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Milestone 🗽

For me, it's important to celebrate, even when I am loosing (along with many STEEM users) at the end of the game. I have almost never powered down, and to me, this is a very long term game. Maybe even an experiment of which pays itself somehow.

Perks of life? 🙃

Since I have been lacking time and a bit of patience lately due to personal life, I have been missing out some updates and other stuff I usually like to follow. As a consequence, some of that thing of "being ahead" is quickly lost.

Although, being around and curating becomes, on the other hand, more interesting because if I know less, I value more new information I may find.

Games! 🎮

One of the best entertainments for when you don't really want (or can't) commit much time on "working out" on blockchain stuff. Although I have tried a lot of games, there are a couple that I am still playing... one of them I just started exploring.



Curation and others

Another great way of spending little portions of time learning here and there something, along with the usual "keeping up to date" of latest news and exploration on the STEEM community, are the projects that get spawn via SteemEngine and also in particular for me, SteemHunt and more recently ReviewHunt.

Aside from those usual ones and in some situations I really enjoy getting back some opinions from the STEEM community and dpoll makes it super easy... I just wish the target public was way much broader. Not that I don't enjoy everyone's responses, but it could improve visibility... I wish they see it through and keep evolving it, if they can.

You need some motivation? 💪

Right! Ok, let's give it a go. I don't wish anything in particular, but to promote some healthy collaboration, and to me, the value needs to be created by motivating people.

(for more about the things in the picture, click on it to check a previous post I made)

The Challenge! 😎

Tell me something I might not know about, SOMETHING INTERESTING or that I would be very interested in, either from the games I am playing (using or not my referrals), or from the platforms I mentioned in this post, or something else you can find on STEEM. It's up to you! You can also only comment, resteem, vote, make jokes, whatever you feel you should be doing. Anything can be possible... I just want to create some motivation/traction for users that really need it...

I will be choosing 3 users/things/actions/whatever!

For those 3, I will be giving to each 😲, 10 SBI Sponsoring, 10000 SNAX tokens, 3 LEO tokens, 1 PALcoin and 100 DEC (Dark Energy Crystals) for you to buy some cards on SteemMonsters.

Surprise me 😅

I will be choosing the 🥇 🥈 🥉 winners at the end of this post curation.
(I wish I had people like me when I started on Steemit)

May the best win 🏆

🆘 Do you want to help❓

This kind of post would especially be interesting under the population that usually post under the #introduceyourself category or within the newish users who had that initial "explosion" of happiness while trying STEEM but then got super disappointed by not finding any traction to explore new things. My hope with this is to offer some of that motivation, by inviting them to try some things that at least I find interesting (sorry that most of them are games... maybe next time I can share more technical stuff or apps like the @esteemapp I am using to post this).

So, I would really appreciate if you could make this post reach those audiences. It's in the little ones that I believe in. So...

Let's make them a bit more 🤩

EDIT: Challenge complete! Winners announced!

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But this cold/flu is driving me crazy... hopefully tomorrow it will be a lot better.

I hope you get better soon. That !BEER is unfortunately out, but I'll give you another double !COFFEEA 2 , so you can get back on your feet :))

💊 💊 💊 💊 = 🚀 🛰️ 🛏️

(I am out of BEER too... all staked, but after I get some after the HF21, I will buy more)

Here again a double !COFFEEA 2 ...now you have 5 pieces and I think per 5 pieces you can give a coffee every day.

Thanks... on the queue to check stuff too.

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coffeea Lucky you @forykw here is your COFFEEA, view all your tokens at steem-engine.com Vote for c0ff33a as Witness

Woww, 14K SP, that's massive! 🤯
I wish I will reach that one day!

By the way, I believe you've play Splinterland right?
And now, with the latest update, the game native token, DarkEnergyCrystal a.k.a DEC became more powerful. We can use DEC to buy cards from the market, which a great news for financially limited active players. Now this players can build and grow their deck using they hard earned DEC.

The only way to earn DEC is from battling (including tournaments), and it seems that some players halfheartedly play at the start of any season. Because there will be a lot of elite players (with crazy legendaries cards) roaming on lower tier League, making it hard to win battle earlier at the start of the season.

This is dilemmatic, because if we want to earn as much DEC as possible with our heavily invested cards, we need to play everyday (since the start of the season), but the elite players will make it a pain in the ass. Lots of my friend even skip the entire first week because of this.

But, DO YOU KNOW? I got some solution for this. You can still regularly earn DEC without being really active on Splinterland since the earlier days of any season. You need to try to delegate some SP to Steemmonsters delegate bot (check it on Steembottracker.com), you'll earn DEC everyday without battling, even without actively posting on Steemit!

For 200 SP, I usually got around 60 - 100 DEC! That's, I believe, even better than any bid bots which require you to regularly post something on Steemit!

