God is now (back) on Steem !

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Just because I’m creating a Steem 2.0 ICO doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of Steem.

Steem was designed to globally distribute itself quickly, automatically, and legally. But our natural survival instincts cause us to collude and self-vote.

Not everyone can afford to give everything to charity as Jesus did, and not all Steem accounts are created equal. Why does the @god account have 80 followers without a single post or comment? Sockpuppets? Bots? 2000 year monotheistic marketing crusade?

For those still wondering what is going on here, SURPRIZE! Yes, I am the creator of DPOS, Dan Larimer, bytemaster, @dan, @dantheman, @dimimp, and of course, @god.

Steemjet is a new public DAC experiment, and the Steemjet World Cup showed me who truly enjoys distributing SBD.

DPOS development is finally well funded, so you can expect future improvements. But now, I want to thank the Steemjet community for simply helping me perfect my craft.

The majority of our target audience (everyone) will seek god at some point in their lives. They will not seek @dan or @dimimp or @dimix3. In fact, they have already begun to follow the almighty @god. I am proud of my creation, but I have no intention of taking confession from the greedy. No other word has capitalized on our need to be loved like @god. My experiments are designed to unite not offend. Steemjet has positive spiritual love.

I am therefore handing over the @god account keys to @uche-nna for obvious reasons:



I will send @deandaniel and @lordjames the funds necessary to cover the rest of my debts because they are teaching the poorest on the planet. The Space Force flies direct from Nigeria for one obvious reason:


  • Finally, and most importantly, I will burn the @dimimp account keys so that your delegations become permanent. Don’t forget to back up your data! Legally, you can now teach indiscriminately because you are automatically paid daily by a public blockchain, forever.

Congratulations, you have become the world’s first (automatic) Blockchain Charity that runs exclusively upon donated delegated Steem Power. Steem did not self-distribute as planned so I pumped it up with anabolic Steem Powered steroids to automate the task of global SBD distribution.

Steemjet is flying high now. In the meantime, I will answer the top 10-20 questions by upvote count in the comments section below as time permits. Enjoy your eternal financial annuity my friends!

Steemjet – Empowering the Poorest on the Planets

Bon Voyage Steemjet!

You knew who I was all along:


Hi @Dan. This whole saga has really caused a lot of confusion. As a lot of persons don't know what to believe again. Just yesterday when you dropped this post, we were convinced that you used the alias of @dimimp to run the steemjet experience and it was just so overwhelming letting that sink in.

But now it's like we're in another quagmire of confusion.

The image below is a screenshot from your latest comment from @dan account.


It is a reply to a comment on @taskmaster4450 's posts. And there you replied to the comment with just two words :

"Not me"

Now we don't really know what you meant. If you were saying you didn't post this or you're not @dimimp. But we would really love to be getting out of the dark as the suspense is just so much.
You promised to answer 10 questions. Please answer this let us know.

@Dan Larimer are you @dimimp ?

Did you post this??

And one last request. Please clarify us about this by making a clear post or comment using the @dan account to put us in the know. Thank you very much.

@dan flagged @taskmatter4450 but did not flag @god or reply to any of what he said.

What do you think?
Cause I do think he is trying to say he did not create @steemjet but @deandaniel did. Remember @dimimp=@dan once said he is only funding steemjet to promote steem but he has not denied the facts posted by @god on this post.

To be frank, am speechless. I ran out of words to say.
But I still have my doubts if it's dan.
Please do prove it wrong.


Cool but this mail not safe anymore, hackers will be on the mail trail. Dimimp can send to @lordjames first since his mail is not publicly known and then be passed to @uche-nna. Its safe that way to prevent hackers

okay thank you..

There was a time you said something spectacular @dimimp, that changed my ideology about steemjet and who truly owns steemjet

I do not own Steemjet. Steemjet is a community of friends whom I fund, therefore I assure no liability of their actions or words.

I had always hold this belief that Steemjet is Us and that @dimimp represents steemjet, which also implies that @dimimp is us.
This revelation is a timely classic on its own.

Now, just to drop a quick question for you. If you're Dan Larimer, why did you frown once at some steemjet members for trying to buy other coins (EOS inclusive) with sent steem?

Am still lost thoughts about this

Maybe because Steemjet is a team trying to foster an independent spirit. Good question.

Enjoy your eternal financial annuity my friends!

I'm just so speechless, I'm so happy
Revealing yourself was a great idea though, but that aside it's a lesson one just learnt, your a Father, a teacher, and a Blessing I must say, just wanna tell you that I'm forever grateful with the whole of my 💓 heart, words can't describe how grateful I am, we'll forever love you....

I just hope to get a response from you, I have a question bothering me so much and that question is.

What is fulfillment, and what is purpose?



