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RE: India Steem Meetup #2—An Incredible Meetup In Bangalore—IT Capital of India!

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Very good work done @firepower. We should get the masses on board. Nice pictures you've got there


i followed also.... i m new plz follow me....

This meetup was a success. I Welcome all the new resourceful people that have joined the community. Invite all your friends and family to join also.

Nice Great Work Guys Keep Going


Agree with you @sircharles. Already Mentioned it, Again mentioning it, Delhi Steemit Community is waiting for a meetup in Delhi.Khabhi toh aao aap delhi mai. Please don't Block/Flag me for bothering you again & again. Sometimes I feel like I am hassling you. Sorry for that.

follow and vote

Wow!!!its amazing 😉 to see this group of steemians bonding together

The best thing about creating a great team is that ideas explode like the big bang and the strategies arrive alone.

Nice work there. I would love to visit India one day.