Poloniex Refunds STEEM Back To Account With Response From Their Customer Support!

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I just received this message from a friend on whatsapp. He had attempted withdrawal about 8-9 months ago and the Steem was stuck in withdrawal and wasn't credited back to his account on Poloniex. There wasn't a single response to his support tickets until now.

Even as Polo's Steem wallets remain disabled at press time. The following message from their customer support team comes as a pleasant surprise.

Any Polo user would know that their support was largely non-existent but since Circle takeover of Poloniex they seem to be finally getting their shit together.

Needless to say at this time it's unknown if and when their Steem wallet will function again. However, it's good to know they refunded my friend's account and sent that message.

Poloniex once upon a time was the biggest exchange for trading Steem. Needless to say many still have large amounts of Steem stuck in their Polo accounts.

Polo has 14M+ Steem and over 470K+ SBD in their @poloniex account.

Hopefully they will get their act together soon and fix their Steem wallet enabling smooth trading once again.

Fingers and toes crossed for this one though!

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Am January 15, 2018, I made a currency withdrawal from exchange - 20000 DGB (Digibytes) . An entry in the Poloniex Financial Statement - Complete . However, digital assets do not reach the goal. The cryptocurrency is not transferred . TxID doesn't show on blockchain . In that way, my currency was taken over . Ticket #712795 is still not resolved . Poloniex support is not working (the problem not resolving ). The new owner "Circle" refers to a poloniex support that does not work . The core of poloniex business is deception of customers . POLONIEX – CRIME organization

That's really sad to hear. I hope it gets resolved. I have completely stopped using the services of this exchange since a very long time now.

8-9 months of waiting.

Where have I heard that before? Sounds like this has been quite a tough birth.


It's about time! I told him he should ask for interest on that amount.

haha yes! Absolutely! Now it's a matter of waiting another year for the wallets to function. :(

Well, that was unexpected :O tipuvote!

good information, goob job

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Sounds good,hope for the best.Thanks for sharing,have a good day.

Hi @firepower. I am a Poloniex user too and have not encountered withdrawals getting hold like this. Hope this was a resolved glitch and no user will be subjected to it again.

Finally patience has paid sir.

Why do I bother reading about Poloniex news anymore?

What is life without Polo? lol