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DLUX as it exists in code and services was born a year ago. In that year we've hit some major milestones! Let's touch them briefly:

  • First VR secured by STEEM. -
  • First Sandboxed VR dApp environment / Single Sign On -
  • First webBased IDE for making VR dApps cheerful suggestion
  • First first rudimentary VR game on STEEM
  • First blockchain VR Art Gallery co-presented.
  • First blockchain AR platform
  • First "inception" dApp allowing instant free static infrastructure and p2p networking to any party on STEEM
  • Currently testing the first distributed authority consensus compute platform
    • Using this platform to execute complex transactions such as decentralized auctions, oracle services with consensus, decentralized exchange using networked liquidity to facilitate open ended buy and sell orders.
  • We also believe we executed the most advanced ICO to date; IPFS stored calculator that you participate in in VR. With a dApp frontend that you can also run from your own computer. We've never had a private database.
  • The token software automatically takes care of the following:
    • Mints new tokens at a set inflation rate of 5%
    • Distributes tokens to nodes running API and escrow/transaction services
    • Places tokens in a marketing account to distribute to people that resteem posts. Extendable
    • Has a powered up like state that can be used for content voting
    • 10 day content reward period
    • 1/3 Voter 2/3 Author reward rate. No curation curve presently.
    • Automatically runs the remainder of the dlux ICO and distributes tokens by rule to donators to @robotolux
    • Automatically tracks delegations to @dlux-io and rewards them daily
    • with much more being tested and in planning github repo

This architecture is scalable at n for individual connections to nodes, contracts run, transactions processed. Relying on steems bandwidth system as it only processes blocks to change state. The POW is simply a hash of the state at a certain point. All correctly running software will arrive at consensus of API information, which can be verified by publicly posting the last hash each node arrived at before its consensus is determined. Even if all nodes go down rouge nodes won't be able to pick up the chain since only certain nodes are in the trusted runners group. By having nodes elect themselves to process and signs STEEM transactions, using steem as an authenticated network for state communications, we can deterministicly appoint nodes as agents to run complex contracts. Such as collateralized loans, decentralized auctions, dead-mans switches/wills, IPFS content verification, cross chain communication, intra-token structures and NFTs... and much more.

Our token software will be able to skim custom json of steem posts for IPFS content to pin by placing hashes in a contract and every number of blocks verify the content is pinned by the appropriate peer. If so release a set number of tokens as payment. Ensuring that pins stay for the required length of time. All of this invisible to the end user.

In the interim the only thing that should need to be paid for is the front-end... and only while alternatives are built and executed.

DLUX presents the decentralized internet. Content that is owned by users, relying on an open voluntary infrastructure to pay for hidden costs. All with out the ad model or censorship.

It presents concrete ways to allocate and move capital not just peer to peer, but peer thru peer, disrupting all middle-man services.


STEEM transfers to @robotolux enter the participant in the open auction for tokens. You read about it here.

Delegations to @dlux-io also present a risk free way to get tokens.

You will also earn tokens by making @dlux-io a 10% benefactor to any steem post, and any dlux votes that content earns will earn the author tokens... once live.

Once you have any tokens you will be able resteem @dlux-io posts for an award as well.

You can also run a node and use your liquid dlux to facilitate trade and earn rewards.

Testing for a purpose

We'd very much like to start testing our DEX and contract services. We are available on discord.

Near Term Goals

  • Utilize the dlux infrastructure to host a dApp that communicates with the token system to present a GUI.
  • Utilize the dlux infrastructure to build a dApp to control content access to subscribers
  • Test DEX for all transactions types. Guard against abuses?
  • Finalize a smart contract environment.
  • Run a DLUX steem node to provide additional API

Long Term Goals

  • Build a DEX transactions to make an Ethereum and EOS bridge.

The node model also lends itself well to plug ins. Allowing node runners to present their own curated feeds and datasets based on streamed steem data.

How To Run Your Own Node

Github contains a brief wiki and all the code. This project can be forked and run from heroku with free dyno hours.


env vars:

  • posting posting key
  • active active key Can perform escrow transactions for rewards
  • ACCOUNT steem account ie dlux-io
  • DOMAIN Public / ie
  • BIDRATE If elected a runner, used to determine node payouts
  • STARTING Hash from a recent block. Find one at



  • /@username -> DLUX balance and Powered Balance
  • /stats -> Current Info
  • /state -> State dump, for testing
  • /runners -> Who is trusted to process blocks
  • /markets -> DEX Info, in progress(80%)
  • /dex -> DEX Info, in progress(80%)

Write: CURRENTLY dlux_test_ prefix!!!

