The Steemjet World Cup - Day 5 - The Imperfect Imp and the Steemjet Bet

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What if all Space Force delegations disappear?

What if the keys to the @dimimp account fell into the wrong hands?

These are the kind of questions that worry the Space Force.

Requiring that all Space Force members pray to god limits our talent pool. We will include everyone.

Today, everybody wants blockchain provable assurance before they hand over their precious effort:

@mrprecious (SF5) and @etemi (SF5)

In the futuristic world of blockchain, pivate keys can be burnt and lost forever on purpose.


The Space Force would rather burn the @dimimp account keys than have me expose my true identity. This would secure their delegations for eternity.


Remember your greatest play, or your very best physical sporting moment where you had so much control over destiny that it felt like deja-vu? You can live permanently in mesmerizing deja-vu. Continuously seeking and experiencing the glue that binds our minds together. If you choose to fear, then you will be muted from my book of life. Just because I am the best, does not guarantee my victory. I will lose without my team. I need you because I am Imperfect, emotional, human, and therefore dim,

but with a desire to be the best dim human on the planet through permanent 4th dimension realization. Ronaldo and I are not afraid to die before our time. All we have is time in this life. Outside of this is timelessness. The bet:

If Ronaldo wins the cup, then all worry will stop.

But if Ronaldo loses, then I will post my real identity after the final game.

Is that a number 1 or a number 2 that he is holding up?

Wouldn't you love to know.

Steemjet - because some people are just begging for your time, don't worry, help them for me, no matter if I live or die. That's the dimimp I want to be.

@slippery-mouth (SF7)

So relax my friends, because after Ronaldo wins, you all will be smiling and saying (worry free)
"ohhhhh genius, absolute genius, was there ever any doubt"

Time is money,

and worrying takes time.

Don't sabotage your life and then wonder where all your time went!

That fresh new feeling we experience each and every time that we admit our mistakes and prior bad intentions to ourselves is just like being born again!

Because we are forgiven!


Again and again!


@shuta (SF3)


I worry not,
Because @dimimp is our Hero....

So relax my friends, because after Ronaldo wins, you all will be smiling and saying (worry free)

☺surely.........boss @dimimp
Matthew 6:25-34
“Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing? Look at the birds of the air: they neither sow nor reap nor gather into barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not of more value than they? And which of you by being anxious can add a single hour to his span of life? And why are you anxious about clothing? Consider the lilies of the field, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.....

I'm sure you're going to win this bet boss

You've always been a winner even when others can't see it.

Those types of posts telling me about what kind of toothpaste you used today are for Facebook, I only have time for STEEM social media posts!

(unless, of course, you are using STEEMJET brand toothpaste)

Steemjet Toothpaste - for teeth as bright as the speed of light

(unless, of course, you are using STEEMJET brand toothpaste)

Steemjet Toothpaste - for teeth as bright as the speed of light

Yes it is boss @dimimp
Have this.

For you boss.

Good day to you sir @dimimp, I really appreciate your effort to be a democratic leader, in which you always seek for the opinion of your workers, this is really great.

As you said that you need a force that will work for you for a long time, I wish and I will like to work for this great community for a very long time sir. I love this community and have been doing my very best for this community. I will also like to seek for your favour by getting promotion from you sir, so as to encourage the new members by upvoting them, so as to see smiles on their faces (steemjet is for the broke) .

I will like to use this opportunity to also remind you of Your promise That you will commission more pictures for me to make as a bling. But it over two month you promised me that and have not hear from you sir. I will be happy to get your response on this sir @dimimp .

steemjetlogo gif2(2).gif

Even with my bling logo, it looks good on a customised shirt of steemjet space force member.

This is your girl queen of blings

Good day boss @dimimp.
Prior to your comment on the ID cards made, in which you said you don't like the logo, on that note you open another contest for modification of the logo, and now am back with the new modification of the logo after working on it for weeks so as to make it perfect. I also put the logo on the ID cards to see how perfect it will be on the card, and now it looking perfect on it, I will be happy if you can check it out sir.

Here is the logo

ninoh new logo for steemjet.jpg

Here is the logo on the left side of the ID card and I also have it at the background For the CEO




it has been 1 vs 11 so far in the first two matches.. With 4 goals now he is already a winner... i guess

Hello boss, you're truly a versatile fellow. Your love for Ronaldo cannot be overemphasized too. #winks. .I remember when I boarded STEEMJET, I couldn't easily comprehend your sayings but now it's something I look forward to seeing .There is some kind of symphony now.

You might want to check out my latest onboarded STEEMJET passenger. He is a Tech Guru, trust me on that. If we get him into the tech department, he will sure blow your mind. No kidding

I am sure if he bets that Jesus will come down 2mao, you will still say

I'm sure you're going to win this bet boss
You've always been a winner even when others can't see it.

you're sure?

I never mentioned that bro,
Thank you.

Hello @dimimp, do not fret for death is far from you. We are so many that are praying for you. You will get better and stronger with much vitality. I particularly like the fact that you quoted a bible passage. This shows that you are a believer.

@dimimp, in the spirit global steem adoption, i want to introduce to you @naijapidgin. During steemit meetups when we talk to people about steemit, we discovered some people in nigeria have this fear of joining.

what is the fear?