That's it, mate. I hope it'll means something for you.
But, if you already know about this, you really rock!

Cheers! 🍻

Appreciate this. Thanks

14k é obra, parabéns! Em relação ao meu jogo favorito, steemmonsters, ideia de investimento... não sei como está o teu deck, mas ainda é possivel fazer chegar cartas reward ao nível maximo com relativamente pouco investimento. E a maioria delas têm alguma procura para alugar no mercado do peakmonsters: tens um asset que podes sempre vender futuramente, e está a dar rendimento passivo 😉

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Já vi que é para além de um jogo bem passado, quando tenho tempo, um bom investimento porque as cartas quase que nunca desvalorizam. Para ser sincero estou espantado. Faz me lembrar quando jogava Magic. Vou ver se arranjo mais uns DECs para investir em cartas.

Vale a pena. Agora até decks inteiros podes alugar, se não tiveres tempo/ vontade/ tiveres um deck de sobra, e quem joga com as tuas cartas divide todo o dec ganho 50:50!

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Wow! That's huge, Congratulations!

PS: I'm beginning to encounter many prospectus users/players everyday and I'm getting interested. Long story short, I'll like you to help me out with an Eos account so I can look into the game.

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Sure, I can create you one. Check this post.

Congratulations on your new milestone I really admire people who are able to HODL when the going gets tough. They are a source of inspiration. I am in the process of getting back the Steem I have powered down to help me grow in this platform.

Anyway, have you tried to look into marlians, steemgigs, ulog and teardrops token. They are the project of @surpassinggoogle one of the recipients of Ned delegations way back. Although his projects have encountered delays due to limited resources he has toiled on and continue to develop these projects. You can get in touch with him if you like to know more about his projects and possible collab if you are interested.

Another project that you would want to check out is Plankton Token. The primary objective of the token is to help grow the accounts of newbies. I am relatively new to plankton and I have been enjoying some steem payouts for holding their tokens. Passive income with a cause, this perhaps best describe the project. If you want to learn more about it you can get in touch with @mermaidvampire as she is one founder of the initiative. I think they are also interested in doing collabs that would benefit both parties as well as the whole Steem community.

I will let you know if I find more interesting stuff on Steem. I am currently in the process of re-discovering it after leaving it for a while to explore other blockchains. Have a nice day to you and stay as awesome as you are!

Thank you for dropping by... first of all. It's not everyday that I have comments so long and so descriptive about other ventures, WITHOUT referrals. 😜

In any case, and with my usual time (which is not much, unfortunately) I have already seen all of the ones you mention. I have not yet taken any decision towards those, although I have searched them and set them on the "queue" of looking at. The plankton token is new to me... in that one you got my attention (hey, I can't have time for all... 🙃 ).

I would need to some investigation before going full dive (even if I never go that way)... but exploring and testing I am keen on ANYthing. This is one of the reasons I am trying to broadcast my celebration. I would never be here, if not due to exploring. So, the pressure of influencing others to explore, safely and providing their value to the community. Everyone has a role to play in this... I know by experience.

Unfortunately I don't know you (first time seeing you), so it will be a working in progress thing. I don't trust on first sight anymore. 😁 you should understand... if you are for real... Any way...

I will take your comment somehow serious, and do my diligence investigation. Then hopefully get back to you =)

Thanks once more!

Note: I wonder why you upvote yourself before the HF21? will you continue doing it? do you care the reason why rewards should be selective and not forced?

Hello there @forykw I am not sure why I followed you and had you in my news feed. Likewise I don't really know you but I am really happy for those who are able to succeed in this platform. No worries you should always do your own due diligence whenever someone recommends you something. I do the same I don't trust that easily. To be honey I don't really care about upvoting myself (or upvoting others even comments) as you can see) it is just minuscule compared to other steemian whales who upvotes themselves for obvious reasons. Perhaps because Abundance mindset really resonates with me compared to the scarcity mentality that is why I do this. Anyway it that offends you then too bad 😂 To each his own as they say, let us just agree to disagree. I am not a bigot and can easily tolerate opposing views so long as it is presented in a civil and respectful manner. I am always open to the opinions of others because I can always learn from them, besides the things I know now came from someone else's who is willing to share what they know. For example why is self-voting is such an before the HF21? That is something interesting that I can look into and perhaps learn a thing or two.

Something for me to comment after I go to sleep... as its 3:27AM here.. but thanks for replying. Search more... about how other make money about the 75%/25% reward distribution... and when the HF21 happens (50%/50%), how they feel about it.

Although it's nice to be followed... thanks for whoever you got to my post. Appreciate just the fact your eyes... got into it. May I indulge you to say what got you? =) learning phase here...