Custom JSON:

  • send | to (account to not checked) & amount (integer, no float)
  • power_up | amount (dlux to power up for voting)
  • power_down | amount to schedule for power down 1
  • vote_content | author permlink weight(1-10000)
  • node_add | domain( bidRate(1-1000) marketingRate(1-2000}
  • node_delete
  • set_delegation_reward | @dlux-io to set delegation reward rate (0-2000)
  • expire_post | @dlux-io to expire resteem rewards for specified post permlink
  • set_resteem_reward | @dlux-io to set resteem reward rate (0-10000)


  • Setting bennifactor rewards to @dlux-io >= 10% to make post votable 1
  • Transfers to @robotolux automatically distributes ICO auction
  • Delegations to @dlux-io paid daily and tracked automaticly
  • Votes tallied and paid after ~10 days


Documentation and testing in progress(80%)

NFT / Smart Contracts

Documentation and integration in progress(50%)


We welcome any and all feed back and feature requests and additions. Our goal is to make this a community owned project.

Big Thanks



I'm not really sure what all this is, but it seems interesting. I might have to delegate.

Happy '19

Just building a computer with steem. It will automate the infrastructure of a decentralized network. Much like ethereum, but distributed utilizing the decentralized steem layer. Meaning it's already "sharded". Also, it solves the need for a 3rd party to provide escrow services and exchanges... decentralized cross-asset finance is here.

Thanks for your contribution to steem ecosystem.
I'm hoping for more people like you.

What is the incentive for delegation exactly? How many tokens will the delegator receive? And how will delegators track their token “balances”?

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Delegation will receive DLUX from the reward pool. Balances will be able to be tracked at /@username. By then an RSS or similar feed type mechanism will be available to see the daily breakdowns. Currently a weighted share of 10% of the total inflation.

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@steemhunt could use this token system instead of ERC-20s

That is interesting. Have you spoken with @project7 of @steemhunt about this?

I read through your post but couldn't fully understand the technicalities.

I would be interested to know more.

Have you seen reference to the State of Steem Forums that I host weekly?

Would you like to speak at the next one on 10 January to tell people about the DLux project and what it offers? The forum is 8pm - 11pm UTC.

Running alongside the SoS Forums is the State of Steem Discord server where issues, ideas and projects are being discussed and planned between the forums.

Sure! Sounds great!

I'll post a more thorough technical breakdown from my personal account. I haven't spoken to many people recently; been in holiday mode. Looking forward to getting the new year started though! I haven't seen the forums, but am very interested in getting more involved.

What is your personal account name? And are you on Discord? I am Pennsif#9921 there.

Steem or Steam?! Cool to hear a VR system being applied to the blockchain. I could see VR Steemit lenses and busy ones in the future/ They should come together with firstblood that would be even more inovative. Hmm.. only time will tell. Sounds like a rad project for the entire progression overall. Steem on

STEEM! We built a dApp sandbox/single-sign-on and proprietary token ecosystem. It can do any and all browser based web apps. To include AR and VR.

We have a wiki

Thank you. This seems very interesting, since @impactn plans to establish its own social impact token in 2019. As a non-dev I'm trying to figure out, how the token-generating and -distributing code in DLUX relies to the code of the ENGINE project of @shredz7. Are you using the same building blocks?

I'm not familiar with engine. I started with @shredz7 steem-state and have been talking to him. So at least some of the building blocks are similar.

Great project, great people!

Wow, it's interesting too, but I still don't understand how to get tokens, I hope I can quickly learn them

happy new year!

Happy new year :)

happy new year everyone!

happy new year err'one!

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happy new year fellas!

Happy new year people!

Happy New Year!

Happy new year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Hai @dlux-io im sorry, i don't comment on your writing, it's just that i want to say "Happy new year" hopefully in 2019 get the best for us. 😊

Success for you, me and everyone in 2019


Long Term Goal: "Build a DEX transactions to make an Ethereum and EOS bridge."
Very impressive @dlux you are really building a great infrastructure for Steem and somehow I have the impression you are flying way down the radar of Steem Users.
Are you intentionally keep yourself a little bit hidden or is this now the approach to reach out to more Steem Users? Another question I have do you guys work together with project?
I really like your idea and vision for Steem and therefore delegated 150SP to your account. I'm looking forward to new exciting updates from you guys...great work!!!

It's not our intention to stay hidden... just hard to start a fire rubbing two pennies together. We'd love to work with more people and are always available on discord.

Ive no idea what im reading, but it sounds exciting. Keep up the good work of making tomorrows STEEM awesome

this is great. thumbs up to the team.

VR is not that popular yet, but within a few years it has the potential of taking over other visual media (like TV) and offers great interactive opportunities.

I will be watching what happens here.
There are so many markets that D-Lux can grow in to and as it grows

I look forward to discussing the possibilities.
Please let e know if I can help

Happy new year people!

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