@dimimp, your name deserve to be in the Guiness Book Of Record for pulling a Genius move like this. You managed to keep your Identity a Secret for a very long time and didn't do anything to compromise yourself all through this time.
Sometimes I wonder why you call yourself dim, because to me You are one of the Smartest Man Alive on this planet presently.

I am Really grateful for all you have done Sir for us all.
Personally, you did not just help me to show my talent of photography to the world, you also made it possible for me to be better at what I do.
I am forever grateful to you!!!!

My Big Question

Sir, How did you manage to pull such a genius move by keeping your Identity a secret for a very long time without being compromised?

You're the Best Crypto Undercover Agent so far. Your name deserves to be in the Guiness Book of Records

@dimimp- The @god of Steem

This is so strange and my brains are seriously wandering and searching

@Dimix3 was typing and acting like Nigerian

My question is are you Nigerian boss?

Now this is the biggest puzzle I've ever tried to unravel. It left me wrong with a lot of guesses. I think I was bad in this one

I think am a bit confused also....

Also, the funds. Do you have a list of people you are to pay? Just wandering, so nobody you promised will be left.




As the steemjet sports HOD. I got the community busy with some world cup previews. I hope to do more through your help.


@donnest.. Sf7

My question is are you Nigerian boss?

No, @dimimp is not a Nigerian

I was not around when @Dimix3 was active. Definitely would like to know the story of how @Dimix3 was started.

I am really grateful for one thing, I have the priviledge to know the person behind this lifechanging and inspiring community, so that when next I kneel to pray for @dimimp (A saviour, who has helped inspire millions to achieve their dreams through crypto), I will have a picture in my mind of who to pray for.
I really don't know why this revelation doesn't make me feel surprised because I made up my mind that no matter who is behind this account (@dimimp), I will forever be grateful to the person.

I wrote a song for the Steemjet Community about a month ago. My major dream presently is to produce that song, but due to lack of funds, I am not able to achieve this dream.
Sir, If you could send me some steem, as your last act to help me produce this great Music, I will forever be indebted to you.

GOD bless @god!!
GOD bless @dimimp!!
GOD bless @dan!!

The man @dimimp has given so much hope to many who had none and has offered the Steemjet community a voice to help many in the society.

It doesn't really matter to me anymore the true identity of the person that is behind the name dimimp. I told myself long time ago that whoever dimimp is has earned my heart and I'll forever remain grateful for what you have done for me and the many others out there.

So I ask. What if Dimimp isn't actually Dan Larimer? What if this is just a prank? Does that change anything about Steemjet? Not really to me. That's why I keep telling people, keep doing what has to be done no matter who's watching or not.

To the rest of the Spaceforce members. We had a meeting two days ago on how to positioned the Steemjet community well in order to have the maximum impact on our vision. This revelation should not change much but instead give us the fire to continue doing more. Even if dimimp burn his keys and isn't with us anymore, we should put in our best to get Steem to everyone around the world.

Long live Steemjet and God bless dimimp. This is gonna be fun. I don't have any particular question at the moment.

As far as I am a member of steemjet
@steemjet will be strong forever...
I will work tirelessly for the love of steemjet

True words bro

Great words @lordjames

Great words from a great leader!!!

Great words of hope.

@lordjames that's a Good speech!.. No need to question @lordjames, to be truthful about our @dimimp, @god he have been good to all #steemjet members around the #globe which i have seen by my self and he have been putting all his time, Money, Strength all at the same time!.. I will not say may God bless him for reaching out to the poor to be rich, and @god will still review he's self more at time goes on!.. In all am happy for you Bro/Man!.. On The Wings Of Suppers Starts We Are Words And Steem Still remains our Motto!... I Love you @god for your impart of leading the moving tran to @lordjames, @dandaniel and @uche_nna!..

Well one thing is certain, an @god account was well thought out. Lets stay connected @lordjames.


Okay, trust me, I am super confused
I don't understand this at all
You will burn @dimimp's account keys?

Does it mean that the steemjet vision will be left for us to run alone?


If you are @god, you already know the phrase "Ask and it shall be given unto you"
Dear @god, please do grant my request in @ dan's name I pray thee.
Please promote me with a bigger SP so as to upvote those I will be onboarding on the platform.

Also, I have never gotten any Steem from you for my musical gears.
Can you kindly look into that
If you say I should self vote and make it happen, then at lease,increase my SP to at least 6000
So I could raise the money as soon as I can.
On the contrary, please send me at least 1000 steem for this.
Thank you.
Finally,we really do love you here
Please do not leave us alone
It would be difficult without you

He is a man of his word's...., but looking from his perspective, he believes in us and we all have a new task not to let him down.

Every project usually has a take-off grant. I think @dimimp has put in enough that is needed to make this project sustain itself. There are over 200 delegates with community accounts fully delegated too. If these delegations are properly managed, the steemjet project should sustain itself


With love from steemjet campus busters


@mistakili @tomilolafadipe @olowoyeye SF2

Its amazing to be working with you @dan this is amazing. Thank you for creating this chance!
This is our progress report so far, enjoy!
SteemJet For Life!

