SteemPress v 1.1. Statistics on wordpress adoption, new bulk posting feature and more !

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It's two weeks since we released the v1.0 of our wordpress plugin, SteemPress, and announced that the plugin is available in the plugin-store in @fredrikaa's post. Much has been worked on since then to address the many suggestions and requests we got from our new users and so we would like to share some news on the project.

If you would like to try SteemPress, here is where you can find our plugin on


One of our stated goals in the previous post was to set up a database to log statistics of who uses the plugin, how many posts are made per day, etc. This was done shortly after the v1 release and we were overwhelmed by the numbers!

In 2 weeks SteemPress has published 8658 posts, 618 articles per day on average, from 286 different bloggers. Needless to say, neither of us expected early adoption to happen this quickly. This only motivated us to work even harder to provide you the best product possible and also to add supporting mechanisms to benefit our users.

We are still very early on in the process and working on ideas to drastically increase those numbers once we have the time and resources to execute them. More on that soon!

New features

You can now post all your existing wordpress articles directly with steempress!

Peek 2018-02-17 20-08.gif

This was by far the most common request we received from WordPress users commenting on our earlier posts. As the gifs illustrates, you can now select any of your old WordPress posts that you would like to post to the STEEM blockchain. You can either post them one by one at your desired pace, or select many and SteemPress will post them with the 5 minute enforced interval demanded by the blockchain.

As the message states, don't expect it to be instantaneous. Also if your bandwidth can not handle 200 articles in one go, then be patient!

We now handle all of the WordPress default shortcodes

Which means no more ugly [gallery] or [audio] tag etc hanging around. For now we delete them, but in the near future we'll try to render a maximum of them to deliver an experience on STEEM that's as close as possible as the one you're delivering on your blog.

Error detection

We worked a lot to detect and log most all of the occurring errors users faced so that we always know why a post has failed. If you still experience some of your posts not being immediately uploaded to STEEM, then don't hesitate to come to us so we can provide you some assistance.

The most frequent errors observed:

  • Wrong key (Likely due to the user using their public posting key or something else altogether).

  • A depleted bandwidth (Mainly an issue for a few frequent spammers)

  • Two posts being posted too fast (without the 5 minutes in between that STEEM requires).

Fast posting

Speaking of posts that don't respect STEEM's cooldown. We now handle fast posting, so you can submit several articles without having to wait 5 minutes between them, we'll time them out on our end so they get posted correctly.

Voting weight

When you check the "self vote" option, it means that you vote for yourself at 100% when the post is published, at some point some of our users got some errors because they had 0 voting power left. If that case happens, we now remove the self voting from that post and still publish it without it.

Image alignment

SteemPress now automatically aligns your images to fit steemit's requirements.

Along with various small fixes/features

  • Automatic post delay whenever the STEEM node is down. Every now and then, the STEEM node goes down if only for a matter of seconds. Whenever this happens, SteemPress will now delay posts that are made by a few minutes rather than failing to post them.
  • When making a post, users can now write their username both with or without the "@" sign in front of their name, removing unnecessary errors.
  • Tags with dashes are correctly sent to the blockchain. (previously, if a user typed "steem-press" as a tag, it would be posted with "steempress" on the blockchain).
  • If the title is too large for STEEM (256 character) it will automatically get trimmed and "..." will be added to the end.
  • Fixed the image tags that were not rendered correctly if they were closed with ">" instead of "/>"
  • Updated the text of the seo line users can add to the end of their posts"original post : url" to "posted from my blog with SteemPress : url". This makes it more clear that you are the author and that you are not citing a source for where you found the content elsewhere on the web.
  • Handle emojis and other special characters.

All of the recent updates have been to address expressed user interests and issues and making the plugin more and more seamless. We're particularly happy with the way in which we manage to stay on top of occurring errors so that whenever we are approached by users who have experienced an error, we are already aware and working on a solution. We do, however, highly appreciate all of the user engagement we have had over the recent weeks. Please do continue to let us know anything SteemPress could add which would benefit your blogging and steeming experience.

Created @steempress-io STEEM account and bought domain name

Since our announcement, we have created a dedicated STEEM account for SteemPress, @steempress-io, which we intend to use the account to curate quality content uploaded with SteemPress to incentivize further use of the tool, and bought the domain name

Objectives for the next 2 weeks:

  1. Have established curation rules and guidelines for posts submitted via SteemPress and begin to test active curation with @steempress-io based on those guidelines.
  2. Set up an open database on where people can browse content published using SteemPress. We will begin experimenting with alternative ways for content discovery as we intend to work with steemit communities to help them find the best content uploaded to STEEM via SteemPress. The website will also serve as a tool for curators to check whether or not an article on steemit is indeed uploaded via SteemPress, or plagiarized from another blog. ​

If you have any questions regarding SteemPress then feel free to contact either @howo or @fredrikaa on or join us on the #steempress channel.