It is simple, fear of writing in English, a language they are not too familiar with and again the fear of plagiarism. We looked into how we can possibly profer solution to these problem and we came up with the @naijapidgin initiative. You see @naijapidgin is a platform that gives nigerians the opportunity to express themselves in a language they love and are comfortable in. Nigeria being a multilingual country has adopted the pidgin language as the generally accepted means of communication.

Now these people enjoy steem because they have a platform that has solved the problem of communication.

who says steemit is only for the educated ones?

On @naijapidgin, we inform people of the latest happening in the country in the language they understand. Call us the nigeria steemit newspaper. We also encourage these minnows by upvoting their posts and encouraging them to do more work and believe in themselves.

what is our need?

Support is all we need. If we can do so much with the insignificant delegation we have, imagine how much more we would do with steemjet solidly behind us.

You are the man @dimimp to help us bring this dream to its zenith. @uche-nna your temporary CEO is well aware of all the amazing shows we hold weekly on our discord server, entertaining and educating nigerians and whoever is interested in learning the pidgin language. You just might be interested too @dimimp.

Here is a link to one of our weekly curation reports. I believe after seeing this, you will key into this cause for it is a good cause. Thank you so much .

Hmm without any much doubt. Wait sorry I Don forget myself. Now for pidgin; I Don gbadun una tey tey make una continue ya hard work outer space is our limit.

Also to boss @dimimp the Lord is also your strength.

Naijapidgin you've got this

wow i no know say naijapidgin can speak good inglish sef oooo.
lemme come and be going, smiles.

You guys are doing great though.

I am a beneficiary of @naijapidgin good work herr on steemit. I also found this community of love and friendship that exist in @naijapidgin discord server and #whataspp group..... They are with no doubt, worthy of this Sp.


I never knew your love for Ronaldo was this big. But In that pics he holding up a number one(the best). I wish you good health.. I too want to be a team player on the field with you. @dimimp will you Please substitute me in? You are gonna live for many years though just as luke 12 : 22 says.. And The better benefit of the scripture is peace of mind!
@dimimp I hope I'm not muted from your book. Of life. Lol

BTW I heard few words slip from my old granny mouths about my abortion.

Since I love poetry, I have decided to do steemjetpoetry and wrote a poem in respect to abortion. Thank God I was not aborted.

Looking forward to the tie of this bets. Head: Ronaldo wins world cup. Tail: Ronaldo doesn't and you show us your identity.

Every winner on earth will love Christiano Ronaldo, I'm not really surprised that @dimimp loves Ronaldo aslo cos he is also a winner.

If you want to ride on my wings, then you must be a team player like me.

You have been a source of inspiration since I get to know you on steemit. you words are so powerful and encouraging so far... You have been such a big blessings to so many people on the steem block chain. More also in the picture Ronaldo was holding number 1 cos he's always ahead so it can't be number 2.

For the bet!!!! I hope he wins the world cup cos he will be all time record breaker in the history of football in this generation, But if he doesn't I tipped him to be the most valuable player and highest goal scorer of the tournament.
We love you @dimimp

Helo @dimimp, this is me saying a very big thank you for accepting me into the steemjet space force. I really do appreciate this. Still waiting for the delegation that initiates me into full action.

However, i have just one appeal to make. This isnt a proposal as i wont be eligible for that now since i am still new around here. All i humbly ask for is that you provide me with 300steems so i can add to the little cash i have to get a laptop as i have been using my Nokia5 android phone to do my designs and its been putting a limit to my full potential. I humbly plead that you look into this and help a young broke students dream come alive. Graphics design is my dream. I live off the money i make from graphics design ans also use it to take care of my sick mother. If my request is being granted, i will dedicate my all to steemjet knowing that it saved me when i was almost giving up.







Yours faithfully

righteous effort ragnar01

and with your very first post, you not only took the lead in the Steemjet World Cup, you just landed a job, on the space force!

(I never read your post)

Thank you very much for this @dimimp, i am very pleased to know that you liked this. It will be nice working for you and watch out, i might be your next big thing in graphics design. #smiles


If you want to ride on my wings, then you must be a team player like me. I just happen to be the leader, and I expect nothing but my very best performance continuously every hour, minute, and second of every day.

Hi @dimimp I want to bring this to your notice that the @steemjet and @steemjetcontest accounts are compromised with more than 5 steemjet members using it for their sole purpose.

And I have noticed that all the contest @lordjames, @empato365, and @mbj keep bringing up thier close friends keeps winning, 80% of all contest judged by @lordjames, special delegates keeps winning which is not fair, which means if you are not a delegate on steemjet you are nothing.

I want you to look at this closely @dimimp, and the funds you are giving out are not properly monitored.

I wrote my proposal to steemjet, it was not approved because I did not support their cheating behavior.

@dimimp I am a team player ...I am fighting for the less privilege who are not recognized by you and whom are broke like me and their voice is not heard and are blessed with massive talents like that of Ronaldo.

I know you can't please everyone,that kind of stress will kill you.
I hold the employee handbook, and I know some judgement are not passed right, I want you to give me a chance to help make things right, I can't rival your love for them also, but I just want you to know I am a loyal soldier who is ready to fight.
Thank you for the wisdom @dimimp.

