @magicmonk: stats like rankings with effective and own steempower.

steem information! great content!

Like your post

I thank you for this information because everything I do in steemit I do with my phone (I have no connection even on my PC). I invite you to take a look at my blog. I do a lot with little. Many Greetings and Good Day!..

Vote and resteemit doen dear

Excellent post @inquiringtimes I had no idea of the many things and tools that Steem has, thanks for sharing.

You always have the best intel!!!

Happy to see you are having much success here. Wishing you a powerful and productive week ahead.

Keep in touch.

Hi @inquiringtimes, I just stopped back to let you know your post was one of my favourite reads and I included it in my Steemit Ramble. You can read what I wrote about your post here.

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Beautiful Post....

This was really helpful. Thankyou!

So, I'm just printing this post off to hang over my desk so I can reference it anytime. Thanks!

You forgot, the UI/UX Steemit couldn’t get right.

Awesome list of the best apps built on Steem or tools created to enhance Steemit experience. I love automation tools like @ginabot and @steemauto. They make life easier. is my favorite (and the most used one too) but I use it to track my reputation and VP mostly. A change in reputation takes me to the list of latest votes automatically.

Thank you for including us in your list. We also included a link to your post in the wiki page Steem Ecosystem. Thanks and good luck again!

Nice list my friend! I love all the cool tools and app the awesome Devs come up with!

I moved to Penang a while ago and I just realized that there is some sort of steemit community here and you were(are) part of it?

Could you please tell me a little bit more about it? I would love to meet those people