Here is our progress so far, please do well to check it out


i donno what to say
This is so surprising
I wasnt expecting this to be honest

Lets just assume this is the missing episode yet to be released on Game of Throne

Lets say so
More to come

I still can't believe this. I made ten guesses all are wrong.

This is in fact a very good news. Honestly, I feel like crying and laughing at the same time.

I will answer the top 10-20 questions by upvote count in the comments section below as time permits.

Now, this is where I got confused.

They will not seek @dan or @dimimp or @dimix3

Are you saying you own @dimix3 too? If Yes, I remembered asking if you are Nigerian and you said you are. Is that true??

@dimix3 just said he isn't you, I believe that's settled.

Now, this is more like a request than a question.
You still have some SP left in your account and you are throwing the keys away with it?

I'll appreciate if you add to my delegated SP.

I'm forever grateful.
We love you dimimp.

I guess it must have been all part of his plan.

Wow.. I'm surprised. And I'm glad at the same time you finally revealed your ID.

Honestly, I want to Thank you On behalf of everyMember of Steemjet. You gave us a reason to smile with the @dimimp account. You changed our lives with your Steems into our account and you also made us become the best version of ourselves by causing us to keep improving and learning new things.


Here are members of the Steemjet Health Team which I'm Among(The tall Guy Behind on the Right) on Global Steem adoption teaching the kids about time. We were able to do this cos you empowered us with Steem.
Others on the picture are @Annieben @ucathy @peterakpan @penking @Aideedavies
Thank you for your Delegation to us,.. You made us whale over night. You've been helpful and generous right from the good old days when we use to comment "buy steem" ,"buy Ant" on your posts.. Hope you remember?

The list of the things I need to Thank you for is much but I'll always come back to edit when I remember.

Again, Please, Can you do US One more Flavor just before you Burn the account keys of @dimimp, Can you please Increase the Delegation of some of Us with Less than or Equal to 1000SP?.. I'm in SF7 and a member of Steemjet Health. Thanks.


I see you brother.

You've been helpful and generous right from the good old days when we use to comment "buy steem" ,"buy Ant" on your posts.. Hope you remember?

Hehe... Good old days!!!
@dimimp has done so much for us, brought us out from being broke boys. We are grateful!!
I agree with you bro! It would be nice if we get a raise in our delegations

You're right man. Also as one of the persons that brought about the Steemjet Tag, You Should have an increase in Steem Power delegation.

@dimimp once promised us Steembath cos of initiating the Steemjet tag but maybe he forgot but this could be the best time to do it by giving us more Steem Power

Can you please Increase the Delegation of some of Us with Less than or Equal to 1000SP?.

I'm with you on this

Yeah brother

Wow.... I'm surprised.
Dan!! Wow, this is so cool.
At least I'm happy we're namesakes.


Thank you for thinking about the word steemjet that night. It has done a great deal

I don't have any question boss all I can say is thank you thank you and thank you. Whosoever you are trusting with your keys deserves it and now you've kept our delegation permanent??!! Wow thanks again. On my side I promise to run the health team @sfhealth and also support @steemjetcontest like you instructed.

Just last week we completed our #steemhigh project you funded with 500steem. Reasons it was delayed till now was because of the dip but lastly we finally made it and the kids were joyed!! Even the teachers too.... Congrats to us sfhealth team, the post would be properly documented this weekend.


picture from the event with our 2 new steemjet ambassadors from the school who got their branded polos and other items. Accompanied with head of logistics/records @penking

On the #ibomDigipreneurs it's a project we are working on with the SA to the governor Mrs Meflyn. Indeed SteemJet is a rapid growing community in this part of the world as atleast 5 representatives @peterakpan, @deandaniel,@angiebrown and co. from steemjet are actually working hand in hand with the SA so that this comes to a reality. Atleast 15-20000 student from the University and the state would be a beneficiary to this event. The support we will get from you through @deandaniel would be very appreciated.


meeting with the planning committee

On a closing remark, thank you @dan, @god, @dimimp etc... You are such a wonderful person.


Welcome to Steem Community @god! As a gentle reminder, please keep your master password safe. The best practise is to use your private posting key to login to Steemit when posting; and the private active key for wallet related transactions.

In the New Steemians project, we help new members of steem by education and resteeeming their articles. Get your articles resteemed too for maximum exposure. You can learn more about it here: https://steemit.com/introduceyourself/@gaman/new-steemians-project-launch

Sir, I recommend @emekacollins and steemedi as delegates, since you still have some undelegated sp on dimimp's account. Please do this before you burn the private keys.