@sheriffakin, I do not have any personal issue with you and I'm not sure anybody else have any personal issue with you. Steemjet have over 130 delegates from around the world and if you say they hates you then you have to reexamine your action towards the community.

The only problem people have with you is that since you join Steemjet you have always find a way to discredit other people's effort and try to scatter the Steemjet community. Others can attests to this.

Now, I'll answer your complain one by one. I'm giving you a full lengthy reply because I'll never revisit this discussion with you ever.

You accused that in my contest judgment, 80% of my friends always win. I'll ask you to submit your prove. First know that for the art contest I judged them myself, @mbj only help in compiling the entries so I can update the missing ones before judging them. Most of the people who won the contests have never chatted or call me before so how can I be friends with people who I have never talked with before.

Dimimp asked me to judge the contest based on my taste and we all have difference taste. If he was not comfortable with my taste of arts he would have simply asked that I stop judging the arts and send the remaining funds back to him. I didn't ask to be tasked with that role but as long as I am asked to judge contest I'll judge them with my own discretion.

The only reason you are trying to defame me is because you submitted a stolen art for gold contest. The art was copied from somebody's work without any modification or alteration. When you contacted me on whatsapp and begged that I reward you. I told you clearly that I cannot rewarded stolen art as I encourage creativity. Tell me the truth, if you were me, would you reward someone for a copied art without any modification?

About your proposal? You wrote a proposal that you want to talk to corps members about Steem. That's fine and in line with our vision. But you told me you wanted fund to rent a projector, a public address system, refreshments and you asked Dimimp to send you 1200 Steem for that.

I also organize seminars for Steemit. This Friday I am hosting a seminar for corps members too. I paid for the hotel hall to use, rent the projector, public address system and refreshments for those attending. I'll also give transport fare to the two speakers coming and I did all this at 150steem I didn't even ask Dimimp for it. So when I saw your request for 1200 Steem for the same thing I'm doing with 150steem and in the same country where cost of things are the same, I told you I cannot approved of such scammy proposal. If Dimimp decides to fund you for the proposal, I won't stop him because that's his choice but I will not approve such request.

Instead of going around trying to scatter the Steemjet community and looking for sympathetic way to collect money, have you ever ask yourself this question:

what can I honestly do for Steemjet?

Steemjet isn't the only community I lead. I direct things at WAfrica and I am an adviser to three other communities on Steemit. I didn't lead those communities to success by focusing on those who are bent on scattering the group, those communities succeeded because I focus on those who are ready to contribute positively towards the growth of the community not just their personal gains. And I am going to do same to Steemjet until the day I'm told thank you for your service and my role passed on to someone else but until then allow me to do my job.

This will be my last time replying to you. Henceforth, I'll focus on people bringing value to Steemjet. I'll upvotes your comment at full power for visibility.

Thank you sheriff.

I'm still begging @lordjames, I am a proud beggar,
Hence forth my name is Julius beggar.

I am tested and approved beggar.

Am looking up to you bro, you are the real art.
I love you @lordjames.
I love you with all my heart thank you for everything.

"none but ourselves can free our minds" "you can't purse the sunset" "you can't hold the rainfall" "you can't seduce survive"

It nay not be easy i know, but no matter what we face! STEEMJET WILL CONTINUE FLYING ON THE WINGS OF SUPERSTARS,

I don't know if anyone had offended you, if I did, I am sorry!! but i don't know where and how?

I just want you to know one thing, Steemjet is a global community,@dimimp do not even know anyone here neither do we know his real identity... there is no favoritism!!!! everyone is a superstars!! but you have to prove your superstardom!!

Remember @uche-nna do not know anyone here and he got a position of our Temp-CEO not because he is @dimimp's first son but a superstar that proved his superstardom and steemjet is helping him to realize his dream.. steemjet wouldn't have treated you differently.

Art is beyond design, it is beyond what you are seeing, most times it is all about the message it conveys!!

About the fund monitoring you mentioned, when i went to the orphanage(Steemjet Charity movement) I found out that there are millions of broke kids who actually really needs this funds more than we do just that they don't have the opportunity to be here, and for my love for kids "I WILL CONTINUE VISITING AND GIVING IT TO THEN" because they need it more than i do.



Yours sincerely!!

I promise to keep tabs on you.

That's the spirit...thank you very much.

Beautiful....keep doing that.

Do you really have prove for all these allegations because i know that the five People you mentioned here are working so hard to make sure that everybody gains from the generous mind of @dimimp.
You are just being envious of other peoples success but you forget the word of @dimimp.

show us what you got to offer.

@lordjames is a loyal fellow @deandaniel too with @mbj and the rest of SF1 members..
do not cause confusion work hard.


Timely message for everyone. Is there really a need to be afraid. Even if it was to be true that you will take away the delegation from anyone, wouldn't it be better we focused on living the good life which we were selected for while we have the opportunity instead of sitting back and getting worried if our delegation will be removed.

I have come to appreciate each and every second that I live on earth. I'm very glad I met you go my journey in this life because you offered us a touch so big we can extend it to others too. I know the smile people how when I add those cents to their posts which is made possible by the delegation you gave me.

I'm I afraid if my delegation will be taken? Why should I? I am grateful for each seconds I have this pack on my back. I never expected it, I never thought I would have a 6000sp within my first five months on Steemit. I believed miracle could happened but I didn't know how. So, I'm not scared when my delegation will be removed instead I'm grateful to God for this opportunity to help others.

