God rage quits while giving away over 50,000 in LIQUID STEEM

in #steem5 years ago

Yes, I really am Dan Larimer, here is proof:

Remember in my evil plan for cryptocurrency world domination when I said, “If ever there were a website / marketplace that would bring cryptocurrency to the masses, steemit.com is it.”


Believe me when I tell you that “Steemjet is the vehicle that will bring us massive global steem adoption”

Steemjet will airdrop STEEM all over THE ENTIRE WORLD! MOO HOO WOO WOO WAH AH HA HA HA HA!!!


However, I am a little short on cash right now in my @dan account. Plus, my girlfriend won’t let me touch any of my new EOS money, so you will have to make due with the funds in my @dimimp account because... OK, ALL RIGHT, OF COURSE I AM NOT DAN! But I am sure that you already know this because you simply verified Steem’s immutable blockchain ;)

It was not hard to prove, and I am finished trying to help my hero, @dan, distribute SBD globally as he had led us to believe was the plan:


There is no school of benevolent whales delegating all their steem power to guarantee effective global steem distribution. I am the dim fool who believed that our creator would not forsake us. Dan showed up here long enough to downvote us which also informs us that there is no imminent help arriving in our battle for global Steem adoption, so we are smart to retreat.


At least he loves us enough to give us his honest opinion, therefore, I must thank him for this valuable information which allows us to make our next strategic decision faster. I had thought that @dan and I would both be fighting evil together like futuristic superheroes delegating 100% of our Steem Power to altruistic automatic charity robots that would go out and auto-populate the planets:

Wow, am I gullible! Our creator has abandoned us. So be it. I am used to facing extreme abandonment situations by the most important person in my life, and am no stranger to homelessness, so having a problem such as “investing into the wrong crypto” is a pretty good one to have in comparison. Dan’s rejection removes all hope of global Steem adoption. On the bright side, we completed our Blockchain Tool School because @deandaniel is counting on us to finish what we started:


A crypto community has greedy and generous people. Logically, the generous community grows faster. No, I am not Dan Larimer, but I thought that he would be proud of Steemjet, and possibly give you some of his dust. I can not afford to burn my account keys at 100% of your salary.

This was my best attempt at getting us some marketing attention from the big whales, but it appears that nobody wants to help Steemjet distribute steem globally, and therefore, we are officially ending this particular initiative. We will still teach crypto and on-board new people, but we logically want them to make the most money. And based on the results of our science experiment, powering down like @dan the creator is a smart start. The next step after powering down is for us to purchase the crypto that is scientifically most likely to appreciate in value against BTC!

Lesson 4 Adoption (market penetration) – Who else owns your crypto?

If Steemjet is going to teach the world about crypto, then it is important that we present an impartial fundamental evaluation. We cannot persuade people to buy SBD simply because we already own it. That is not an expression of love. We must evaluate the market penetration of SBD vs LTC and the other top currencies competing to be the most recognized transactional crypto in the same way that BTC is the most recognized store of value crypto simply because BTC is the world’s first legal ponzi game.

BTC development can afford to be slow because no other crypto is competing to be the world’s first unstoppable ponzi. Therefore, a market for faster and cheaper transactions has developed. The only current competitors in this race are NANO/DGB/LTC/SBD. Bear in mind that NANO is not a true blockchain.

The 5 value factors are derived from performance and scored like a soccer game:

VALUE FACTOR 1 of 5 - Transaction Speed (time is money)

NANO - 3
SBD - 3
DGB - 1
LTC – 0 (at least 1 with lightening network upgrade)

3 = instant (within a few seconds)
1 = (15 seconds)
0 = over a minute

VALUE FACTOR 2 of 5 - Simplicity (ease of use)

NANO - 3
SBD – 0
DGB - 3
LTC – 3

3 = no initial waiting period (time is money)
1 = no initial waiting period but difficult wallet instructions
0 = initial waiting period

VALUE FACTOR 3 of 5 - Transaction Cost (money is time)

NANO – 3 (free)
SBD – 3 (free)
DGB – 1 (cheap)
LTC – 1 (cheap lightening network transactions)

3 = free
1 = cheap (fraction of a penny)
0 = over a penny (non-negligible)

VALUE FACTOR 4 of 5 - Utility (resistance to attack)

NANO - 3
SBD - 3
DGB - 3
LTC - 3

3 = functions as advertised
1 = inconsistent function
0 = potential for malfunction

VALUE FACTOR 5 of 5 - Adoption (market penetration) – Who else owns your crypto?

Is the creator still interested in global adoption?

LTC: Yes, Charlie Lee generously distributed his coins to others and actively supports the LTC Foundation that is building the network.

NANO: Yes, the developers are actively building

DGB: Yes, the developers are actively building

BTC/STEEM: No, Satoshi Nakamoto does not have time to devote to promoting his community, and Dan Larimer does not have the time nor desire to help us, and just like Satoshi, Dan still owns Steem. Incidently, this is one of the factors that guarantees that either LTC/NANO/DGB will soon rise relative to BTC even after the lightening network is implemented. Like it or not, this major fundamental (to adoption) aspect allows the market to differentiate, and we describe this phenomenon in our Blockchain Tool School which makes our crypto course unique.