Thank you again for your support! It's what keeps us going!

If you would like to try SteemPress, here is where you can find our plugin on


wonderful news !!! now much will look different

I agree with you.

better you do a rich text editor and we would have more styles in steemit :D

i agree with you

I think this is a great one, thank you
Nice work @howo

Awesome work folks, this is an amazing achievement and I am extremely happy to see you continue to develop it.

Certainly helped my blogging workflow, anyway ;)

Can't wait until you can report on the one year anniversary now! :D

We certainly are looking forward to that as well !

Great work!
It is a matter of time that Steemit becomes popular to the people that usually writes in their own Wordpress blog.
Because for the same work you can get a lot of more feedback, views and enven profits not a minor bonus!
Keep going to do this tool even better, all the steemians will thank you.
This brings new users to the Steemit platform too, and they will promote Steemit too, and the more we are, the more value steem will have :)

It's what we like about it, when we market steempress, we market steem. And the more bloggers who use steempress, the more people will get to learn about steem and blockchain :)

Absolutely, and without changing almost anything in your workflow or time for posting, it is one of the best tools that Steemit has now, thank you for doing such a great thing :D

I have been one of your users and I appreciate steempress, I only have one issue,
i.e Tags that I will give with my post should be appearing on steemit instead of the only limited number of tags that can only be used.
However, I really appreciate Your efforts and I completely understand that it is a new startup and features will be developed with time, just wanted to give my suggestion. ThankYou @howo @fredrikaa

Thank you for using SteemPress and also for providing such valuable feedback.

You're absolutely right in that we're trying to build and implement features and fixes on the go based on user feedback. This is probably the number 1 reason why I think STEEM is great for StartUps and for business: It enables developers to have direct interactions with the users on-chain and incentivize users to provide the type of valuable feedback that one would otherwise have a market analysis department work to obtain. :P

We will continue to be lean and fast with our development to ensure that we quickly address the expressed needs by our users and provide a solution that you want.

ThankYou, Appreciation and Love for You :)

Can you be more precise ? the steem protocol only allows for 5 tags so if you put more than 5 tags on wordpress we'll only keep the first 5.

Thanks for the feedback and support, you're one of our top 5 users :D

ThankYou @howo
I am glad I am in the top of list :D

This is game changing. Great work!

All this is summed up in a sentence. Good you are terrible

Thank you Aggroed! We believe so too. But we're still early in the development (although progressing quicker than I at least had expected), the next few months will be exciting!

Also, if you have any tips for people in your community that have access to a large number of bloggers also outside the steemit ecosystem that we could reach with this tool, I would be very happy to talk with them!

Keep up the work you're doing for the community.

Thanks a lot ! Really appreciate it.

That's some crazy activity for the first two weeks. Will you be providing these stats on a regular basis so we can track the growth?

Yes, we found that an update every two weeks is a good length to let us work on updates as well as watch the project grow.

Screenshot from 2018-02-19 18-31-06.png
Seems to still work to the best of my knowledge, I published my latest article about being a "Deaf Traitor" with SteemPress and it went through just fine, though the error in my dashboard is new as of the update. Didn't think to check the plugin until I saw this post.

Also following you now, good to have a resource I can come to since the WordPress plugin page didn't have actual information about what the updates changed so it's good to see what was different. Besides the screenshotted error of course.

I have a feature request though. Steemit Comments on WordPress. ;)

Thanks for notifying me ! Fixed this morning.

And it's coming :p

Sweet sauce my man, updated and working fine.

How about a feature that places links to all your active Steemit articles that are less than 7 days old. That way when someone finishes your article, they can see your last 7 days of work. Might be an idea for an entirely new plugin...

Or you can use to see recommended posts by the user in question. I'm talking about a WordPress plugin to integrate the article's steemit comments into WordPress itself. If you want to show related articles on WordPress itself, JetPack can already do that for you.

I haven't used this yet, although I have been blogging on Wordpress for 2 years now. Does the Cheetah bot have an issue with blog posts being posted both on Steem and on people's wordpress sites?

Not when you publish it directly to steem when you post your wordpress post. Cheetah only does a quick google search with samples of the content the moment it is added to the blockchain (it checks new STEEM blocks as soon as they are posted). When posts are added to wordpress and steemit at the same time, it does not appear on google and thus cheetah does not react.

Makes sense, as if the content is shared at both sites at close to the same time, it is not like the steemit poster would have had the time to find and plagarize someone else's content.

Hey guys, I have posted couple of time on other articles too about SteemPress. As much as I want to use this awesome plugin, the fear I have is for penalization on duplicate content by Google and then what is the impact on my original blog. How is that managed? Any help is appreciated in understanding these repercussions before I try it. Looking forward for a reply this time :) @howo @fredrikaa

Hello !