Together with @joyart @steemdiva and @zmira.
I recommend these ones too. They are good friends who need to join the steemjet spacefore to promote steem

I could not care less whether any of these accounts are Dan. It does look like they have been doing some significant good, which is to be applauded.

I really have only one question about the general scheme, however. Why wouldn't the prudent plan be to directly transfer the STEEM, rather than burning the key? That would certainly be permanent, and would help clear up any lingering doubt as to the intent.

Actions definitely speak louder than words. As I said, it looks like some significant good has been done already. I would be thrilled to see it continue.

I'm in awe? No, I'm in shock? What am I saying? What da.........

Ook...... soothing calmness...... breathe
Your saying that you're dan Larimer?

and How are the funds going to be distributed?
; important*

Me too bro... But I guess I am covered by my prior belief when I gave my heart to @dimimp.

Amazingly Amazing.
Initially I thought it was God himself because it absolutely hard to find persons of this kind in the modern era which we Find ourselves.

My Questions

  • Can we train our generation yet unborn to Grow to be like you?
  • Is it possible to teach both young and old about crypto in pictorial form?
  • Can we produce the crypto games and distribute it across the State of Akwa Ibom?

The jet has successfully taken off from Nigeria and it's revolving around the world spreading steem to persons who deserve them.
new 1 copy.jpgBLASE1.jpg

Hello @dimimp I used the 300steem you gave me to produce another steemjet song.. I am about uploading it.... you will like it


I love the beat

One question, is this a prank?

@lordjames 😂😂😂
This is no prank
Check the first page of @god on https://steemd.com/@god

Same question I got bro.

That moment when the pilot is confused then leaves a question.

@Dimimp was testing how a community that is fully funded will look like, though human factors do play in and now the test is complete. The real work begins

If you ask me who will I ask?


I'm so shocked I do not know how to express my state of mind in English.

Bon Voyage Steemjet!

What happens from here on out? Are you going on a long journey, never to be seen through the eyes of mere mortals like us?

@dimimp @god @dan @dantheman



The great thing about of all of this is that you have made the right choice!!

As a busy man, I hope that you would take time to visit Nigeria soon!

Thank you for all you have done!

Let him come
We have bole and fish for him
Or even nigerian jellof rice

Banga soup and starch with good dry fish will do the job.

Never thought it would be you. Thanks for helping us out with this initiative. You're God sent.

Did you tell your favorite Student @teamsteem about this plan of yours?

I've learnt a lot from @teamsteem about you, but I'm ashamed I never for one figured why you where so much loved by him and your principles about the Non-aggression principle towards all sentient beings.

So what's the way forward now For EOS and Steem? And about our plans, any way we can get a chess game built on the Steem Blockchain and the SMTs talking about Flippy? Hope it would be possible to get the Online shopping companies like Amazon and Konga building their own SMTs on the Steem Blockchain.

Before the creation of Steemjet, where you trying to get more steem by always making comments on your posts saying buy almost all the coins and what was your reaction when you saw that you were almost always being flagged for that?

Remember when you said this 6 months ago? Screenshot_20180720-081829.png

Thanks for building a Blockchain with zero transaction fees.

Glad I met this as I just finished my undergraduate level. Stay awesome always.

Steemjet: On the wings of Superstars, we are words and Steem

Dear @god, thanks for using my design as your profile picture. :) But then, why do you pull this prank on us @dimimp and @god? I find this difficult to believe since this post wasn't made from @dimimp's blog, it was only resteemed.

When @dimimp makes another post, I hope he clarifies this. I believe dimimp for his WORDS.

If it turns out that this is true and you are actually @dan then i must confess this post sent me into a temporal state of delirium. Thank you so much for Steem and Steemjet, and of course EOS (can you "eos bath" me as well) :D

Will you be burning your keys for real? Well, i won't deny the fact that it sounds pretty awesome. We don't want you changing your mind anytime soon. Anyways, it's best you don't, you might have other needs for it later, you never can tell.

So my question, Why won't you approval Steemjet Curation department proposal? Are we asking for too much? If Yes, we are willing to work with any thing (Liquid steem or Mini jet packs) you send to us . :(

Helo @dimimp, i have also been wondering why, i think our department is the only one that haven't received any funding from you since it was created and we have been working tirelessly everyday, we need liquid steem to be able to take care of our subscription expenses and also get laptops.

Like @mhizsophie has rightly said, increasing our Dsp would help us serve the community better.

The curation team works everyday and we feature excellent posts by steemjetters also upvoting them to encourage them, steemjet must attain global adoption.

Here is the link to last week's Curation Review by @druids, this week's own would be out tomorrow.

Thanks as we anticipate your support.


The EOS bath got me laughing, you funny but that will be a good way to go. Then I wonder, what if dimimp wasn't dan and happens to be somebody else. I still await a post from dimimp account

Wow... Wow.. Wow... I chatted with you once @dimix3 on whatsapp and you denied all claims to be @dimimp.... I Am so short of words right now sir.