NANO – 1 (short distribution period but full inventor support)
SBD – 0 (short distribution period and creator, who still holds, has abandoned for competitor)
DGB – 3 (long distribution, full inventor support)
LTC – 3 (long distribution, full inventor support)


NANO – 13 (not a true blockchain)
SBD– 9
DGB – 11
LTC – 10 (will rise to at least 11 with lightening network)

So judging by the final score, it appears that Blockchain Tool School can not recommend SBD.

We need to be diversifying into LTC/DGB and others with high Blockchain Tool School scores.

Because time is money, I am offering to buy out each and every one of your contracts at a rate of 1/6 in liquid STEEM.

If you are member of SF7 and your delegation is 600 SP, then you can choose to accept 100 STEEM immediately so that you can buy some crypto with a higher Blockchain Tool School score. If you are in SF1, then you would receive 1000 STEEM. This applies to all the big delegated accounts, contest and steemjet accounts, jetpacks, mini-packs everything, all delegations.

Bear in mind that our strategic direction has changed so now it will be harder to keep your grades up and obtain promotions and raises and contract extensions while I am powering down and diversifying into the currencies that we know will rise in value faster than Steem based on our comprehensive fundamental evaluation.

I love you and therefore refuse to lead you astray with bad advise. We analyzed the fundamentals of crypto, and are faced with the adverse consequences of having invested in the wrong crypto. Steemjet is no longer focusing on global Steem adoption. Instead, we will focus only on teaching and distributing the true blockchians that will bring wealth to our friends and family.

I am powering down just like @dan. He is not dim, like me, so we need to be like him. I will still be able to fund community operations in SBD rather than delegated steem power, but my liquid capital is going to be a mix of LTC/DGB/NANO, and a few others with high scores.

Many of you will probably want out of your contracts now that our final results are in. Sign up in the comments section below to receive your cash infusion of liquid steem at a rate of 1:6.

I am looking at paying out over 50,000 STEEM to the Steemjet community!

I will still be here. I am not as busy as our real creator, but I now have time to process requests again now that our big marketing promotion is complete.

I would leave you with the words of our creator if I was not so disappointed that I even felt like I needed to have a hero. Going forward, I will show you who I am, although I will certainly not be as happy or wealthy because I doubt that I will be able to transfer much of my locked up Steem Power into crypto that is about to actually achieve the next level of global adoption/distribution/utilization before it actually happens. Powering down takes a very long time, and I promise to pay the Space Force first before I personally cash out.

How could I believe such a fanciful lie? Why am I so gullible?


“The road is long, but the Steem community will eventually follow the yellow-brick-blockchain to the Emerald City and in the process overcome the wicked witch of the west. The Steemit community just needs to over come its fears, stop being cowardly, and find it in their heart to love one another.
Maybe the plan isn’t so evil after all.”

I guess that is why they say that you should not meet your heroes because the disappointment will wreck you. I am sorry kids, I tried waiting and waiting, but it looks like Santa is not coming to Nigeria this year. I had hoped that Dan would remember that he once told his adoring fans that he was interested in global Steem distribution, and maybe help fund Steemjet, but the newly uncovered truth is that Steem fails Lesson 4, and that the joke has been on his biggest and most gullible fan all along, me.

I will begin powering down immediately. I am sure that we all will not be able to cash out of STEEM before the next wave of adoption crashes, but I guarantee that I will be the last one out. OK, in the comments section below, please let me know, who wants their liquid steem cash money payout.

I will leave you with the words of @emmycapable

"On the wings of Superstars, we'll be making some changes"



Does this mean that all delegations will be taken off divided by 6 and paid off?
This may not be cool for some people if the delegations will be taken off but will be cool with everybody if the delegation remains and we still receive the 1/6 in terms of liquid per delegation to buy other cryptos.

I don't think steem is gonna fail just like that. Do not let @dan's action discourage you or let you give up on steem

Is this an Example of how you intend to buy off the delegation?
@uche-nna 54,000/6 will receive 9,000 steem?

Please reply to help us understand

Meanwhile here is a list to all 165 account that you gave a SP delegation to


You have been so generous. Thank you

Also and very importantly
Please tell us the exact date that you are taking off all the delegation?

I will suggest you make it 1/2 or 1/4 instead of 1/6.
Thank you

I really agree with this idea @empato365, making it 1/6 wouldn't be so nice as we have lower space force especially those that have been active here and promoting the steemjet vision, boss @dimimp, please do not forget that the curation team headed by @mhizsophie and assisted by @cherylsonty has never received any funding and we have been working tirelessly, please it would only be fair if we get funding from you too like the other departments got, we also have needs to enable us function better.

You can send the steem to @mhizsophie for the department, thanks alot boss!

I still believe in steemit!!

I still believe in steemjet!!

If you are on the curation team, then I would suggest that you take the buy out offer because you will need reassignment following our new marching orders from the big boss @dan himself.

Logically, any upvoting or downvoting is not necessary becasue we are no longer funding global steem adoption because there are better financial opportunities in the crypto space. We can not recommend STEEM for anything but a social network, and Steem is great for that, but Steem as a currency has failed in the race to be the next big payments choice of the planet. This is a big deal, and we just solved the equasion with help from the creator of course.

