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I'm here.. But my question is, do you want me back here on this platform?

I know, I went from a couple months back being completely active of this platform, to literally a day later, being non-existent. The truth is, I changed as a person. I fell to the ground, and allowed life to work me like a puppet.

I miss all this though. I want to reinvent myself on this platform. What are your guys' thoughts?

I'm thinking of doing a Vlog/Blog combo. Steemit and D-Tube. What do you guys think?

Let me know what you guys would like to see from me. It's still the passionate Zane from before, but now I'm feeling refreshed. Like a new beginning.

Let me know your thoughts.


I believe that what we do, demonstrates who we are. If you feel that you are ready to come back, do it and the community will slowly but surely support you. But do it for yourself and no for others.

Thanks for that message. You’re totally right. I cannot do it for others, because that’s like a black hole.. Satisfaction will never become real!


I came to your blog a few times before new year and figured out you had become quite inactive and honestly I was quite disappointed then because I enjoyed your work and optimism. So seeing this post from you had made me really happy and hell yeah I want you back here. I think the blog-vlog idea is quite cool and I'm thinking of doing smehting similar to u. Glad to have u back :)

Ahhh you checked up on me? I'll take that as a compliment haha.

Thanks for that. Check this post to see exactly what the plan is. Made this a few hours ago!

Hello @enazwahsdarb,

I think the thing is that you should just be yourself in life. If you like steemit, cool!!, If don't like it, no need to pressure yourself about it.

You have been missing again.

Regards @yaanivapeji

Awesomely said bro! Thanks for that 👍🏻


Welcome back......well, hopefully. The community embraces you.

Having said that, I don't think you need our permission or our blessing.

Like Yoda of Starwars, do or not do.

As to your changing as a person, falling, allowing life to work you like a puppet. That's education man! Sometimes the "tuition" is more expensive via the experience than any dollars you could throw at it.

Reinvent yourself? Just be you. This is Zane 2.0, love or hate me, this is who I am. Like in the movie Batman Begins, "It's what you do that defines you!"

Vlog/Blog combo sounds fantastic. Continue to improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

What would I like to see from you. Truth! Maybe someone here is or is about to experience what you have. You might save them some time, effort, hurt feelings, lack of self-confidence, whatever. You can be a motivator to those who are now or currently about to be where you were. Remember all boats rise with the tide.

I look forward to your Vlog/Blog.

Best of success to you, both personally and professionally.

Dude, what a beast message. Thank you for that!

That was exactly what I needed to read. You’re right! People-pleasing can never end well anyways.. There will always be those who disagree!

I’ll just embrace my strengths like I did before. Thanks for that bro! 💪🏻

Great message!

A new beginning is a chance to build a bigger and better than before! Welcome back :D

True that! Thanks for the nice message 😉

Just do what you are comfortable with and what makes you happy.

And that’s the lesson of the day! Thank you 🙏🏻

Hey man I took a break from steemit for about 3 months. Sometimes life throws curve balls and you have to recenter yourself. Welcome back!!!

Sweet man, so you too took a break? Good to have you back. To new beginnings 🍻

Definitely back my friend :)
First, I think that you have now essential stuff to share. I truly believe that you can be a help for others not to make the same experience you did. Maybe.

Second, you are an interesting person, and your content is great.

A Steemit and Dtube Combo would be great. I made also some in the past and can say that's​ great.

And my tip​ my friend is the coming decentralized version of Instagram called Appics. I think this one will be huge.

Thanks for your awesome response bro 😉

Will be awesome to see Appics then! I’ll be using Instagram and Appics then haha!

Apparently Dtube takes 25% of your earnings? Is this true?

Great to hear that.

Yes, my friend that is true :/

Hey Zane!
Sometimes it's needed to fall to be able to get up again, I know from experience.
And I know you were struggling with yourself and I was worried something might have happened when you disappeared 😔
You always wanted to do good and you were doing great yourself 😉 so you are back at the best place and I'm sure that all your followers will se it and come back to you.
So yes you should come back my friend 😊

Thanks for your awesome message my friend! What a boss.