I feel like crying right now because you will no more be as close to the space force as you were with dimimp.... This act of kindness has taught me a lot sir... Indeed Nigeria has a high index of poverty and Thanks so much for choosing us.

I also want to use this opportunity to assure you that we will never let you down on this project sir.

I am also one of those you promised to fund regarding the song you said I should re-make with @emmycapable


Thanks so much for creating @steemjet, we will forever remain indebted to you sir @dan, @god, @dimimp, @dimix3

Honestly...I am not @dimimp..Please boss @dimimp...Help me out here.

Hahahahaha you must be dimimp o...weda u Like it or not. Hehehe

Lol. That means he will wake up to see 2000 messages on whatsapp, 1993 will be proposal and 90 will be asking for steembath and 7 others will be from village people asking to join Steem

The boss just left you in a state of confusion.. 😁

Lord have mercy up one us. Funny u

@dimix3 Just play along, this is a cheese game and people don't know it yet.

Oh my God!!!!!!!!
I am so surprised, this is incredible @god, @dimimp.
Really magical to surprise us this way, Steemjet won't let you down.

My question is what will be your next step now?

Yeah bro
I am waiting what will be the next step.

Maybe you never see this, but I have to say thank you, sir. As I said many times before Steemjet changed my life in multiple ways. I am about to begin my vacation period where I can finally take a break from my occupations and one of the things I want to do during this time is to tell the world how Steemit, Steemjet and God himself gave me an opportunity to continue fighting and living in my country. Venezuela and not have to run like many others. For that and more thank you very much. Maybe many of us are here because the need has required us but we have found much more than what we were looking for, we found a community that cares about the world, to make it a little better every time we can, we have found love between brothers from another land.

The World has won the cup!

I want to take this time to bring the Steemit and Steemjet to more Venezuelans as the brothers of Nigeria have done with their excellent work I would like to count on your support for this work. Poverty is a disease that grows and spreads more every day in a country that does not have the tools to fight it or is what many believe thanks to bad policies implemented. I want to show my people that they are wrong and contribute my bit to build a new future. Thanks again for all your support, @dimimp @god @dan

My Venezuelan Team: @josemiguel @gacorniel @banymaracara @alliemari @alexanderpelao @albert0davila and many others...

My dear friend @God words can not express how impressed I am, it is incredible what you have achieved not only personally but globally with this steemit phenomenon. I would love to continue forming part of this beautiful family and continue expanding this project here in my country Venezuela. Together with @Jogreh at the head of this great team we will be able to spread that happiness of being part of something as beautiful as steemjet in Venezuela. No more to say thank you very much for everything, you have no idea how much you have helped this servant in her day to day and especially in her university career. Maybe you are not Jesus Christ but you are undoubtedly an angel that sent heaven to help those who need it most. @dimimp @dan @god

you are right @jogreh thanks to @dimimp so many of us could continue fighting for are dreams and our lives in our country, for me Venezuela, and now we want to share this amazing knowledge to the people here in our town and other cities.
I'm thrill to be part of this team and I'm ready to do what it is in my power to share the information.

I am totally willing to work with this great team of Venezuelans, brothers united by STEEM ... (I will not fail to thank the great creator of steemit) really thank you very much for everything that we contributed mr. @dimimp; As the great @jogreh has said, the STEEMJET community changed our lives and we want to spread in our city and in our country all the positive things that can be achieved with STEEMIT ... make people believe in their abilities and that They can go far with their creativity and imagination.

Our main idea is that we all start dreaming on the ground ... that we project our goals and work for them, with perseverance and in community.

In the union is the strength ... and the secret for our whole group is to create community, that cooperation is our main fuel. This is how all my acquaintances came to the steem network, through effective communication and without egoism.

I'm still shocked by this news of the origin of everything ... and it is clear that I am enormously grateful to all of you ... thanks @jogreh @banymaracara @alliemari @gacorniel and of course @god ... you are the energy of all .

Thank you @dimimp @god, for the good deeds its truly immeasurable on steem standards

This is surprisingly big......Never knew this.
Thank you very much for everything @god.
You made amazing moves in our lives, by the way am learning how to play chess now thanks to you.

what will be your next move @god ?

Like the Fifa game commentator, Jim Beglin: You kept everyone guessing who @dimimp truly is😀
Thanks for your generosity friend, you're indeed a God sent🙏

This is interesting.....hope the post move to the trending page so everyone will know everything about steemjet.

I have been seeing the great things @dimimp was doing for all and sundry, then the time when I'd need him came but he was away, so I waited patiently. When @dimimp made his last post about revealing his identity, I was waiting so I can make my proposal. Luck wasn't on my side.

