God is now (back) on Steem !

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Just because I’m creating a Steem 2.0 ICO doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of Steem.

Steem was designed to globally distribute itself quickly, automatically, and legally. But our natural survival instincts cause us to collude and self-vote.

Not everyone can afford to give everything to charity as Jesus did, and not all Steem accounts are created equal. Why does the @god account have 80 followers without a single post or comment? Sockpuppets? Bots? 2000 year monotheistic marketing crusade?

For those still wondering what is going on here, SURPRIZE! Yes, I am the creator of DPOS, Dan Larimer, bytemaster, @dan, @dantheman, @dimimp, and of course, @god.

Steemjet is a new public DAC experiment, and the Steemjet World Cup showed me who truly enjoys distributing SBD.

DPOS development is finally well funded, so you can expect future improvements. But now, I want to thank the Steemjet community for simply helping me perfect my craft.

The majority of our target audience (everyone) will seek god at some point in their lives. They will not seek @dan or @dimimp or @dimix3. In fact, they have already begun to follow the almighty @god. I am proud of my creation, but I have no intention of taking confession from the greedy. No other word has capitalized on our need to be loved like @god. My experiments are designed to unite not offend. Steemjet has positive spiritual love.

I am therefore handing over the @god account keys to @uche-nna for obvious reasons:



I will send @deandaniel and @lordjames the funds necessary to cover the rest of my debts because they are teaching the poorest on the planet. The Space Force flies direct from Nigeria for one obvious reason:


  • Finally, and most importantly, I will burn the @dimimp account keys so that your delegations become permanent. Don’t forget to back up your data! Legally, you can now teach indiscriminately because you are automatically paid daily by a public blockchain, forever.

Congratulations, you have become the world’s first (automatic) Blockchain Charity that runs exclusively upon donated delegated Steem Power. Steem did not self-distribute as planned so I pumped it up with anabolic Steem Powered steroids to automate the task of global SBD distribution.

Steemjet is flying high now. In the meantime, I will answer the top 10-20 questions by upvote count in the comments section below as time permits. Enjoy your eternal financial annuity my friends!

Steemjet – Empowering the Poorest on the Planets

Bon Voyage Steemjet!

You knew who I was all along:


Hi @Dan. This whole saga has really caused a lot of confusion. As a lot of persons don't know what to believe again. Just yesterday when you dropped this post, we were convinced that you used the alias of @dimimp to run the steemjet experience and it was just so overwhelming letting that sink in.

But now it's like we're in another quagmire of confusion.

The image below is a screenshot from your latest comment from @dan account.


It is a reply to a comment on @taskmaster4450 's posts. And there you replied to the comment with just two words :

"Not me"

Now we don't really know what you meant. If you were saying you didn't post this or you're not @dimimp. But we would really love to be getting out of the dark as the suspense is just so much.
You promised to answer 10 questions. Please answer this let us know.

@Dan Larimer are you @dimimp ?

Did you post this??

And one last request. Please clarify us about this by making a clear post or comment using the @dan account to put us in the know. Thank you very much.

@dan flagged @taskmatter4450 but did not flag @god or reply to any of what he said.

What do you think?
Cause I do think he is trying to say he did not create @steemjet but @deandaniel did. Remember @dimimp=@dan once said he is only funding steemjet to promote steem but he has not denied the facts posted by @god on this post.

To be frank, am speechless. I ran out of words to say.
But I still have my doubts if it's dan.
Please do prove it wrong.


Cool but this mail not safe anymore, hackers will be on the mail trail. Dimimp can send to @lordjames first since his mail is not publicly known and then be passed to @uche-nna. Its safe that way to prevent hackers

okay thank you..

There was a time you said something spectacular @dimimp, that changed my ideology about steemjet and who truly owns steemjet

I do not own Steemjet. Steemjet is a community of friends whom I fund, therefore I assure no liability of their actions or words.

I had always hold this belief that Steemjet is Us and that @dimimp represents steemjet, which also implies that @dimimp is us.
This revelation is a timely classic on its own.

Now, just to drop a quick question for you. If you're Dan Larimer, why did you frown once at some steemjet members for trying to buy other coins (EOS inclusive) with sent steem?

Am still lost thoughts about this

Maybe because Steemjet is a team trying to foster an independent spirit. Good question.

Enjoy your eternal financial annuity my friends!

I'm just so speechless, I'm so happy
Revealing yourself was a great idea though, but that aside it's a lesson one just learnt, your a Father, a teacher, and a Blessing I must say, just wanna tell you that I'm forever grateful with the whole of my 💓 heart, words can't describe how grateful I am, we'll forever love you....

I just hope to get a response from you, I have a question bothering me so much and that question is.

What is fulfillment, and what is purpose?



@dimimp, your name deserve to be in the Guiness Book Of Record for pulling a Genius move like this. You managed to keep your Identity a Secret for a very long time and didn't do anything to compromise yourself all through this time.
Sometimes I wonder why you call yourself dim, because to me You are one of the Smartest Man Alive on this planet presently.

I am Really grateful for all you have done Sir for us all.
Personally, you did not just help me to show my talent of photography to the world, you also made it possible for me to be better at what I do.
I am forever grateful to you!!!!

My Big Question

Sir, How did you manage to pull such a genius move by keeping your Identity a secret for a very long time without being compromised?

You're the Best Crypto Undercover Agent so far. Your name deserves to be in the Guiness Book of Records

@dimimp- The @god of Steem

This is so strange and my brains are seriously wandering and searching

@Dimix3 was typing and acting like Nigerian

My question is are you Nigerian boss?

Now this is the biggest puzzle I've ever tried to unravel. It left me wrong with a lot of guesses. I think I was bad in this one

I think am a bit confused also....

Also, the funds. Do you have a list of people you are to pay? Just wandering, so nobody you promised will be left.




As the steemjet sports HOD. I got the community busy with some world cup previews. I hope to do more through your help.


@donnest.. Sf7

My question is are you Nigerian boss?

No, @dimimp is not a Nigerian

I was not around when @Dimix3 was active. Definitely would like to know the story of how @Dimix3 was started.

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