Drugwars - to all Steemians (especially those attacked by me :-) )

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Hello Steemians

There is a new App/Browsergame on the Steemit Blockchain:


If you havent joined already, join here: https://drugwars.io/i/honolulu

It is a freemium game, i.e. you can play for free but also invest some Steem.

There is a lot of discussion going on on different strategies how to play the game.
You can join them on https://discord.gg/h7EUReU.

My first strategy was to build up some buildings and to earn some Steem.
As I am an peaceful man and do not like fights or robbing fellow humans, at first I didn't want to attack.
Further it is from my point of view part of the Steemit spirit: "One for all and all for one" and "Succsess for all", especially people who can't afford to invest in Cryptocurrencies and want to build up a little income.
Steemit is mainly a blogging and socialmedia platform, although more and more gaming apps run on the blockchain.
I did lot of work here on Steemit, mainly helping newbies so I am somehow a little in conflict with my conscience going for war and robbing even small and new accounts, but as it is a game and the Steemit Account is not affected by it, I guess and hope it is alright.
Many people playing Drugwars seem to be inactive or not having understood the rules/mechanisms.
You won't succeed if you do not invest some time in understanding the whole thing.
You will have to invest some time and brain...

Let me know what you think about Drugwars, Steemit and the whole matter in comment section - maybe this is also a way to protect yourself from beeing attacked by me and maybe even some fellow accounts.

For all people new to Steemit in general, I copy what I recommended to many peoples over nearly 2 years on Steemit:

"Welcome to Steemit !

Never do more than 4 posts a day - otherwise you will loose some rewards (1-4 post = 100%, 2-8 = 75 %, etc.)

most important thing: do good posts

second thing: watch your voting power: https://steemd.com/@nahin007 - one vote costs you 2 % and every 24 hours it will recover 20 %, so you can cast aprox 10 votes per day !

third thing: if you have some SBD in your account already use boosters like @minnowbooster and @morwhale and @drotto to boost your posts a little and to get broader audience...

to understand all mechanisms in Steemit deeper, I would encourage you to read through




You just have to click those links, they will lead you to the pages, where Steemit.com and how it works and how to be successful is described.

a more coprehended form of the facts you may find here:




https://old.steemfollower.com/?r=4617 this one is very nice to get the best out of your voting power as beginner ! (this is one of the best pages for beginners !!!)





as some of the posts are nearly one year old, some services might have stopped !

a very good compilation of all available services you'll find here: http://steemtools.com/ and https://steembottracker.com/

so now it is up to you my friend - good luck and steem hard !

If you have more detailed questions, feel free to ask, but please try first to gather as much information on your own because it is my time and my nerves I am spending on replies like that - don't get me wrong I really like helping people but I do not like laziness and repeating the same topics again and again and again ;-)

Have a nice day !"

As this quote is older than a year some things might have changed but the basics are still the same !




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as newbie with low Steempower it is recommended to upvote yourself as much as possible

WHAT? That's seriously bad advice!

Even if excessive self-voting wouldn't make you look like a complete d-bag, self-voting all your own comments is just going to be wasted as dust.


yes, that's true...

there was a time when it wasn't dust...

and watch the votingpower for example on steemd.com...

and from 10 upvotes daily some on own comments does nobody make look like fool, especially not newbies...

as I wrote, the advices are far older than 1 year and the two most important things are




to really understand what it's all about and how Steemit works...


umm... well, that post is four hours old and you have it listed as the

second important thing

so instead of repeating yourself to someone who obviously already read that in your post... maybe think about editing your footer or what that is...

¯\_ (ツ) _/¯


I said in my post I quote what I have tried two explain (in post form and in form of comments, especially for newbies) over one year ago...

That's why there are quotationmarks, and yes I thought over making a new post for newbies but before I spend my time, nerves and energies on it, I'll prefer to wait on the interactions (like your feedback) and for example take a look at


and read through the comment section (188 replies).

Main intention of today's post:

I do not check every Steemit account before I attack it at DrugwarS (I did so, but it was to timeintense and the main insight were that it are many alt accounts from long time Steemit members and just a few of newbies.

And even if there is one of a newbie it seems like he locked in to Drugwars but did not understand how to play or did forget his account.

If there is one attacked by me who is really interessted in Steemit etc. I will give him a helping hand resp. hint him at mentioned posts...

But you are right: I will edit the "second point"...

No, I'm not, YOU are.

Thank you for your interest in Drugwars. This post is dope and we wanted to show our gratitude for your involvement with an upvote. Hope that you’ll keep enjoying the game and we have much more surprises for the Drugwars players. Don’t hesitate to report bugs, give suggestions and feedbacks.
See you on Drugwars as a friend or an enemy…


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