@god, I am Nigerian who struggled to get where I am today but I was lucky, I had an educates mother who would go hungry just to see my sister and I go to school and have the basic amenities. Currently undergoing my National Youth Service in Ibadan, Nigeria, going to and coming from my Place of Primary Assignment, I come across kids who have to beg to feed everyday. They do not have the opportunity I had. Even those they are lucky to be sent to school go tattered. This I see everyday and it breaks my heart, I decided I was going to empower as many as I can to be able to feed and cloth themselves. I am a baker and also a hairstylist, hairstyling is a cheaper skill to learn than baking as the materials and tools are less expensive.

I wonder if @god or @dimimp will be willing to help my dream come through because I don't have the means and may have to cancel them already scheduled training. I have had a lot of help from @imbigdee who also shares this dream and will be one of the speakers. @druids has been extremely helpful.

Here's the link to the post containing more information;


My needs are;

  • Materials (mannequin heads, hair, Combs, brushes, cream, spray, gel) - 300 steem
  • customized steemjet shirts - 150 steem
  • refreshment - 100 steem
  • payment for venue - 250 steem
  • souvenirs (in this case materials that they can use to start up) - 100 steem
  • honorarium for speakers - 100 steem
    A total of 1, 000 steem


Here's the flyer design for the proposed training.

It's a nice thing what you intend to do, I hope you get to actualize this dream.

@dimimp is a very good person. I believe he can help you. I wish you good luck

This I s a good one, I hope you get the needed support from @dimimp, it's really going to go a long way in helping and putting a smile on those kids face, God bless you.

May your needs be granted sis. I'm with you 100%

Nice project. I hope you get the funds you need to make the project a success

Awww. I know you mean well. I hope he blesses you with support. Best of luck and keep up the good work.

Just to remind you @dimimp, @god....what about the delegates funds I want to distribute.

?Office Creativity?
I humbly ask for help in anyway that you can advance my networking efforts. I would love an easily manageable favorites/communities list capable of subject/department distinctions. My hope is that communities will introduce this to Steemit. Essentially, I wish Steemit to work like an office (and playground) for me. I believe in the power and goal achievement potential of on-topic responses. We all have good and bad days, so getting to know a contact is one way we can nurture new friendships.

photo by @MachnBirdSparo from the sand of Miami beach (less than 10 ft off the ground:)

Deep Passion
Also, a deep passion lies in the sky. Love how interests connect people:)
I truly believe I can provide the world a wonderful service as an aerial photographer. I am not against drones and enjoy using them, but actually piloting an aircraft and capturing an inflight experience first hand with all the inclement weather and kinesthetic feelings can ascend the accompanying words to visual captures. The story and message just means more when kinesthetic feelings are real. It is a dream that I lack the funds for (even the drones), but I enjoy sharing this vision with people who also express their life’s passion, rather than, anguish of having to go to work. Know that my dreams and mission extend beyond this.

Much Thanks
God bless and hats off to a modern day follower of Jesus Christ.

...a long, long time ago, 2 years in fact, in a land on the metaphysical plane, there was a dreamer, one who represented a man's throne with a heart; here was a plea for a message and lifeline to be heard- long before EOS and when the need for the Steemjet Space Force was not, there was...

I could not stop dreaming about STEEM so I put my life's savings into this community blockchain token.

Oh my God! Are you for real? Or is this a prank? Well, whatever the answer may be, you have touched lives...helped so many and still standing strong. I pray God(our creator) lol grants all your heart desires.. Btw, congratulations to everyone who participated. Long live steemjet!

Wow, it's good to know @dimimp is @dan. We were all wondering who you were. We had no idea, who you were and I would doubt any single person knew. This singular act has changed the way I see @dan. I have personally experienced Dan first hand and can say you are more than human. Thank you so very much for all you have done here.

I remember you saying that all contests lasts till one week after the world cup finals and you have kept your word.

You said you haven't decided on the other contests yet so I just want to remind you of one of my entries to a contests and what you said about the entry





I wouldn't say am surprised,i knew all along that @dimimp would be someone who is part of steemit team,but all my thoughts were @Ned, i was thinking this was his own way of sharing love to steemit and also vying for global adoption of steem. Now i understand @Dan perfectly , he loves to suprise and amaze.

My question sir :

A penny for your thought that i know exactly how steem 2.0 will be?😉


This is wonderful sir.. I'm particularly flabbergasted and surprised. In fact am short of words to describe my emotions right now..

I want to give you a hug right now.. You're a god truly.. You'll be written in my heart forever

Here's a little reminder for you before you left. I made the post about the first ever offline steemjet football competition, and here are the links. Please do see to it Sir


As the steemjet sports HOD. I got the community busy with some world cup previews. I hope to do more through your help.


@donnest.. Sf7


I love you Sir... Yours truly @donnest

Wow!! Its funny that people have sat down to discuss who @dimimp really was and no one even thought towards this direction.
You caught us all of guard and speaking of doings, you have really done alot in the lives of people especially the spaceforce with delegations and all.