For one thing I would like to know what you have been to doing to achieve such a great feat. Perhaps I can learn a thing or two and try to emulate your achievement or be inspired by it 😊 and like you, I like trying new stuff and experimenting. Where else can I get great information than people who, like me, likes experimenting. I can see you are very inquisitive perhaps a manifestation for your love of learning and that resonates with me very well. I can perhaps sift through your blog-posts and find several things that I can delve into. I love investing on myself and knowledge is perhaps the most valuable investment one can give oneself which cannot be depleted nor taken from you. Best of all you it is the one resource that is not more valuable when it is scarce, it has more value if you share it with other people so that they can digest, internalize, understand, provide feedback or even innovate from it putting their own point of view. Then you synthesize the info, thought, knowledge to create new knowledge or use-case or meaning in to it. 😊

You have the future... or are within the future. One of them. I can't specify more due to privacy. And you are the only one to enable me to add more or not.

But thanks for the comment. I really value these "wise" and "carefully" (maybe) reflective responses. 😜

I am not a writer, and I wish I could be, but influencing is a profession I never been through, but that I would love to have. Sadly, I am a technical person... with low reach and "maybe" some value. Some of it, might be unexplored... who knows!

I would gladly invite you to deep dive on my posts, but I would think you would have better things to do. Not saying I don't have valuable information within. But because of the nature of my exploring, I might look "all over the place"... like usually everyone that knows me, feels about me.

I am not that kind though... I simply love learning, like you mentioned. And that, creates a false, yet valuable (some times) representation/shield around me. I can drive meaning very deeply, either philosophically or sentimentally.

Lastly, I have been myself... basically! I am an explorer... and I never felt I should be "a promoter" or a "seller".... maybe that's why I am not "noisy" enough?... don't care to be honest. I just want to be sure what I do, I love. The rest, will be extra.

So, to be honest, I don't think I am that successful. If I was, I would not be writing this to you... probably someone hired would. Regardless, I still like to answer personally as it was my last words. Everywhere...

Thanks! and Ask me anything...

Any queries or speedups for you look for and learn more, let me know. I am supposed to be an enabler on the real world... so here, would not be different, given that I understand about the matter too.

I like esteem ... I hope you use them also soon :) They have now points and you can use them to buy upwotes ;) And soon come more things up there . They also try get in steem engine, what ESTM.

Congrats to you! That is a great milestone! I don't play any of the games, so can't offer tips!

Does not need to related with the games.. can be absolutely anything. The games mentioned by me was a mere feedback of what I do, and if of/in case of interest to anyone else. 😉 Thanks for spreading the word.

Congratulations for reaching 14 000 Steem Power!
By the way, can you share some tips about NextColony?
I know and "play" Steem Monsters/Splinterlands, but I am very new to NextColony. How can you earn cryptocurrency with NextColony?

Hey! =) NextColony is less broad I would say, but they keep developing. I guess they team is more contained in terms of developing, not sure if because they don't have the same capital as others or if because it's just a smaller team. So far, I like it, and keep playing.

It's not a fast pace game, so if you are not patient... you might loose interest. And you need to spend a lot of time initially just on upgrades and growing the economy of the main planet. Kind of, the path you need to take to know the house around (aka tutorials).

You can't yet earn crypto with the game and I guess that's one of the reasons why not everyone is getting crazy about it, but on the other side shows them who really likes to play the game. With this I am not saying they will never allow to sell the token from within inside the game, but to be honest, the moment they allow it, the game might become less interesting (at least in this stage). They need to keep observing what users do and keep adapting the game. Just like DrugWars did initially.

And I am sure it will be the next OGame of the blockchain (Nice rime!😁).

Build economy hard and don't force you initially to start too much technology upgrades on the ships. Initially you get positioned very far away from players that have ships anyway, so the probability of an attack is very low or null. Then when you reach capacity often, start increasing your Depots and once you reach some production slowly start upgrading the shipyard and the ships skills. Then, the moment you can build an explorer, start exploring everything around you. If you are unlucky like me, you will have nothing around... but some have! Have fun!

If I can't earn crypto with it, then I am not really into it, but we will see.
Nowadays I also rarely play DrugWars, because the amount of the daily rewards are joke.

To play only because you get rewarded is never going to be best game... for the same reason many only play... to get money. Therefore, if that's the only reason, the game will obviously suck. There must be other values. Specially the NextColony I don't play because i wish to see rewards on it... I am just interested on see how the game "evolves", because I enjoy slow turn or near real time strategy games. And this one is basically free. =)

OK then. Here is a tip. eSteem @esteemapp has the best search engine on Steem. To find a user simply put in the @ before the username you are looking for. @melinda010100

And to search by tag use the #.

Thanks @melinda010100, I need to start using #'s more... I use it on other social/blockchains... because its so easy and kind of works very well... so I need to experiment them here more often, test them and report if this is not working.

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Post promotion disappeared after 24 hours... is it normal? I have issued it for 7 days...

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Congratulations brother.

Wow!!! Congratulations for your milestone!