Appreciate it.

Anytime 😊 you deserve the best and I hope you feel the love from us all and feel that you've been missed. Cheers!

I sure do, Sara. Especially from you haha! Thanks

@enazwahsdarb When I first sign up back in August (2017) you were one of the first people I started following. You have also motivated me at times. I think you are definitely a positive influence to this community!
Welcome back :D

Loving your kind words right there! Thank you. Well hopefully I will create many more moments just like those!

Stay awesome!



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Hello my friend how are you ?? .. i dont know what happened to you before... but whatever it is .. Keep Steeming. . We want you back here on STEEMIT. . and I hope u are fine

Hey friend ✌🏻 Good to hear from you.

Thank you for the message. I will make an effort to get back into things

My friend, I had looked out for you without success. Were you sick? What happened? Cuz I know you're not doing badly here as at the time you left. Now, it seems many of your supporters had very left you. This is bad for your growth. You shine consistent.
. @eurogee

Hey bro. Yeah, a lot happened. Soooooo much. As of the time I left, and incident had occurred, and I had fallen immensely demotivated..

I was depressed for a long time because of it. But to new beginnings!

You were succeeding then with impressive payouts. I remember you hinted the issue in one of your post then and I told you not to allow yourself fall victim to depression. The past is gone now. And the present is here...face it. You will surely produce even more impressive result.

I personally miss you thumbnail photo animations, which was one the reasons you pulled crowd.

Welcome back, sir!

I appreciate your awesome message my man! Thanks for that.

I personally miss you thumbnail photo animations

What exactly do you mean by that? Do you mean the thumbnails for my actual blog posts? Or are you talking about the comment thumbnails? Eg.

Hahahahahsh your numerous blog photo thumbnails with your head big and cap over it, well fitted on small body mass. Hahahaha, that's dope, you know

Ohhhh I see haha. So you weren't referring to the thing I just made for you above? Haha

Yes. You're a master blogger and strategist at that. Even though you powered down, it won't take much time to build again. I need you here, sir. Not only me, lots of folks.


You're so kind in your words. Thanks man! Yeah, that's apart of my plan now to organically earn back all my SP plus more!

Welcome back!

Do your thing, experiment, and worry not what others think. Nobody should be limited to the ways of the past. :c)

Love it :) Thanks for the awesome message. Exactly, that's why the past is the past, because it's over and done with! Let's go!

where did u go dude

Lot's of places dude.. Sorry about the spontaneity, but sometimes we can't explain things that happen in life :)

I'm here now though yo! Let's go :)

You better be back for good this time... grab that camera and start getting that videos out. I need some people that i can come and disagree with everything they say lol... ypu m ow i always like to come and talk somw shit in your posts eheheh :) i am glad to see you back and i really hope you are here for good now and you wont leave us.

Hahaha I'm going to start calling you Salty-Sergio :D

What you think of that nickname lol? Nah haha just kidding, but at least it makes you unique by being that way bro haha.

Everyone calls me sassy already. That's why I have adopted as my brand... so from that to salty it is not a big jump... I'll take it eheheh

The only thing that dissapointed me was you powering down all the steem you fairly earned :( you were on a good pace to get to higher grounds man, don't know what happened to you but actually been there. I wish you good fortune on the wars to come brother! You have the attitude to get through this and hopefully succeed!

The only thing that dissapointed me was you powering down all the steem you fairly earned

Oh please bro.. don't get me started! One of my biggest regrets of the last 3 months haha.

But yeah, I'm feeling optimistic, and absolutely anything is possible! So I'm going to make all that SP back, plus wayyyyyyyy more! :D

Let's go haha

I didn't know about your content from before, but who would ever be against having you back? The good thing about this platform is that everybody is welcome! :)

You must’ve joined in the last 3-4 months then 😁 Yeah I was active before then haha.

You’re right! And this is a free world haha

I registered long ago, but I became active in this Decemeber. It's a free blockchain world indeed ;)

Haha I see what you did there lol

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