Now my question is; now that you have come clean with your Identity whats the next game on the board? More work i presume but just throw more light.

I still can't believe that he's Dan. my mouth has been open for over 30 seconds.

But as you said, it's good we know the next plan of action. It will help us to know our direction

Neither do I....am wowed

@dimimp thanks you very much for everything you have done for steemjet.. Sir am still waiting for the SP you promised me and I'll need some steem to make uniform for steemjet dance crew


@dan flagged me 4 months ago at -100% .


The comment was not even spam but was a meaningful and thoughtful comment.

I am very certain that @dimimp never flags.

Mr Dan Larimer, I want to ask:

Please why do you behave differently when using your different accounts?

I anticipate your response. Thank you!

I remain your loyal and reliable @penking; SF3




This is really great for unveiling your identity.we are greatful for all you have done for the steemit community.We love you.

Dats why i sang a song to thank you for all you have done . i will be using dis medium to ask for more steempower to encourage the newbies.

That's crazy!

@god will I get paid for my simple logo? You promised to give me (@dromzz) 500 Steem for my work once the world cup is over and it has been over for several days now :)


he said:

I will send @deandaniel and @lordjames the funds necessary to cover the rest of my debts because they are teaching the poorest on the planet

Yeah, I hope they see my comment :D

This revelation completely took us by surprise. I thank you for everything you've done for Nigeria and Nigerians. Thank you for the hundreds of lives you've changed.

This legacy you've left is what we'll continue to project and guard jealously no matter what happens20180716_120528.jpg

once again, God bless you @god , @dimimp , @dan etc


god is Stan larimer

ure @dan s father right?

is @god same petson as @stan?

am beginning to feel so

Greetings from Nairobi,Kenya @god,
As you continue to distribute your favor, please do consider this East African Girl. I am a Daily Vlogger Passionate in Creating Video Content. I could use A new gadget to help me improve on the quality of my content, I am currently doing so on my phone which can be very hectic & low quality to say the least. I Do However strongly believe in Starting Where One's at and that's what I've done & embrased. Thank you for your consideration.

I still don't understand this.
TBH I'm really shocked, wtf?!
All my predictions were wrong, who could have had the slightest idea that you're the Dan? Holy?!

I still can't believe this, I still don't understand this.

Well whether you're Dan or not, I'm still going to work for you, you've changed people's lives, mine inclusive.

The question is what is next for Steemjet? I'd stopped working because I didn't know what to do next?! I'm quite confused rn.

I'm sick already.

Hello @dimimp please why do you have to leave wen I'm just having to join steemjet
In my little way of contributing to this noble community I and your delegate @geyzee decided to put up a dance in the honor of steemjet in your last two post and we also would be eager to create a steemjet dance crew in my locality...

Hope you get to like it sir

I'm so high amazed right now, wow @dimimp is @god is @dan is still @dimix3.
Oh my gosh.
Im so so, i cant even imagine it.
I'm part of ninoh22 team that embark on the campus steem campaign which was an outstanding success
This is the good news have been expecting all this while. Indeed is it..
For the progress of this great initiative,I'd be glad to be given more steem power to help our newbies.
Thanks for the consideration @god

pls before you burn the @dimimp posting keys

pls power up the remaining steem in your @dimimp acct and delegate it out

or better still delegate the remaining part of your undelegated sp to spaceforce members

meanwhile i am also pleaing and requesting for an sp raise😊😊😊
i am asking for this sp raise so that i ll be able to upvote the posts and comments of all persons that i have introduced to steemit and steemjet and thus encourage them to adopt steem

glad to know dat you are @dan dan larimer

you are steem and eos

its such a great honour working with you

ether we shall get steem d global adoption dat it needs

speaking o lobal adoption

i ll like you to havee a look at graft


i think burning down the account keys wont be neccessary...you should have the keys just in case you ll want to make some changes

well boss this is shocking and at the same time a big lesson. Hope before you burn the keys if you would don't forget us that won the GIF competition and one more thing would be lovely if we get promoted so as to have enough sp to raise funds for ourselves and help grow the community.

@god i think it will be better to power down the @dimimp account and distribute the steem to all tge steemjet delegates so that each one of us can either decide to power up or hodl

burning the keys to @dimimp means none of us the delegates can ever power down probably when we are desperate need of funds😟

pls dont burn the keys e xan wait for 13wks😟😭😭😭😭

I disagree because powering down will bring steemjet to an end

hmmm...ok if you say so

dats your opinion

its just a suggestion anyways

I must say, I agree with this.
Not just because we will have not have the power to decide who wants to power up or hodl, but I still think we need his guidance for a while, at least till the year ends.

Before you burn the keys, how about increasing my delegation first? Lol jk :)

That would probably explain the use of duckduckgo images. I have seen some of the images you used as coming from duckduckgo. Thought you were just overly being cautious. :)

Also I've thought you were surpassingoogle. Lol
It's an honor to be a recipient of the delegation :)
Thank you very much!

