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Failing to plan is planning to fail.
~Allen Lakein~

How true. To be honest, I am actually a person who doesn't usually plan too much.. But in this situation, I find it really gave me some clarity!

So I decided to clear out my Instagram page today. I had about 55 posts there, with well over 1000-2000 likes on each post.. But I just wasn't feeling the right vibe. So I have decided to restart that matter.

So this is my plan going forward!

So I thought I'd be creative and give each visual platform a unique purpose!

So D-Tube and YouTube I'm thinking of making a daily Vlog! Something new and exciting to experiment with, considering I have never done it! Instagram for unique pictures and cinematic shorter videos.. And then Steemit blogs for motivational content! In other words, keeping my blog's theme as it used to be.

Why have I chosen to go this route? Because it's what I am truly passionate about! And we cannot do things consistently if we are only doing them to please others! I feel like I have already spoken too much.. LOL! But hey, here's to newer beginnings, and better starts!

Let me know if you have any suggestions of your own!

More than how much my posts can make, I care far more about getting my content in front of newer faces. So if you would like to show your appreciation, you can share this with others!

I want this blog to be a happy, motivated place where you guys are free to engage and say whatever is on your mind. A place where if you have something on your mind, no matter how dramatic it may be, you can feel free to speak. Resteems are appreciated!

I reward good resteems and comments! I would love to know what's on your mind. Be bold and talk to me in my comments section! I would to know your opinion and what it is you'd like to achieve. I am trying my best to make 2 high quality blog posts per day. So stay tuned!


It looks like you have a nice strategy, looking forward to see you videos and "epic shot" in insta. I realized that we need to make a plan when I started some steemit projects, they just go way better.

Is great to have you back <3 My best wishes!

Jessy! Hey friend. How are you?

Damn.. I forgot I labelled my Insta as 'epic'. Now I'm going to have to live up to that hahaha!

Thanks a bunch friend!

Great post, yes I need to plan ahead more, think out of the box. thanks for your motivational post!

Awesome stuff! Thanks for the kind words. Let's think out the box!!

Hey welcome back! It's good to know that you choose Steemit than Insta. It has been a year I don't visit my instagram. What can I get there? It only teaches me to crave for more and its one of its negative effect without earning even cents.

Haha thanks for that. Yeah, I have a neutral perspective when it comes to social media platform..

Steemit can make u money of course, but so can Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube :)

If you build a big following on either platform, you have an audience for which you can promote yourself to. Selling merchandise, etc. All platforms are great. I just think for the average person, who doesn't have 50k+ followers on a platform, Steemit is a great place to go. Here you can start earning immediately :)

You have got awesome strategies to hit the ground running. I don't know why I couldn't make uploads on dtube, honestly. Success, I wish you today.


Thanks a bunch brother! I appreciate that.

What do you mean that you couldn't make uploads to D-Tube? Like were there errors? Or Did you just not post anything there?

There wasn't errors. It kept loading forever...

Hectic. I heard they also deduct 25% for fees of your earnings?

Dunno sir.

So important to be passionate about what you're doing. I like the idea of restarting f you're not happy with how its going so far. Action is the most important thing though. When you are doing something you truly love, the work will show it. All the best my man

Thanks for the cool message man! That's awesome. And true hey! Work and passion do go a long way :)

9best for all newbies and newcomers who want steem info and working plans. in my views plan is some to get a new plan for working with plan. @enazwahsdarb thanks mate

Awesome! Thanks for that!

Glad you're back, welcome!

Great to have you back with all your enthusiasm @enazwahsdarb got a pretty good plan going there.

Thanks a bunch Joan! Appreciate your support

Good, you should kick start this already..sounds like it would be fun, im following you now and ild be looking forward to seeing your posts, theres nothing as edifying as doing what you like

Eyy thanks a bunch! I appreciate that you took an interest.

That's a nice plan and I hope you keep up with it. It's not going to be easy but we must always set goals and strive to achieve them. Nice to have you back.

Thanks a lot for that! Damn straight! We need to set them goals :D

Nice to be back, thanks!

It's so funny.. I actually wrote that list in that journal about 2 hours before I made the post, for my personal preference. Then I decided afterwards to take a picture of that list haha. So I wasn't planning to have other people read what I had written lol.

B-Roll is secondary footage (supplementary footage) in a video. It's to distract the viewer from the main camera angle. So like slow-motion scenes.. Time-lapse.. Cool music scenes.. Etc :)

Ahhh yes I see. I am nosy sorry lol. Thanks for educating me... :)

It's not a crime to be curious haha! In-fact, it's a great trait! If you didn't ask, you would never have learnt what B-Roll was today :D

That’s exactly how I think of it :)

Hahaha exactly bro!

Always good to have a plan. Good one you got there and I wish you all the best of luck 😉
Zane king.... Lol
It's really been a while. Welcome back!

It's really been a while. Welcome back!

It really has hey hahaha. Thanks!

Thanks for your kind words by the way, Sara!

Always my friend 🤗 missed you!

Welcome back mate, I always enjoyed your content so I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with now you’re refreshed.

We all go through our own shit behind the scenes of our online persona so I hope you’re all good. Have a great day!

Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate your kindness bro.

You are very right. We all have our falls.. Hope you are doing great.

A plan is better than no plan :) Steem on!

Hahaha exactly, right :D That's exactly what I told myself when I first thought that writing down a planwas a waste of time..

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Lets Go Champ!!!!!

Let's GOOOO :)

Yey looking forward to your plans :) its really nice to see you back

Thanks so much my friend 🙂 You’re awesome!

With this, you will give us a good example that you can start over and have the same success or more.

Sounds like a good plan... but if you dont already have a following on youtube... i would cut the 3rd line and invest that time on something else eheheheh

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