Oh well, about your bet on your identity. There was a time I had really wanted to know the man behind the name. But now, it doesn't really matter to me. I'm not saying I wouldn't be glad to know the face or to even meet and shake the hands but right now it doesn't really matter if I know the face/name or not. No matter where we go and what we become, I'll always remember you for your deeds and for the lives you've touch.

Thank you Dimimp for being a blessing. Greater heights the Spaceforce will attain because of the Midas touch from you. Stay strong my friend.

I want to say a big thank you for being so generous on the steemit platform. I must say that your kind gesture has wiped away tears from alot of steemians, you have really touched lives through the steemjet project. I loudly applaude that!
I thought of what I could do to contribute to the steemjet project and came up with the fact that steemjet should be seen as a BRAND, we all should see it as a brand.
I went ahead to do what I know how to do best, branding!
I started by introducing a brand brochure.
What is a brochure?
Cover page for the brochure!
steemjet brochure-01.png
Just incase, a brand brochure is a well designed booklet that mostly comes in hard or soft copies which aims at displaying:

  1. The brand profile (steemjet profile)
  2. What steemjet does, what they stand for
  3. The steemjet Team(ranging from the ceo to other work force members)
  4. Other basic information about the brand.
  5. Photos of different projects done by steemjet.
    And lots of other information that you may want to be embedded in the brochure.
    steemjet brochure page 1-01.png
    1st and second page for the brochure
    Hard copies can be distributed when steemjet goes out for outreach like I've seen and other events just to tell people and promote what steemjet is all about.
    Soft copies can be placed at social media platforms.
    My proposal is that you approve the branding intiative and fund it so we can go ahead and design everything concerning the brochure and print it for distribution.
    Meanwhile, here's my entry for the logo design!
    steemjet logo-01.png
    Thanks in advance for accepting my proposal**

Who you are?
You are spark that makes my idea bright.
Who you've become?
The steem light for us through words and empowerment.
Who you will continue to be?
The promise from a soldier of the war to end.
That's why I stil have hope,
Cause there's people like you on this world.
Love dimimp.

Ps: sorry for my metaphors, I get carried away a lot.

Win or loose, you'll still be the same dim as you are.


Lesson number one:

A lanister always pays his debt


Luke 12:22, one of my mamas favorite bible verses. Growing up, i still remember her repeat the words over and over whenever i ask her what we are going to eat the next day.

We should all live for the moment, live life to the fullest, while trying to do as much good as possible. Tomorrow will definitely take care of itself.

Ronaldo? We at Messi's camp do not want Ronaldo to win the world cup. For the fun of it, On behalf of all the Messi lovers all of over the world we are going against your bet :D


Lol... @dimimp, i can't wait for that day....!!!😄

Hello @dimimp I'm a lover of football...

From the good performance of Ronaldo at the Portugal first leg win doesn't show that he'd be winning the cup... If I had my way, I'd love to bet 300steems with you if Portugal wins the world cup😁😂😁, if we had a deal I'd obviously win from the quality and technique other country are putting forth Portugal is far from carrying the cup not even being amongst the best 3😂.

That aside boss, please I'm in need of 50steems as my phone is really bad and I wish to get a good one, I'm seriously thirsting to work for steemjet. I promise to aid in the global adoption of steem, it baffles me that in my locality none of my friends have a knowledge or knows anything about steem.

Please would you help me?

I need you here @dimimp 🙏

I love you @dimimp

God bless steemjet


Dear imp worry not about what people say but focus on the path that you believe and choose to follow....... You will not die. That being said no one owns life. Also, to maintain a healthy physical and mental health, one must not think negatively, it has a way of creeping into reality. Take a look at some horror movies.

Aside that.... Ronaldo won't win the cup.

I could bet you 500steem with that payable after the last match. Do we have a deal??

After your epic speech about C. Ronaldo's yet ANOTHER quest to conquer the World in Russia 2018, this is what my Muse made me think of you @dimimp -- the only DIFFERENCE being: your team "Steemjet" (that's the Space Force, of course) is not just out to conquer the World, BUT TO CONQUER SPACE!


Ronaldo gooooollll


@dimimp sir it's your boy the STEEMJET quarterly Click on the link for more images

Well @simimp, maybe the fears are becausw of the way you talk about your health. I think its only those who love you that wouod get worried about this.

I also get worried myself, not because of the delegation but because i wouldnt want to loose another good man i have come to know in my life after i list my dad at a very tender age #sad.

But since you have said we have nothing to worry about and have admonished that we fly on your wings, the wings of a superstar*. I have decided to come up with this logo for you.

On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem



I might not have recieves as much steem as anyone around here have recieved or have i been promoted from SF6 or gotten an extension, but i have decided to continue with my hardwork for this community as you called me hardworking and to show the dedication for this course as I once professed.

This logo says it all about steemjet, it has the jet head in front with a steemit logo to point out the fact that we are unto steem global adoption. The wings signify the wings of a superstar which we are all riding on.

I hope this puts a smile on your face this day...