Great question, this is definitely one of our biggest concern at the moment. I worked on an a proposal to improve to handle that :

But after some discussion it was dismissed because if we allow anyone to set canonical links on steemit then it will lead to domain wide abuse on which will hurt the whole ecosystem so we can't do that.

We are exploring more ideas and I'm confident we'll be able to fix this problem fairly soon. So stay tuned !

Awesome, thank you for replying. I am hooked up for more updates on it. It is the only thing stopping me over to move us my blog in Steemit. Is it possible to create some paraphrasing tool that posts a shorter version of your wordpress blog post to Steemit with pictures and present the link at the bottom of the steemit post back to the original site?

This is such a great project. It's a no brainier to repost old content that you have accumulated over the years. I have yet to give it a try.

I will have to check out the features, I have lots of ideas in this space but you might have implemented them all already :)

There is always room for improvement so don't hesitate to share ideas. :)

I have been using your plugin for about a week and am loving it. Anyways as of the update the plugin no longer posts on my steemit account. Is anyone else having this issue?

Do you still have an issue with it ? If so can you come to me on to the #steempress channel so we can solve that issue ?

Seems everything is well now.

This is an excellent project. 2 suggestions that I have is

  1. Use oauth2.0 / steemconnect for authentication and authentication

  2. Further adding support for more than one user will be a good idea for People who are using the same WordPress installation or buddypress Luke systems

Thanks !

  1. We are thinking of integrating steemconnect with it. So it should come at some point
  2. Right now we support multisite, but this is a feature request that we've seen quite a few times so same as 1. It will probably come.

All the very best to you !

  • Also, I didn't really mean to say multi-site installations. 2 of my friends use the same wordpress blog under different user names to post. So the scenario is multi-user as well.

I think once you are able to integrate multi-user multi-site also should work fine.

The mult-user will be useful communities where curation etc can be handled by multiple people. ie even if people are not familiar with markdown, the desktop editor from wordpress can be used to give a familiar experience. I have tried out and it works well. I think this will be very helpful communities like curie.

Yes I got what you ment with the multi user thing, I was just notifying you that multisite works :p We added your suggestion to our todo list.

@Howo You're welcome to eventually promote and add features to SteemPress that would be beneficial largely to a multisite installation. I'm about to launch a SteemPress hosted solution publicly within the next 24 to 48 hours so users won't have to worry about nor manage their own WordPress installations. I've also taken the liberty of adding blog migration tools.

The service I'm starting is completely free in the hopes that it'll be useful, I don't even personally take any SBD or anything from those that will be using my service.

And it wouldn't be possible without SteemPress =3 So congrats to you guys and thanks for this amazeballs plugin. I look forward to seeing what else it can end up doing in the future. Keep up the good work!

Hey ! thanks a lot !

Well right now with a multisite each user can manage it's own version of steempress (and connect it to its own account) so at this point anything that we do is beneficial to multisites :p

As a WordPress plugin developer myself, I LOVE THIS! Thanks for creating this.
While I've yet to try it, my one concern is on the effect that content duplication does to the SEO. I've only been actively blogging in Steemit this past month, and my impression is that WP is still far superior than Steemit for organic search awareness, being that WP has many built in features that are SEO friendly (sitemaps, metadata, internal linking, etc). In any case, I'll keep a close eye on SteemPress.

Thanks! The idea is not to replace WordPress but rather make them work together, as for the duplicate content we tried to set canonical links on steemit but in the end the proposal was not accepted so we setup a delay option so you can let the search engines index your blog and then after x hours it'll get posted to steem

Great news. I'll definitely check it out. And hope I get curated, of course. Oh and I have a question. Why does everyone keep buying .io domains instead of .com. Is .com out of trend? Is .io a technology or blockchain domain? Cos I see it belongs to Brtish Island whatever and not any techy thingy.

Produce good content and I'm almost certain it'll happen :)

The issue with .com is that it's been here basically forever and so every good domains or even short domains are taken. whereas .io is easy to remember and even now, you can still get some good domains. We discussed a bit with the guy owning and ended up going for .io because he refused to sell it to us.

Technology and Blockchain companies are flocking to .io domains...

Thanks for all the hard work on SteemPress. I am a user and love it. Please keep in touch if you need help testing from the user side.

Thanks you, Will definitely do if needed :)

Wonderful progress! Congratulations.

Now if I could convince you to do something with Blogger :)

Once we are done with steempress we might move onto blogger yeah :D

This is an awesome project and I'm so glad you're getting that many people using it already. Re-steemed.

Thanks a lot both for the positive comment and also the resteem! Visibility helps us a lot to keep the growth up.