So of course we care not for steem adoption. We care only for crypto evangelism of true crypto knowledge, and based on our scientific research, Steem is not going to make you as rich as DGB going forward. Steem is competing in the secure payments space against an established POW champion.

You guys can feel free to stick around, but it is going to be teaching kids and music, and nothing else is necessary for us to maximally prosper.

Thanks, @cherylsonty.
Sir, @dimimp is it possible you change your mind? At least pay the team ( @cherylsonty, @druids, @samexycool,@benlengend-1, @lovelymkylie, @jacobite and @ewuoso) "anything" for working as COMMUNITY curators, pending when we make a decision between taking liquid steem or keeping the DSP. At this point, I can only wish you have a change of heart.

During the past few months, you've spoilt all of us with love, attention, praises, upvotes, and steem. We all owe you nothing, in fact, we are the ones indebted to you. You would say you paid us for our efforts, but then again you paid majority of us for doing nothing.

I do not know if I'll be able to invest in LTC or DGD, being that I can only buy 1 or 2 of either LTC or DGD. I'm still too broke to place my faith on both payment platforms. We'll be needing your guidance on which other cryptocurrencies that'll fetch us maximum profit over time.

we r naturally high... :p


And trust your H. O. D of music to be there when you need him to teach the kids music. I will always be there and ofcourse @etemi is on standby

okare Omo mi

daddy o i see you

I would make it 1/1 if I could afford it. I tried getting some some whale financial assistance for Steemjet, but not even our billionaire creator has love for our mission.

I am not removing the delegations because everyone is under contract. I can only fire people for poor performance after their contract has expired. I am a man of my word, so don't worry. I am just stuck in steem for a long time and will propably not be able to capitalize on the science that we just learned. Hopefully others can, however.

I am not removing the delegations because everyone is under contract.

Okay does this mean you are sending us steem according to our SF ranks so that we can buy other cryptos while we keep our delegations? OR it is a choice between delegation and liquid steem? If yes that sounds pretty cool and I will so much like to receive it as long as I can keep my delegation that long
Meanwhile my first contract review was said to be Jan 2020 and if you still wish to employ more friends to join the spaceforce I will recommend @joyart @steemedi @steemdiva @zmira for a delegation. Thank you

No, if you accept this buy out offer, then you lose your delegated salary.

I need to start powering down in order to cash in on the scientific knowledge we just learned, and will have more money in the future.

What might sound like a lot of money today might still sound like a whole lot of money to you in the future because you are still as broke as you are today because you failed to capitalize on the opportunities around you!

Time is money, and we all just learned of a time based oppoortunity. We just happen to be in the wrong currency!

What will STEEM be worth in 2020?

What will DGB/LTC be worth?

Plus we are about to go down the list to see what other currencies are about to be affected by this next bubble.

Steem will rise no doubt. But not as much as the winners of the payment network sector contract (it is a global contract!).

Your choice man, just let me know, the offer is eternal because I don't want MY money tied up in STEEM right now either!

The drastically decreasing upvote percentage that Steemians experience over the first 10 years is BRUTAL!

In 2020, your upvote power from your delegations is going to be noticeably less than it is today. This fact will keep the price from rising too quickly, and no other coins have this headwind!


My contract being said to expire in jan 2020. Don't know what will happen to steem then

But 7000/6 gives me 1167 liquid and I am not a crypto expert anyway.

Will you be here to teach us about the best cryptos to buy?

About my own choice.
I will give it a thought. I will tell you my choice very soon. Maybe on your next post cause this just came to me as a total surprise

On another note

Analysis shows that you have 165 delegates and if you pay off every delegated account 1/6 of its delegation you will spend a total of 56,333 steem.

Sound like something you a dim lanister can easily pay off in just 2 weeks of power down assuming all delegation have been taken off already but the power down to pay off completely could take a real long time since it is not everyone who will accept the choice of liquid steem and some will accept later as time goes on and that might become a problem

So if you can get 60,000 liquid steem available it can help you pay off it as it comes.
Maybe as your money man I have just given you another idea on how to deal with this money deal
QmUfACR2m7UPiPKAZ5QmJ6B9kAVAepPiT1R2jHAUvfGvAo (1).png

I see some sense in your position here sadly these big investors are just playing God and man with us.

I am not removing the delegations because everyone is under contract. I can only fire people for poor performance after their contract has expired. I am a man of my word, so don't worry.

Thanks for this confirmation @dimimp, you really are a man of your word.

While the cash buy out offer is highly tempting (I could even buy a brand new phone or a pc with it right away), I would still choose delegation at this time as I have just invited some of my friends over to try the Steem blockchain this month and I have somewhat promised to support them as much as I can.

Anyway, It seems you really have done your research on those 4 crypto coins when you evaluated them. I am only familiar with SBD and LTC atm but would definitely look up those others upon your recommendation.