Its your boy @sistem

@dimimp i have been a ronaldo fan right from the manchester united era when he was with us up till now. Having a bet about Ronaldo winning the world cup or not winning is a tough one. I feel most people just feel paranoid because this is life and anything can happen any moment, and also a lot of people have felt your impact in their lives through you touch of steem on everyone and some of them can't help it but just want to know, "who is this wonderful man thats causing a great change in the world with STEEM"?
Anyways lets keep enjoying the world cup Russia 2018 as every game seems to be interesting unlike every other world cup, this one just seems different. Thanks so far and i assure you we (STEEMJET) would accomplish the goals we have set out for, am talking about THE GLOBAL ADOPTION OF STEEM.


This is one of the best content have read that truly sinks with me.

Well, I don't worry about dieing anymore, I worry about living. Living everyday with the great purpose of imparting greatly in the lives of others like you @dimimp and Ronaldo.

Life is not a race but Time is. And Time is Money.

In my efforts to achieve Global Steem Adoption and ensure many people around my environment participate in this movement, I am organising STEEMJET IN AREWA.

I've tried so many times to get your attention to read it and support the initiative. But all my efforts to reach your table with my ideas is not successful. I hope you'll see this one and support the campaign.

This will greatly benefit a lot of people here and they will be forever grateful for the opportunity to participate on Steemjet and Steem blockchain. They can be free.

I have limited resources to efficiently carry out the works and I believe your support in funding the campaign will make the project successful.

Thank you @dimimp! Thank you for changing people's lives! You're my Ronaldo everyday!

Steemjet —On the wings of superstars, we're word and steem!


Good day to you sir @dimimp, I really appreciate your effort to be a democratic leader, in which you always seek for the opinion of your workers, this is really great.

As you said that you need a force that will work for you for a long time, I wish and I will like to work for this great community for a very long time sir. I love this community and have been doing my very best for this community. I will also like to seek for your favour by getting promotion from you sir, so as to encourage the new members by upvoting them, so as to see smiles on their faces (steemjet is for the broke) .

I will like to use this opportunity to also remind you of Your promise That you will commission more pictures for me to make as a bling. But it over two month you promised me that and have not hear from you sir. I will be happy to get your response on this sir @dimimp .

steemjetlogo gif2(2).gif

Even with my bling logo, it looks good on a customised shirt of steemjet space force member.

This is your girl queen of blings

Hello there @dimimp nice prediction
Well you can never tell if he is going to carry the cup but even if he looses you still gonna be the @dimimp I know who's words if you read and understand them well you would find out that he is not just keeping his identity hidden but has specific reasons for doing so.

But for real let's see the scores of today's match.
My predictions for today match
Portugal 2 : Morocco 1

But what I feel about the world cup
Portugal would be depending on Ronaldo now after seeing what he did buy turning the table around in the match BTW Portugal Vs Spain and that could be risky just like the final game in champions league were Liverpool place THIER defense on Ronaldo which I believe other countries would lay their minds on locking up Ronaldo in their defense which might leave Portugal powerless.
But all I want is Messi not to carry the cup, Don't miss quote me my reasons is from the last match against Iceland I saw they cut off Jesus head and put his head wish I had images and even the Popes head and the put his head which means they think he is a God and I know God has ways of proving he is still the God which he lost all those chances and even the penalty

Am a Manchester United fan and I loved the team cause of Ronaldo he was the backbone of the team back then and I would forever love him for what he did. Which makes me extend my love to Real Madrid.

Sir @dimimp, I do love you more than words can wield the matter, Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty,
Beyond what can be valued, rich or rare,
No less than life, with grace, health, beauty, honor,
As much as child e'er loved or father found—
A love that makes breath poor and speech unable.
Beyond all manner of so much I love you.
Please dont reveal your identity to thee,stay being a god.
I stay humble to your words.

Hello @dimimp, I made a steemjet logo to celebrate Portugal's victory today.


Here is my minimal version of the steemjet logo.



I made a couple of them, youcan check out my post please!

Awwn, dimimp isn't gonna die.

In asmuch as I would love you to win the bet, it will be nice to know your identity

I am a Real Madrid fan and definitely a Ronaldo fan. He is no doubt the best player on the planet earth and my favorite player now. I want Ronaldo to lift the world cup which means I'm on the same page with you @dimimp.

Mind you, I'm a Nigerian and a patriotic one for that matter, so I also want my country to lift the trophy.

Which ever way it goes, you will continue to be @dimimp and I will continue to be @fatherfaith. NO FEAR, NO WORRIES

Interesting bet 😂

Steemjet - because some people are just begging for your time, don't worry, help them for me, no matter if I live or die.


That's the @dimimp I know.

It's great to have such a humorous and kind leader. We don't need your face to describe you. Your heart speaks to us all and your kind deeds tells us who you are.

Just because I am the best, does not guarantee my victory

Best ability does not guarantee victory but best spirit and performance does.

Hi @dimimp, I have been pushing over time with all the work I have been doing, I stood patient that you will see my effort, but I guess I haven't been trying enough, maybe I have done something wrong.
I have done all I need to do from my own wallet but no one seems to pay attention to me because I can't fund my dreams any longer, I have been with you, i dine with you, you groomed me, breed me loved me, as I love you too.
I have nothing as a space force member to provide to the ones I am working with, lost most of my friends because I couldn't keep to my promise, please help me @dimimp.