If truly you are a god, I hope you check this out... @god, @dimimp.


I plead you do me this one favour by approving and funding this vision and idea. Cos you've given us that spirit of discovering our innate abilities, I wouldn't want it to fade away because of no resources to start with. I still remain your humble friend @simonmaven.


@dimimp, please look into the proposal, it's a good idea..

I'm confused, what's going on?

Wow.... I don't know what to say.... But all I can say boss @dimimp is that you are an ICON LIVING... Not only did you put smiles in the face of the poor you have given every on a reason to make some thing meaningful out of live for this I say RESPECT TO YOU @DIMIMP
remember today is 20th and my song for steemjet just dropped and I think you should have it.....


Once again I say thank you for every thing you have done and for me and my music for you kind words, encouragement, love and support..
You are the boss and I love you even more....


I haven't been more confused.
Of a truth @dimimp has a heart of gold and has the interest of other people at heart. I am no longer sure of your identity facially but I'm more connected with your heart than the face. You have made a huge impact in the lives of people.

And to @dan Larimer, I am a big fan of yours. I share in your belief to secure life, liberty and property.

Whether both of you are the same or not, I sincerely don't know but you have kept to your words here on Steemit so yes I believe you. I know with time this will get clearer.

Here is me saying Thank you again to @dimimp for all the support you have given to the Nigerian community.

Steemjet is in safe hands.

I'm really impressed ... when @jogreh told me about this project created by @dimimp, it motivated me a lot to join the community of @steemjet, I knew it was going to be a good space to invest my time and my creativity.
A few days ago @jogreh explained to me with details everything that was behind the community of STEEMJET and its creator or boss as we say some ... and the truth was perplexed ... It is impossible not to thank this @god, thanks for investing their riches in all of us; and believe me that from now on we will continue betting on STEEMIT and all its novelties.


Forever grateful to @dimimp for the opportunity and the reward. Please sir I have made superstars in your name and will be pleased if you grant them slots in this spaceforce as was stated in the proposition. You have changed so many lives in such a short period and has propelled us towards a greater crypto future.


Finally @dimimp and @god, i have always had a feel you were either @ned or @dan i am so amazed. Its so crazy though am overwhelmed.

At some point I thought it was Ned

O my goodness, like I'm surprise and I still can't believe what I just read.
But somehow along the line, I'm wondering why one human can be so mindful of a crowd and everly ready to give himself.

You're one of a kind and God sent to humanity, I really appreciate your workforce towards all of us.

But what really baffles me is why you want to lock up the @dimimp's account so our delegation would be permanent

That's the account we first knew and I want to know why you so intend on locking it up

And concerning the funds, how do you intend to go about it

My Oh My... My heart kept shaking as I was reading. I'm not really getting it. Okay let me figure this out... @dimimp is @dan and @dan is @god???? Wow.... Just Wowww

This is a mixture of fear and excitement. Permanent delegation??? OMG
@uche-nna is just a blessed child. Kai
@deandanirl and @lordjames I'm just super proud and happy for you guyz.
This is good news mehn... Wow Steemjet to the moon

See what I made with my biro and make-up kits


I'm sooooooooo happy... Yaaaayyy

This is way too much to handle, this revelation means a lot, it sets steemJet in the steemit map, the biggest community to soon be, we are set have multitudes trooping in to the community . My question is where do we go from here?

I have always had the feeling that you are amongst the great minds behind the steemit platform. Just want to use this opportunity to say thank you sir. You have been a source of hope to me and others...God bless you.

Yes very true. I wish he would still stick around, they are alot of ideas and plans I got which will truly change lives. Even if he leaves, I will still be doing the best I can because it is in my nature to put smile on peoples face.

my oh my

Are you trying to compose a song. Smiles

I can't believe my eyes!!!

This is amazing. Wow.

As for my question, I would like to know where the steemjet community is heading to..
And also I made a proposal about a writers contest that would expand the depts and also help us create story lines as was done by @shrazi with Olivia.



@Dimimp is a leader, boss of all bosses, I really don't know words to describe him better.

No no no this is not happening, I have read this post four times to get every thing straight up.
Is like a film and I still don't belive it. All this while we have been communicating with the creator of steem. @god please sir tell me you know who I am, @owaniofficial and what I have put in, in steemjet so far untill the dark seems to shade me.



My mission for steemjet vision is to teach steem / crypto to the whole world without a limit.

I really don't think that this is the best time to post this link here. But am left with a question of, how can I contribute to global Steem adoption if am disapproval, most especially now that my system is down.

All my post has been mostly on steemjet, quit my really life job and pick up camera because of steemjet vision.
Infact @god


my question still remains if you know who I am @owaniofficial.
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