No problem, just remember that your upvote power naturally declines drastically over these first 10 years. What @deandaniels has requested was nothing less than a COMPREHENSIVE fundamentals of crypto analysis, and an experiment was necessary to prove our results, however, they are unarguable, and therefore, I will not be giving good grades for upvoting or downvoting anybody, so if you job is curating, then you might want to seriously consider the offer. Steemjet is now looking for profits so we can help teach kids. Spreading steem to other Steemians has no value in my book no more.

I am not going to waste another dime trying to make ANYBODY happy around here anymore.

If you are not teaching new kids, or giving them some LTC, then you are not going to get much of our charity budget.

@dan just proved that upvoting is a waste of precious time.

There are better opportunities out there.

He knows this, and now WE know this.

This is VALUABLE information. I met @dan in my dreams (after listening to one too many podcasts). I see where he is coming from, and I just also happen to be from there, and he was much more able to capitalize on the crypto bubble than I was for obvious reasons, but his heart was in the right place with STEEM at one point in time, and if he was here giving it his all, then we would have a chance to capiture some major market share of the payments network. STEEM will no doubt capture a small segment, but the only thing that matters is who wins it, because that is goin to be the next 20x

And if there is one natural law of this science that we all can recognise is the law of diminishing returns, and this means that over time, our opportunities to enter major markets ahead of the masses is only decreasing now that everyone is looking at the same few coins.

I hate to sound like a prophet, but payments is coming, and I am going to attempt to bring as much profit back from this move to truly set you all free.

I want to build a real free Steemjet, but I am going to need to make enough so I can afford it.

I went in debt to fund Steemjet (AND IT SUCKS!)

I am not going to waste another dime trying to make ANYBODY happy around here anymore.

Truth be told I am somewhat glad to hear that from you. I have seen many people take advantage of your kindness and generosity by their over the top proposals with little to no visible results. I guess now is the time for those people to prove to you that what you invested on them is worth it.

I will not be giving good grades for upvoting or downvoting anybody

Do you still need me to do my quarterly report? I'm guessing it's of no use to you anymore? :)

Steemjet is now looking for profits so we can help teach kids.

I'm gonna reiterate what I once said on one of your posts, how about setting up a witness? I for one don't know how to do it, but based on what I've heard witnesses on top 20 earns at least 7000SP per month.

I want to build a real free Steemjet, but I am going to need to make enough so I can afford it.

Here's me hoping that it will come into realization soon. One that will generate money and also be able to help others. A situation where it will be a win in both sides. Hope this payments will be more than enough for this.

I went in debt to fund Steemjet (AND IT SUCKS!)

Lol sorry to hear about that. But I do believe everyone is trying their very best. As for me, I'm not really asking for much as I have been very content on your delegation. So far it helped me gain some visiblity on this platform and grow fast this account. So I'm pretty grateful to you.


What about those you recently hired and have not had the chance to prove what they are capable of...are you going to fire them? Enlighten me pls

You're a man of your words sir. That is why it baffles me that you never got to pay me 50% of the 300 steem for slogan bounty as promised. @dimimp, I have waited all this while and it never came(not even in upvotes). Would you be kind enough to pay me now?

Choosing to remain in steemjet with my delegation is definitely what I prefer, I still believe in the future we cant apprehend. Soon we will have to thank @dimimp for the choice he left us with.
This means that we are now preaching the other cryptos mentioned by you instead of steem!
Hmmmm... Then we should call for a re-branding and probably a renaming... 🙌#cryptojet can take it's place. Just thinking! 🤔
once again thank you for giving me hope when all hope was lost.
am still hopeful on what you promised and I hope it turn out well.

I will want to believe this rage to be for a short time and a fantasy.
I do want cash payment @dimimp @god @dantheman @dan & do well to consider me on the payroll.

But I repeat I'm against the removal of our delegated steem power for 1/6 steem payment.

It is your choice. Continue with your current delegated Steem Power contract, or accept the cash buy out offer today.

Yes, it does appear that @uche-nna is the big winner here.

I am not giving up on using STEEM as a tool, but I cannot recommend it as a currency that is going to appreciate in value against LTC/DGB/etc.

We all will be better off if we can grow our wealth during this current bull market bubble, then re-purchase STEEM after The next crypto expansion cycle peaks.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I want to grow my wealth so I can help more people.

STEEM is not going to rise against LTC/DGB based on our scientific research.

You can choose to hold steem (by keeping your delegated SP) or exchange liquid steem for something else.

Transparency is what I just brought to Steem, and although it is not a pretty sight, it is real, and true.

I am used to bad news, but just because I now have a lot of new work to do, at least I am now pointed in the correct direction. I am trying to look at the bright side here.

Steem is not going to capitalize on the payments sector as much as others, but after this obvious prediction comes true, then we can look at capitalizing on the 3rd great crypto expansion (anon or social).

1st expansion was BTC -store of value
2nd expansion is LTC/DGB - payments
Who cares what the 3rd and 4th expansions are going to be because there is still time left to capitalize on the second! We will have more capital to capitalize on them aster the payments sector takes off!

Time is money, and I plan on making as much of it as I can, just like our creator and everybody else on Steemit! I suggest that you do the same, but I cannot force you to choose.