@dimimp, I'm so glad that you know God and also know that he has the final say in our lives. God says;

Jeremiah 15:21 "And I will deliver thee out of the hand of the wicked, and I will redeem thee out of the hand of the terrible".


Sir, @dimimp, you have touched so many lives with your good deeds. And so, I pray that GOD who remembered the good deeds of Hezekiah will also, remember all your Good deeds and deliver you from all forms of sickness that is tormenting your body now, Amen.

For all the promises of GOD in him are yea, and in him AMEN, unto the glory of GOD by us. For he says in his words: Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: Therefore, I degree and declare that you shall not die but live and declare the works of the LORD.

This is the image for that picture, that is the exact purpose of this logo competition, your interpretation is on the money!

a thousand blips d that on a giant high def background scene!



@dimimp our boss, i wish you nothing less than a better health, you will not die but live on to see how high steemjet will grow...and as for the bet, i'll be waiting to see how this ends.

If Ronaldo wins the cup, all of you who are worrying will shut up.
But if Ronaldo loses, then I will post my real identity after the final game.

Is that a number 1 or a number 2 he is holding up?

That's definitely a number 1 😁

Is it what I'm thinking?

Ok. Portugal 🇵🇹 is playing Morocco 🇲🇦 today by 🕐. That's about 5 hours from now. 6.3 hours to check if Portugal have won the match and if Ronaldo scored.

Mentioning and replying to you here on Wed, 20 Jun 2018 13:09:19 GMT to remind you of this post.
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@dimimp, the match ended Portugal 🇵🇹 1 - 0 Morocco 🇲🇦 with Ronaldo scoring the only goal.

Is it what I'm thinking lol?
Your prediction is top notch

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Hi @dimimp thank you for making our life good in this world cup, we are glad to have you and i love you.

Check this link for my weekly world cup analysis.

The bet:

If Ronaldo wins the cup, all of you who are worrying will shut up.

But if Ronaldo loses, then I will post my real identity after the final game. 26 days

I hope you win the bet 😁

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Reminding @enolife of this post as requested!
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You will not die but live to see the greater heights steemjet will reach @dimimp










Ronaldo is a champion in this world cup. Though he has been doing that before. I love your football ideology @dimimp.

I asked my friends. who is @dimimp? They replied a whale, bitcoin miner, billionaire.
I wasn't still satisfied with the answer.
On my own part, have tried to investigate but I'm still no way near. I just had to draw a conclusion that dim is an angel.
Dim If you're truly human then you're a hero, superstar, superhuman what else do I need to express myself .
You've teach me wisdom in secret, You've shown me that wealth is an earthly achievement.
I'm much okay with your hidden identity. But if you want to reveal yourself then who I'm I to stand against.
Get well soon sir.
You're my inspiration and mentor

This post is really inspirational but full of suspense @Dimimp. What if Ronaldo doesn't win the world cup, what would become of your not revealing your identity?. But all the same , I know that you are a good man with spirit of magnanimity.
I pray Ronaldo wins the world cup though, so that we could see the real YOU..



sir @dimimp check my design I use shartzy's and jogreh's concept and try a different design. if i win this contest I'll spend my steam on Steam Jet Bangladesh Community.

Football-Player-Wallpaper (1).jpg

My world cup football photowork for steemjet


Sir @dimimp I have been finding it quite difficult to follow up on all that has been going on, on steemjet I was robbed at gun point lost a lot but grateful to come out alive from that incident still traumatized but life goes on. Sir @dimimp I am writing this to you seeking for help and assistance in terms of liquid steem to enable me purchase a new device to aid me continue preaching the gospel of steem. Thank you very much sir @dimimp for all what you have done for us.


Sir this is my intial request
But I am broke now I need liquid steem to purchase a device to help me steem on
I will be hosting my plans towards global adoption of steem by bringing on board 200 people. The plan is held back as I was attacked and I lost everything please sir @dimimp I need your help don't go mute on me



We spoke about the Bank Plethora Project, where we created a steemit bank and pays minnows 2.5% weekly or 12% monthly interest on their deposits, just to encourage them. We are able to make profit to pay minnows by trading on Airhawk-exchange, bittrex and localbitcoin. We also curate this large community with our @bankplethora 300sp account, as we know that every little support encourages a minnow to continue to interract on steemit.

The community is growing large now and we are working on automating the process and create customer account login website that will interact directly with the blockchain. The team of website programmers we consulted requires $1500 to build a website on the blockchain, out of which we have been able to raise $600. We have not been able to execute this as most of the income we get from trading on the exchange goes back to the minnows. We will appreciate if you can support us in this regards to enable us riase the remaining $900 to execute this project and continue to give back to hardworking minnows, and properly manage the ever-growing BankPlethora community.

We are also open to donation of delegation from you to ensure that minnows receive more from @bankplethora upvotes.

Thank you for you good works and we will appreciate if you look into The @bankplethora project.

Bank Plethora Team


Your posts always have this power packed energy in them. @dimimp I'm with you on this one. Worry not! You'd win this as usual.

Hello my boss @dimimp

I am making this comment now, not because I'm just seeing this post, but because it took me time to recover from the hidden message you passed through this post, of which unfortunately, many did not get.

