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From last June I had moved most of my blogging to Steem platform. But there are some issues which gets me frustrated from time to time. I know that there are other interfaces which solve this problem to a certain extent but still there are many gaps that needs to be fixed.

Couple of pain points for me are

  1. Ability to save the drafts on the server side.
  2. Intuitive UI and better formatting options.
  3. Better handling of image uploads.
  4. Ability to publish my posts in various publications.

Screen Shot 2018-06-13 at 12.03.34 PM.png

For the above reasons I find medium a much better option. So I am using medium as my drafts interface and then am posting the articles both on medium and steem blockchain. You can check my articles on While it is a breeze to import your steem posts into medium it is not the case other way around. So I have created a github repo where any developer can provide a pull request. I am just looking for a basic version as of now. Even if it takes the url as the input and generates a text area with the post contents that I can copy paste into I am fine with it.

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Do you use Chrome or Brave? I've written blogs on both my phone and laptop and have even closed the browser or accidentally went forward, hit back and it's still in edit mode with nothing deleted. Maybe I'm lucky but there isn't really a need to save a draft. I use note pad for some stuff. There are also third part editors.

The biggest issue with Steem is the complications surrounding the keys. Also if you lose your key, you're in trouble. Followed because I like Steemians who want to improve the platform.


@crypticat that drafts are stored locally on your machine. So for example if you prefer you can edit only one article at a time. Whereas I keep having so many ideas and would like to keep multiple drafts.

Also there was an issue where my drafts on as well when I deleted my cookies :(

Regarding the keys while it might seem so when compared to other blogging platforms, it is still the best I have seen in any cryptocurrency projects. The best I like about Steem it is the middle ground between other blogging platforms and the cryptocurrency projects. That is what I like about steem.

Good Luck everybody!

It looks like Steemit supports markdown, so you can use this Medium to Markdown Chrome Extension then just copy and paste over. Going to try that now and will report back.


Reporting back @gokulnk!

It worked pretty well! All you need to do is remove any <span> tags from the captions— I just wrapped those in italics instead. I was able to import a Medium post in less than a minute:


Thanks for the input. I will give it a run and check how it works out.


Thanks for the input.
I will give it a run and
Check how it works out.

                 - gokulnk

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Can be tricky from time to time. For me formatting posts was a whole new thing to learn as I started on steemit a few months back. Never even heard about markup before starting to blog. I do not have an alternative I can relate to compare things but like you I find formatting, especially pictures quite difficult since there is no real option to change anything on the picture once it is in the markup text.

Maybe they will implement some user friendlier post formatting in the future.


Markdown has been a formatting option for developers and widely used especially since Github became popular. .md files support this format. Personally I am comfortable with the formatting but it is the drafts that is worrisome for me.

Currenlty the team of Steem is concentrating more on the base blockchain. was more like an interface until others came out with better interfaces. I am not sure if Steem INC would spend lot of resources on this as they have other priorities. May be they can more people from community into this initiative so tht they don't need to burn lot of resources.

You might want to try the masdacs by beyondbitcoin. I think it lets you type one post in one place then post it to all of your sites from one spot. its

· seems to be an interesting solution. Will check it out. But Inspite of that I am looking for importing from medium so that I can do the organization management on Medium and cross post it to Steem.

Maybe you could use some of the embed service providers, like or, although it seems that Steemit does not allow script tags as of yet.

· doesn't allow embed tags and iframes. I wish there was a solution for that.

I also face problems like you. This is some reason steemit is here now.

I do not use Medium. There should be an option to upload video files in publications! as Brother @tsnaks says, referring to steemit, but it has been excellent information that you have shared with the users of this great platform @gokulnk


Steem will not allow direct upload of videos as they concentrate on text based data. For vidoe you can checkout which is a steem based platform.

I always use the interface, it is a lot more user friendly


It is a better option, but still you would loose the drafts if you delete your cookies.

I think steemit is well aware of their shortcomings and must be doing something about it. This great platform needs continuous attention, as millions more have to join steemit.
My suggestion is that steemit should share their progress in this direction with the steemians.


You can subscribe to @steemitblog for regular updates and what the dev team is working on.



I don't use Medium. How popular a site is it ? Does it have more users then Steemit ?

I have visited an article or two from the Medium site but don't know much about it. I agree that Steemit needs work to make it more user friendly and to help it retain its users. We are still in Beta so hopefully lots of positive changes are to come.


Medium is very popular. Especially for tech, crypto and self help articles. Most of the cryptocurrency projects I know of use medium primarily for updates and blogging.


Is it easier to grow an account there compared to here ?

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Hi, how do you know that I also agree with you, and I recommend you use or try, through this you can upload to steemit, and it allows you in a simpler way to interact in the network, as well as allowing you to leave drafts that later you can use. it's just a suggestion, greetings and many successes! It would be great that steemit besides being a good platform will take into account these details.

yo uso medium y se me da mejor @gokulnk.

This is useful, I wonder why we haven't got any major interface updates on steemit yet...

There should be an option to upload video files into posts !


I mean to steemit

If saving draft is your main issue, I am presently using to save my drafts that I don't intend to publish immediately. There were times where I saved 3 drafts. The advantage is to write them when we have the time. You can give a try if you have not tried it before. I did not use medium at all so I can't comment much about this tool.

Hola @gokulnk, en busy tienes la oportunidad de guardar el borrador, asi apages la computadora, el borrador permanece, y despues de publicado tambien puedes guardar la publicacion en marcadores, asi es mas facil conseguir alguna publicacion anterior, que tengas un lindo dia, un fuerte y cariñoso abrazo

#formatting remains an issue for me as well - a lot of my stuff comes out looking like it was from the 1990s - but I kinda like that - raw look- I just keep re-editing till it looks somewhat presentable and then move on to my next #post

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