It is your choice. Continue with your current delegated Steem Power contract, or accept the cash buy out offer today

Oh I get it.
I think it will be wise you give us some time to sit back think and make a choice
But was an account like @steemjet, @steemjet-support @steemjetcontests still under contract? Or they are permanent.

Just clarify it so that we can know the choice we make.
Thank you

I am offering the buy out offer to everyone, all contracts, all accounts. our strategic direction has changed and an opportunity has presented itself. Time is indeed money, and money is the only reason why anybody is here, so why waste TIME upvoting (or downvoting) anybody here.

This is the only one true path forward. Nothing else is logically rational.

I hope that investing 50,000 steem into this community really does some good in this cruel, heartbreaking world. I hope that you hang around and contribute to Steemjet, and I don't think that anybody planned on leaving, and we are all here, it is just that we deal in LTC/DGB/NANO and other cryptos with HIGH BLOCKCHAIN TOOL SCHOOL SCORES.

our next step is to explore the list further to see if there are any OTHER currencies between STEEM and LTC. I am curious to learn where our research will take us next!

We have work to do still, and I hope that you all don't take my 50,000 STEEM and never look back. I am still here struggling away to teach, learn, and love!


After going through your post and your comments, I choose to maximize my opportunity by embracing the other true blockchains as it will give me knowledge of other financial wonders to share and teach to other people.

I choose the 500 liquid steem @dimimp

If a dim human can have your heart and wallet, I guess I want to be dim too

Lets do this @dimimp, i choose to follow your judgement. With pride

Im with steemjet for life

@mistakili sf2

Time is money

We have work to do still, and I hope that you all don't take my 50,000 STEEM and never look back.

Never boss!! We are in this together 🤞

I am one of the winners of one of your contests..will you send me the 200liquid steem i won
Its obvious you havent gained instead you are at loss
I dropped a request which would profit you and steemjet but you havent replied
Or would i say you havent keyed into it

When will those that just got hired contract end

good morning @empato365
Welcome to steemit.....
congratulations for your post...

Dan’s rejection removes all hope of global Steem adoption.

I for one still believe that Steem will make it big a year or two from now.

From what I've seen and read on @steemitblog updates, right now their focus is mostly on improving Steem, i.e scalability, flexibility, overall performance, preventing things from being gamed, etc.. before marketing it on a global level.

Once they are finished by this and is ready to welcome millions of people to the Steem blockchain with no problems and with ease, then I "think" they will start to be more active in marketing Steem

I hope you will stay and still have high hopes for Steem before all this happened like we all do

Truly @dan is out of this steem game since he doesn't wanna help steemjet anyway but does that mean @dan is capable of destroying steem?

No I don't believe he can but anyways I'll continue to buy other promising cryptos and hope that the promises @ned and his team is giving the steem blockchain will soon be realized.

No @dan can never destory steem, but that does not chane the fact that steem is not effectively competing for the next big martket segment explosion (payments).

Steem will compete for the social market, but that explosion will only come after the payments solution. Natural progresses in logical cycles, and our work has revealed one, now let us all get filthy rich so we can quit our jobs and REALLY start helping others!

Steem will compete for the social market, but that explosion will only come after the payments solution. Natural progresses in logical cycles, and our work has revealed one, now let us all get filthy rich so we can quit our jobs and REALLY start helping others!

without taking off my delegation. Send your money man some liquid steem so that I can join you in this massive trading to buy the coins that will lambo according to your prediction.

Even EOS is gaining more attraction compared to Steem

"attraction" to what?

To smart contracts and other bells and whistles, but not to the next big thing in crypto: payments network

Yes, EOS will have smart contracts and Steem will be a great social/funding/trading platform, but the potential market size of these sectors is nothing compared to that of the market cap of all the world's curerncies.

But why is the price of steem going down everyday.
We want it to rise.
The price of steem has made me broke more and more

That is what @dan is telling us!

Thinking about it I guess you really are right about payments being the next big thing. :)

In terms of "trust" and transparency, an immutable public ledger like a blockchain is the perfect tool for it. In terms of scalability, fees and convenience, if it's as fast, free and easy to use then all the more perfect

This is becoming more obvious by the minute. I am not going to miss this train.

The stage is setting up, check out bitcoin ben, he will paint you the picture. I am afraid that I am learning this valuable time based knowledge far too late AGAIN I AM DIM!

i still don't understand the future of the steemit community again.

Nobody is abandoning Steemjet, but everybody is being given the opportunity to get rich in this global crypto gold rush, and I am not going to go blind to opportunity just because I already own a certain crypto. That is the lazy approach. I am not saying that you are being lazy, and I do not need you to prove anything to me my friend. But I want to see you and all my friends here get disgustingly rich!

@dimimp How could be this true when i have never tasted any of your steem cake, not in steem power or raw liquid steem. I guess it's only those who you have showered with steem that get's to enjoy all the bonus and every other good thing. If you truly are a man of your word will you be so kind to atleast shower me with some steem delegation or in raw liquid stee. ''WE ARE WORDS AND STEEM'' Thanks

@dimimp. i have been on this post for hours. i want to ask some troubling questions.