@howo hey, idk whether this user has installed the newest version, but he posted it with your plugin and you should know the char set bug:

I don't think he wrote &, probably he wrote &.
(I know the struggle with it XD)

Ah good catch ! Thanks for reporting, Will fix later today.

Hello @howo,
Cela a l'air vraiment génial il faut vraiment que je regarde de plus prêt.
Bonne continuation.

Merci :) N'hésite pas si tu as des questions.

Good work so far you two.

Thanks :D

I hadn't have the chance to retest the plugin. I got so tied up with office work lately. Will surely test this out this weekend.

When you do tell us what you think :)

I'm having issues getting it to authenticate to the server. Woo do I see for support?

Come to the #steempress channel on or dm me on

I got it to resolve itself (host issue), but I'll keep that in mind if I need follow-up

This is a great tool and I have been using it for awhile now and love it. I have one suggestion, add the ability to either have your post added to Steemit or skipped. As there can be instances where you are posting something to your site that doesn't necessarily fit or belong on Steemit. A simple checkbox on the post page would work great, either select or don't to include it on Steemit. Keep up the great work, you are providing a great service that is highly appreciated!

Already done in the latest update :D (1.1.3)

Great, I just missed catching that! Story of my life, a day late and a dollar short! LOL

I can't keep up with all these new features...

Great plugin, I've appreciated the possibility to link my old blog to steemit, which made me willing to feed it again :)
Thx for the work done so far :)

Thanks a lot :D This is definitely one of the use cases.

In steempress, do non steemians get to see bloggers posts? Or still strictly for steemian bloggers?

It would not be better to do it from steemit to wordpress.

I think you need tools that make you see more steemit and not see more of the other tools.

Right now I am programming several interesting tools to connect steemit to other networks, not other networks to steemit ...


Whoa, SteemPress sounds awesome! Gonna start using it on my new blog. Keep up the great work...

Nice work man and i comply with you....thumbs up

Very Nice Update and nice fixed.

This is really awesome. I dont have a wordpress blog but i have been talking to some of my clients to consider this plugin. Once i convince them, i'll install straight away. Can't wait to see how it really works.

Wonderful update from you thanks for the great info

this is really cool. love that there are tools that integrate with wordpress and the blockchain. thank you for this.

i'm really excited for SMTs because i think the integration possibilities are endless!

Awesome!!! Keep up the great work!
-Steven Pomilia

Intregrating with the largest blogging platform can only be a win win.... will definitely grab the plugin .I have a decent amount of content on my wordpress blog.keep us update as you work to improve.I want to grow with the concept .the initial response is indeed an indication of how golden the concept is kudos guys

Wow,this is nice. I will try it out

How steem power so down.pls sir my request pls one upvote my post.
Dir @howo pls my request.
I always follow you sir

Bringing Wordpress to the next level.

its a very good news

Thanks for information 😊 resteemed

Great job! Thank you! <3

Amazing post. Waiting your website.

Thank you for providing such a good article. It's a good news.

thank you for this nice information
Steemit Community is Brother.! Me, They and You Are Family
Introduce yourself here Steemit

Nice work, @fredrikaa, integrating wordpress to steemit is a great idea. Why didn't i think of this ?

excelente articulo muy buen aporte! esta herramienta es muy provechosa gracias por compartirla!

Incredible post this was worth it for myself to apply

i just, upvote, comment, & resteem♦your information is very useful.....keep it up.

When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

Tips to avoid being flagged

Thank You! ⚜

Nice good job steemit

really good mister article but i also have a bgus and funny articles-sometimes according to good mister do not forget also in like ya mister

Thank you so much for your work! I have Steempress-ed one of my blogs just to get the hang of it. This will save so much time for those of us who have already created a lot of content on the outside.
I am neither a Wordpress nor Steemit guru, so if a noob would make a good beta tester, I would be willing to help.
I am working on resizing pictures right now. Nothing I have done (from using how-to's posted on Steemit) have worked. I am going to keep editing my 3 WP articles until I get the fundamentals down.

posting is very useful, now people are easier in using his blog

very cool. 😎

Great News ! Keep on posting !

Thanks for keeping this plugin.

hey @howo, @cheetah doing this on my post, any solution from you?


Here's the link if you want to see that. >

Thx @howo

I can't believe I'm just finding out about this! This is perfect! I'm about to research everything about it. Thank you so much!

How is duplicate content being handled? No cheetah?

SteemPress idea is very cool. I'm actually using wordpress to create a steem post repositories for the steem community.. Can i use steempress for doing the same? please see my article about it and tell me what do you think!!!

For the next update, maybe you can include an option something like "Publish all" ; "Selected Categories", etc.
Because at the moment it does not bulk publish the posts which are excluded at the plugin settings page with Category filter.

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