Sometimes, I get to read your posts with paper and pen. Because underneath your words, are deep wisdom and truths one needs to succeed in various aspects of life. So I don't just rush to make the comments to get seen or be noticed by you, I take time to read through and absorb the words. I am actually reading this post for the third time now before making this reply. I must say, this post is one of my best reads from you. You practically went on to touch vital life issues in the simplest of all ways unimaginable yet in an effective manner. Through this post, you touched deep issues pertaining to life, death, time, money and fear.

I really do love the Bible portion you captured in this post, it struck me, when I first read this post. I'm yet to recover from these particular words of yours.....

"Steemjet - because some people are just begging for your time, don't worry, help them for me, no matter if I live or die. That's the dimimp I want to be."

I wish all the SF delegates can paint the above words on the walls of their rooms, I wish they can crest it on their hearts. Some of your words should be published on the streets for people to read, for humanity sake. I'll keep on doing the best I can for Steemjet and humanity, whether you live or die, whether you're here or not. Because in my entire life, I have never learnt the act of selflessness from anyone like I have learnt from you. But you'll be here with us, your legendary spirit lives with me in the crypto space.

I'm impressed and happy to see, that some delegates have been challenged, and now take up different charity works, after I first launched mine and shared the idea in our first offline Steemjet meeting.

Being the Lead HR of your company is one of the most privileged, yet most demanding job I've ever taken. Managing the Steemjet database I created for all delegates and members, has been a rewarding and exhaustive task at the same time. As it keeps stretching me beyond my horizons, as you keep hiring more delegates. While, on the other hand, it has been helpful as I've come to learn about other methods and tools for collection and organization of data. I'll keep working with my team to keep track of all your employees, and to measure and evaluate their performances as to report to you come August who to keep and who to fire, as you've mandated me earlier. Today, we celebrated the birthday of three of our members, and I asked @ninoh22 to make a birthday post to celebrate them on behalf of the department, with thier pictures and profile details extracted from the Steemjet database, and that was done, as a usual tradition of the HR department to celebrate registered members of the community on their day. And I've given them all a steem bath, as sent steem to their wallets as birthday gifts, I've usual.

The steemjet community is truly one of the fastest growing communities on the steem blockchain, and we now have over 150 delegates, and over 300 members. As we've witnessed this growth and expansion, I therefore request for 400 steem from you to keep up with the steem bath of our members/delegates on their birthday. Also, the HR department is working on hosting a cryptocurrency/blockchain technology summit/meet-up soon in Western part of Nigeria, as a lot over here are yet to be acquainted with the knowledge about steem and steemjet. we'll need a total of 800 steem to help us host this event, which covers for logistics, payment for venue, refreshment etc. And 500 steem, as cost allowance to enable HR unit to run the cost of everyday miscellaneous towards keeping the department running. So, I need a total of 1700 steem, for the next phase of our work. Ninoh is working with designing the flier for the event, and I'm working with other members strategizing towards the event. And once I got funded by you, we'll hit the ground, executing this massive project, right away.

Thank you once again @dimimp, for the work tools, we were able to acquire through your initial funding.

I have resteemed this post, so I can always revisit and get inspired. On the wings of superstars, we are words and steem.

I put you down for 1000 liquid keep me posted!

Thank you boss @dimimp, noted. I'll keep you posted

Time is money and you know where to invest; Thank you very much for keeping the SPACE FORCE well supported, we have great confidence in the project, I am sure that all the members do so.

@dimimp, I've offered myself to render a selfless service for the stemjet project for the past three months and I'm yet to hear from you.

I'm a serving corps member of my country and I have been carrying an underground project in preaching steemjet to a village I was posted to serve the nation.

I want you to make me your SF and I promise to contribute to the development of steemjet. For the past three months I haven't gotten your attention for once and I hope I get it this time

I've been an ardent follower of stemjet both on discord and steemit, and I monitor your activities closely. I just want you to empower me and I promise to give my best to steemjet

@dimimp your writing prowess.. is so powerful and beautiful. I

It feels really good to see my artwork featured in your post @dimimp Although I'll wish you win the bet, I still hope you'll reveal your identity so that the next toon I create wouldn't have to be Tyrion Lannister the Imp.

@dimimp sir am so grateful for you delegation i never expected it thanks so much


I'm part of ninoh22 team that you recently hired.
With due regard @dimimp You delegate to the wrong account,my ID is josoft, you send it to jsoft.
Thanks @dimimp

The world cup going on with rocking perfomance But steemjet worldcup always going on rocking way. we love steemjet because steemjet is the platform who makes so many peoples career. its reality. we see that everyday. dear @dimimp sir you say that you are not Ronaldo! sorry sir i can't agree with you. you are Ronaldo for us. Our real hero. I think you may be take this name Donaldo for us!
Anyway @dimimp sir i live in Prague. we have some steemian who want to join with steemjet community. we want to do somwthing for people's. Now we want to made a Steemjet office in our place. We also select a name also. The SteemJet World community Prague.

Now we just need your help & support. We have some idea for do something talented peoples & also helpless peoole's.

Now we are waiting for your feedback sir. we are waiting for that. I wish you response our SteemJet ptoject.

hello @dimimp am a new member to this platform and from the recent post I saw a contest was conducted but I just felt I should drop my own contribution to this platform so this is what I came up withLogopit_1529513621561.jpg

This is my entry to the SteemJet Minimal Logo contest which is hosted by the amazing @dimimp.