Do you think steem will fail after a steem hardfork 20 has been made ?
Don't you think that SMT will be the next jesus of steem ecosystem?
Are you also going to invest on EOS since we know you are not @dan ?
Since @ned has the same vision for mass adaption of crypto all over the world,why don you all work together and stop all these drama

Well i still wonder who owns the @jesus account.

But why do you use the @god account ?

Signs of end times.

Well thank you for giving the opportunity to help people around me and also help me bring my future closer.

I will still watch n pray before i make any update.

Mine is that i believe that steem would boom before this year runs out.

I still find it hard to understand dimimp, i hope all this would finally take shape.

Steem will boom before this year is out but LTC is going to KA-BOOOOOOOMMMMM!

But feel free to continue to feel the boom, I will trust @dan on this one.

yea,I believe LTC will truly Ka-BOOOOOM by the end of the year.

Lol.. That kaaa boom got me....

These can only be words of a wise man

Hehe. He said KA-BOOOOOMMM

Sure STEEM will make it big, but LTC/DGB will make it bigger based on our research.

STEEM is competing for a completely different market segment than LTC/DGB is. Sure I am staying, and using Steem as a tool, but I plan on growing my wealth just like everyone else around here. Why not come back here next year and buy two or three times as much Steem?

We are scientists, and these results we obtain take time to learn, I plan to capitalize on our hard work.

Yea, I have read alot on LTC especially and many crypto experts have predicted that LTC will skyrocket to the top in the nearest future.

Why not come back here next year and buy two or three times as much Steem?

I feel you

Why not come back here next year and buy two or three times as much Steem?

Nicest thing I've heard in a long while.. You're truly a DIM

Nobody is abandoning Steemjet, but everybody is being given the opportunity to get rich in this global crypto gold rush, and I am not going to go blind to opportunity just because I already own a certain crypto. That is the lazy approach. I am not saying that you are being lazy, and I do not need you to prove anything to me my friend. But I want to see you and all my friends here get disgustingly rich!

@dimimp How could be this true when i have never tasted any of your steem cake, not in steem power or raw liquid steem. I guess it's only those who you have showered with steem that get's to enjoy all the bonus and every other good thing. If you truly are a man of your word will you be so kind to atleast shower me with some steem delegation or in raw liquid stee. ''WE ARE WORDS AND STEEM'' Thanks

I would like to continue with the delegation and if I can decide for the @steemjet account, I'll choose delegation for it too. I already accepted a mission, and I can't turn back now.

Steemjet shouldn't fail or be abandoned because of anyone.

No problem, your job is one of the most secure of any around here so you surely won't be the first to be laid off. I am going to make this offer permanent, so that you or anybody can feel free to cash in your salary at any time if you want to make more money in the markets.

Because of what we do (science experiments to predict the direction of the crypto market fundamental evolution) I encourage everyone to make the most of the knowledge gained here. Knowledge is power. I would be evil to deprive you of the powerful knowledge we are learning here together simply becasue I hold the keys!

I will be engaged with Steemjet forever, no matter the financial structure!

Nobody is abandoning Steemjet, but everybody is being given the opportunity to get rich in this global crypto gold rush, and I am not going to go blind to opportunity just because I already own a certain crypto. That is the lazy approach. I am not saying that you are being lazy, and I do not need you to prove anything to me my friend. But I want to see you and all my friends here get disgustingly rich!

Becasue I know that you will do wonderful things with the money.

I cannot afford to give the money to you, but I can teach you the best I can!

I will be emailing you in the next couple weeks to ask a favor and discuss a minor Steemjet promotion idea that I would need your help.

Nobody is abandoning Steemjet, but everybody is being given the opportunity to get rich in this global crypto gold rush, and I am not going to go blind to opportunity just because I already own a certain crypto. That is the lazy approach. I am not saying that you are being lazy, and I do not need you to prove anything to me my friend. But I want to see you and all my friends here get disgustingly rich!

@dimimp How could be this true when i have never tasted any of your steem cake, not in steem power or raw liquid steem. I guess it's only those who you have showered with steem that get's to enjoy all the bonus and every other good thing. If you truly are a man of your word will you be so kind to atleast shower me with some steem delegation or in raw liquid stee. ''WE ARE WORDS AND STEEM'' Thanks

The pictures used in this post have been make by me. Why these photos used here?

Initially steem trade initiative failed
Now steemjet has failed too?

who failed?
@dan or @dimimp?

Well if steemjet has to fail this way because of @dan then I'm disapionted to fail alongside with it.
Did you bring out a whole bunch of youth and caused so much attention from the whales to fail?

Please don't back out because
You are making it look as if @dan is steem and without him steem will never move forward?

Well if you decide not to fulfill your promise of permanent dlegation and you want to buy off the delegation

Then I will accept the 1000steem so that I can buyEOS

It was fun aboard steemjet. Now we have just crash landed?

The power is in your hands whether to let it fail or not.

My only failure was that I was unable to convince any whales to expand Steemjet or fund the completion of a permanent everlasting DAC charity.

This is an opportunity for you to cash in your delegation if you want to.

Other than that Steemjet is all about onboarding and teaching but not global steem distribution.

If you want to do that then go ahead, but I am here to make my friends and family filthy rich, and not pump a currency that has no chance of becoming the

world reserve currency

This is a really big thing that is happening , and we have just mathmatically described the mechanism for the soon to be reaction of the crypto world.

The crypto world is becoming "the world" but that transition is going to create unique, once in a lifetime opportunities.

This is yours if you want.

Don't ever say that I did not offer it to you. I did sayt that I would make your delegations permanent, but I can only afford to do that at a tenth of your salary. I am now offering you 1/6 cash payout just in casse you need the money. If not, then keep riding the Steemjet. The offer is continuous.

before i decide

right now i have not been offered any contract extension

does that mean that i can be fired anytime soon and my 2000sp delegated to me taken away by you?

YES! This is what I am saying!

This is why this deal might not be so bad!

We are reducing our budget to take advantage of the knowledge bestowed upon us by the great creator of STEEM. Dan Larimer. this guy is freaking brilliant, and he proved our theory, and now we can more accurately predict the winner of the payments sector race!

I'm not just saying take the deal, I'M SCREMING IT!

Dan Larimer has just drastically changed Steemjet into

  1. Crypto Teaching & Research
  2. Music
  3. Nothing else

Our budget is blown. we have a versatile logo, and are no longer interested in what other Steemians have to say becasue they have already been on-boarded, so our job there is done. We will focus solely on teaching/research and music. People who know us, know where to find our latest information.

We are not here to spread steem globally, we are here to educate the truth and make our families wealthy.

We will learn crypto and tell everyone when it is time to get BACK INTO steem with more steem than ever before. Knowledge is power, and Dan just passed on to us some incredibly lucrative knowledge!

What's the fate of people like me who are SF7 that has worked quite hard for the first vision of the community?

Touring so hard offline for the adoption and integration of people on steemjet. I'm quite committed to this course.

I want to be a part of what this community holds for a very long time. My mind is so made up about this.....

Organizing the first offline football competition and getting mad support and adoption by university students showed me how inspiring and beautiful our concept will be.

Would I want to continue? Obviously yes.

I wish I can be empowered more to do this job no matter the directions we jet of again

ok then .. if taking the deal doesnt mean sweeping me off the jet


then i axxept the deal or offerIMG-20180611-WA0008.jpgIMG-20180519-WA0038.jpg

these and others have been my previous works for the community

i still didnt get a contract extension

i ve also been involved in curation nd onboarding activities

i still didnt get a promotion or a contract extensiom

now am left with no option dan to let go off my delegation ....

i accept the offer

Its is good to know music has a place on this jet, and when we are talking of music, i mean quality music alias my friend its only the supreme who hath shown you this, music is a global language. Ah

hey boss.. what if I decide to stIcky with my delegation??

Okay I see
You can send me the 100steem

But I appeal for one last thing before I leave promoting steem

Can you give me 200steem for this arts works I did and was not well paid? I got 4.2steem for the hours I spent to design this and that was really discouraging. please Make mine 300 steem so that I can also trade and become rich alongside you our great crypto teacher!



We can only afford contest winnings and cash outs right now, but after we return with major steem for the 3rd cycle (following the payments cycle bubble), sure , then we will have a huge steem bath for all Steemjet retro old folks like us!

Steemjet was so 2018

Seriously, the depreciating steem power for the first 10 years is going to curb any major investment because you cannot calculate a guaranteed ROI.

Steem is great, but right now, we are looking for INCREDIBLE, not simply great.

Our family's lives depend on it. Your image did inspire many, however, and I will give you 30 for it.

So I will give you 130 overall, thank you for your incredible inspiration.

Okay I accept it, but try not to forget me this tume. Thank you
Thank you very much

Boss I am very gratefull to you for considering my work in the paint contest and sending my reward to me. Boss i am working tirelessly and now I am working on some rocking designs i will upload it soon. Boss i am working hard but didn't see any promotion as others get.

I think you missed these logos in the logos contest.

logo 2.PNG

logo 1.PNG


We all need cash (some more than others), but SF3 has a 2,000 delegation and a sixth of that is 334 in liquid steem cash payout... And the delegation is removed so Steemjet can operate on a powered down cash basis going forward. Steem makes a good communication network, but the upvoting is a waste of time and will be a waste of money in hindsight. Our research shows that now is not the time to be invested in social currencies, now is the time to be invested in the most popular crypto payment mechanism.

Your choice is still opnen.

i ll need to think about this

take your time, the offer is permanent, and all future hires will be offered this buy out at the point of hire. My plans are much bigger than you think!

Life is tough, but opportunities are time based, lucky for you, this opportunity I am extending to you never ends.

It is great to know this. Putting this on a permarnent base is a genius move because we never can tell when the need for the other option will arise.

ok then...

perhaps you might wanna share this plans to us in d future😃😃

i d love to be a part of such great plans ...

meanwhile, say hi to your wife for me..

tell her joshuaedoja says howdy😊😊😊

ok that means even if i dont accept the offer and my contract expires ...i ll still receive liquid steem at the point of expiration

sir what about we old members that don't have sp, but has been actively working hard with the space force member? what happens to our faith? please i will appeal for a little steem for compensation. i will be very happy.