The key was minimalism, so I kept the logos simple.

I provided 4 variations to suite whatever style.

Here's one of them

SteemJet Minimalist Grey.png

I am sure if he bets that Jesus will come down 2mao, you will still say

Without soccer, soooooooo many less people would run. That means many less lungs would know what a full breath feels like. How often have you heard it put this way? Why? Why do so many more kids know the advertising slogans of cigarette companies than are astutely aware that they take a deeper breath after a run? Well at least most kids have kicked a ball a round :)

Hello boss @dimimp, i've sent a lot of texts and comments on your blog post but you don't really seem to check it out. I guess proably you busy and all that. This is actually a call to be a member of the space force (sf) team.

Why do i say that?

Well as we all know, the steemjet is a moving train without any brakes! well i'd love to be a part of this train and this is because i have realized that i could assist a lot of burdensome works that other members might be facing. I can also be training and lecturing new members who just came onboard on the blockchain with some helpful tips they need to know about stee, since the steemjet is all about steem and words i think they need to know that to.

Earlier this year i and some couple of friends began a little outreach at the Rivers state of science and technology school, and it was successful with the images below.

We actually ran out of funds and couldn't proceed.

So with the steemjet community, i hope we could get your support and also be a part of the sf members and do great things that will take the steemjet community to the next level. Thanks for reading my post sir.

my appreciation to @dimimp

i got a message from @folly-pandy a member of your delegate who so willing look for fellow steemian to help groom them in the body of steemjet that i have been hired and i saw the delegated steem of 600 in my wallet , i am happy and very grateful and i feel comfort that you find me worthy to work for you @dimimp ,so much feel for gratitude to you only expressed best my my faithfulness and commitment to your great committee @steemjet .i promise to serve as you so proven to be one who is selfless ,i call you @dimimp my saviour .also i saw a re-post of a image i posted in your ,on this post ,and belief you liked it and am grateful for that @dimimp


A brief desciption of the image

the image is that of a super hero with the steemjet crested on it chest along side his super heroic belief 'on the wings of superstar i am word and steem' the superhero concept is to promote steemjet to the public in a add of glamor and comic art .But really @dimimp i need funds of steem to achieve this great deal of a proposed steemjet comic .

Thank you @dimimp for you generosity and consideration to work for this body


To my Boss @dimimp

Hello boss it's @yhaulez SF5 and here is my contribution to the world cup contest and I would be grateful to hear from you about it and also wish some love is shown really took a whole lot to get this done and I would keep on doing more Thanks

  1. GIF with Oliver ridding her bicycle 🚲 and the globe rotating with all the nations kits rotating too.
    Image :
    WORLD CUP.png
  2. @Dimimp star Ahmed Musa a short video (very short)

link to video
GIF (with no audio)
musa .gif
And seems you missed out on one of my cool contributions here is the link.

am sure you are going to win the bet @dimimp
Good luckIMG-20180610-WA0001.jpg@dimimp

images (47).jpeg

You're not going to reveal your identity, because Ronaldo even when he is not winning, he is still winning and the only person who can beat that, is not me, but you. Lol with STEEM

slippery-mouths job is awesome by the way.

Hey buddy @dimimp
Dude your words always bring tears to my eyes.
But fear not for death is something we all haveto taste.
But death is far far away from you, you have still a lot more to do. You are the best supervisor and we all love you for your words as well as actions.
I have never seen a man as generous and kind as you are.
I'm sure you are going to win this bet boss.

Am truly moved by this. In fact I had to ponder over alot of things. I don't wanna say anything more, I feel very emotional right now.

That verse of the Bible you put up there really touched me. The lesson is pretty clear.

I love you man and will continue to say words of prayers for you.

God bless you really big boss. I can't appreciate you less.

No need to worry! @dimimp you will surely win the bet💪💪

No, I am not Ronaldo, but Ronaldo amd I are not afraid to die before our time, and you won't be with me if you are. We believe in ourselves. What is inside us connected to the 4th dimension.

I am one of the Die hard Ronaldo fans and as such I want him to win the World Cup, I amongst all the space force members want to know the Identity of the most generous person I've not met.
And well at the time of typing this post, Ronald just became the Highest goal scorer in the world cup as he scored a 4'minutes goal For Portugal against Moroco.
So yeah, we're getting there bit by bit!!!


Ronaldo : Man on a Mission

Who is this man....?? if i knew u more i would say you are the last piece that will fix the world

Am never afraid nor a scared, cause i realized that you can't have a child if you scared. Thanks for always being there for us and the community. I actually sent a message to you through demo in your wallet. I hope you check it out and possibly get your assistance, via steem. Thanks for everything you've done sir, God keep you for us🙏🙏🙏


I am not worried by it but only inspired with your actions.

So you are also a Ronaldo fan eh? Wasn't he great today? Just how he scored the goal and lead Portugal to victory against Morocco was cool. I think the most exciting match we had so far was the first Portugal game with Spain.

By the way, your bet.. very interesting :)

I curious to know the real identity of the person that @dimimp is. Surely a GOT fan and picked the best character out from it(Unrelated topic- I just picked up the boxset of all GOT books). But your real identity bet comes at the cost of Ronaldo loosing too and I don't want that.. Hmm, the horns of dilemma as they say :)

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