I'm from SF4. (security department)
for the steemit team.
I come from aceh (Indonesia).
I continue to promote Steemit in my country.
I am very grateful. the people in my town warmly welcome the presence of steemit.
Many of them have abandoned their habits to play facebook.
They have switched to playing STEEMIT.
But. We have a lack of curators who vote on their posts.

They just rely on the curator @ good-karma. But now. @ good-karma seldom vote for their posts.
Now I have to work hard to choose.
I am very grateful. I got a delegate from @dimimp.
I can give them a vote for their posts.
And I am grateful if I can get 100-200 STEEM Liquid.
I plan to add a SP delegate. to be able to vote pos the steemians

How terrible that steemjet should go out, although I personally feel that it is a spark that will never die. What @dimimp has sown goes beyond the blockchain and is not easy to erase from the map. We have spread all over the world and @dimimp @steemjet we are all! They will always have my unconditional support.

On the other hand, as I have already mentioned, the situation in Venezuela is not so simple and Steem is my current source of life. So I would like to know how much I could pay in liquid steem if necessary. In the Steemjet World Cup Day 2 I was selected in second place by my logo with 400 Steem and your delegation was 1000 sp so I would like to know how much Steem liquid could receive. I'm sorry for having to ask for it, but this world falls and as you said, you have to invest in moving forward.

Whatever happens with Steemjet I will always be there with you. As in the titanic we are all in this together.

I hope he views things from this perspective too.

Steemjet is not going out.

Our money is going out to buy the next big thing in crypto because our logical math just taught us where the next big cycle is going to focus.

We want to gain wealth so we can more effectively help others. Steem is good, but not great.

Steemjet is the BEST

I am about to start powering down right now, and sending money to the Space Force tonight.

I do owe you 400 for the prizewinning:

add a sixth of the 1000 from SF6 and you have a total of

567 in liquid steem cash payout

Sorry boss this is really confusing but yes I will take Liquid Steem.

Are you giving up on steem!? Don't let steemjet die.
I don't think what you are trying to do is good.

And also, you didn't fufil your promise of giving 1k steem. Just a reminder.

Shit!!!! I'm so much vexed.

relax, I have you atthe top of the list for 1000 liquid, we are just changing our direction from promoting steem to just promoting crypto (mainly BTC) from an ideological standpoint. This is basically what you are doing on the grandest scale, and if you want another 1000 liquid steem, but retain all your rights and privilidges as a memner of SF1 with right to receive new offers in an increased capacity as the higher ranks offer.

This just allows the maximum amount of payment flexibility if you think that a different crypto has a better chance of steem of rising. I am always paying for performance, but the method of payment is simply up to you now.

Time is money right?

What good is a delegation to a man who is terminal and fading fast, he can have liquid steem, and so can you at a rate of 1/6 at anytime in your contract, you may exercise this offer.

This is because we are no longer liable for pumping/teaching/distributing STEEM. we will only focus on the basics going forward, and this helps us bring a solid lesson plan for you. Very scientific and true.

We still need you the most, you are our leader, but now you just have a new payment option.

The Space Force can only grow. If a person gets fired and loses their compensation (delegation) they still stay in the Space Force as an unpaid member. The Space Force will not turn down those who want to work for free. So when we are unboarding from now on, we are onboarding for Steemjet through Steemit.com

Everybody is an SF8 (zero delegation) until promoted, and there are no demotions ever. Some people are paid and some people were paid, and some people are paying themself, but EVERYONE is UNITED on Steemjet Forever



Ok, in just a sentence, are you still with steemjet or not!?

I also feel you approached @dan the wrong way if you really needed support from him.

We all know that you have done great by sharing your sp among the needy and am proud to be one of your delegates.
Am broke because if the current situation of steemit.
I post and i never get reasonable upvote.
Need to take more for my self.
My 1000sp is not enough but am okay since it is a free sp.
Proud of your man.

Done with hand.
I wish they would be little steem for this

Hi @god thanks for the clarity. Thus still a bit confused. Don't forsake your own @god we the steemjet community believe in the dream for steemjet, we believe in @dimimp as as we fly our jet into global adoption unified we want to believe in you too. Well Still thinking about your proposal but I think I'm happier being a am SF7 Delegate. It sounds like selling ones birthright to me. I believe in Steem.

steemjet on the wings of superstars we are words and steem

well said @josefpius

I will never forsake Steemjet. I was dim to have a hero. I hold every member of the Steemjet community in higher regards than our creator. Is that blasphemy?

I am not commenting under the @god account out of respect for my REAL creator!

SF7 is entitled to 100 liquid steem payout.

I am also in for the liquid steem sir.
Pls sir help out.
This is one of the hardest time in my life am really broke right now

I put you on the payout list for 167, it should be there by the end of today

Thanks boss. I equally respect amd commend everything you have done for the steemjet community and i believe we are just yet started as to what we really can achieve. Dome give up on us yet. Personally it will be selfish of me to accept 100steem from you. With your delegation via the steemjet community i have helped upvoted several minnow and also give back a little of what I have been given. We are just starting sir. I believe theres so much more we can achieve together.
Steem will bounce back.

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